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I read with interest various comments made on Facebook and the cyber pertaining to the class action suit made against Vibram Five Fingers in USA (read HERE) and there seemed to be alot of misconception and misunderstanding.

The class action suit took place in USA alleging that Vibram USA engaged in false and deceptive advertising. An advertising that claimed the footwear could reduce foot injuries and strengthen foot muscles, without basing those advertisement on any scientific merit. It did not state that those health claim is not true but unsubstantiated. “Vibram USA expressly denied and continues to deny any wrongdoing alleged in the Actions, and neither admits nor concedes any actual or potential fault, wrongdoing or liability,” read the court brief. 

I am a hardcore Vibram Five Finger user and have ran 2 full marathons in a Vibram Five Fingers shoes (and countless of shorter distances) and would not use any other shoes for running but a Vibram Five Fingers. If you are my blog follower then you would have read how I suffered from bad knees as a result from perhaps, an excessive  running and was advice to go for corrective surgery on both knees. 

I did not go for the advised surgery but instead, invested in a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. After a few months of training in the Vibram Five Fingers (esp in a better form of running), I ran two full marathons and countless shorter distance run without any knee pain or knee injury. Infact, my PB running time had  improved and my knees/legs are much stronger.


You know what they say about women and shoes... Actually it is not true!! Men has same fetishes for shoes!! Today we took delivery of boxes of the latest Vibram Five Fingers SPYRIDON AND SEEYA!! Mine is only four pairs and the balance in hundreds of pairs are for COBC. We are the Vibram authorised distributor.

Of course, I got for myself all the colours for both Spyridon and Seeya having wear them as my official foot wear for work, running, bootcamp, partying and even for meeting. Two pairs will be sponsored each for the Malaysia Winner and its 1st Runner up for the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia 8 Week Challenge 2012.

How does the latest Italian shoe Vibram Five Fingers look like? See below.....


3 days countdown for the most talked about Chief's Original Bootcamp 8 Weeks Challenge!! To excite the challenge further COBC is pleased to offer the latest Vibram Spyridon or Seeya (Retailing at RM489) to the Malaysia Champion on top of the RM3,000 New Balance Voucher.

Malaysia 1st Runner up too will get the latest Vibram Spyridon or Seeya (worth RM489).

That is.. if you did not win the RM15,000 Grand Champion!! but somehow.... I have a big feeling, someone from Malaysia shall win! We are at war!!

Beside the 6 packs abs, lean, mean and sexy hotbods.. you get to own the latest vibram, only 2 days left before registration is closed. For further information, click HERE and for an idiot proof guide to registration, please click HERE.


Vibram Five Fingers from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP has been up to various mountains from Gunung Datuk to Gunung Nuang and has been to various running races from 10km to 21km and soon 42km!! Latest, the Vibram Five Finger has encroached into  Bustanu and soon, all the Pahamins clan will be Vibramatised. For a start, Dad.. Pahamin A Rajab had his first taste of the italian design and Hollywood's best trainers for 2011 yesterday at his Birthday!!


2nd shipment of Vibram Five Finger had just landed!! and my new Striking Red Vibram Five Finger had just said Hi to me... What and Why did I need a Vibram Five Finger again? Yes... click HERE. To top that up, when you purchase a Vibram Five Finger at HERE, you'll get RM100 rebate from your monthly COBC subscription... only at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP!! 


Thank you Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan from the New Straits Times (NST) for the lovely written article at the NST newspaper today on Tuesday, 31st January 2012. For full NST article.. click HERE. Check out the striking Vibram Five Finger shoe.. to buy.. click HERE (sorry ar.. marketing sikit). 
(Click on Picture to enlarge)



Barely a month ago, the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) was appointed the authorised re-seller for Vibram Five Finger and we received our first containers of Vibrams sent via courier. The Vibram Five Finger was hailed the biggest shoe trend of the year 2011. Hollywood beauties favored the Vibram Five Fingers (V5F) above all other shoes. For more information click HERE. Alike the Hollywood, the COBC socialites too have all been fingered by V5F!


Being surrounded by people that loves to workout is one thing but loving to eat is another but that two characteristics are mostly synonyms with my circle for friends.  If you ever need to find a good outing place to eat.. you can always count on them. So I learn this new Thai restaurant that sounded abit weird but the food was gorgeous! Its the My Elephant Thai Restaurant at Sri Hartamas... For more detail, click HERE.  Its a birthday dinner for Sheikh Hisham and Micaela Soyza, two big names at the DH Zulu platoons that was organised by DH Zulu group of Otaiis (old timers) namely Stephanie Choong, Ryan Wong, Recently-retired-from-work Angela Loo, OBC-Australia 8 Week Finalist Kym Wishnowski, Stella Baake, DH Zulu Platoon Challenge Captain Sheikh Imran, Cobra-Rugby-team Azhar Jamal, Bank-Manager Caleb Lian Yoong Law, DH Zulu Lead Instructor Nawal Aini and of course the celebrated birthday guy and gal Sheikh Hisham and Very-Good-Chef Micaela Soyza.


In my running lifetime, I have busted er... more than 50 shoes? I have also busted both my knees and was forced to retire from running until I befriended Nike Free. With Nike Free, I ran the Melbourne 42.195km marathon last year in conjunction with the 2,500th marathon anniversary and although the knee pain recurred on the 23rd km but I managed to complete the marathon with a PB.

There are various good write-up on barefoot running if you were to google and read, so I wont dwell much on its benefit save except for my personal experience. Finding the right shoe is as important as finding the right spouse except you have the liberty to test drive any shoes but not with any potential spouse. After a good run on Nike Free, I went a step further and test driven the Vibram Five Fingers and needless to say... It was akin of love at first sight!

Somehow, I find wearing a highly padded shoe causes the small muscles in my feet to weaken and the tendons, ligaments and natural arches had stopped doing their job which in turn, had led to my knee problem. All the supportive shoe inserts, orthotics and extra cushioning creates a poor foot biomechanics. They're deceiving the body. Here's an explanation, based on our body's proprioceptive abilities.. that is, the way it can communicate up and down all pathways. When we run barefoot, the body precisely engages our vision, our brain, the soles of our feet, and all the muscles, bones, tendons, and supporting structures of our feet and legs... sort of using all of our body senses. They leap to red alert, and give us a high degree of protection from the varied pressures and forces of running.

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