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Wan Hazriq Abdullah or more fondly known as Corporal (COBC) (P) Wan was born in Kelantan when all other love birds were celebrating the Valentines on 14 February. The strict, firm and no non-nonsence lead instructor is far from the military figure portrayed at the basecamp. Corporal Wan is not your ordinary Corporal. He may not look friendly but he will take care of you and make sure you get what you paid for and achieve your target even if you feel like giving up and rather do without the goal. He wont let you give up and with him.. its either do or die (so far no one die yet)!! but you will thank him when you see your benchmark time is faster and when you had to shop for new pair of cloth when the current became too big for your shrunk and improved body.

In person, Corporal Wan is not only friendly but hilarious and humble in nature. There is nothing else more important to Corporal Wan than his family and the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. He will drop any other errand for that two most important factors in his life. Family values and his passion in his work, made him an outstanding person that only grew stronger and better with every feedback received from anyone and anybody.


With a red infected right eye, styled in a Tag Heuer sports spectacles (for not being able use contact lense), I left home early at 5:20am to greet the 60 odd recruits registered for BU-Alpha platoon and to presonally wish Otaii Chan Meng Yam a happiest birthday but was greeted by a heavy downpour instead. Thanks to Kenny Lock Weng Heng who almost did the rain-dance yesterday calling and crying to have a session in the rain this morning. Your wish came true but my 'stoopeed' Tag Heuer spectacles does not come with any wipers so I had to re-routed to Ampang instead.

Barely 12 minutes later via the Duke, I arrived at Ampang Platoon in Taman Setiawangsa. Sarge (P)(COBC) Nawal, COBC's own version of Demi Moore in G.I. Jane was the Platoon Commander in charge and was assisted by Lance Corporal (P) (COBC) Riz. Sarge (P) (COBC) Tom became the platoon commander SA-Zulu & SA-Yankee and CJ-Alpha & CJ-Bravo and Staff Sarge (P) (COBC) Dann the platoon commander for BU-Alpha & BU-Bravo as well as USJ1-Alpha and USJ1-Bravo. In Penang, we have the former number 2 best, Karate Champion in Asia, Sarge (P)(COBC) Boon. To get up close and personal with all the platoon commanders, click HERE. Gender plays no role in military and being in a military-inspired bootcamp at COBC, ladies and gentlemen are treated the same. If the men can do 16 pushups for Delta, the ladies are expected to do the same. If the ladies can run faster which they do, the men are expected to be at par. Although by hormone and biological nature, men is supposedly stronger, you will be surprise to see those ladies running faster and are more agile than average men.


While we expand our location farther away, the world deepens smaller!! Unbeknown who were the recruits at Ampang Alpha platoon, I arrived very early at 5am to check out the... err.. organic field. Even earlier than Dr Malek Aziz whom is always at least 30 minutes early at every session. The field was very organic! While at the field, I met and made friends with a lot of new people... Interesting people I must say. 

Today, I finally met a long time FACEBOOK friend Ocho Mc Cloud or his real name.. Ezaddin Mat Awan while covered in mud during session and two Damansara Heights Otaii (Old Timer) Haidar Akmal and Noora. While getting updates from FACEBOOK COBC page, I met Amnan Bazli Pahamin's former college mate, Patricia Lim Poh Kam whom is a recruit at Subang Jaya USJ1 alpha platoon. Most of those 30 plus recruits at Ampang are newbies and to see those determination in them, reminded me of my first session almost three years ago... the first taste of Organic Mud. The newbies seemed somewhat accustomed to the 'greens' or should I say brown.

With current weather, not surprising everyone had a good taste of nature but only in BU-Bravo platoon that they went topless!!! TOPLESS!!


