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Dr Malek Aziz, a Co-Licensee at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) Malaysia turned 60 years old today on 14 June 2013. Dr Malek Aziz does not need any introduction to those within the bootcamp fraternity. The still-practicing dentist has been working out with the COBC program consistently for 4 years now and is still very hyper-active and would easily overtake, in speed and exercise form any younger recruits half his age when they all trained together.We would end up being call the Pakcik instead of him.

The Delta and a father of 5 great children has nothing but humility and humour when he socializes
with anyone from any age group and/or from any race and status. He can even become the 10 years old, Aaraf's best friend. Dr Malek is not only humble and funny but he is also a great listener. If anyone ever need a friend to talk, a shoulder to cry on or even a friend to rely and trust, he will always be there.

Dr Malek, like me.. survived terminal cancer and we workout primarily to maintain our health. Although we are both business men but at COBC, it was never about business and making money but its all about rejoicing a community that share similar passion for health and fitness.


The problem with resolutions

Posted: 3rd January 2012 by R.AGE in Stories
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We’ve all been there before – making our lists in January and telling ourselves that things will be different this year and that we’ll actually stick to our resolutions.

But sometimes it feels like the only sure-fire way to fulfill your New Year resolutions would be to resolve to NOT fulfill them.

What exactly is the deal with resolutions anyway, and why are they so darn hard to keep?

New Year resolutions - what's the deal with them?


Confession: When I was younger, I freak out every time I hear the word "Dentist"!! Scary!! My sister Melor Edina Pahamin.. now a mother of 4 beautiful child still bring my dad or mom every time she visit the dentist!! Fortunately, I outgrew that fear better than Melor Edina Pahamin!! Infact, my partners in crime is a dentist!! and a damn good one!! Extracting a wisdom tooth was as easy as 1 grunt... That was a testimony from Sarge (COBC) (P) Nawal at HERE!!

Yes We hear ya!! You want more benefits for being a COBC members!! What better benefit can we give but to turn that dentist nightmare into the sweetest dream!! How?

Yes.. extract a few teeth every month and get a maximum rebate of RM50 off your monthly RM299 COBC fees... Wait.. No!! we don't want you to be without any teeth so here's the deal..

Dental treatment is inevitable.. A visit to the dentist under any emergency would easily cost a bomb and if that bomb is more than RM350, you get RM50 off your RM299 monthly COBC fees. Alternatively, COBC secured a special discount of 20% on ALL types of dental treatment especially composite filling (tooth colored filling) which would cost rm120/filling would be now be rm95; Scaling & polishing would now cost rm60-70 depending on state of your oral condition.


One thing that Sarge Dann cannot do on his birthday is to hide from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Otais (old timers) and recruits .. Sarge Dann's birthday falls on Monday 20 June.. and immediately after Damansara Height Zulu session, the Otais from Bandar Utama waited impatiently for Sarge Dann... probably to ambush him!! That is probably the only way to return his 'training-kindness'..... Ironically, I was in Phnom Pehn when it all happen.. So Sarge, if you are giving out free grunts as an 'appreciation' to recruits.. remember I was not part of the plan bluwek...

June Choong, Suriana Saiful Yazan, Surani, Bobbee Chung, Raymond
Nor A. Othman & Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff


It was over breakfast on 14 June 2011 when we had this wild idea to raid Dr Malek Aziz's practice in Taman Melawati for his err... 18th Birthday? okay that would be a lie.. its for his 28th birthday! ... No.. Maybe 38th Birthday? ..What?? 48th Birthday??? really....? No?? haa.... serious? 58th birthday!!! Alhamdulillah... We have been too active training like a teenager that we completely belief that we are in our teens!! and completely forgotten our real age.... Of course, I am not 58!! but at 58, Dr Malek Aziz is fitter than most teenager! He is a delta at BU-Alpha platoon, the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

Dr Malek Aziz is not just a Delta and a Dentist but he is also a father of 5 children? a spouse to Farhanah Bamadhaj and a partner to Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin and Daing Daniel Fitri and a strong team member for Chun Chia Kai, Mohd Azhari, Wan Hazriq, Letch Sina etc

So bearing all that, we called Farhanah Bamadhaj and told her of our wicked plan then we, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin and me drove to Dr Malek Aziz's practice at HERE. Upon our arrival, Dr Malek Aziz was busy attending to a patient with root canal or was it crowning? but we had the assistant dentist to call Dr Malek out from surgery room to attend to an 'emergency'.


