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Four top officials in Cambodia Senate President Samdech Akka Moha Thomak Pothisal Cheasim inner circle was arrested and reference was made to my blog in the Cambodia Daily (see picture below).

My picture with the Senate President Samdech Akka Moha Thomak Pothisal Chea Sim too was published in the Cambodia english media. Further to that, a few emails was send by James Welsh, the Managing Editor of the Cambodia Daily which I am not at liberty to reply to avoid any misunderstanding, misrepresentation and/or to avoid interfering with an ongoing investigation.

However, pursuant to various communication with the Cambodia Senate officials, we were confirmed that  the four Top Senior Officials arrested WERE NOT arrested for any investment involving our company and we are not aware nor are we the Malaysian company that had invested the USD$500million in the alleged scandal.


First, Click HERE or go to and you will be directed to the following webpage (CLICK the "8 WEEK CHALLENGE" menu:

Click Challenger-login at the dropdown menu and the following page will appear.

Type your USERNAME & PASSWORD. To get your USERNAME & PASSWORD, see paragraph 2 (a) at HERE.

Once you had logged-in, click again the menu "8 Week Challenge" again and at the dropdown menu click "edit your profile" in red - see below


There are many sins that is just simply irresistible and err.... really hard to say NO to! Some cannot say no to gambling whether its on football, black jack, poker or chor tai tee and some cannot say no to women... especially those young sexy, lean and beautiful. Some cannot say NO alcohol be it beer, wines, whisky or rum and some just cannot say no gossiping... I can say NO to all of them accept... err... yaa.. Durian. Alamak...

So how sinful is Durian...?

Being a little concerned of this irresistible sin, I did some reading and bild research to discover...

1. Durian acts as a blood cleanser. Durian contains organo sulfur which are known to inhibit platelet aggregation which is one of the first steps in the formation of blood cloths that occlude coronary or cerebral arteries, leading to heart attack or strokes. After eating Durian, the cells are free flowing and are clotting much less.

2. Durian avoids and relieves constipation (fiber). Durian is rich in fiber, an important nutrient which absorbs water and expands in the digestive tract to gently and effectively speed up the process of moving bulk through the system. No wonder I rarely bowel problem.


Arriving late in Singapore for the weekend after a week in Cambodia, I could not help but to pay Orchard road a visit. The Singapore most visited high street that always left a pinch in anyone's pocket was congested with tourists as always which was not at all surprising given it was the Singapore F1 weekend. However, what caught my attention was the 'solo-workout' by a 70 year old man that was frequently featured by the local media for his eccentric exercise.

I could not resist to try out the exercise which he claimed could give you a hot ass (Chan Meng Yam!!!). He first demonstrated the technique as follows:

From the waist, he wiggled the thingy to his neck and back to his waist again.... 



8 Week Challenge IMPORTANT DATES:

16 September 2011 - Registration online is open - those that have not registered,  click HERE.

25 September 2011 - Challenger's profile must be submitted (PictureSs & measurement) at HERE.

- Registration for October & November 2011 must be completed by clicking the big  huge green "H" button under ENROL now at HERE (for new recruits) & for existing/returning recruit at HERE 

- PHOTO-SESSION & Measurement at BUSTANU PAHAMIN (my residence), this weekend between 8-11am, Sunday 25 September 2011. There will be a sexy, pretty & gorgeous lady to take pics & measurement of the ladies and those measurement & pics of the male challengers but if they want a male measure/photograph-er, no problem, I am here!! Yes.. I understand  some recruit may be confuse at the points to take the measurement so we offer this customize service at no extra cost. Please DO NOT be late and arrive on time on Sunday ya..  

- Recruits/ Challengers that have not registered can come to my house too and we will help to register for you too

- COBC-TEAM will help you to submit your Challenge Profile measurement & pictures


At the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, our recruits are pampered to the maximum!! Yaa.. I know!! but that is how we are!! and that is how we love our recruits whom are not just a comrade but are more of a bruder/sista homie. For a start, let us provide an idiot-proof Step by Step guidance to assist recruits with their registration.


(1.a) For a start, Click HERE to register and you will be directed to this page below:

(1.b) *Notice the red circle on the webpage above? yes.. click the REGISTER NOW, then you will be re-directed to the following page:

(1.c) On that page (above), see the RED CIRCLE? yes.. click on the "Add to cart", then you will be re-directed to the following page:

1.d) See the RED-CIRCLE again and click on "SHOW CART", and you will be directed to the following page:


I think I had recently befriended a ghost... I do not know if its a she or he, pretty or handsome but I am assuming the best.. I think she's a young pretty & sexy ghost. I feel she has been following me all my life but had significantly become more active lately. Yesterday, she hide my office keys and I had to call Noreen Yusoff, PEDA executive secretary to get her to open my office door. The night before as I reached home after a good dinner with Aaraf, the ghost, maybe wanting attention, hid my e-Cigarette and I had to spend half the night searching for it.

