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Blog, Facebook & Gerakan Youth and MIC Youth.. (part vi)


Searching for Gerakan Youth and MIC Youth latest exco members list was the hardest. Both the Gerakan main website and MIC main website or MIC Youth Website DO NOT DISPLAY THEIR YOUTH COMMITTEE members.. so much for recognising their youth Wing... so much for solidarity... or maybe they do not recognise their youth wing?

Their 2008-2011 exco members list is not even available on google search except announcement for both parties' Youth Chief Lim Si pin and MIC Youth Chief T. Mohan; unlike UMNO Youth, PAS Youth and PKR Youth (AMK). So much time wasted just to search for the list of Gerakan and MIC youth exco members..... After browsing the few hundred thousand google search result, I finally found Gerakan exco list from the star newspaper dated 11 October 2008 (see: the Star).

Gerakan Youth Chief Lim Si Pin has his own blog (see below) but wrote and displayed nothing of his elected executive committee members. In fact, Gerakan Youth does not even have any official website.... When Si Pin was elected as the Youth Chief, his main agenda was to convert the youth wing into an ISO 9000 quality.... but maybe a 'syiiok sendiri' election manifesto since his exco list is even non-existence...

I cant believe such an important 26 years old Gerakan Youth wing without their own website.

... and ONLY 4 of GERAKAN EXCO owns a blog BUT 3 Blogs are written in Chinese... so much for Gerakan Youth's stand being a party for ALL MALAYSIAN (irrespective of race) ?..... and ONLY 2 Exco registered on Facebook (FB). There are more cabinet minister on Facebook (see: Minister FB) than the the total Gerakan Youth exco.

Gerakan Youth Exco:

1) Chief: Lim Si Pin (NO FB, SiPin Blog)
2) Deputy : Oh Tong Keong (NO FB, Keong Blog)
3) Vice 1: YB Liang Teck Meng, ( NO FB, NO Blog)
4) Vice 2: David Ang Chin Tat (NO FB, NO Blog)
5) Vice 3: Vincent Hooi Wy-Hon

6) Yap Chen Heng
7) Tan kok Seong
8) Hng Chee Wey (Wey FB, Wey Blog)
9) Alex Ong Yeok Leng
10) Jack Cheow Woon San
11) Khor Hock Peng
12) A. Kuhan
13) Lau Hoi Keong
14) Chong Chee Yen (there's a few FB account by this name & I could not verify which belongs to Gerakan Youth exco)
15) Cheah Chee Kuan
16) Ou Kwee hua
17) Khoo Kha Shin
18) Ong Teng Boon (Boon FB - I could verify if this account belong to the Gerakan EXCO)
19) Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai (NO FB,Dom Blog)
20) Ong Boon Hong
21) Tan Keit Hock
22) Chia Gim Tiong
23) Chang Shui Kiong

Gerakan Youth wing was set up in 1983 and Lim Si Pin was the first Youth Chief elected by delegate since establishment. There have never been any contest for the Youth Chief... perhaps the reason why Gerakan is still in Flinstone age but with the new Chief.... ?

Thus far, the PKR Youth alliance, PKR Youth (AMK) & PAS seemed to be more active with blogs and Facebook interaction compared to Barisan National Youth alliance, UMNO Youth, MCA Youth and Gerakan.

Our youth alliance under BN really needed to improve our presence on cyber and blogosphere. I gave up searching for MIC Youth exco list.... probably MIC Youth exco is so insignificant that even the MIC Youth Website doesnt display their exco members...

As per earlier series (part i-v), I stand corrected if the detail is inaccurate. Please advice and keep me posted of any inaccuracy. The source of information is accurate as far as the information available on cyber search.

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