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Blog, Facebook & DAP Youth.. (part vii)


12/09/09 Edward Ling Sieak Meeng was earlier listed without any blog page. Correction: Edward has both an FB account as well as a Blogger. His Blog details has been ammended below. (Note: thank you for the update Edward).


This is the 7th series of various political parties youth exco members 'presence-analysis' on cyber & Blogosphere. I've completed the list of Cabinet Minister on Facebook (FB) & personal Blog, UMNO Youth, MCA Youth, Gerakan Youth, PAS Youth and PKR Youth (AMK). I am not bothered to seek and search for the list of MIC Youth exco when both their MIC website and MIC Youth Website are not even bothered to list their youth exco members and googling them seems futile.

The list of DAP Youth executive committee or known as DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) committee members was obtained from DAP main website.

DAPSY seems to be the most active on cyber with 70% of their exco are connected on cyber via either FB or Blog or both compared to 53% UMNO Youth, 23% MCA, 22% Gerakan Youth, 52% PAS Youth, 49% AMK (PKR Youth).

12 of DAPSY, 8 PAS Youth and 5 AMK owns both FB and Blog compared to 7 UMNO Youth, 3 MCA Youth and 1 Gerakan Youth despite having a smaller number of exco members.

1) Chairman (& Political Bureau) : Loke Siew Fook (See: Fook FB, Fook Blog)
2) Dep (& Members Recruitment Bureau) : Jenice Lee Ying Ha (see: Jenice FB, Jenice Blog)
3) Vice: Wong Kah Woh (see: Woh FB, Wong Blog)
4) National Sec (Voters Reg Bureau) : Loh Chee Heng (see: Loh FB, Loh Blog)
5) Nat Publicity Sect: Ng Wei Aik (see: Ng FB, Ng Blog)
6) Asst Nat Pub Sect: Ong Boon Piow (see: Ong FB, Ong Blog)
7) Teo Kok Seong (see: Seong FB, Seong Blog)
8) Gobind Singh Deo (Legal Affair Bureau) (see: Gobind FB, Gobind Blog)
9) Khoo Poay Tiong (see: Tiong FB, Tiong Blog)
10) Choong Siew Onn (see: Onn FB, Onn Blog)
11) Political Education Affair Director: Ooi Leng Hang (see: Ooi FB, Ooi Blog)
12) Ling Sieak Meeng, Edward (see: Meeng FB, No Blog)

5 DAPSY, 10 AMK, 5 PAS Youth are registered ONLY on FB but without any Blog compared to 14 UMNO Youth, 4 MCA and 1 Gerakan Youth.

13) Asst Nat Tresurer: Lau Keng Ee (see: Ee FB, NO Blog)
14) Yeoh Soon Hin (see: Hin FB, NO Blog)
15) Cheong Chee Khing (see: Khing FB, No Blog)
16) V. Sivakumar (see: Siva FB, NO Blog)
17) Int Affair Bureau Director: Medaline Chang She Yun (see: Medaline FB, NO Blog)

3 DAPSY, 4 PAS Youth, 6 AMK only owns a Blog without any FB compared to 2 UMNO Youth, 4 MCA Youth and 3 Gerakan Youth.

18) Asst. Nat. Sec: Tey Kok Kiew (see: NO FB, Tey Blog)
19) National Org Sect: Eddie Chang Teck Chee (see: NO FB, Eddie Blog)
20) Asst Nat Org Sect: Carmen Leong ooi Kuan (see: NO FB, Carmen Blog)

ONLY 10 DAPSY, 19 PAS Youth, 25 AMK are WITHOUT any FB or Blog compared to 20 UMNO Youth, 22 MCA Youth and 18 Gerakan Youth.

21) Vice Chairman: Violet Yong Wui Wui
22) Varsity Affair Bereau Director: Tan Hong Pin (see: NO FB, NO Blog)
23) Nat Treasurer: Leong Ooi Yee (see: NO FB, NO Blog)
24) Ng Suee Lim (see: NO FB, NO Blog)
25) Teo Eng Ching (see: NO FB, NO Blog)
26) Tiew Way Keng (see: NO FB, NO Blog)
27) Chan Su Sann (see: NO FB, NO Blog)
28) Kuan Perk Siong (see: NO FB, NO Blog)

As a conclusion to the series of "Blog, Facebook & all youth component Party", the youth opposition are more active and strongly support their alliance (and maybe confusing the public on various remark and allegation) on cyber compared to our youth alliance.

If our youth exco continue to be inactive, the cyber-sphere will continue to be dominated by the opposition. With the advancement of technology, communication via cyber-sphere is the cheapest and most effective...

Next series will be to list the educational background of all youth exco member. Todate, although I have emailed to the respective youth chief for their exco member's education background but I have not received any reply. Perhaps, even the youth council too does not keep any record or verify their exco members educational background. Surprisingly, education does not seem to be a priority in the selection or election of youth exco members... or does it?

Stay Tune...

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