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When I first joined the Original Bootcamp in October 2009, I was confused. While happily doing to the pushup during one of the circuit train, Sarge Sim commanded STEADY!!!! ... huh, proudly I thought he was complimenting how steady my forms were. I pushed myself and wanted to show a better form. Then I heard a command IN-POSITION.. 3, 2, 1..... I was still doing the push-up... and my muscle was already screaming!!!

Whenever you hear the word STEADY!!! it means STOP !!

and everytime the word IN-POSITION was called.. it means... GET READY!!!

Unbeknown that I was supposed to stop on the scream STEADY, I continued with the pushups without any break and stopped when my muscles were too exerted before any STEADY screamed. As a result, the platoon was punished with 10 Grunts. It is imperative for every recruits to understand a command or references on jargons.



28 April 2010. Its the CAGE!!!!! On second session in May Bootcamp!!! The last session with the cage was on 7 April 2010 (see: Cage). We never expected to have the Cage so soon but today was all about the Cage!

Today was extra special, we had the Cage, the mud, flooded field and a Cardio punishment for AWOLS. There were 6 AWOLs.. but I can only recall 5; namely Vivien Luyen Ow, Ilyanna Ayob, Syazana Amran, Amy Ho and Danial Ismail. For that, we had 3 laps of run-around-the-carpark and 30 TRUSTERS as a punishment. It was an excellent but exhaustive cardio punishment.

There were Sarge Sim, Corporal Sarge Faizal Ariff Abdullah and Lans Corporal Hafiz Omar supervising us with the Cage. Unlike the previous Cage-Session, there were no Strap today but it was equally as masochist.





Saturday 24 April 2010. I missed two sessions at KL Alpha when I had to attend the Allianz Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but I had one session replaced at KL Charlie. I was suppose to attend another session at KL Charlie today but I did not..... What would be more important than to break my 7 full months of perfect and consistent attendance for fitness and health?

I missed that last  session to learn and understand why the Bootcamp is the best place to surrender and gained stamina, strength and speed in athlete performance or lost fat and gain lean physique for others. I attended the personalised Malaysia Bootcamp Academy which was equivalent to more than the 1 session missed at KL Alpha (so... ACE council... spare me the punishment... can?).


UPDATES: Please click HERE for the latest update on the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP locations & maps.


When I first joined the Bootcamp, there were only 2 training locations available. One at Padang Merbuk in Kuala Lumpur and the other location is at Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya. I chose to train at Padang Merbuk because of logistic and Padang Merbuk's reputation for being a 'hardcore' and the damn serious bunch.



22 April 2010, Kuala Lumpur. This morning, for the first I visited the Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM) (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) to learn how to incorporate an Enterprise. I took the initiative to have a first hand experience to train and educate my Fasfik Supervisors in setting-up their first business (an enterprise) to be an entrepreneur. Those qualified Supervisors were offered to be an Authorised Operator of Fasfik's outlets that is already establish, equip with the necessary equipments and ready for business without any renovation cost and any capital outlay to buy equipments. For the supervisor to operate Fasfik outlets, Fasfik will sign agreement with the Supervisors whom were required to set-up an 'enterprise'.

I reached the CCM at KL Sentral 9:20am and at the ground floor (level 1), the reception gave me a PNA 42 form  to obtain CCM's approval for the business Trade-Name. Applicants do not need to seek CCM's approval if the business is registered under the applicant's own name as per the Identity Card.



Its coming to the end of April bootcamp session. Its amazing how fast time flies. In less than a week, I would have exercised @ the bootcamp, constant and consistently for 7 months.

Although it will be 7 months soon... The sessions at the bootcamp is as intense as ever. The circuit and exercise programs prepared for every session is carefully planned and organised... All I have to do, is to wake-up early, drive and surrender myself to the program. The stamina and physique will slowly and naturally developed.

Having attended 76 bootcamp sessions thusfar..... I am very pleased with all the circuit programs prepared and I am very dependant on Sarge Simran's method of instructing.... Somehow, he can reach out to bring the best out of any recruit.



Aaraf Armin received an invitation for his cousin's Birthday party a week ago that reads...



