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One of the most eligible bachelorette at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) is Siti Shuhidah Zainal Rashid. Shuhid as she is fondly known as, joined the COBC in November 2012 with the intention to learn a thing or two in the military-inspired training program for her to train on her own being a self-motivated and a very active women since school. She gave it a try through the Groupon promotion when she first heard about it from Aida Munirah; a cancer survivor and a loyal dedicated recruit at COBC. From a mere thought of wanting to join for only a month, Shuhid is still constant and is consistently training at COBC for 19 months now and in her own word, "I am not afraid to say I will do Bootcamp for life!".

Prior to joining COBC, Shuhid whom was already a runner, clocked 21km run in 3hrs 17 mins. After she joined COBC,  Shuhid's best timing improved significantly to 2 hrs 37 mins and Shuhid is still improving. Her instructors were all praises at the commitment and passion portrayed by Shuhid.

Born in 1985 Shuhid possesses a colourful and interesting background which I am proud to share and had only learn. At COBC, we rarely know each other's background. Each and every individual stands out in their own way at the Bootcamp and we know each other through their true personality, energy, spirit and passion. I am amazed to learn and write about this amazing lady.

For a start when Shuhid was an undergraduate, she never failed to get into the Dean's list at every semester and was entitled and awarded the Vice-Chancellor award. She graduated with a second class upper from the University Technology Mara in Accountancy and then continued her study in ACCA (One last final paper). In September this year, she will be leaving to the University of Sheffield in United Kingdom to pursue her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) post graduate degree.


The best way to stay focus, motivated and be realistic and pragmatic with fitness, health and fat lost is to read and relate to the success stories of others whom was once in the same boat as us. Some are lucky to befriend such people and get inspired by them but most of the time, we sabotaged ourselves by giving up thinking these strong people were born being fit and healthy. While some were born an athlete but most are not! Me included, was never born fit nor healthy. From spending most of my teens in hospital, I became a health freak and so are thousand of others at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. We have seen alot of couch potatoes, unhealthy & fluffy white collar executives from lawyers to auditors, turned into an avid runners and sportsmen.
I am enthusiastic to write about these people as a source of motivation because they inspires me too and kept me focus with reaching my goal in fitness. I crave to learn and get to know more and more people and have blogged so many recruits whom I personally saw their transformation. Then time and endless business schedules took the best of me and I took a back seat from blogging these great personalities but instead followed-up on their achievements on Facebook for some daily injections of good spirit. When Afiza Abdul Halin prompted and requested for an "Up Close and Personal" blog at the Chief's Original Bootcamp Facebook Group page at HERE, it was akin of a wake up spanking call and countless of personalities quickly came to mind. The first is this one gentlemen that I befriended when he first enrolled as a recruit at the bootcamp 16 months ago in February 2013 by the name of Harun Osman. He was first noticed when he dance crazily during the recording of COBC Harlem Shake. See below for an unedited version of the COBC Harlem Shake at the COBC Retro party last year.


In memory of a friend, a comrade, a running buddy and an inspiration to many. I can only imagine how wonderful Jadite was as a mother to two beautiful daughters, a daughter to her parent and a sister to her family because she was such an amazing women to all her friends. Jadite is a recruit at the Chiefs Original Bootcamp Damansara at Heights Zulu platoon and is one of the most consistent and committed recruit when we talk about training. She had ACE'd (100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort) her every month bootcamp session and when she missed any session, she will have it replaced at Bandar Utama Alpha where I train.

She spoke so passionately about the Chief's Original Bootcamp to everyone she met... that she attracted her badminton buddy whom then, had the Chief's Bootcamp to train hundreds of Citibank executives as part of their health and fitness program. That was Jadite. A very inspiring and motivating women.
I paid respect to the dear friend at the Gospel Church in Jalan Hang Jebat today at 5pm. It was the first wake session that I had ever attended. I met her sister whom we chatted and was surprise to learn that Jadite was the least active amongst her siblings. While in their youth, her sisters were the runners, Jadite was the opposite. Jadite whom had never ran when she was younger, took up running after she joined the bootcamp and actually had dozens of others to also start running. We always met in various running event.


Bandar Utama Alpha Chee Yee Law became an inspiration and the centre of attention by her comrades when she improved her benchmark to be in the elite Delta. Chee Yee first heard of the Chief's Original Bootcamp in May 2011 but it was not until December 2012 (more than a year later) that she took the first step to become a bootcamper!!