On behalf of Chief Brabon the founder and Managing Director of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia and Global Master Trainer, on behalf of my partner Dr Malek Aziz and Daing Daniel Fitri, with effect from today, we are pleased to announced the promotion of Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Mohd Azhari and Chun Chia Kai from the rank of Corporal at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to the rank of SERGEANT having satisfied the minimum hours spend (1) conducting sessions as a Commander at 5 platoons; (2) training in Grey as recruit for the past 18 months. The respective Corporals too, have satisfied the minimum sports science certification requirement and have thoroughly understood the culture, vision, mission and the spirit of Bootcamp.

I am also pleased to announce the promotion of Sarge Dann as the highest rank in the COBC, Malaysia and the sixth Staff-Sarge in the whole ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP network globally. He is the first Malaysian and the first asian to be promoted to one of the highest rank by Chief. Sarge Dann has satisfied the minimum hours required conducting sessions as a Platoon Commander for the past 18 months at 5 platoons (more than 1,000 hours as Platoon Commander) and had successfully groomed his subordinates to be capable of carrying out the duty of a Sergeant and had trained all the Lance Corporals that will soon to be promoted to the rank of Section Commander with the rank of a Corporal.


Instructors must conformed and adhere to various factors to be and to maintain themselves as an instructor at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.  Those factors are not only important for their career advancement but may lead to a demotion or stagnation in their career if is breached. Similarly, before anyone can wear the prestigious COBC Red Tee and be recognise as a COBC instructor, they will be grilled and cooked to perfection in command, policies, workout forms and technique as well as trainer's etiquette to be ready for the final assessment by the Founder and Global Master Trainer, world re-known bootcamp fitness specialist Chief Brabon. Having met COBC shortlisting and strict criterias, all instructors will be on probation until that final assessment and all instructors whom does not score sufficient point, will either be given a grace period to improve and/or are subjected to demotion. Such is the stringency to wear the Red Tee at the COBC.


Inculcating the Malaysian culture especially in celebrating the festivities of all religion and races, the Chief's Original Bootcamp began the day with Diwali Special at the BU Alpha & Bravo session this morning. In an unprecedented gatherings of all Chief's instructors including the Seal Pups instructors to be in grey (except for those instructors on duty), the atmosphere became more heated and hyped with majority being a former and existing national and state athlete. Sarge (COBC) Dann was assisted by Corporal (COBC) Chun and Corporal (COBC) Tom for circuit specialy designed for Diwali.

(Click on Pictures to enlarged. Pictures taken at BU-Bravo & DH-Zulu on Diwali)


How does it feel to be closer to death? Is it scary? Will it be painful? That was one question that played over and over again in mind a year after being diagnosed with CML some 21 years ago but it is still fresh in mind. With so many deaths in the family within just a few months, this would be a good story to share. I can only share the near-death experience from my experience battling leukemia and would not know how it felt with other sickness or illness but I am sure the agony was similar. The thought of dying had never crossed my mind when I was first diagnosed. Infact, I never thought that I would die so soon but did go through many rounds of mental and emotional cycle but that is a story for another time. I initially refused to accept that my day was coming sooner and closer to an end but it was after the full dose chemotherapy and total body irradiation (TBI) for the Bone Marrow transplant that I saw, felt and really experience the deterioration in my body, health and physique and began thinking perhaps this is the phases of death.

Before the Bone Marrow transplant, I was admitted a few times at the University hospital for spleen enlargement and the painstaking lung pneumonia. The pneumonia was indescribably torturous. I could not breath and breathing was painful. I was in tube inserted through the nose for oxygen but although I was on breathing support, I can still hardly breath. Lifting the arm or any slightest of movement was almost impossible. I was too weak.. unbearably weak but I never thought I would die. I cannot die yet.. There were so many things that I wanted to do. For one, I was pursuing after this one puppy love and I really needed to go out for a date. I also need to look good and get out of this stupid hospital that made me wear the hospital gown that exposes my buttock and back. Damn I was embarrassed but the teenage hormone was pumping high.