14 April 2010, Allianz held its annual Franchise Convention at the Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Abu Lais Walli Mohamed and Jeff Lim Si Heong left for KLIA with me at 7:30am to fly to Kota Kinabalu on an all-expenses paid by Allianz.

We arrived at the airport at 8:15am for an Expected Time of Departure (ETD) 9:20am. Upon checking-in, we quickly had a fillet of fish at the Mc Donald.



17 April 2010. Since I've join the Bootcamp in October last year, I have successfully attended every session at KL Alpha every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:45am to 6:45am. I have never been late too and I am sad to break my 7 months record when I missed two sessions last Wednesday 14 April and Friday 16 April to attend the Allianz Franchise convention at Kota Kinabalu. Under the ACE-pact, if I failed to attend all twelve sessions in a month, the ACE-council will dress me in any outfit they deemed fit!! With Shobha Bala DBK, Luyen Ow and others in the house... It spells Nightmare to me!!!

Thus, to avoid any extra trouble and unnecessary sleepless night for these people, I went to KL CHARLIE to replace and redeemed my two days absenteeism.

Sessions at KL CHARLIE are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5:45am to 6:45am... I went for the session on Saturday, 17 April 2010 together with Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Lizza Abdul Rahim and Farrah Ibrahim. The Saturday was the BAF (Bring A Friend) Day.

Corporal Faizal Ariff was the leading instructor assisted by Lans Corporal SARAH STONE!! There were barely 20 recruits at KL Charlie with almost an equivalent number of friends. Everybody brought along their spouse, boyfriends, girlfriends and probably mistresses and mastresses.. Except for mattress though I am sure many would want to.

Everybody at KL Charlie are small and petite.. Almost fat-less AND with only 2 guys including me and excluding the friends they brought. There were so many AWOLS but there were no grunts rewarded/punished... Which was very unlike Corporal Faizal... Perhaps he is only strict and stern with KL Alpha. We met Juliza, Catherine and a few more whose names slipped off my mind.

After the warm-up.... We gathered at the field.... The platoon were divided into their respective rank with the Rangers, Seal-Guns and Seals-Rifle....... Seals-Guns and Seal-Rifle????? I just parked myself at the Seal per se not being able to differentiate the Seal-Guns and Seal-Rifle...

I saw Madam Tee (BIG FAT MOTHER OF ALL ROPE) comfortably lying down in the middle of the field. The platoon were divided into team Alpha and Team Bravo with a good mixture of Friends, Rangers, Seal-Guns and Seal Rifle.

Team Alpha VS Team Bravo

Both team have their own circuit which was similar in distance, exercise and workout. The team that lost the race must perform 10 Grunts.

Both team were further split into two with one team place at one rugby goal post (Alpha 1, Bravo 1) and another team at the other rugby Goal post end (Alpa 2, Bravo 2).


The circuit was divided into three parts.

Part-1: Part 1 is the starting point. The starting point was marked with a Double-Cone and there were 6 single cones; 3 single cones on the left and 3 single cones on the right with a distance approximately 5 meters apart from each other. At the end, there was another double-cone.

The race requires one recruit (from Alpha-1 and Bravo-1) to sprint and 'Drop-dead' at every Single-Cone... meaning, the recruits on the move must drop-dead 6 times before reaching the last Double-Cone. I was the first to start.
Drop-dead position

Part-2: At the 2nd Double-Cone, I lifted and drag Madam Tee across the end of the other rugby Goal Post. Dragging Madam Tee was tough!!! the circumference of the rope was bigger than my calve. I lifted Madam Tee on my shoulder with both hand and sprint across the field to reach the first Double-Cone. I dropped Madam Tee when I saw the first Double-Cone.

Part-3: Once I drop Madam Tee, I ran to the first Single-Cone and drop dead. I got-up, sprint to the 2nd Single-Cone and dropped dead again... and again until the 6th Single-Cone and saw the 2nd Double-Cone where I crossed and tapped the shoulder of the first recruit at Alpha-2.