In December 2012, 28 years old Chee Yee enrolled and attended the session to end the year with a more intense workout and a fitter body. She attended COBC alone without knowing any other recruit at the bootcamp but was quickly accepted as a second family member to and by all her comrade. At the bootcamp, recruits usually bypass the normal hierarchy of friendship.. they became buddies almost immediately. She was at first intimidated to see other recruit fitter than her but with the group's support, Chee Yee quickly unleashed her inner potential and was promoted to a Delta as a 2013 new year gift (for herself), on her second month at the COBC.

Waking up at an ungodly hour was another story, the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and aching is also another story but Chee Yee survived the toughness of the first month and saw herself craving for more pleasurable pain. From a bad muscle soreness, not even able to lift her hand and had difficulty to walk, Chee Yee was able to workout with such an aches. Chee Yee quickly adapt to the COBC lifestyle and less than a month during her first month, she was able to wake up early to prepare her breakfast and came back in time to prepare for her lunch before going off to work. Chee Yee became more discipline at COBC having to retire early every night to recuperate and recharge for the next bootcamp session. Her food menu and ingredients has also changed and Chee Yee practices healthy eating too in line with her newly found lifestyle.


Young professional Poh Ow Ee had no complain living in the fast lane with endless food, dining and entertainment. This is part and parcel of having a career in marketing where dining out and food is an instrument to foster closer relationship with his clients and customers. A default consequence from such a lifestyle was the tremendous weight gain. 30 years old Poh, constantly battles with weight gain and he knew he had to take a drastic action to exercise when he was stuck being over weight with a waist size 36" from 32" even when he cut his food intake. No matter how little he ate, Poh's pants and cloth became tight after he had replaced his wardrobe twice.

Poh took the first step by quickly signed and enrol at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia at Damansara Heights after a quick browse through its website at Poh first heard of COBC from a colleague whom was so into the program that she changed her lifestyle from a night owl to a discipline early nighter to attend the program. Since then, the COBC was stuck in Poh's mind.

Poh did not know what to expect when he first join the COBC but he knew the late night work, dining and entertainment is taking a toll on his health. Poh also knew the only way he could force himself to take charge of his health is via an outdoor, group military workout. During school, Poh was an active member of St John's ambulance and a member of the Fire Fighting Squad. This two uniform bodies require a compulsory fit physical fitness and training were conducted on a football field. The thought of a military training at COBC brought him back into teenage hood. The Gym was never in Poh's list of workout wannabes having being confined in air-condition cold environment at work for 8-10 hours in a day. Poh wanted an outdoor to workout and sweat out from his hectic air-condition environment. Nonetheless, according to Poh, there were too many stories of people attending Gym to socialize instead of workout. "Motivation at the Gym too is short lived and I knew for certain, working out at the gym will be a failure to me", said Poh.


(Left- Andrew Lim with Ryan Wong)
If there is one guy that is always consistently motivating us on COBC facebook page at HERE, then it must be Andrew Lim. The funny and cheerful lad will always make you smile on facebook whenever you tuned into COBC page. Infact, COBC page is a good stress relieved channel.. you will always either end up smiling, giggling and/or sometimes... tergolek golek on the floor laughing outloud.

It is always very inspiring to read about what motivates anyone to start exercising especially when someone is already successful and contented with life like the 39 years old hotelier who turned into tobacco?!! Andrew Lim graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree in Human Resource and Marketing from the Griffith University in Queensland, Australia and began his carreer to first help set up the Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines Beach Resort, Mines Exhibition Centre. After the Palace of the Golden Horses, Andrew moved on to start the Cyberview Lodge with his General Manager and Sales Director.

The glamorous life of being attached to two of Malaysia's finest 5-star hotels coupled with a good mix of HR and business exposure in the early stages of Andrew's career had motivated him to indulged into the  high flying life of being a professional business consultant. Andrew then moved on to be a consultant with KPMG and the Hay Group. That move was very enriching especially when he get to liaise, work and learn from the best Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors of big multi-national Corporations, large local conglomerate and the goverment. After 7 good years from a make-believe world of consulting where you need to not just come out with the concept and ideas but also to make sure that it can be executed, Andrew departed back into operations where the reality of life is. Andrew was then attached to IBM, BAT, baker Hughes and for the last 2 years, Phillip Morris.


