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Its free!! Its a Try-Out!!! That is why its called a Free Try-Out (FTO) Day at the world longest running transformation program; the Chief's Original Bootcamp FTO is available at Ampang, Bandar Utama, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya USJ1, Shah Alam and Penang!!! 7 Locations!!!! The biggest Bootcamp Network in Malaysia!!

Experience for yourself why the Chief's Original Bootcamp program is the best!! The program is scientifically researched, customized and designed to reap the best result in the shortest time!!! Warning.. This program is not for everyone but only tailored for those that wants a transformation!!  be it in losing weight/FAT, fitness, physical body or in health.

The free-try-out on 16 November and 17 November is as follows (click on picture to enlarge):


"What is the different between the Chief's Original Bootcamp and other bootcamps and outdoor activities?", we asked Chief Brabon at the instructors upskilling session during Chief and Gunny's visit to Malaysia last weekend (of course that was one of the thousands of messages that we are still digesting..). Chief said, in 21 years of his journey since he started Original Bootcamp, Australia he had gone through various cycles of achievements, ups & down in business cycles and had received countless feedback on the program that he designed. 
COBC is getting the best from 21 years of fine-tuning and scientifically research for best result program! Waking up at 4am to conduct every morning session and training thousands of recruits for the past 21 years, every day, 6 days a week seemed impossible.. but if you have the passion, nothing is impossible. That was why Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon can only afford to be in Malaysia for the weekend because on Monday, they will be back conducting their sessions at their platoon in Sydney but even for a short trip, they still came to Malaysia (Big thank you again Chief & Gunny). Beside the 21 years of journey doing what they love and do best, what differs COBC as compared to others is the progression and evolution in our training program. Very often, Chief will introduce new techniques, new toys and new methodology. The latest being Animal Logic (I love the Snakes) and Alpha Strong SandBags.

Honestly, I have never met anyone with such a strong passion for exercising than the hands-on duo. Listening to them speak was enough to get us all so hip and inspired. Chief's only vision and confident was for our team to perfectly deliver the program that he designed so that our recruits will be getting the optimum result in the best time. To ensure his vision is achieved, they took a flight all the way from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, almost like a day trip simply to train and assessed our instructors. With Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon, there is no compromise when it comes to the program deliverable, techniques and upskilling.. even if it takes 12 hours aday.
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