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Why I was never obsessed with my sister's obession....


I indulged myself with my sister's latest obsession a few months ago. Being me, I simply cant resist trying new things, new hobbies and new challenges. My sister, Emi's latest obsession (though I dare not say for how long- she gets obsessed and bored too easily) is 'wall climbing'. understandably, being single, she has nothing else to climb.

It is a good exercise although I ended up with bruises on knee and thigh and had many scratches on both arms too. It was easier than I thought but of course, I attempted the easiest route... a 30 feet climb on auto belay. There are more difficult levels but I didnt like the idea of having my life depended on either another person to belay or the auto belay (the device that controls your fall and/or bring you down slowly once you reach the peak).

I read a shocking email today that affirmed my fear. The Garden International School Head of Secondary, Graham Wilson  (Aaraf's School) went for a local indoor wall climbing on 4th October 2009 and suffered a bad fall. He completed a 30 feet climb using the wall which uses an auto belay. He fell from the top on his back and legs when the auto belay device failed.

Graham broke both bones on his left leg, damaged his right leg and broke his spine in the lumbar region (vertebra L3 was basically crushed). Fortunately his spinal cord was not damaged and his surgery was successful.  His surgeon is expecting a full recovery to the leg but only 70% recovery on the back mobility. It will take another 3 to 6 months for full back recovery.

Totally madness.. it could happen to anybody.. me or emi or whoever. I attempted that same 30 feet climb on auto belay...... it was fun, interesting enjoyable but I think I will stick to my running, cycling and swimming for sports. Speaking of which, I owe you the first day experience at the bootcamp ala military training.

Stay tune

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