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How educated are our future leaders.. UMNO Youth Exco...

How educated are UMNO Youth Exco...

I came acrossed many friends whom never graduated but claimed they are graduates from various local universities and even from international universities. Verifying graduates are as difficult to authenticate similar to verifying honorific titles such as Tan Sri, Datuk or Dato'ship. In a society when majority are graduates and many are Datuk(s) and Dato'(s), everybody took for granted that everybody is as per what they claim to be because verifying it is pointless and a waste of time... almost impossible.

Being a graduate and a business owner, I had interviewed too many graduates that I could notice almost instantly when a person is a graduate or otherwise and locally or from overseas. Unlike the conferment of honorific titles, a person cannot act to be graduate especially in thinking and conversation substances.

Once, in the mid 90s, whilst being attached to Guthrie, Industrial Relation Department upon graduation, I had to write to various universities for verification (of Guthrie new employees) of their graduation and confirmation of their exam transcript but without success... except from a few foreign universities.

Now, with too many graduates, university registrars require (for verification) the actual year of graduation and their Degree subject major. Without this detail, the verification is almost impossible. Thus, the accuracy of information is of utmost important.

Akin of employment recruitment, we should know our leaders' credentials too before we vote and pledge our support for them. Obviously, our leaders should be smarter than us... to lead us. Otherwise, any uneducated man who are voted into PAS can claim anything as Haram or unislamic (as an example) under the Islamic banner, although really, he doesnt qualify to make any religious statement. Similarly, it will be embarassing to us when our leaders continuously having to rely on 'external' intelligence to make a stand.... without the externals, perhaps the reason for all the 'echo' statements....

My dad once told me during childhood... that Malays only have 2 career in mind as an ambition. First to be a politician and second to be an Artist (singing or acting) because both career doesnt require any education. Now that I have the resources to research... I hope the old 'dilemma' is Untrue....

Benchmarking University Bachelor Degree graduate as a minimum qualification, how many graduates are there in our UMNO Youth is the first part of many series to come. The source of information is via internet search such as Googling various local and foreign university alumni lists and past convocation record as well as browsing individual exco profiles on facebook, blogs and webpages. Those that is listed as "NO DEGREE" means their educational information is not listed or not available online or as it literally means 'NO DEGREE'* and those with graduate record, an email was sent to their respective university for verification.

I welcome any corrections or amendments to the posting and will update any inaccurate information if informed. As this blog posting is written, an email was sent via FB to: (1) YB Khairy for the list of his youth exco educational background, (2) Zamakhsari for PAS youth exco educational background and (4) Tan Wei Wun for the PKR youth exco (AMK) educational background. I do not believe their tertiary education background is a confidential information especially for politician whom suppose to be marketing/selling themselves, in fact I think they should be proud of their educational achievement(s) (if any).

I havent received any reply emails yet from any of them but thusfar, the result from internet research is as follows:

ONLY 9 out of the 43 UMNO youth exco is a University Bachelor degree graduates and only YB Khairy & Anuar Safian are a post-graduate Master degree holder.

1) Youth Chief : Khairy Jamaluddin, Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics & Economics; Oxford University, Master Legal & Political Theory; University College London (UCL) UK (1998). Khairy is the most qualified as far as education is concern.

2) Dep Chief (Management Committee) : Dato Razali Ibrahim, Bachelor in Law (LLB); Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) (1994)

3) International/Peace Malaysia: Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, Bachelor in Law (LLB); University of Bristol, UK (1994)

4) Politic Education: Ali Mazat, Bachelor in Civil Engineering; University Malaya (UM), Malaysia (year graduation-unknown)

5) New Media: Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, Bachelor in Pharmacy; University Science of Malaysia (USM), Malaysia (1990)

6) Kelantan: Anuar Safian, Bachelor Entrepreneurship; American European University (distance learning?) (1993) Masters in Leadership; Oxford Centre for leadership (Oxcel) (2007).

7) Information: Dato Reezal Merican Naina Merican, Bachelor in Arabic Language and Literature; International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia (1996)

8) Debate & Resolutions: Lokman Noor Adam (Mara University of technology (UiTM) but unknown if its diploma or degree) (1993)

9) BN Youth & 1Malaysia: Mohd Faizal Ramli (appointed exco) Bachelor in Management & Marketing, University Science of Malaysia (USM), Malaysia (1995)

*34 UMNO Youth exco are NON University graduate!!???

10) Putera UMNO: Megat Zulkarnain Omardin

11) Art & Culture: Jamawi Jaafar

12) Socio Ethic: Mohamad Iruan Zulkefli

13) Asst Secretary : Megat Firdouz Tan Sri Megat Junid

14) Asst Treasurer : Dato Rozabil Ab Rahman

15) Rural Development: Datuk Wan Amizan Wan Abdul Razak

16) Urban Development: Tengku Azman Tengku Zainal Abidin

17) NGO Liaison: Suffian Awang

18) Pulau Pinang: Norman Zahalan

19) Wilayah Persekutuan: Rizalman Dato Mokhtar

20) Melaka: Karim Yaacob

21) Johor: Mohd Fadil Muskon

22) Sports: Datuk Ahmad Darus

23) Agriculture and Primary Industry: Zubir Zabidi

24) Soohaimi Shahadan (Economic & entrepreneur Development)

25) Hishamuddin Yahaya (Membership & Selection)

26) Mohd Gasing Saling (Education)

27) Syahrin Jamaluddin (Higher Education)

28) Ustaz Mohd Afandi Yusof (Religious)

29) Datuk Mohamad Khairun Aseh (Community Complain)

30) Shafiqurrahman Shamsuddin (Young Profesionals)

31) Nazir Husin Akhtar Hussin (Young Worker)

32) Badrol Hisham Zaki (Government Liaison)

33) Mohd Anis Hisham Abd Aziz (Perang Saraf) (appointed exco)

34) Khairul Azwan Harun (Youth Academy) (appointed exco)

35) Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman (Special function) (appointed exco)

36) Mohsin Mohd Yusoff (Perlis)

37) Badrol Hisham hashim (Kedah)

38) Maslin Sham Razman (Perak)

39) Suhaimi Mohd Ghazali (Selangor)

40) Mohd Helmy Din (Negeri Sembilan)

41) Abu Jimi Samat (Pahang)

42) Saiful Bahri Baharuddin (Terengganu)

43) Azman Ruslan (Sabah)

If 80% of our future leaders did not even possess any University degree...??? Maybe thats why Pemuda is against PPSMI... maybe they dont understand.. :-D just kidding..

*I am waiting impatiently for YB Khairy's reply to update the 34 non-graduate details (if my record is inaccurate)..... in the mean time, Stay Tune for PAS Youth exco educational background details.....

In case, YB Khairy is too busy with the people, I welcome his office or exco to update the details too... Without any update from anybody.. probably my statistic is regrettably true.

Note: this blog, will be continuously updated for latest information... hence, for any update from any party and/or upon verification received from their respective university...

Stay Tune

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