Although I was unbearably weak but it was not as scary as when I first saw myself after the chemotherapy and TBI. The chemotherapy and TBI began a week upon admission at the Hammersmith Hospital in London. I was checked-in a 200 sq feet glass room (felt like living in an aquarium) equipped with television, video player, my own fridge, own toilet with bath and shower, a laundry room, a hifi system and a library full of videos!!! Woww... almost like living in a Hotel room. This could not be so bad, I thought to myself but with doctor's expectation of a hospital stay for at least 3 months if not longer, it justified the means. I was all smiley and my attending nurse!!! She was hot!!! a 26 years old, blonde, tall, long leg, err.. busty and so feminine. .... 3 months? I wanted to stay in hospital longer!!!


What happen when a Delta from Cogee Beach, Australia joined us at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia? Yes.. the tyres came out of hibernation..... no... Just kidding but joke aside, we had David Jones from the Original Bootcamp, Australia at COBC Bandar Utama. David Jones is on a working visit to Malaysia and although his schedule was full with meetings and appointment but he persevered the discipline to exercise. David Jones or more fondly known as Dave booked a taxi to attend BU-alpha platoon that start at 5:45am but arrived 3 minutes late when the taxi lost its way. Naturally, the platoon had 4 sets of 30 seconds squat pulses... a gift from Australia?

Recruits from Australia or anywhere in the world are recognized at any of the CHIEF's Original Bootcamp locations in Malaysia or at any locations under the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia trademark world wide. Recruits from Malaysia including Taj Mahal, John Chuah, James Fong, Chan Meng Yam, Freda Liu, Lilian Lee are amongst dozens of other recruits that have attended the bootcamp at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, in Australia while on holiday and/or work trip. Sometimes, a change in training environment does have an impact on our mojo and energy.

David Jones is an ultra-marathoner and has been with the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia for already 12 months. The tyres that came out of hibernation was only a teaser to a man that had even participated in the 'Longest Day' event; a special training session under the Chief's Original Bootcamp that challenges your mental and physical strength by exercising for 23 straight hours in a day with only four 30mins break inbetween. Convinced to give Dave the 'Malaysia hospitality', we ease him the workload by me driving the Tyre drag but when suddenly the tyre felt alot heavier  (with Sarge (COBC) Dann taking a ride standing on the tyre, we start rotating the 'driver'. From a tyre drag, we had to carry the tyre (with hand straight up) which we prayed hard that Sarge (COBC) Dann was not tempted to be on top of the tyre while we carry it with full straight arm. Who knows what this Sarge (COBC) Dann have in mind... he can be wicked at times.


Everymonth, there will be a vote for the SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP for each and every platoon at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. The vote is to pick recruit with the best Spirit that motivates and inspired us to give our best commitment and effort into achieving the best result from our training especially when some of us were... err sleep-exercising? It can be any comrade in your platoon but not the instructors and/or COBC administration team. The voting usually starts on the fourth week of the month until before the next graduation. We want to recognize that energetic, hyper, inspirational Spirit that becomes the Culture at the Chief's bootcamp to bring out the best in every recruit.

At the Chief's bootcamp too, we recognise every struggles and effort to be consistent and to be discipline at exercising! For that we designed the 100% Attendance, 100% Commitment and 110% Effort Certificate that speaks for itself. Habits whether good or bad is developed when it is being repeated for approximately 8 Weeks. Thus, let us build this consistency and discipline in exercising by ACE'ing every monthly session Rain, Hail or Shine!! There is no better investment than to invest in a great sexy body, great fitness and especially in a great health. Sickness and illness knows no boundary!! Prevention is by no means better than cure... Dr Malek Aziz and me are two living evidence! ...for now.