I first knew Ryan Wong at KL Charlie 3 years ago shortly before the inaugural platoon challenge. Those were the days when my blog was all about the bootcamp. For 2 years, I blogged about my experience at every bootcamp session. In choosing inspiring recruit to blog, I cant help but to choose Ryan whom was our pioneer member and one of the most consistent recruit that had never missed any session...

Ryan first heard of the Chief's Original Bootcamp from Arhnue (Shamil's sister). He fell in love at first sight and had his longest relationship (with COBC) until now. By Ryan standard.. I think that is the longest he has been in a relationship. The single most available bachelor at COBC first trained at BU Alpha because of convenience and location but Ryan found more than what he bargained for!! At the bootcamp, the only child with a single mother found a home, friends, and finally a family. From living with only a mother and a dog, Ryan now has an extended family of more than 60 members from DH Zulu. Ryan lost his father last year due to liver failure. Ryan shifted from Bandar Utama to Damansara Heights Zulu platoon when he found his chemistry was strongest with DH Zulu Platoon Commander and recruits.


Faizul Zainol, a Chartered Engineer is an Operation Manager at the SapuraCrest Petroleum Berhad (2005) and a recruit at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia (COBC) since April 2011. Faizul Zainol graduated from Oxford-Brookes University, United Kingdom in 2001. The 33 years old Chartered Engineer was also active in sports having represented his State, Kedah during his Secondary School in Badminton and table-tennis at the Malaysian School Sports Council (Majlis Sukan Sekolah Sekolah Malaysia) tournament. During his undergraduate in the United Kingdom, he represented his University in inter-university badminton tournament nationwide. Now, Faizul Zainol is an avid golfer and enjoys reading and travelling.

Despite being active in Sports, the second child in a sibling of 4 males was the biggest in size as compared to others in the family. The boy who hated running and exercise was a thoroughbred plump boy all his life and throughout his early school years but Faizul began losing weight when he was accepted into MARA Junior Science College (Maktab Rendah Sains Mara), Taiping. At boarding school, exercise was compulsory and food menu was not by choice nor was it appetizing. Faizul's weight was naturally adjusted to an ideal 85kg (height 180cm) as Faizul left home to pursue his Form 6, A' Levels in Bath, United Kingdom.

Being deprived from his choices of food, Faizul quickly indulged himself into all the food varieties when he returned home upon graduation. He was all nasi Briyani, nasi tomato, nasi kandar et cetera and even look like one. He was back looking cute with 130kg in weight and under duress, Faizul enrolled himself at the gym but was only able to shred a lousy 5kg after 4 years of training. The son to a gynecologist father was flabbergasted and immediately accepted the invitation from his friend, Siti Balqis Mohd Saidi to try out the world oldest, 21 years old military-inspired group outdoor personal training program. Siti Balqis was a recruit at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Faizul enrolled and attended the program alone as a stranger in April 2011.

The stubborn, very self opinionated and regarded as a simple but complicated person by his wife, surrendered himself and followed the COBC program religiously. Faizul quickly became addicted to working out at COBC and lost 2kg during the first month. After a consistent and discipline training and having participated in COBC 8 Weeks Challenge, todate, Faizul had lost 20kg and had dropped 6 size down from 44" to 38".

"Most of my colleague ridiculed me during this period as I only took certain food during lunch with them. I was so determined to stick to it & at the end of the day, some of them got inspired by it & even signed up for COBC!!!", said one of the most popular guy at the Bandar Utama Alpha Platoon.


Norliza Mohd Khalid, a pioneer member at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) was all books and  studies during her late teens before pursuing her tertiary education in ICSA or the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, UK. Although a bookworm and all studious, Norliza Mohd Khalid or more fondly known as Liza had an early exposure into an active lifestyle during her childhood when she grew up with 4 brothers and mostly boy circle of friends. Being surrounded by mostly boys, Liza was even described as a tomboy and did everything what boys would do such as playing outdoors in dirty muddy playground within her neighborhood vicinity. From merely playing in the hoods, Liza became more active in her early teens and was in the track and field team at school in long jump and 400m and relay (4x100m and 4x400m). She even took part in the school's cross country every year but only until she was in her mid-teens (Form 3).

