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Happy Mother's Day.

I can only imagine what it feels like to be a mother. To carry a child in me for 9 months, breast-feed, cook, feed, raise,  giving birth, shower them, cleanup their pee & poo, guide, bear all their cries tantrums, educate, nursing during sickness and an endless list of errands. I will never know what my mother had to go through raising us 6 children.. and a son whom was terminally-sick and rebellious. No one can ever describe a mother's undivided love and care.

I had a short stint of single parenthood after my divorce and MasyaAllah, I now understand the sacrifices, commitment and dedication of a mother and I am sure my understanding of what mothers do, is really a tiny small fraction of the actual reality. I can speak with experience from that short stint, that it would really take a person to be called a mother. It is seriously not an easy responsibility and is very challenging. 

That short stint made me appreciate my mother even more. I have one handsome and macho son (at the moment) and my mother have 6 stubborn, hard-headed, temperamental and emotional (but handsome and pretty) children. All with a mix of different characters and all are abit on the extreme (whether good or bad) but she loves her children equally and unconditionally. Her world, was only the children (and of course Dad). 

So Ibu, Happy Mother's Day:


Throughout my journey in life...
I know I have disappointed you, 
I know I have broken your heart,
I know I have failed you so many times, 
I know you have shred so much tears for me
and I know, at times I was not there for you..

... I am sorry & regretted for all the past mistakes.

Thank you for always giving me face;
Thank you for never turning your face away;
Thank you for never giving up on me;
Thank you for always & still being there for me;
Thank you for always giving me hope and all the aspiration in life;


I cherish all the upbringing moments and remembers all the celebrations we had on my every birthdays and treasures every seconds when you were by my bed while I was bedridden for months in hospital in London. 


What would you do for your mother on her birthday?

Alike all the years in the past, mom's birthday has always been special but this year was abit different, it was a surprised get-away! For a mother of 67 years old, she has everything that you can imagine from a beautiful house, big cars to a whole wardrobe of shoes and handbags as well as cabinets full of jewels yada yada.. on top of 6 beautiful children that is not just healthy and clever but are all so handsome/pretty and fun (aiiiks.. self marketing!). Well at least that is how she always sees us (though in real life, some of us err.. maybe abit broader and fluffier) but really, she is not wrong. Infact, she would trade everything she has for everyone to be together especially now during her old age. She think she is old but we think she is as young as us all. We wanted to even bring mom to go jogging with us. There is no better pleasure for her than that moment with her husband and all her children. Have it her way, she would want to 'paused' that every moment we are together so it can be everlasting but in reality, damn Nawal Aini, Rose Emini and me were gone as early as 5am for bootcamp then to showrooms and other sisters have to attend to court hearing, go to err.. everywhere which I too dont know where they always go.

So this year, Dr Teratai Edithy who is now back in Malaysia for good after a good 14 year in London took that responsibility to organise mother's surprise birthday get-away and she came out with this wicked idea to get all family members (with in-laws and children) to gather somewhere (but not at home) and father would secretly drive mother to that destination. After endless of research done, the destination picked was at Aman Rimba (or "peaceful Forest)!!


A special movie dedication to Mother on her 62nd Birthday (click HERE if the Youtube file did not appear).

9 July 2010, on a 4 car convoy everybody except for me, Rhiza and Azhar Sulaiman left for Sepang Golden Palm resort Gold Coast to celebrate Mum's 62nd Birthday. I had to attend Proton 25 year Silver jubilee celebration at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Rhiza was in Penang attending a court case.. Lawyer! Azhar Sulaiman was in Johor doing some movie shooting.

We bought the villa at the Sepang Gold Coast but took 4 Villas for this weekend celebration.

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