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When the bootcampers run..... they really run!! The TRAFFF'ians (The Apostles for Fun, Food & Friendship) or the COBC'ers turned runners became more obsessed with running and ran almost twice a day to train for the upcoming running event. They are as obsessed in running as how my obsession is in Durian!! Eeek...

On 10 April 2011, there is the 2XU run in Singapore and there will be many virgin runners from COBC.. One Virgin that is to look for is Mek Yam Chan Siu Cheh..... Chan Meng Yam!!

The COBC squad attempting the 2XU run in two weeks are
1) Lilian Lee,
2) Nor A. Othman,
3) Joannita Zaleha Yusoff,
4) Joe Liew,
5) Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli,
6) James Fong,
7) Norliza Abd Khaled,
8) Cham Meng Yam,
9) Freda Liu,
10) Armin Baniaz Pahamin, and
11) Nawal Aini Zulkifli.
Err... did I miss anyone?

As such, they train... train and train at various locations, typically the Desa Park City route, Bukit Aman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail etc etc..... When some of us train together gether.. JOHN CHUAH run with Max, his dog.

Some of the 61 TRAFFF'ians members...

Training mates.. from left: Norliza Abdul Khaled, Raja Affandi, Lilian Lee, Letch Sina, John Chuah, Joannita Zaleha Yusoff, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Nor A. Othnman, Chun Chia Kai


This is NOT AN APRIL FOOL....... 

but an EASTER TREAT!!!


The CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA is appreciating its recruit with an unbelievable easter treat of RM199 for April session and RM99 for student price!!!


Barely a month ago, Father was admitted at the Hospital for some heart problem, last week on Friday, Melor Edina Pahamin was admitted and treated for Urinary Tract Infection and was suppose to be discharged today until Dato Dr Kamil discovered a 1cm stone that requires a surgery.

Unbeknown to Melor Edina Pahamin, a lawyer and the third in our sibling had already packed to self-discharged herself from the Hospital after 5 days in admission. The Doctor found a 1 cm stone and they cannot remove the stone without operation. So Melor Edina was scheduled to go under the knife at 4pm today.

While Mohamed Rhiza Ghazi, the husband was restless the whole period but the dad...... Pahamin A Rajab... comfortably sleeping, waiting for Melor Edina to be escorted to the Operation Theatre.


I always thought I am a freak waking up in an ungodly hour to attend the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP three times a week but if I am a freak then the majority of people in Cambodia too must be of my species!!

The roadside and at every park in the city of Phnom Pehn are pack with dozens of 'bootcamp' as early as 5am!!! I was amazed at how everybody came out to exercise 'outdoor' so early in the morning before going to work.

There are a few outdoor HIP-HOP and R&B Dance Camp.........


Me @ Mong Reththy office.
"My first trip to Malaysia was via driving a Truck from Phnom Pehn passingby Thailand to Penang in the 1980s", said 60 year old Excellency Dr Okhna Mong Reththy whom could easily be mistaken to be in his 40s with his thick black hair and almost wrinkle free. It was a great pleasure to meet and listen to Mong Reththy success story. Mong Reththy Group of companies named after the founder himself, is equivalent to Malaysia DRB-Hicom with a diverse industry portfolio from Pig Farming to a Port and even economic land concession.

I have frequented Mong Reththy office for various meetings with the Group Deputy Chairman Dr Monivann Tan but this was the first meeting I had with the prominent businessman His Excellency Okhna Mong Reththy. Dr Monivann Tan, a PhD in law graduate was decisive and sharp in making decision and our every meeting was fruitful. Dr Monivann too is a keen athlete whom played all form of sports but somehow we always ended up with only an after-office-hour game of pool.


 My heart sank everytime I arrived in Cambodia and saw many kids being neglected, abandoned and/or working 'full time' to help their family with food. Children as young as 3-4 years old are either being used or are really selling various lady accessories such as bracelets etc to selling postcard and books. Once I invited and bought the poor child to eat with me at the restaurant (although the restaurant owner was not so pleased).


I KNOW..... I know.... consistency is a necessity especially to maintain a good workout momentum and fitness stamina. Although I have missed a few bootcamp sessions and many run-training having had to travel oversea for work but I tried to workout on my own which requires more discipline and commitment. This is harder when the travel companion whom only know Food & Sleep Inferno!!

Waking up in the morning was easy without the need for any alarm or wake-up call. I was awake as early as 5am and was ready for exercise by 5:30am!!! Sarge Dann had prepared some own-workout program for me but traveling is taxing on the energy & mojo that I had to modify the program to suit the 'environment'. For a start, I went for a slow jog cum running until I found a playground for kids which gave me this wicked idea of a good workout program.


The international Women day is celebrated on 8th March every year globally as a respect, an appreciation and illustration of love for women. Click HERE for the history of International Women Day. To celebrate the 100th anniversary, the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Deputy Commander in Chief and the Chairman of Prime Minister Hun Sen's Advisors, His Excellency General Kun Kim & wife Cham  Tiew Chan Dee hosted a dinner at their resident to raise funds for the poor people of Cambodia.
His Excellency General Kun Kim and his family


Have you ever wondered what your friends wear to bed?