Liza put in more emphasis into her studies and took a back seat in sports for the remaining of her high school period and even when she pursued her education in ICSA. When she graduated and obtained her ICSA (UK) in 1998, she began her career with Geowell Sdn Bhd which is principally involved in wireline and well completion services specializing in oil and gas. She is currently the Chartered Secretary for the company and its associate companies.

The shy and reserved lady enjoyed playing games such as hopscoth, rounders, badminton, chasing (kejar-kejar), bicycle racing and hide and seek when she was growing up. Now, Liza occupies her spare time with reading especially those on issues relating to health and fitness, motherhood and children, and self empowerment. She enjoys travelling and love to explore different beaches and new cities. Being fitter, now Liza would only participate in sports and games that require physical strength especially in running tracks and fields.


In two months, May Lyn Wong will be celebrating her 2nd year anniversary since she joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) that had initially only cost her RM49 during the first trial month via the Groupson promotion. Her first year in the COBC network was under a different franchisee before the current management took over. The iron lady of Subang Jaya USJ1 Charlie platoon was always envious of those athlete with great stamina and well toned body because she was never good nor was she seriously active in sports. She only participated in various sports activities during school to graduate with an impressive school-leaving-certificate. May Lyn Wong was the jacks of all trade in all sport activities from netball, hockey, squash, basketball and all other sports but those enthusiasm barely lasted more than 2 months. That was May Lyn's deepest dedication to any sport activity.... 2 months.

Although her interest in each of the activity was never lasting but May Lyn was never exhausted in experimenting various outdoor activities. In her early 20s, she had been out Scuba Diving but that too did not last, citing scarcity in Cash as the reason having only started work then. May Lyn had endless trying-all-activities-and-stop cycles but the most memorable was the climb up Mt Kinabalu in her late 20s. Although unfit but May Lyn was able to reach the highest peak in South-East Asia and had the privilege of having the whole peak to herself to camwhore because everyone else had already descended by the time May Lyn reached the top.


Taj Mahal Aquino born in Mandaluyong, Phillipines is an expatriate in Malaysia attached to the Partnership Management and Market Development department for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) side of VADS. Taj Mahal Aquino was head hunted for the job before she even graduated from her Bachelor in Art major in Asian Study at the University Santo Tomas, Phillipines in 2008. Beside being good in her studies, Taj Mahal Acquino had also excelled well as an athlete during her school days having competed and won medals in both local and regional competition for swimming (breast stroke and free style) until she graduated. Swimming was a sport that Taj Mahal had acquired since pre-school when she was only 4 years old.

Taj Mahal Acquino is also the jacks of all trade with other sports having being active and game to sweat out anytime for volleyball, basketball, flag football, badminton, ultimate frisbee or in any other sports and when there is no sports to play, Taj Mahal Aquino would literally climb up walls and trees or just run under the sun being hyper active with excessive energy. Naturally, when Taj Mahal arrived in Malaysia, she quickly became restless in search for some activities and challenges. 


This morning I received a disturbing news. A friend lost his father at 3am due a heart failure.  I befriended the father Lt Col (R) Affandi  formely the Director at Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club and my friend Razman Affandi way back in the mid 1990s where I was courting Nawal Aini Zulkifl.  My regret and deepest condolence to Razman Affandi @ Gmey and his family for the lost.

I was a fortunate subject whom was given the privilege to experience the worst emotional roller-coaster when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer during my mid-teens. That privilege had given me a different insight into life and especially to experience the love from my parent, from each and every family members and as well as from relatives and friends. To see the sacrifices made by my parent and siblings whom we sometimes (maybe always) took for granted was heartfelt.. a moment that is still fresh in mind although it was more than two decades ago.

The video below depicted the unequivocal love from a father, the same way I received and the same that I would do for my son.

We would only know the true meaning of love when we have been tested with great obstacles and especially during the most trying moment in our life but please do not wait until a downturn to appreciate those that have been there for us since birth.. our father.


Vimalendran Shanmuganathan, aged 30, is a graduate from the University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) and the co-founder of, an online e-commerce specializing in toys, gadgets and collectibles (action figures) that was established in 2009 as a hobby, and it still is. Vimalendran is also currently attached to Hewlett Packard and whatever balance time he has, he sing as the lead singer and guitarist for a band that was founded in 2001 called the Qings & Kueens.