I befriended anxiety/'Butterflies' even before I was in my teen. During my pre-teens when I was schooling at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Kampung Tunku/ Kampung Tunku Primary School, I had a crush on a classmate... or was it an infatuation but I had a storm of 'Butterflies' in the stomach everytime a girl approach me and I wanted so much to talk to this one girl but I just couldnt. I attended co-ed school only during my standard 6 at SRK Kampung Tunku.. all other years until college was in an all boy school.. DAD!!!!!

Although I mastered that art of courting girls in Secondary School but that 'butterflies' resides in me in my other 'interests'. During an undergraduate studies in United Kingdom, that butterflies was at its worst state when I had to give an opening speech during the University Student Union election in 1992 (I was 18 years old), fortunately it well well. That butterflies too never fail to recur during every examination. Similar butterflies kept occuring everytime I had to sing at functions. Somehow, I was always picked at function with karoeke. People like to pick on me and I would never say no but everytime I was picked to sing, the last laugh was at them.. it rain heavily!! When I ran my first 10km race at the PJ Half Marathon some 9 years ago, I could not sleep the whole night... thanks to these 'butterflies'.

Thankfully, I outgrow all of those predicaments but these butterflies can grow into some sort of 'phobia' if it is not attended to. A close friend of mine who is now 53 years old are facing similar agony and had developed a phobia in public speaking. Alot of other friends sabotage themselves and shy away from attempting many activities because of the same 'butterflies'. Some refuse to sing at karoeke or using a microphone for fear of people listening and laughing at her voice but would sing her heart out without any microphone and in close-door.

Some recruits at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP whom had gained so much in fitness, stamina and strength ended up sabotaging themselves from giving their best performance during any races or running event due to anxiety...
This butterflies or anxieties can occur at whatever age from pre-teen, teens, mid life and/or during golden age but whatever the anxieties, fear and phobia that anyone has (at whatever age) , it can be completely eliminated and avoided with the right healing technique and that technique is called the EFT - abbreviation for Emotional Freedom Technique. This healing technique discovered by Gary Craig some 20yrs ago.

How I wish, I had this technique way back during pre-teen!!! But it is never too late, especially for COBC recruits running the ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE this weekend. My partner at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Dr Malek Aziz who is a long-time practitioner of the EFT is giving out FREE consultation to help any recruits from the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to rid their anxiety for the upcoming race.
Since Dr Malek Aziz recovered from cancer, he had spend most of his free time in learning alternative & Complementary Healing Methods, Quantum Physics, Zhingnen Qigong, Reiki, Healing by Visualisation and as well as EFT. Dr Malek Aziz believes in holistic healing ie to be healed from diseases, one has to heal their body, mind and soul.

There are subtle energies that flow thru our bodies along  definite pathways called Meridians. Chinese physicians have discovered this 5,000 yrs ago! These subtle energies are the centerpiece of EFT & Acupunture.(So, EFT can be regarded as "Emotional Acupunture). Both disciplines have grown rapidly and as time unfolds,they are destined to play important role in emotional & physical healing.


It was a surprise birthday party for Dr Malek Aziz & Daing Daniel Fitri..

For the past 1 month, Rose Emini Pahamin had created a FACEBOOK secret invitation to attend the D&D aka Doc & Dann surprise birthday party on 23 June 2010 @ Tony Romas. The theme was Army!!



