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The History

20 years ago in 1991, at the tender age of 17, Jim Brabon joined the Royal Australian Army as an Infantry Soldier.He had just completed his final year of school, and with weeks was on a bus to Basic Training (the Australian name for boot camp).

Having competed at a national level in Athletics, Cross Country and Road Running, Brabon was soon identified as "An extremely fit individual amongst a very fit group of men." by his Commanding Officer.

Despite his already impressive level of fitness, Brabon soon found that the functional training methods, and discipline based motivational techniques utilised by his superiors, continued to improve his overall physical ability, more so than the methods taught to him while completing his fitness and athletics coaching certifications.

Base on his reputation within the ranks, Brabon was soon fielding requests for Personal Training from fellow soldiers looking to undertake the gruelling SAS Barrier Test, and if successful, the legendary SAS Cadre Course. It was at this time that Brabon discovered his passion for motivating others to push beyond their mental and emotional barriers. As a result Grunt Athletic was born.

Grunt Athletic Australiagrunt (grnt) n. Slang for an Infantry Soldier.

ath·let·ic (th-ltk)   adj Physically fit or strong



4 JUNE 2010. The circuits prepared at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama (OBC-BU) targets at least a 500 calories burn for men and 400 for women DURING the 1 HOUR exercise. Through the Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOX), the body will continue to burn more calories throughout the day. The circuits at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is a cutting edge Metabolic Conditioning program that has been scientifically designed for ordinary people to achieve extra-ordinary result... the most sought after result is of course, fat burn, toning and athletic improvement.

To achieve at least 500 calories burn, OBC-BU core instructors actually performed the circuit before prescribing it to the recruits. All of OBC-BU instructors are fanatical with their own performances having a 'built-in' passion in more than one sporting-activities. Me.. being a recruit, and alongside other recruits with 'calories-counter' will verify those supposedly 500 calories burn!!! Freak? ...Mad?? yaaa.. Its good to be surrounded by people that share the same 'mad-passion'.... and its good to learn there is a PROGRAM designed for ordinary people to be mad... and get mad result.

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