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Norliza Mohd Khalid, a pioneer member at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) was all books and  studies during her late teens before pursuing her tertiary education in ICSA or the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, UK. Although a bookworm and all studious, Norliza Mohd Khalid or more fondly known as Liza had an early exposure into an active lifestyle during her childhood when she grew up with 4 brothers and mostly boy circle of friends. Being surrounded by mostly boys, Liza was even described as a tomboy and did everything what boys would do such as playing outdoors in dirty muddy playground within her neighborhood vicinity. From merely playing in the hoods, Liza became more active in her early teens and was in the track and field team at school in long jump and 400m and relay (4x100m and 4x400m). She even took part in the school's cross country every year but only until she was in her mid-teens (Form 3).

Liza put in more emphasis into her studies and took a back seat in sports for the remaining of her high school period and even when she pursued her education in ICSA. When she graduated and obtained her ICSA (UK) in 1998, she began her career with Geowell Sdn Bhd which is principally involved in wireline and well completion services specializing in oil and gas. She is currently the Chartered Secretary for the company and its associate companies.

The shy and reserved lady enjoyed playing games such as hopscoth, rounders, badminton, chasing (kejar-kejar), bicycle racing and hide and seek when she was growing up. Now, Liza occupies her spare time with reading especially those on issues relating to health and fitness, motherhood and children, and self empowerment. She enjoys travelling and love to explore different beaches and new cities. Being fitter, now Liza would only participate in sports and games that require physical strength especially in running tracks and fields.


After yesterday's food feast at the ORANG ASLI TRAIL RUN 2012 (see: here), I had no choice but to force myself out of bed this morning for the LSD 14 run training scheduled at Sri Hartamas at 6:15am. Although we target for only 10km but this we plan a faster pace for this LSD or the Durian and the Fish Head Curry and the Gearbox will be permanently converted to fat!! So we woke up and ran!!

LSD or Long Slow Distance run is an effort by the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) Admin Rose Emini Pahamin and COBC Celebrity Runner Ilyanna Aylin Ayob (whom is in Mecca performing her Umrah) to promote running as a healthy lifestyle over and above the 3x a week training at COBC. This LSD is also a mean to foster a closer community within the COBC past, present and future recruits.

Since early this year, we have organized the LSD on a weekly basis at different location as follows:


The Orang Asli (OA) (Indigenous People) Trail Run 2012 was held for the second year at kampung 16, Jalan Bentong Lama (GPS coordiates: 3.325979, 101.754792) by the Running For Orang Asli support group. We all run for various reasons but the noble objectives of the organiser for the Orang Asli Trail Run was heart warming. This year, the purpose of the run was primarily for:

1. For Kg Batu 14, Jalan Bentong Lama, a piece of the OA land is being cultivated to be a showcase of OA houses and huts for community centers exemplifying the lifestyle and culture of OA. The intention for this center is to create an eco tourism business for the villagers as extra income whilst maintaining their heritage. This is a sustainable project that the Running for Orang Asli group would like to assist. Reasons to which why they are yet to a obtain government grants will be made known in the event.

2. For Kg Batu 16, Jalan Bentong Lama, this event is created to give an avenue for them to earn extra income by providing the venue for the run, volunteers as marshalls and guides, and for cooking some OA dishes. The OA too would prefer to work for their income rather than be always dependant on donations.
Although the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) Community run merely for fitness and health but we were all in support for the cause of the support group to raise fund for the betterment of the indigenous people. In fact, our COBC recruit May Lyn Wong had even registered herself as a volunteer for the group.  In an army of more a few dozens pax, we convoyed to the OA basecamp.


22 April 2012 was the weekend that COBC-Community broke our own record having our troops conquered 6 events in a single weekend. COBC or the Chief's Original BootCamp Malaysia (COBC) community comprised of individuals from a couch potatoes to an athlete whom strived for a better health and fitness. Majority of those in the community were ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry whom had never exercised and had never participated in any races or events but they are now a keen and avid runner. They participated in various events as the COBC team. Our troops conquered our biggest challenge, that was our inner fear that most of the time, sabotaged our own direction forward. Our troops conquered the Sepang Energizer Night Race, the Singapore ECO 350, Indonesia Maybank Bali International Marathon, Penang D'Nonce International Hiking Challenge 2012 and Larian Mesra PDRM... 5 EVENTS in just one weekend... If that was not orgasmic enough, the founder of Original Bootcamp, Australia (our partner) Chief's Brabon and a whole bunch of recruits in Sydney Australia completed the Men's Health Urbanathlon with even a bigger HOOYAH!!