With that, we are pleased to first recognize those that had sweat out, attend and exercise consistently for 12 full sessions in the month of September at COBC Bandar Utama Alpha Platoon, Bandar Utama Bravo Platoon, Subang Jaya USJ1 Alpha Platoon, Subang Jaya USJ1 Bravo platoon, Damansara Heights Zulu platoons as follows:


Within less than a month, COBC recruits conquered the Berlin Intertnational Marathon... conquered the River Kwai, Thailand International Marathon, conquered the Mount Kinabalu and conquered the heart of another recruit with a marriage proposal. Recently too, we conquered our will power to enroll, attend and never give up during our training sessions at the oldest military inspired bootcamp in the whole wide world. This must be celebrated with at least a Makansutra feast!! I mean.. a get-together and what better theme to choose than Halloween!! WHy.. because deep down.. we are all hantu!! Hantu durian, hantu cendol, hantu yada yada ....

Then again... As Dr Malek Aziz always say... who needs a reason to partay?!! Lets just party!!! Past, presents, future recruits, if you havent registered for the party!! Please click HERE now!! When?


16 October 2011

7:00pm to late


Tony Romas @ 1 Mont Kiara


We all know that various people joined the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP for various reasons. It ranges from losing a challenging weight and fat to becoming competitive athlete in various fields from national gymnast, divers, runners to car racing. We have comrades whom joined us (and is still with us) to look their best for their wedding and we have comrades whom could barely walk for 10km and had never dream to run races but are now an avid runner. Recently, Rose Emini Pahamin, Viki Lim, Nyna Mohsen and Jeffery Wong conquered the BMW Berlin International Marathon!!!

and Of course, they were in Malaysia News!!

and another group of comrades conquered the River Kwai marathon last month in September!!!

Congratulation John Chuah, James Fong, Chan Meng Yam, Lilian Lee, Noor A. Othman, Joannita Zaleha Yusoff.

 We also have many recruits whom joined us (and still strong with us) to conquer the Mount Kinabalu and yes recently another group conquered the highest peak in the South East Asia. Join us in Congratulating Lorrine C. Xavier and Colin Chong Wern Loong.

COBC: OCT 2/12 - PB!

Personal Best PB @ 55 minutes !! Excellent achievement!! It was first 1 hour 35 minutes, then 1 hour 15 minutes and so forth and today beat my own record in High Intensity Interval Cleaning (HIIC)!! Aye aye.. yes... 4000 sq ft (ground floor only) vacuum & mop, throw all rubbish from all rooms, wash the dishes, 2 loads of  laundry wash & dry-up, make up beds, wash the toilet, make fresh vegetable juice and shower!! So wonderful is life without maid.. Raja Affandi dont laugh! Such is Morning routine on non-bootcamp days!! Morning HIIC .. early cardio! 515 calories burn without any 30 seconds break at all.

This could not rival but suffice as a recovery workout from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP training program. Yesterday's 1st session after Monday's benchmark assessment was exhilarating!! Too good but the cost of being absent from a few sessions of bootcamping (due to travelling) is the overall aching especially the chest, legs, shoulder and abs from yesterday TABATA!! TERBAKAR!!! and GRINDERS!!

Coincidentally, while blogging on this whole body aching pain, an email came in from bootcamp comrade Tricia Ling whom is enjoying the same aches that was probably due to the lack of past exercising. What did we do? We had the leaner and more toned (Waaaa lawan tokey!!) Sarge Dann and Corporal Tom as our instructors!! After a heart-exploding (yes thats how it felt like after missing bootcamp for a week) warm up, our platoon was divided into team Alpha and team Bravo. I was sandwich by Super Seal Uncle John Chuah and Alice, and was facing Shear Ling Toh whom was on the opposite rank with Taj Mahal, Adibah Mohamad. Mohamad Fazli whom has lost 6kg from the 8WC was in my team too and was beside Farhanah Bamadhaj.