Yesterday, I brought along my Tag Heuer glass for servicing at the Curve then went to the ATM to withdrew some cash and was almost hypnotized by her to leave home without the glass. She even hide my shorts that I was about to packed to leave for oversea in the afternoon. Then, I almost missed my flight when the ghost hide my passport as I was about to checked in at the Airport!!! Aaaaargh...

8 WEEK CHALLENGE 2011- part 1

There is no better time to participate in Australia's most seek after dietary program than now!! Why?

(1) Because we have been on MAKANSutra for the past.. err 2 weeks for the Eid Mubarak (Hari Raya) celebration!! Actually, it was not because we want to break our diet but it is actually customary and polite to try out and eat every meal that was served during open houses (make believe).

(2) Because the food for this year's diet was localise to Asian taste!! Yes we hear your last year's year feedback Yam Chan SiuCheh (and all ex-8WC'ians)... last year the food ingredient was not so conducive and abit exorbitant but this year.. hopefully, we will even have a price tag and everywhere-can-buy ingredients.

3) Because... Of course we want to be healthy and especially gorgeous and sexy with hot ass like Mek Yam!!

4) There will be one winner per participating platoon as oppose to last year's only one overall winner worldwide which our Otai and 4 times SOB James Fong was one of the finalist!

He received a RM300 voucher at NIKE store. Meaning, if I register all our platoons, there will be one winner for every platoon.

How much does it cost to participate? 
To participate, you must be a paid recruit at the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and pay AUD29.95 (Approximately RM90.00) for the 8 Weeks Challenge.

When does it start?
The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ Eight Week Challenge starts on Monday 26th Sept and Finishes on Friday 18th Nov 2011.

For more information and FAQ click HERE.


(Click on Picture to enlarge)

What they say about the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP!! 

Coming to the second week of September session, there is no better aspiration than to record what the recruits say about the Chief's training!! There are too many too record, so I picked the top 10 best!! I'll pick the TOP 10 of best wording every week as an aspiration to everyone.. maybe as a candidate for you to vote as the next Spirit of Bootcamp? Speaking of which, do check out the updated Spirit of Bootcamp Hall of Fame at (click SOB).


There is nothing much to be missed if you had never tasted a luxury lifestyle but once you had it and lost it, living without it is a lot harder... infact, it can be damn hard. Having maids to cook, clean, wash-up, serves us endless and tirelessly 24 hours 7 days a week is a luxury that most people are enjoying but life without a maid is actually nothing but a better lifestyle!! If you dont believe me.. see how fast and fit Delta Norliza Affandi and Nawal Aini Zulkifli is! They both had their fair share of moment without maids.

The trick is.. be positive.. look at the bright side. At least there is still a house to be clean. Some people had to be forced out of their house due to economic downturn and some had to vacate due to environment setback such as those in Perlis sufering from mega flood. Secondly, which is more important is for fitness and health. Fitness and fat lost should be everyone's goal in life. Lets take a quick look at my polar performing the following household chores. Yes.. believe it or not, Armin is the maid of honour. Abit higher grade than indons and banglas.

Normal household chores based on my weight of 70kg, age, gender and a 7,000 sq ft size burns calorie as follows (base on my polar):

Vacuuming 15 minutes - 93 cal
Mopping the floor 15 minutes - 97 cal
Cleaning glasses, windows & tables 5 minutes - 50 cal
Wash Dishes (standing or in General- Not broken into stand/walk component) 10 mins - 40 calorie
Make-up bed, re-arranging wardrobe, cleaning shower, toilets - 15 minutes - 105
Laundry - hantar dobi/laundry shop daa - No calorie burn


Some people called it over-indulgence and some people say its overdosed.. I say, I had a mega carbo load with 12 meals and used-up all my one year carbohydrate quota/ration in just one day at Bustanu Pahamin aqiqah and open house last Sunday. Being a member at the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, I can afford that extra calories and burned those overdosed, overindulged mega loaded carbo all within 1 hour at BU Alpha.. How?

First, arrived 2 seconds late for the session and had a 'Sprint & Grunts' as punishment as a waking up shock to the system.. err also work as an alternative to coffee. Having missed almost a month of bootcamping (due to travelling and puasa).. I did not know the punishment for late-comers has been changed! I was prepared for 20 Grunts but the unbeknown early sprinting was unexpected. I can hear Mohamad Fazli's scream.. Armin...!!!! followed by Shear Ling Toh.. ARMIN!!!! and I also went.... ARMIN!!! mampus.....

Second, the drop dead circuit.. eh.. run & drop circuit was short of breathing under water.. breathless. We had to run and drop 8 times (and perform various stationary workout) from one goal post to the next and the fastest are waived from Grunts punishment. The second placing, the team had to do two Grunts, third placing, 3 grunts all the way to the 10th team with 10 Grunts. Being partner'ed up with SOBs were challenging. I did not mind SOB Shear Ling Toh during the POW circuit! but when its SOB Joe Liew.. I had to sprint like a headless chicken in fear of being tapped. Fortunately, I was never tapped but the fear of being tapped send me straight to hell cloud 9.