Vimalendran's life is at his primest being a successful singer, guitarist and an e-commerce entrepreneur over and above the career at Hewlett Packard. He even recorded his own album in 2004 and received various invitations to perform at weddings, Corporate events and private functions. In 2008, Vimalendran traveled to Singapore for a performance, a shopping trip and an apparent holiday with his girlfriend then. The performance was well received and went smooth, Vima bought himself a pair of jean and wore it for a nice romantic dinner before departing out of Singapore but the planned romance was short lived. Vima's love life ended that night when both Vima and his girlfriend decided to be separated and chased each other's dream.


Sarah Tan is an undergraduate studying Bachelor of Design in Fashion Marketing and have been a gym member for many years but struggles in her weight fluctuation and lack of continuous drive to workout. Sarah wanted to changed her workout routine to get a better result and coincidentally discovered the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) on Groupon. She first attended the COBC in Subang Jaya USJ1 in August and has been with COBC since. When COBC launched its annual 8 Weeks Challenge (8WC) in late-September earlier this year, Sarah Tan quickly enrolled herself in the 8WC that only cost AUD 29.95 (RM90.00 only). Her goal was to lose as much fat, to be more lean and have a better toned physique.

Sarah Tan wanted the extra push in her workout regime, she craved for support and motivation, and wanted to diet right for a better health which she found it all at the COBC. Sarah Tan's fat percentage when she joined COBC was 30.5%, her waist measures 70.5cm, hips 90cm, upper thigh 48.5cm and in barely less than 2 months, now her fat level had decreased to 19%. Sarah Tan had also improved in her fitness and stamina. When Sarah first joined the COBC, she completed her Benchmark Assessment 1 in 13.07 minutes and Benchmark 2 in 11:28. While undergoing the 8WC, her timing has improved to 9:36 minutes for Benchmark 1 and 9:29 for Benchmark 2. Sarah's fitness had progressed so well that she is now promoted to a Delta, the elite level group at COBC.


Dixon Thum Wai Khong was a nerd, a geek and an anti sports during his teens and was often teased by his schoolmates with various names from a Fei Chai (fat boy in Chinese), Thum-mytrim, Jelly and anything that relates to fat and plump. Dixon's nightmare at school was the physical education (PE) class and worst, if it was the Sports Day. The agony at school had forced Dixon to adopt running during his undergraduate studies and forced him to joined the local gym in his effort to lose the nickname fat boy along with the fat and weight. Unfortunately, the gym was not at all successful despite the hefty monthly commitment.

Dixon first heard of the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) online and was really tempted to join but could not afford the program at RM299 per month. However, in June 2011 when COBC launched the program "Now everybody can be hot & sexy" ala Airasia Now Everyone can fly, Dixon's dream came true.. Dixon was given the opportunity to try out the world oldest military-inspired, group outdoor personal training program at the COBC.

Prior to trying out the COBC, Dixon had tried all avenues to lost weight and to have a leaner physique with a 6 pack abdoments. Dixon experimented with various dietary program, gym, running, yoga, weight lifting but all attempts were futile without the dream result. At the COBC, Dixon discovered his inner loves for sports in contrast to his childhood nightmare. The enthusiasm in training had motivate Dixon to re-lived his life-time dream of having a 6 pack abs and a leaner physique. When COBC launched the annual 8 Weeks Challenge together with OBC, Australia, Dixon saw and was determined to at least come closer to his dream body. Armed with RM100 entrance fee for the 8 Week Challenge and a commitment of 8 weeks training with COBC, Dixon was ready to rebrand himself.


There is nothing more inspiring than see my own comrade that sweat and scream with us in an ungodly morning hour, went through a major shift in life from over 100kg in weight living the hip boozing night life to now 83kg and living a healthy lifestyle. I went through similar paradigm shift in lifestyle too from a wild clubbing and party goer to a more tame and healthier lifestyle.

Lick Hau Loo first heard of the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) during my interview with the BFM 89.9 the Business station, Evening edition. For those that missed that radio interview, click HERE and hear Otaii John Chuah being interviewed by the sexiest voice Caroline on radio! Lick Hau coincidentally tuned-in to the BFM Radio, overheard the interview and decided to heed on my advice and surrendered to the program for 1 hour, 3x a week and he gave himself the best birthday gift barely a month ago in October. On his birthday, Lick Hau Loo presented his wife himself with almost 20kg of weight lost and a leaner physique. Lick Hau Loo is the General Manager and the third generation in the family business Sox World.