Okay... not that it matters and not that I fantasize them in bed... but what would they look-like without all the Ralph Lauren, Louise Vuiton, Hermes, Hugo Boss branded daytime clothing. Will they still be branded or just all skins or........ err....... Well recruits at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP does not have to wonder no more.. that is what the next party is all about.... PAJAMAS PARTY!!!!

After burning-off those excessive fats and calories, its time to show off the new-physique at the monthly PARTY!!!! Its PARTY TIME again at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia and this time it is being held at VIKI LIM's residence at the prominent Mutiara Damansara. It is COBC's Ninth Graduation party.

Click HERE for the World-Cup themed first graduation party that was held at the Ecobar, Damansara Perdana, Click HERE for white & Denim Second graduation at the Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, click HERE for Eid Mubarak third & fourth graduation party at my residence, click HERE for Nerd & Geek fifth graduation party at the Library. HERE for HAT'S OFF sixth graduation party at the TGI Friday, HERE for the Seventh Ho ho ho, Christmas party at the Modestos, Curve and click HERE for eighth, Kampung graduation party at the residence of Raja Affandi Jamaluddin. Click HERE for all the graduation party pictures!!!

We have seen most recruits messy in mud... hot in sexy clothing... in working attire and even in traditional clothing... we have also seen them in nerdy sleazy look. Now we will see them all dressed ready for bed!!! Such fun are the people at the Chief Original Bootcamp. Everybody gathered at Viki Lim's residence as early as 6:30pm for a pot luck dinner. The first recruit at the venue was..... err Viki Lim.. and her husband Jeffery Wong... obviously.. its their house!!

So how does Viki Lim look in pajamas? .... Nawal Aini Zulkifli? Rose Emini Pahamin...? Daing Daniel Fitri? Dr Malek Aziz? Uncle John Chuah? Lilian Lim, Ili Liyana Baharon? Raja Affandi Jamaludin? Norliza Affandi? Chun Chia Kai? and forty other recruits?


My long not lost but far away sister, Dr Teratai Edithy Pahamin whom has been living in London for more than 14 years had missed celebrating my birthday for as long as I can remember but never missed to buy me card and present every year. She was back in Malaysia for a week to care for father whom was admitted at the IJN and will leave back to London tomorrow a day after my departure to oversea for work. She waited at my house to give me this card and a big huge hug just in time before I rushed out to the airport this afternoon... how sweet. Now,  reading Ta's card and blogging it at the airport.. Thanks darling Ta. I love you always... (i love the wordings in the card).


His Excellency General Ponlork Ho was one of the first few person we met in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Whenever we arrived at Phnom Pehn, Excellency Ho or his people will be waiting for our arrival at the airport. Such was the hospitality extended although we had repeatedly insisted to find our own way around Phnom Pehn town.

Excellency Ho converse fluently in English having graduated from an American University in United State of America. Infact, he was previously the deputy Commander for the United State of America Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI).

Now, Excellency Ho is attached to the Ministry of Interior as the Secretary of State, a member of the Cambodia Senate and the Personal Advisor to Senate President Samdech Chea Sim. He is also incharge of 3 provinces in Cambodia.

On Sunday, H.E. Ponlork Ho paid a courtesy visit to our resident at Bustanu Pahamin. HE Ponlork Ho was in Malaysia together with his superior His Excellency General Reach Sophort and counterpart His Excellency General Srun Kimsreang, the Chief in Charge of Military Police Administration, His Excellency General Tho Vuthy, Chief in charge of Army Division 70, His Excellency Meas Sarin and his wife. HE Meas Sarin is a Senator and Personal Advisor to the Senate President Samdech Cheasim, Businessman Srey Vannak, the President for Poun Loreachey Sey Trading Group Co Ltd, and 4 other officials from the Ministry of Interior.

From Left: H.E. Reach Sophort, H.E. Ponlork Ho. Pahamin Rajab
Armin Baniaz Pahamin, H.E. Meas Sarin


The CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia was presented to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council /Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) yesterday on 15 March 2011. Presence in the meeting was the councillors, representative from the police department, fire brigade and heads of various departments under the local council.

Every month the council will meet to discuss on submission of every businesses that requires the council's approval for the usage of public or community area and as well as any proposal for the councils consideration.


There is no better birthday gift for a father whom already have everything from love, jeweleries, cars and wealth but a nice short autobiography blog to say that he is always being remembered, we are very proud of him and also for his next many generations to remember him by. Of course, a prayer for his eternal happiness and health too. This birthday write-up is from a son whom owes everything to a father that asked for nothing, except to see his family united and happy. We always love you..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... though abit belated.