More than twenty from the COBC ran the Energizer Night Race (ENR) 2012. The "energizer" believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact and the run was to spread the positive energy. That energy together with the COBC's Spirit of Bootcamp, our Delta Joe Liew Yaw Loong and Delta Norliza Mohd Khaled ran the Sepang International F1 Race Circuit track and completed the race with not just the biggest HOOYAH but with Joe Liew within the ENR's overall top 50 best and our Norliza Mohd Khaled completing the race being no 2 best under Women's Open category.

Other runners from COBC whom rock the track, had funtabulous time were Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsen, Hani Hussin Azmir, Viki Lim, Lilian Lee, Joannita Zaleha Yusoff, Noor A. Othman, Norliza Mohd Khaled, Tan Wee Liam, May Lyn Wong, Joe Liew Yaw Loong, Izwana Ismail, Diyana Alias, Zaidi Ahmad, Advance Tan, Faizul, EC Chan, James Fong, Jeffery Wong, and Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad.


We were faced with various obstacles to run the race in Bali with the earthquake in Indonesia, bad pollution from the open fire burning, the driver-supir 1 hour late-arrival to pick us up at the Villa, the hot sun, the heat, the humid weather... Oh the list was endless but despite all that, we successfully conquered the Maybank Bali International Marathon 2012.

A troop of 12 from the Chief's Original Bootcamp left for Denpasar, Bali in three batches over the weekend. The first to arrive was Afiza Abdul Halin that took the 9am, Malaysian Airlines Flight on Friday, 20 April 2012. The same day, Caleb Lian Yoong Lauw and Angela Loo left at 3:45pm by Airasia and Shazni Zubir, Affik Zaki and Maslina Ahmad Ismail departed via Airasia at 6pm flight. On Saturday, Dalyn Nunis arrived shortly before ours. Our flight comprised of Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Aaraf Armin and me. Micaela Soyza and Sheikh Hisham were the last in that arrived on Sunday.

We stayed at the Villa Rumah Santai at Seminyak.


In two months, May Lyn Wong will be celebrating her 2nd year anniversary since she joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) that had initially only cost her RM49 during the first trial month via the Groupson promotion. Her first year in the COBC network was under a different franchisee before the current management took over. The iron lady of Subang Jaya USJ1 Charlie platoon was always envious of those athlete with great stamina and well toned body because she was never good nor was she seriously active in sports. She only participated in various sports activities during school to graduate with an impressive school-leaving-certificate. May Lyn Wong was the jacks of all trade in all sport activities from netball, hockey, squash, basketball and all other sports but those enthusiasm barely lasted more than 2 months. That was May Lyn's deepest dedication to any sport activity.... 2 months.

Although her interest in each of the activity was never lasting but May Lyn was never exhausted in experimenting various outdoor activities. In her early 20s, she had been out Scuba Diving but that too did not last, citing scarcity in Cash as the reason having only started work then. May Lyn had endless trying-all-activities-and-stop cycles but the most memorable was the climb up Mt Kinabalu in her late 20s. Although unfit but May Lyn was able to reach the highest peak in South-East Asia and had the privilege of having the whole peak to herself to camwhore because everyone else had already descended by the time May Lyn reached the top.


The launching of PROTON PREVE at the Mines Malaysian International Exhibition Centre saw the Malaysia Prime Minister, Dato Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak announcing the name and price of the much awaited 27 years old Proton giving birth to the latest model PROTON Preve' incorporating the latest automotive state of the art technology, design and gadgets. The price starts from RM59,540 (Manual Solid Executive), RM59,990 (Manual Metallic Executive), RM72,540 (CVT Solid Premium) and RM72,990 (CVT Metallic Premium). Available colours are Blue Lagoon, Elegance Brown, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Tranquility Black and Solid White.


Every month we get-together and gather to celebrate those people that had ACE'd their workout session, motivate those that did not ACE, inspire the newbies or those that had just hopped on the fitness bandwagon and keep the aspiration burning for those that is seeing results. What is an ACE? click HERE to know more about ACE. I know we have all the reasons to party and every month, we really loosen ourselves up and simply...... party!!! life can be so good.