The first BATTLE OF CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP platoons was held on 17 July 2011 and saw the merger of platoon USJ1-Alpha and USJ1-Bravo into the Legends, BU-Alpha and BU-Bravo into the Spartans and DH-Zulu as the Highlander. These three platoons from three locations competed to be crown as the first Spirit of Platoons and the first Champion!! For more details & pictures, Click Battle- Part 1, Battle- Part 2, Battle Part 3Battle-Part 4, Battle-Part 5, Battle-Part 6 and Battle-The Results.

Before the results were announced, the Spartans & the Legends led the challenge with four bull-dog stickers each. The Legends was short of 1 point. The first five challenges were all about stamina & fitness. Only the fittest and the fastest recruit/platoon can win the first 5 challenges but the determining factor for the first Battle of Platoons Champion is very dependent on team work effort.

The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is all about motivating and inspiring team members. No matter how weak or slow a team member is, we are ala a soldier at war, duty-bound to support, motivate and would never leave anyone behind. At war, a soldier entrust their life to their fellow comrade. As such, instructors & admins as the observer to all three platoons had the discretion to crown the first Spirit of Platoons and the first Champion in the inter-platoon battle based on primarily comrade-ship, coordination, points and time.


The purpose of performing Aqiqah is to announced the birth of a baby. Being bestowed with a child is a blessing from Allah swt and the Aqiqah itself brings closer the neighbours, friends and family members to celebrate the blessed occasion. According to the Hadith of the Prophet Muhamamd SAW (peace of Allah be upon him), the animal to be slaughtered should be a goat or a sheep. Two Sheeps which resembles each other are to be sacrificed for a boy and one for a girl. (Sunnah Abu Dawood Book 15, No. 2380). The animals for the Aqiqah should be in the same condition as those for Qurban. For a camel, it must be older than 6 years old, cow older than 3 years, goat or sheep older than 2 years old. They must be free from any form of handicap such as blind, sick, limp and undernourished. 

SHAZRHY EDIAZ SHAZRUL was born on 10th June 2011 in London, England. The preparation began weeks ago and I was the designated JPJ for the function.. Maybe the title JPJ was abit too kind. Actually I was the bangla to install the road direction which was a huge responsibility!! Without my KPI being performed, the 3 in 1 function would have been futile... empty without any guests .. all would have gotten lost! but by 10pm last night.. the road direction was still no where to be found.. I forgot!! waaa.. but ala hindustahe movie.. hero always perform on the last minute though everyone almost freak out...  So at 11pm.. the 'construction' for the road signage began!!!  with a fine-art graduate as the advisor, we creatively designed and completed our damn kick arse signage as follow:

So to go to my house, go straight, turn left, turn right, turn left, turn right, yada yada... and walla.. Bustanu Pahamin.


I read this article with the above title "Is PROTON a Malaysian car?" at Lim Kit Siang's blog. The article was written by KJ JOHN and was first published on on 30 August 2011 and re-posted on Lim Kit Siang's blog on 6 September 2011. KJ JOHN was in public service for 29 years and is now the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Policy Science at UCSI University, Malaysia.

The author first spoke on PROTON Managing Director Dato Seri Syed Zainal Abidin's personal experience with a taxi driver that was published in Ahmad Talib (former NST Managing Director) recent column. In that article, due to the misconception that the power window regulator will malfunction with high usage, Syed Zainal introduced himself, gave the taxi driver his personal handphone number, asked the taxi driver to use the power window and to call him if the power window malfunction when used (or overused). Syed Zainal assured the taxi driver that he will replace the power window regulator without charge-FOC if it malfunction. The whole objective was to correct the life-long misconception that had damaged PROTON's goodname. The confident of PROTON Managing Director to give his personal handphone number to the taxi driver speaks volume. The taxi driver never did call signalling the problem or the misconception was not true.


My knowledge in Malaysia history is as good as my skill in cooking which was not very appetizing. Henceforth, I had to read quite a bit of history to understand Mohamad Sabu @ Mat Sabu (PAS Deputy President)'s statement that became a controversial topic that even our Deputy Prime Minister as well as UMNO Supreme Council members had to comment. For a start, I googled and enjoyed the 1981 movie 'Bukit Kepong' (for the dozenth time) and attempted some extra reading before falling asleep (again) on late Sunday noon. I gave up googling and reading Bukit Kepong history and draw up my on own conclusion (base on rationale) instead.

Mat Sabu was badly condemned when he claimed that Policemen defending Bukit Kepong was British officers and the real hero was Mat Indera whom fought against the British for Malaysia's freedom. Being under the British colony whom ruled Malaysia then, I would have thought the police force too should be the officers of the ruler.. which was the British then yes?

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