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Tribute to Micheal Jackson


It is quite common for me to receive sms or even phone call early in the morning before sunrise but receiving an sms from my sister Mek Ta in London at 6am in the morning is extraordinarily uncommon. Her SMS reads: 'Micheal Jackson is dead! Are you sad?...'

I quickly replied in shock.. WHAT? WHEN? HOW?... and quickly google to read more.

She said ' hour ago, its all over the news!' I was stunt... I have not been a great MJ fan in the recent years but I was the president of MJ fan club during childhood (not literally). I grew up with MJ songs and listening to Billie Jeans, Beat and Thriller brought back childhood memories when we were staying in Kelantan and Kedah.

MJ songs had a great influence in my upbringing especially when he alongside other singers sang "We are the World" that opens my heart to the underprivileged and unfortunate child of Ethiopia.

In 1988, I participated in the "World Run against Time" an event that saw the whole world running at the same time for another charitable cause. MJ song "Man in the Mirror" was one of the official song then and was repeatedly played during the event. Every time the song was played, i felt 'charitable'.

His brother Jermaine, whom is a Muslim ended the press conference with a statement 'may Allah be with you always....' Micheal Jackson (29 August 1958 - 25 June 2009), I am sad and mourn for the lost of a great Muslim brother. Al-fatihah.

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