8 Week Challenge IMPORTANT DATES:

16 September 2011 - Registration online is open - those that have not registered,  click HERE.

25 September 2011 - Challenger's profile must be submitted (PictureSs & measurement) at HERE.

- Registration for October & November 2011 must be completed by clicking the big  huge green "H" button under ENROL now at HERE (for new recruits) & for existing/returning recruit at HERE 

- PHOTO-SESSION & Measurement at BUSTANU PAHAMIN (my residence), this weekend between 8-11am, Sunday 25 September 2011. There will be a sexy, pretty & gorgeous lady to take pics & measurement of the ladies and those measurement & pics of the male challengers but if they want a male measure/photograph-er, no problem, I am here!! Yes.. I understand  some recruit may be confuse at the points to take the measurement so we offer this customize service at no extra cost. Please DO NOT be late and arrive on time on Sunday ya..  

- Recruits/ Challengers that have not registered can come to my house too and we will help to register for you too

- COBC-TEAM will help you to submit your Challenge Profile measurement & pictures

8 WEEK CHALLENGE 2011- part 1

There is no better time to participate in Australia's most seek after dietary program than now!! Why?

(1) Because we have been on MAKANSutra for the past.. err 2 weeks for the Eid Mubarak (Hari Raya) celebration!! Actually, it was not because we want to break our diet but it is actually customary and polite to try out and eat every meal that was served during open houses (make believe).

(2) Because the food for this year's diet was localise to Asian taste!! Yes we hear your last year's year feedback Yam Chan SiuCheh (and all ex-8WC'ians)... last year the food ingredient was not so conducive and abit exorbitant but this year.. hopefully, we will even have a price tag and everywhere-can-buy ingredients.

3) Because... Of course we want to be healthy and especially gorgeous and sexy with hot ass like Mek Yam!!

4) There will be one winner per participating platoon as oppose to last year's only one overall winner worldwide which our Otai and 4 times SOB James Fong was one of the finalist!

He received a RM300 voucher at NIKE store. Meaning, if I register all our platoons, there will be one winner for every platoon.

How much does it cost to participate? 
To participate, you must be a paid recruit at the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and pay AUD29.95 (Approximately RM90.00) for the 8 Weeks Challenge.

When does it start?
The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ Eight Week Challenge starts on Monday 26th Sept and Finishes on Friday 18th Nov 2011.

For more information and FAQ click HERE.


(Click on Picture to enlarge)

What they say about the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP!! 

Coming to the second week of September session, there is no better aspiration than to record what the recruits say about the Chief's training!! There are too many too record, so I picked the top 10 best!! I'll pick the TOP 10 of best wording every week as an aspiration to everyone.. maybe as a candidate for you to vote as the next Spirit of Bootcamp? Speaking of which, do check out the updated Spirit of Bootcamp Hall of Fame at (click SOB).


The first BATTLE OF CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP platoons was held on 17 July 2011 and saw the merger of platoon USJ1-Alpha and USJ1-Bravo into the Legends, BU-Alpha and BU-Bravo into the Spartans and DH-Zulu as the Highlander. These three platoons from three locations competed to be crown as the first Spirit of Platoons and the first Champion!! For more details & pictures, Click Battle- Part 1, Battle- Part 2, Battle Part 3Battle-Part 4, Battle-Part 5, Battle-Part 6 and Battle-The Results.

Before the results were announced, the Spartans & the Legends led the challenge with four bull-dog stickers each. The Legends was short of 1 point. The first five challenges were all about stamina & fitness. Only the fittest and the fastest recruit/platoon can win the first 5 challenges but the determining factor for the first Battle of Platoons Champion is very dependent on team work effort.

The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is all about motivating and inspiring team members. No matter how weak or slow a team member is, we are ala a soldier at war, duty-bound to support, motivate and would never leave anyone behind. At war, a soldier entrust their life to their fellow comrade. As such, instructors & admins as the observer to all three platoons had the discretion to crown the first Spirit of Platoons and the first Champion in the inter-platoon battle based on primarily comrade-ship, coordination, points and time.