21 JUNE 2010. The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA@ Bandar Utama was on prime-time news at 12pm and 8pm at TV 9. 

Featured in the short News was Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Dr Malek Aziz, Daing Daniel Fitri, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Ody Lana, James Fong, John Chua Leg & New Shoe (30%), Bahariah bahadom, Joe Liew Yaw Loong, Azmil (OBC-BJ), John Ong, Shearing Toh, Razlan Nizarudin, Erni Syazwani, Yum Kin Kok, Ruzina, Ili Liyana Baharon, Farah Z Ekmal, Sandy Roberts, Jasper Chai and others.


We will be featured at Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on 29 June 2010, 7am... Stay Tune... 
P/s Now, got to practice conversing in proper Bahasa Malaysia without any kelatae dialect or Rojak language... 



29 APRIL 2010. The first Monday is always the BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT at the OBC and today was my SIXTH ASSESSMENT having missed the first assessment in October when I joined the OBC half way through.

For details on what we do during the Benchmark Assessment (BA) see: (BA1BA2, BA2, BA3).

After a few good & dry field during the last few benchmark assessment, the field yesterday was all flooded and muddy that probably had affected our timing but it is worth noting the drastic improvement by one of our super duper Delta SANDY ROBERT.

When Sandy first joined the OBC in February 2010, her circuit timing was 9:37 and her 1 mile run was 8:52. Sandy's timing improved on the second month and she clocked 8:52 on the first circuit and 8:31 for the 1 mile run. Yesterday, even with a flooded and muddy field, Sandy broke her own record and clocked 8:26 on the first circuit and 7:30 for the 1 mile run.

Sandy Robert, aged 52 from Wales, United Kingdom had participated twice in Detroit marathons, USA, twice in London marathon and once at the Snowdonia Marathon... in total 5 full 42km marathons and her best marathon timing was 4:08:20 in Detroit, USA in 2006.

To be strong and maintain a continuous improvement, we have to be a little bit mad and crazy... like Sandy. The OBC three times a week training is only 1/3 of Sandy's full training. Sandy will swim for 20 minutes and run for another 45 minutes after OBC's Monday session. On Tuesday, Sandy's fix routine was a 45 minutes run and a 20 minutes swim. Every Wednesday after the OBC, Sandy goes to the gym in the morning for 1 hour and aquafit for another 1 hour in the evening. Thursdays are Sandy's running day. Sandy will run from Bangsar to Pudu for a total of 90 minutes and on Friday, after the OBC, Sandy continues with Aquafit for another 1 hour. Saturdays are Sandy's long distance run in preparation for the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon.

When I grow old........ I want to be just like Sandy.

During this Benchmark Assessment too, Chun Chia Kai SSJ broke KL Alpha's best record for the circuit assessment timing that was initially held by Kenny Smith. Kenny Smith's best time was 7:59 for the circuit assessment. Chun SSJ manage to complete the circuit assessment in 7:45. Chun SSJ also hold the best record for the 1 mile run timing in January 2010 having completed in 6:51 for 1 mile run (1.6km). Chun cycle, run and swim on non-OBC days in preparation for the Athen marathon in October 2010 and the Ironman triathlon next year.

When I am younger... which I will be on every birthday, I want to be just like Chun.

Dr Malek Aziz age 58, is the most senior recruit at the OBC. Although the most senior, Dr Malek Aziz's benchmark timing also put me and others to shame. Dr Malek recorded 8:28 for his circuit timing and 9:50 for the 1 mile run. Over and above the OBC training, Dr Malek Aziz engaged a personal trainer and worked out at the gym on non-OBC days three times a week.

These three personalities have one common similarities........... they are passionate and they did not just ACE all the TRAINING at the OBC.......... but they workout on non-OBC days too.

My best timing for the circuit was in February 2010 with 8:55 but my latest timing for the circuit was 9:27. My best time for the 1 mile run was 9:03 but I did not run the 1 mile assessment during the latest assessment... Shame on me!!!! ...but I was saving my knee for the next race in April.