This community from all walks of life from a company director, business owner to a restauranteur or hawker operator with different races and religion have been together for the past 22 months and the community has grown to more than 4,000 registered recruits. Although from various background, age, races and nationalities, we share only one thing in common.. we share the same passion in Health!!! With health, cum all the multiple orgasm in fitness, athletic speed and agility, physical appearance and of course hotbods.

The party that we organized is always in a theme and past party themes include:

1) First June Party 2010- World cup,
2) Second July Party 2010- White & Denim
3) Third & Fourth Aug & Sept Party 2010- Hari Raya
4) Fifth October Party 2010- the Nerd & Geek
5) Sixth November Party 2010- Hats Off
6) Seventh December Party 2010- Christmas
7) Eight January Party 2011- Kampong
8) Nine February Party 2011- Pyjamas
9) Tenth March Party 2011- Stripes & Polka Dots
10) Eleventh April Party 2011- Cowboys & Cowgirls
11) Twelfth and Thirteenth May & June 2011 Party- Superheroes 
12) Fourteenth July Party: Green & Yellow
13) Fifteenth & Sixteenth August & September Party- Halloween
14) Seventeenth October Party- Wear your before COBC old cloth
15) Eighteenth November Party- Luau Hawaiian
16) Nineteenth December Party- Smoking Jazzy Roaring 20s
17) Twentieth January Party- Gennaio Festo Italiano
18) Twenty First February Party- Mexicano

With many party theme experimented, this party... we... err... get in line with the latest Hollywood in-fashion with the checker shirt and set the theme as the "Checkered and Funky Glass tea party"!! The venue chosen was at the Library, First Subang. Yup.. you heard it right!! The good and decent people like us hang out at the Library.


The weekend was our 12th Slow Long Distance (LSD) run to prepare our group for various running events and to ensure that we are on target for our year 2011 resolution!! What was our New Year Resolution? Click here for refresher... for season runners such as Rose Emini Pahamin!!! Freda Liu!!! John Chuah!!! Joe Liew!!! Rienna Choo!!! James Fong!!! Viki Lim!!! Jeffery Wong... yada yadaa... must target for at least 11 races that comprised of at least six 10kms, four 21kms and one 42kms. For beginners such as Lorrine C Xavier, Micaela Soyza, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad, Umesh Narasimhaiah, Felicia, Colin Chong Wern Loong, Nik Aida, Kenny Lock Heng Weng, at least six races with four 10kms and two 21kms races.

Since January todate, we have ran the following races:

1) Mizuno 10km Wave run at HERE;
2) 1 Vision 10km Race at HERE;
3) Brooks 21km Half Marathon at HERE; and
4) Singapore 15km 2XU compression Race at HERE

This weekend, the Bali Marathon  and so far we have clocked-in twelve LSD as follows:

LSD 4 (Desa Park City) at HERE
LSD 10 at HERE
LSD 11 at HERE


JOE LIEW YAW LOONG whom was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, graduated in 2001 from the University of Missouri-Columbia majoring in Marketing. Upon graduation, Joe Liew came back and run his family business which was established out of his forefathers' interest as a hobby in supplying martial arts and self-defense equipments in Kuala Lumpur. Although Joe Liew has always been exposed to sports by virtue of the equipment supplies but his interest in sports and outdoor activities was far fetched. He was never an athlete and totally hated being all yucky in sweat playing sports... Joe Liew would simply resist any opportunity that would expose him to the sun and humid!! Since childhood, the word that best described Joe Liew was a "Couch Potato".

Under duress from parent's pressure, Joe Liew took up taekwondo only during primary school then fencing in secondary school and in university because fencing was less strenuous. Swimming that washes away any chances of being drowned in sweats was Joe Liew's preferred form of exercise which he mastered and was certified as a Live Guard.

Joe Liew (on right) during his first month of COBC. Checkout his meal.

Joe Liew first heard of the outdoor group personal training bootcamp from Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann @ Daing Daniel Fitri whom he has befriended for many years. Staff Sarge Dann was a recruit at Padang Merbuk then, whom was under training to sit for his 5th Dan Taekwondo assessment. Having known Daing Daniel Fitri for years, Joe Liew was impressed at how much Daing Daniel Fitri had lost weight and toned-up that Joe Liew enrolled himself at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (formerly known as Original Bootcamp) (COBC) when COBC first opened in Bandar Utama. Joe Liew is a pioneer and still is a member at the COBC.