We're coming towards the end of BOOTCAMPING during Ramandhan and although we ACE training last year, this year was unprecedented.... I broke momentum for almost one month in training!!! Almost one whole month without bootcamp and any form of exercises... ok la I lied.. sikit sikit ada la... To avoid breaking that training momentum, the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP had open-up a special BU-ZULU session from 6:00 to 7:00pm which caters especially for those muslims whom are fasting. Thusfar, the session had attracted a healthy number of muslim recruits from the earlier Alpha and Bravo session and as well as the attention of Otaiis whom suffered from 'COD' Chronic Oversleeping Disorder aka.. cannot-wake-up-before-session-disorder.

There were so many dramas.. so many stories, so many voices and so many rumours. One of the great story was from Afik kutcher whom went to Sydney Coogee Beach CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to be trained by CHIEF BRABON himself!!! This is the advantage of being with the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP... if you are a recruit at the COBC, you can attend any one of the fifty ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Worldwide....


Sarge (COBC) Dann, Armin Baniaz Pahamin & Dr Malek Aziz

Why joined the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) instead of other bootcamps around? I can give you a whole list of reasons from testimonials on weight lost, to body conditioning and motivation but one of the main reason was because of a fabulous, fun, qualified and experienced team that will not only motivate but will drive you crazy forward until you achieve your desired goal... while having fun!!

For more details on each and every instructor, please read all about them on At the COBC, instructors pride themselves for working out with the recruit instead of bossing them around. We do not scream despite being a military-inspired bootcamp. Military DNA is found in the discipline, team-work and workout regime. We are military inspired because our program was designed by Australia ex-infrantry soldier that was custom made for civilian. Motivation & Passion is the key factor for our believe in  "BOOTCAMP FOR LIFE".


Upon completing all the 6 challenges, it is now time for the result!!! There were two more results that has not being made known!! The result for the Spirit of Platoon and the Long Course Store Moves aka Treasure hunt result which will determine the Overall Champion.

Before this two results were announced, the platoon that was leading by points were the Spartans & the Legends with four bull-dog stickers each. The Legends was left behind by 1 bull Dog Sticker. The first five challenges were all about stamina & fitness. Only the fittest and the fastest recruit/platoon can win the first 5 challenges but the two unannounced results that is the determining factor for the first Battle of Platoons Champion is very dependent on team work effort. The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is all about motivating and inspiring team members. No matter how weak or slow a team member is, we are ala a soldier at war, duty-bound to support, motivate and would never leave anyone behind. At war, a soldier entrust their life to their fellow comrade. As such, instructors & admins as the observer to all three platoons had the discretion to crown the first Spirit of Platoons and the first Champion in the inter-platoon battle based on overall preparation, points, time and comrade-ship.


(Click on Picture to enlarge.. There's only a few hundred pics here)

Part 6 or the final episode of the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Battle of Platoons that was held at Pusat Komuniti, Damansara Heights was the 'Long Course Store Moves' or the Treasure hunt. This involved all the participating recruits under each platoon namely the Spartans, the Highlander and the Legends. Because the challenge requires the participation and cooperation of all recruits in each platoon, the points given for the winner was as high as 5 points!! The ultimate objective was 'team work' unlike the first 5 challenge that gave points for the strongest or fittest team members/group.

Each Captain had to draw and chose a map. No platoon was given the liberty to choose the route. There were three maps prepared with Map 1 being called the StarScream, Map 2, the Chopper and Map 3 Superman. Each map was assigned with a pair of instructor whom only had 2 main responsibilities!!! First, to ensure the safety of recruits on the road and Second, to PUNISH recruits if any RULES were broken. Starscream had Corporal (COBC) Nawal and Lance Corp (COBC) Letch as the observer & punisher, The Chopper had Corp (COBC) Tom and Lance Corp (COBC) Ody. The Superman had Corp (COBC) Chun & Lance Corp (COBC) Wan.

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