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If you are planning or have enrolled and/or sent your children to a Taekwondo centre, please make sure that you sent your children to a Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) approved training centres. Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) is the only taekwondo association in Malaysia that is recognized by the Olympic Council of Malaysia, the National Sports Council and the World Taekwondo Federation. To know the history of Taekwondo in Malaysia, read HERE.

While searching for the best instructor for Aaraf to master the martial art Taekwondo late last year, I did abit of research and discovered... #The list of recognized Taekwondo centre in Malaysia is available at HERE. There are two (2) very important factors to consider and for re-consideration before an enrollment. With the advancement of technology, information is more easily accessible and obtained.

1. Recognized, qualified and accredited instructors (To check and verify your instructor, click HERE)
The list of recognized and accredited taekwondo instructors, head-instructors, referees and examiners are available at the link HERE

(Very proud to see Aaraf's Master, Elaine Teo Shuen Fhern on page 2, no 10). Pick a recognized and accredited instructor with integrity to train your children. Please check & VERIFY that your instructors are listed at the above link

2. Your children is registered as a member of Taekwondo Malaysia (To check, click HERE).
Please also check that you or your child is registered as a member of Taekwondo Malaysia (they should be registered if they are learning taekwondo!!). Aaraf and all his cousins, my nieces and nephews name are listed there except for Kasih Leia Ixora Azhar (what happen?).


Speed Power Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) organised the 2nd Speed Power Taekwondo Championship at the Dewan Serbaguna, Seksyen 7, Kota Damansara on 17 March 2013. Aaraf together with his mate Ng Jian Chao participated under their new taekwondo academy under Master Elaine Teo Shueh Fhern.

We arrived early before 8am as requested for an event that was scheduled to start at 9am but the competition did not start until it was almost at 10am. It was a small competition with approximately 300 competitors but lack of coordination ended the event late at almost 7pm.

Aaraf, 10 years old being abit too healthy, competed under the heavy weight category for the age group 10 to 13 years old and being heavy, Aaraf had to always compete with those way older than him. As a result, he took a heavy beating the moment the competition began. However, we are proud that he fought back and did not give up and stayed on the whole match.

 Aaraf in blue vest..


When I was first introduced to Elaine Teo Shuen Fhern, by my partner at the Chief's Original Bootcamp Penang, Cheah Boon Chong aka Sarge (COBC) Boon, I was a little doubtful. However, the good words by Cheah Boon Choong whom was also a former national athlete Gold Medalist for Karate had immediately given me the assurance. These people were selected into the national team because there were the best and the experience gained in all the competition representing Malaysia is an achievement beyond any qualification and recognition.

Elaine Teo Shueh Fhern was born on 5 February 1981 and was the first Taekwondo exponent in Malaysia to qualify TWICE for the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008 and was awarded the National Sportswomen of the year by the Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sports. The single but married to her passion for Taekwondo had represented Malaysia for 12 years from 1999 to 2011 and had participated in the Commonwealth Games, Olympic, World Cup Taekwondo, SEA Games, World Taekwondo Championship and various other championships, tournaments and competitions. 

Born and trained to be a champion and the best, Elaine spend most of her available time acquiring and mastering the art of sparring and spend a month in a year, every year for the past 12 years in Korea to learn from world best Masters in Taekwondo.

The born fighter was also a taekwondo instructor for the Armed Forces Academy Malaysia and was our National Taekwondo team Captain, National Sports Council Malaysia for 7 years before she retires from 2004 to 2011. A women and an instructor with high integrity, passion and enthusiasm for Taekwondo envisioned herself churning more and better fighter for Malaysia. 

She together with another former national athlete, Nurul Nadia binti Mahamat whom also competed in Commonwealth Games and various other competitions had recently set-up their own Taekwondo Centre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail called, D'Smart Taekwondo Training. For once, we did not have to force Aaraf Armin, 10 years old, pom2 to go for his Taekwondo training, he just love the new place. Both Elaine and Nadia are great at handling children too.

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