For more details on the timing, click here or simply click on the OBC logo at the left collumn of this blog for future reference.

Until next assessment........... Stay tune



Its Friday Night, 19 March 2010... and its Dr Malek Aziz & Farhanah Bamadhaj's 11th Anniversary Celebration and Danial Ismail's 29th Birthday dinner.....

Nawal Aini, Ili Liyana Baharon and Nyna Mohsen went earlier at 6pm to  the AL RAWSHA to decorate and prepare the place for our function. I had to drive alone at 7:30pm to the Al Rawsha.

The function was not a surprise party but the decorations and the number of invited friends was a surprise. The 'celebrities', especially the birthday boy thought it was only a handful of us... but more than 30 came.

but before the birthday boy arrived.. Sheessh.. they camwhore first.

It was an Eight O'clock dinner appointment and by eight, most of us arrived and sat 'Kampung' or Japanese style ala on the floor...
We waited and waited for the food to arrived...... AL- Rawsha is reputed for its Lamb Mandhi... the best !!!!

Good food does not come easy.. we waited and waited for the food... 

The longer they took to serve us food, the more we camwhore....

The birthday boy Danial Ismail is still no where to be found...

after dozens of posing, the food finally arrived...

and everybody without hesitation.. just ate and ate... with only the mounching sound without any words being spoken....

Al-Rawsha's best menu!!! The Lamb & Chicken Mandhi....

A moment later, everything was clean-swipe!!!

Its like.. now you see.. now you dont?!! Clean Sweep!!

and of course... after sweeping clean the plates, someOne began to feel... full? or maybe fool?

To wake us up, we order crates and crates of free-flow ARABIC BEER.... without alcohol!!!

and yaaaaamseeeeng!!!!!

we drank dozens of non-alcoholic beer but the birthday boy is still MISSING!!!! 

and when we were all drunk, the birthday boy finally arrived...!!!!

Which of course... the Bootcamp style!!! late-comers must do GRUNTS!!!! 

and since its the late-comer Danial Ismail's Birthday... although we clean-sweep the food, he was given a special treatment!!! Served like a Prince by two beautiful angels...

and after the Prince is full...... its sing-a-birthday song!!! 

Then its Sing-an-Anniversary-Song... Err but we did not know any anniversary song, so we sang..

Doc Malek tried to steal a kiss... and he did!!! but my camera was too slow to capture!!!

Celebrating Doc Malek & Farhanah's 11th year Anniversary.. suddenly.. love is in the air.. Awww

but some couple become shy shy... Double Aww..

Symptoms of love-struck!!! the head became bengkok (bend).. triple Aww

and after being together for abit longer.. only the hand is on the lap.. no Aww..

but this getting too excited already... no Aww.. but Eww

We then waited for the next show......


Everybody waited impatiently for the BELLY DANCERS!!

FAZURA: Haaaa.. BELLY DANCERS...?!! I never see Belly Dancers.. best nya.....

Lizza: Ha'ah.. (smiling ear to ear)
DANIAL: Haaa.. have BELLY DANCERS??? hhehehe.. is it for me??

ANITA: Sheessh.. sabaq sat na.. (be patient)... excited nya dia... (why are you so excited?) Dok diam diam 



Aaaa.. we very shy to see... We cannot see this!! we under-age!!!!


HAAAA!!! NOTY!! NOTY!!!!!! what were you thinking... half naked babe?
The actual BELLY DANCERS were almost in purdah all covered except for the face wearing gold thingy around the waist.. and no pictures were allowed. 

CHUN SSJ: Oooo.. like that aaa.. so sexy leh dis guy...

Its GROUP PHOTOS time!!!!!!

Everybody gathered for group photos..

May ALLAH swt bless the both of you with Good Health & Happiness always

May you wake up early and not missed any Bootcamp Session
May ALLAH swt bless your dream and fulfill your ambition in life.
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