What is more important, Lick Hau resting heart rate was averaging at 80bpm before he began working out at the COBC. Now, his resting heart rate is at 45bpm which signified the cardio and vascular improvement that he gained from the program. The COBC program is scientifically design to get the best out of anyone. At COBC, the expert, a group of ex and still serving infantry soldier with more than 20 years of military-inspired bootcamp experience, designed the program for you. COBC merely deliver after customizing the program for Asian built and climax condition.


2 June 2010. Being a paparazzi the whole of last week during the trial week had taken a toll in my training consistency. This was exactly why we at KLA started the 100% ACE (Attendance, Commitment and effort). To avoid any lost in momentum and stamina if any sessions were missed but even with the consistency, it has been awhile since I had a good workout... maybe burned out... or perhaps had plateau in training.

We had a roll call and the warm up began at 5:45am sharp. As if the warm-up was not enough, the 5 sets of 30 seconds squat pulses for 5 AWOLS made us warmer.... and the additional 10 Grunts for late-comers boiled us hot. It was the first taste of squat pulses & Grunts to many new recruits.



29 APRIL 2010. The first Monday is always the BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT at the OBC and today was my SIXTH ASSESSMENT having missed the first assessment in October when I joined the OBC half way through.

For details on what we do during the Benchmark Assessment (BA) see: (BA1BA2, BA2, BA3).

After a few good & dry field during the last few benchmark assessment, the field yesterday was all flooded and muddy that probably had affected our timing but it is worth noting the drastic improvement by one of our super duper Delta SANDY ROBERT.

When Sandy first joined the OBC in February 2010, her circuit timing was 9:37 and her 1 mile run was 8:52. Sandy's timing improved on the second month and she clocked 8:52 on the first circuit and 8:31 for the 1 mile run. Yesterday, even with a flooded and muddy field, Sandy broke her own record and clocked 8:26 on the first circuit and 7:30 for the 1 mile run.

Sandy Robert, aged 52 from Wales, United Kingdom had participated twice in Detroit marathons, USA, twice in London marathon and once at the Snowdonia Marathon... in total 5 full 42km marathons and her best marathon timing was 4:08:20 in Detroit, USA in 2006.

To be strong and maintain a continuous improvement, we have to be a little bit mad and crazy... like Sandy. The OBC three times a week training is only 1/3 of Sandy's full training. Sandy will swim for 20 minutes and run for another 45 minutes after OBC's Monday session. On Tuesday, Sandy's fix routine was a 45 minutes run and a 20 minutes swim. Every Wednesday after the OBC, Sandy goes to the gym in the morning for 1 hour and aquafit for another 1 hour in the evening. Thursdays are Sandy's running day. Sandy will run from Bangsar to Pudu for a total of 90 minutes and on Friday, after the OBC, Sandy continues with Aquafit for another 1 hour. Saturdays are Sandy's long distance run in preparation for the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon.

When I grow old........ I want to be just like Sandy.

During this Benchmark Assessment too, Chun Chia Kai SSJ broke KL Alpha's best record for the circuit assessment timing that was initially held by Kenny Smith. Kenny Smith's best time was 7:59 for the circuit assessment. Chun SSJ manage to complete the circuit assessment in 7:45. Chun SSJ also hold the best record for the 1 mile run timing in January 2010 having completed in 6:51 for 1 mile run (1.6km). Chun cycle, run and swim on non-OBC days in preparation for the Athen marathon in October 2010 and the Ironman triathlon next year.

When I am younger... which I will be on every birthday, I want to be just like Chun.

Dr Malek Aziz age 58, is the most senior recruit at the OBC. Although the most senior, Dr Malek Aziz's benchmark timing also put me and others to shame. Dr Malek recorded 8:28 for his circuit timing and 9:50 for the 1 mile run. Over and above the OBC training, Dr Malek Aziz engaged a personal trainer and worked out at the gym on non-OBC days three times a week.

These three personalities have one common similarities........... they are passionate and they did not just ACE all the TRAINING at the OBC.......... but they workout on non-OBC days too.

My best timing for the circuit was in February 2010 with 8:55 but my latest timing for the circuit was 9:27. My best time for the 1 mile run was 9:03 but I did not run the 1 mile assessment during the latest assessment... Shame on me!!!! ...but I was saving my knee for the next race in April.

For more details on the timing, click here or simply click on the OBC logo at the left collumn of this blog for future reference.

Until next assessment........... Stay tune
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