Allahyarham Mahadi Razak
His full name is PAHAMIN ABDUL RAJAB. The 3rd in a sibling of 5; the eldest is a sister Bidah binti Abdul Razak, then Allahyarham Mahadi Abdul Razak (picture on right), Datuk Noordin Abdul Razak, my father and Hashim Abdul Razak. PAHAMIN ABDUL RAJAB was born on 23 February 1946 in Kampung Badak, Bachok Kelantan. When Pahamin was born, the registrar misread the arabic writing and wrongly recorded into romanised typing as Rajab instead of Razak, hence the different surname compared to his other siblings.

Pahamin attended primary school at Sekolah Melayu Badak (Standard 1 to standard 5) in Bachok, Kelantan between the year 1952 to 1956 and pursued to Special Malay Class (SMC) 1 to Standard 6 in Kamil English School Pasir Puteh between the year 1957 to 1959 and completed his primary school education. When he was in SMC 2 in 1958, at the aged of 12, he fell in love with his first and only girlfriend, Zainab Mohamad whom was studying in SMC 1, aged 10 years old. Pahamin then went to Kamil Secondary School in Pasir Puteh from 1960 to 1964 for his secondary education.


Everybody run for a reason... Some people run for money, some people run because their friends run, some people run because they want to burn calories to eat more (like me) and some people run because they want to stay slim and thin (like me too), some people run away from problem (not me) but rarely do we run for a cause to raise fun for charity and that is exactly what Jeffery Wong, Alvin Lim and David Mc Kinney plans to do on 25 June 2011!!! run the 100km Singapore Sundown Ultramarathon within a cut-off time of 16 hours. To know more about this three kind-hearted runners, click here.

Jeffery Wong, Alvin Lim and David Mc Kinney plans to raise funds for Kiwanis Down Syndrome FoundationAll Women Action Society of Malaysia (AWAM) and National Cancer Society Malaysia. To pledge a donation for Jeffery Wong, Click HERE. I pledged RM100 for 100km (or RM1 for every 1km run) to start the ball rolling.... To Pledge for others, click HERE.


Yes it is khurafah and syirik to believe in fortune teller but it does no harm if it was merely for entertainment and that was exactly what I had. In a town where the high street retail outlets comprised of massage parlors, restaurant or motels and the only form of entertainment is either KTV or 'boom boom', a fortune teller became almost a staple place of visitation in Phnom Pehn. This fortune teller that we went had an average 60 people that see her daily. Everybody from all walks of life would go to see her for various reason.

Fortune teller, HIV/AIDS, hair cut, laundry and other services all share quite a standardize pricing of US$5.00 and so after a yummilicious seafood lunch, we queue to meet this Madam Aunty (whatever her name was). Mind you, whatever she say as a fortune teller should always be taken with a pinch of salt.... Infact, it should not be taken seriously at all and merely for entertainment. Madam Aunty was somewhat in her 40s. We went on a queue and there were many people queuing but right before us, was a pretty Eurasian lady, sort of a european/asian mix parentage that came with 3 guys probably her husband or boyfriend, fiance or just friends.



Its 1 March!!! My birthday!!! Again!!!! 3 days after celebrating Melor Edina Pahamin's birthday on 26 February that was 3 days after my father's birthday on 23 February. 3 days from today, it will be Nawal Aini's birthday on 4 March and 3 days later, her mother's birthday on 7 March. Five 'in-house' birthdays that were all 3 days apart. 4 March too is the birthday of my mentor for health & fitness Chief Brabon.

Please also read "Another Wonderful and blissful year 2010 birthday blog" and "When today is more than just a birthday 2009 birthday blog".

Since 7 years ago, I declared a non-working day on my birthday and requested from parents, siblings, relatives and friends for no-present except for prayer for my well being, health and wealth. This year is without any exception but to make it more interesting, if anyone insist on giving a present, please buy something or anything that is worth MAXIMUM RM5.00 so that I have something to blog about. Lets see what five ringgit can buy and this is where creativity comes to play. Its not the value and amount that matters at the end of the day but it is the thought, and that is what i really truly appreciate. A hand-made card too does not cost more than RM5.00 or a creative poem or ciplak poem or poetry or a write-up does not cost anything except for the time spent (which actually cost more) or a simple doa for my well being would be the best gift ever.

To be able to celebrate another year of life is ALLAH swt gift to me which surpasses anything else that I could ever wanted. With this life, I can pursue my dream and create more job opportunities and shower everybody with more attention, love and care and enjoy the heaven on earth.. eating!! (my department). Perhaps, I can create and even offer more business opportunities to friends. Insya Allah. Thank you ALLAH Swt the Almighty for this wonderful life that you have given to me.

Alhamdulillah I am also blessed with a wonderful loving family. Siblings that does not have any jealousy (hasad dengki) or ill-hearted, ill feeling to one another but filled with endless love and care. Siblings that would go out of their way to stand by each other through thick and thin although they all have their own responsibility towards their own family. Waa.. macam cerita hindustan. But its true....

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