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While running the Melbourne Marathon, I was convinced to undergo the knee operation as advised by Dr Saw from the Kuala Lumpur Sports & Medical Centre earlier this year. The pain was quite unbearable and I immediately contacted my physiotherapist Dr Aston for an immediate physio and made an appointment with Dr Ng Wee Meng at the UMSC at 5pm on Thursday, 14 October 2010 for a second opinion.

I went limping to see Dr Aston and after an hour, I was back on my feet. "If you allow me to work on your knee, and you do the leg stretching daily, you can run all the marathons that you want BUT I DO AM NOT IN FAVOUR of surgery", adviced Dr Aston. Woww... Hows that for a change? Earlier this year, I would replaced any doctor that advised against bootcamp or running and now vice-versa. Dr Aston was very comforting and his touch was magical... I can now walk without limping within just 1 hour of physio.


Faizal Ariff, one of the trainer at the Bootcamp left a link on my Facebook page upon reading my knee-injury & dissatisfied experience blog at the KLSMC, click Blog KLSMC.

Faizal recommended Dr Aston Sports Clinic for me to get a second opinion on my knee and upon clicking the link, I discovered the Doctor is also a Blogger too and on Facebook (see: Dr Aston FB).... Since the clinic was only 10 minutes drive away, I immediately SMS for appointment (yes, even the HP number was made available on the Blog)... and within seconds of sending the sms, the Clinic called me to confirm my appointment at 5pm!!

"Please bring along your jogging shoe and a short for your 5pm appointment" said a well-mannered lady, presumably the receptionist.

I packed my short, jogging shoe, took along the KLSMC's X-ray & MRI before driving to Dr Aston Sports Clinic that is located at No 6, Jalan SS2/3, near the Taman Bahagia LRT Station and is a few shop-lots away from a Perodua showroom.

The clinic was  a simple but clean set-up.. after registering at the counter, I was called in by Dr Aston Ngai Seng Huey MBBS, MSc Spors Med (UK) within barely 5 minutes of waiting. I explained my knee problem and after changing into my short, Dr Aston examined both my knees while I lied down on the black examining bed.

I was then asked to performed a few squats (very easy without OBC Shakira pulses), step-climb and jumped back on the bed for further examination. After a thorough examination, Dr Aston massage my thigh to ease the muscle stiffness and strain, performed some physiotheraphy and an ultra-sound before going through a simple exercise as my homework at home. He also adviced those exercises that I should avoid and gym equipments that I should train with to strengthened the quadricep and hamstring that will support the knee. I have to slow-down on the running mileage and if possible, run in swimming pool instead to maintain the stamina without straining the knee.

After an hour of knee-examination, consultancy and physiotheraphy, Dr Aston viewed the KLSMC X-ray & MRI.

"Which Doctor did you see at the KLMSC?", asked Dr Aston. "I met Dr Saw for a total of 15 minutes after waiting for an hour!" I answered in annoyance.

"Dr Saw? The Guru... the best Doctor in the field", said Dr Aston, whom than added, "If you ever in need of an operation, that will be the best surgeon".

"Really? I went there because a friend recommended and not because of his credentials" I said.  

"Without knowing Dr Saw's background, credentials and without any expectation, I was not impressed with the whole episode. If I knew of his reputation, I would have been more dissappointed", I further added in frustration with both arms crossed and starring right through Dr Aston.

Dr Saw had recommended an operation for both knee and I asked for Dr Aston's opinion. . Dr Aston diagnosed my knee problem as "Knee Popliteus Strain/Tendinoses" (whatever that means) but most importantly, Dr Aston said my knee does not need any surgery but a proper care with regular leg exercises and physiotheraphy can avoid further damage... but I must observed a lower running mileage. Infact, Dr Aston said an operation should be avoided at all time unless really necessary.... music to my ears!

Take Note: Dr Aston adviced Runners to visit any sports clinic to de-stress the stiff and strain muscle after any race or competition to avoid any injury or prolonge damage.

Dr Aston was appointed team physician for the KL Dragons in the Asian Basketball League (ABL) on 14 october 2009. He was previously attached to the national Sports Institute for 8 years from 1997 to 2005.

After an hour of consultation and no waiting que for a fix appointment time, I was charged a reasonable RM173 including some gel, medicine and ultra-sound.

Nyna Mohsein, Suriana Saiful, Sabrina Sabri and those friends with a knee problem, you should call Dr Aston @ 03-78774399 or 0192103787 for consultancy or add Dr Aston Sports Clinic on Facebook FAN PAGE for free advice.....  Faizal, thank you for the recommendation.

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