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We recently wrote to the Heads of Auto Finance of 5 major Banks, namely Public Bank, AMbank, Maybank, RHB, EON Banks and AMbank was the first Bank to respond.

This morning at 9:00am, Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) met with AMBank Head of Auto Finance and his team at the Menara AMbank at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. My committee comprised of myself as PEDA President, Dato Yahya Jaafar (PEDA Deputy President), Abu Lais Walli Mohamed (PEDA Vice-President), Lee Lick Sai (PEDA Vice-President), Jeff Lim Si Heong (PEDA Secretary General), Adam Khan Omar Khan (PEDA Hon Treasurer), Fathul Rahman (PEDA Committee), Dr Wan Ikmal (PEDA Committee) and Malkeet Singh (PEDA Committee) and a special invitation to Yg Bhg Mohamad Shukor Ibrahim (Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer) and Abdul Sidik Hamid (Proton Edar General Manager).

AMbank was represented by the Head of Auto Finance Division Shaharuddin Ismail, Norzahid Mohd Zahudi (AMbank Project Director), Shahrul Hisham Tahir (AMbank Manager/Strategy & Marketing Div) and Ahmad Tifla Ahmad Badaruddin (Ambank Senior Manager) and Ali Mohamed (AMbank Senior Manager).

Shahrul Hisham, Ahmad Tifla and Norzahid presenting Ambank's products

From Left: Abu Lais Walli Mohamed (PEDA VP), Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Shukor Ibrahim (PESB CEO) and Sidik Hamid (PESB GM)

There were various issues discussed including the future direction of the bank towards automotive industry in particular Proton. The details and minutes of meeting is available for viewing at PEDA-PRIVATE-WEBSITE. PEDA internal website is only available for viewing by all PEDA committee members and selected dealers only. The Private-Website will be open to all proton dealers by July 2010.

AMbank treated us to a catered lunch.. Briyani!! which we discussed and worked through lunch...

 From Left: Shahrul, Ahmad Tifla, Norzahid, Adam Khan and Datuk Yahya Jaafar

The meeting which began at 9:30am was adjourned at 3pm. PEDA is grateful for this periodic platform to foster a good partnership with AMBank and look forward to a better business relationship.

PEDA is also pleased with the new scheme of financing offered to Proton buyer which will be made known soon and during PEDA's nationwide Roadshow. PEDA's next Roadshow is scheduled at Kota Kinabalu on 17 April 2010 to meet all Proton Dealers at East Malaysia.

Until then, Stay tune...

Thank you AMbank for the kind hospitality.
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