Barely 2 weeks after DRB-HICOM obtained its shareholders's approval for the mandatory general offer to acquire all of PROTON shares, Dato Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil called to meet PEDA and others from PROTON eco-system. Dato Sri Khamil had also met Proton Vendors Association and is scheduled to meet Proton workers union too. As the President for the PROTON Edar Dealers Association Malaysia, I led my senior executive committee that was comprised of Armin Baniaz Datuk Pahamin (President), Dato Nik Izani Dato Nik Ibrahim (Deputy President), Lee Lick Sai (Vice President), S.B. Siaw (Vice President), Malkeet Singh (Secretary-General), Dato Yahya Jaafar (Hon. Treasurer), Mohd Nor Azam (Asst. Secretary-General) and Tuan Haji Aref Borhan ( Chairman, Service Sub-Committee). Dato Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil was accompanied by DRB-HICOM Group Chief Operation Officer Dato Lukman Ibrahim, Abdul Harith Abdullah (Head, Automotive & Defence);
Abdul Rashid Musa (General Manager, Group COO’s Office), Kamarul Zaman (General Manager, Group COO’s Office), Sulaiman Yahya (Head, Corporate Communications) and Balqesh Abdullah (Manager, Corporate Communications).

PEDA Vice-President Siaw Siew Bee with Abdul Rashid Musa
PEDA Secretary-General Malkeet Singh with Abdul Rashid Musa


The 11th Long Slow Distance weekly run was held at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail lake on Sunday, 8 April 2012. There were two targeted distance with 21km as the farthest and 12km. We all gathered at the park as early as 6pm and began our run shortly later at 6:31pm. The route map was as the chart below. Conveniently, we plan a 13km run instead of the 21km but targeted for a faster pace. There were Rose Emini Pahamin, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Abdul Adzim, Maslina Mohd Ismail, Nawal Aini Zulkifli @ Sarge (COBC) Nawal, Faizul Zainol, Yvonne Tan, Nik Aida, Dalyn Nunis, Afiza Abdul Halin, Yvonne Chen Ling Sze, Freda Liu, Azhar Jamal, Alice Thien, Zakir, Angela Loo

Our warming up session comprised of some camwhoring grinders


Do you know who were the first recruit that was voted as the Spirit of Bootcamp at Bandar Utama? Damansara Heights? Subang Jaya? Shah Alam? Ampang? Cyberjaya? Penang? I bet you dont...Please read on...

Do you know which recruit was voted the Spirit for Bootcamp over and over again because he/she is simply so inspiring and motivating? Yes you guest it right!! Who? read on...

Do you know why the Three-Jays (3Js- John Chuah, Joe Liew, James Fong) were so popular? Yes.. because it is either one of them three, that was always voted the SOB for most of the months during the first year.

Did You know that there are a total of 289 candidates that have been nominated as the Spirit of Bootcamp since inception? Well, it is true!!!

Did you know that there are almost 100 recruits that have been voted into the Spirit of Bootcamp Hall of Achievers!! Did you you know that most of the SOBs are also very successful as a person whether in their career, love or social life? (Get up close and personal with them by clicking on their name and read their profile but some of their profile are still a work-in-progress)

Now it is that time again, for you to vote for your hero/heroin for March Spirit of Bootcamp!! To Vote, log-on at 'Existing members' at HERE.



There were more than thirty of us from the Chief Original Bootcamp, Malaysia that ran the Singapore 2XU run on 1 April 2012.. and it was no April Fool. Rose Emini Pahamin with a group arrived earlier to collect our race number and race kits. We stayed at the Park Royal on Beach Road, Singapore. Rose Emini Pahamin left with Nyna Mohsen, Bahariah Bahadom in a car and after collecting our race kits, she checked herself at the hotel where our parent also stayed. Since we start running for almost 10 years, this was the first time that my parent came to cheer for us.. it was either because they were really bored or maybe they actually love us more than we thought.

Blog compilation of various pictures of COBC pips taken in Singapore during the 2XU.

Mum & Dad was already at the hotel when Rose Emini Pahamin arrived. Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Aaraf Armin and me have not even left Kuala Lumpur.

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