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Diabetic Eye

It has been almost 20 years being diabetic (the perks of being sweet) but I have never done any diabetic eye test much to my sister, Docta Ta's dismay. This year, I took the first step and am now at the OPTIMAX eye specialist, Taman Tun Dr Ismail for a diabetic eye test.

This is to avoid Diabetic Retinopathy and avoid blindness. The whole processes will take almost 2 hours. Hence, I'm writing this blog on my iPhone while waiting.

Upon arrival, the friendly nurses will first do a vision test and check the eye pressure with a machine. 

Once this two initial tests had passed, then the process of eye dilution began with a few eye drops every 10-15 minutes. The eye drop sting abit but is bearable. This will take about an hour to ninety minutes until the pupils are diluted. 

After the few eye drops, the vision seemed brighter but more blurred. I felt abit nauseate but didn't know if that was part of the side effect or maybe I over ate the pulut ikan kering for breakfast. A moment later, I cant read at all with spectacles.



Life turn sweeter as we get older and mine turned sweet'est with a 25mmol/l glucose count over the weekend and it was not a pleasant experience.

It has been almost 10 years since I had Diabetic type 2 and has been on 850mg metformin (glucophage) twice a day and 30mg Diamicron MR (Gliclazide). When I changed my lifestyle into a super active outdoor person and adopted the Blood type diet, I self-revised the dosage of my medication to 850mg metmorfin once a day and stopped the Diamicron MR. When I went on mega-active activities with recent half marathon and Mt Kinabalu climb, I did not replenished my supplies of medication thinking the mega active lifestyle would self-regulate the sugar level.... very clever of self-proclaimed doctorate Dr Armin Baniaz.

The diabetic has been quite friendly since diagnosis except for a few hypoglycemic moments which over the years, I had learn to recognize the symptoms. The symptoms of hypoglycemic or low blood sugar that I found very pronounced in me was the sudden shiver, excessive sweating (even in an air-condition room), jelly legs, disoriented and slurred speech. I had never experienced high blood sugar or Hyperglycemia until recently (with 25mmol/l).

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