While the recruits on-the-move continuously dropping dead, dragged Mdm Tee and then drop dead again for another 6 times, all other recruits in-waiting must perform deep squat and military push-ups.

I could not remember if we won or lose the race........ but I remember doing the Grunts... meaning we lost?

It was a fantastic and fabulous workout!!! I burn a total 705 Calories though I did felt dead. Thusfar, today was the highest calories burn for the month.

Tomorrow I am back at KL Alpha........!!! Its time to make noise again....... KL Charlie was too quiet.


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12 APRIL 2010, One World Hotel. Proton Edar held its annual dealer's convention attended to by all Proton Edar dealers and sales branches throughout Malaysia (including East Malaysia). Guests arrived as early as 7am to avoid the morning horrendous traffic.

The Convention began with Proton Managing Director Yg Bhg Dato Syed Zainal Abidin's opening remark.. It was too long to be called a speech. When Dato Syed Zainal first came to Proton, Dato Syed called upon all dealers and stake-holders to support him. Dato Syed inherited a legacy of endless flaw with more than 40,000 units of unsold ex-stocks despite at least RM3000 overtrade/bulk discount per car thrown to the market.

Last year, Proton's sales increased by more than 10,000 units despite the recession. For the first time in my 13 years as a dealer, there were no car-dumping to dealers when Proton Edar Financial Year ended end of last month. So if anybody were to ask me how Proton performs? I will ask them to interpret that statement themselves.

During the convention and still very humble Dato Syed Zainal admitted Proton is far from where we should be and further plead to all dealers and everybody in the network to stand united against any complacency. Although Dato' Syed Zainal spoke for more than half an hour........ other messages have to be censored! But we are proud that Dato Syed Zainal is still humble, pro-active and open for any productive criticism as well as approachable. Dato Syed Zainal was very passionate and inspirational. PEDA and our network will strongly stand united with Proton and against any obstacles.

After the opening remark by Dato Syed Zainal, En Mohamad Shukor Ibrahim, Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer presented Proton Edar's current sales strategy and the direction forward. Again, I could not elaborate due to some confidentiality but Shukor's opening speech was an eye opener.

There were three other speakers by Kamsani Ahmad, Zahari Hussein and a German quality director. All details were sensitive but rest assure, Malaysia is in for a head-turning event.

The last speaker was Abdul Sidik Hamid, Proton Edar General Manager for Sales. Sidik.. sort of Proton's version of Obama first made us laugh with some jokes then suddenly... sort of having PMS, he started scolding us!! very typical of a Mamak but having walked his talk and rid the ocean pool of ex-stocks (without any discounting) when he first came to Proton Edar, whatever that he says did ended-up with good results. Of course, as per other details........ we cannot divulge any information of what transpired.

There were no entertainment, No music, no dancing, no jumping, no free T'shirt, no free cap and no complimentary gift except for one RM2 Proton PEN.. as in pen that we use to write.

Once, dealers convention was all about appreciating the dealers with some joget, dancing and stand-up comedian but now, dealers convention was all about speeches and scolding. Once, Dealers convention was all marketing and branding Proton with Proton Tshirts, caps, business card holders etc.... now we get RM2 pen which we seldom use with the advancement of Blackberry, Internet and computers.

After lunch, it was time for PEDA 11th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING..

PEDA Vice-President Abu Lais and Secretary General Jeff Lim Si Heong took the registration of attendance to ensure sufficient quorum for the AGM to convene. The quorum was more than enough and our meeting convened.

PEDA committee members. from left: Mr SB Siaw, Malkeet Singh, Fadzil, Adam Khan Omar Khan (Hon Treasurer), Lee Lick Sai (Vice-President), Jeff Lim Si Heong (Secretary General), Armin Baniaz Pahamin (President), Dato Yahya Jaafar (Deputy President),  Abu Lais Walli Mohamed (Vice-President), Jafry Samaaf, Mohd Jasmin Ismail, Fathul Rahman.

After all the speeches by other speakers........... it was time for my speech as PEDA President. When I was the Deputy President, I receive many complains from the dealers when the president then spoke in English... Some were very blunt that PEDA as an association that gathered all the dealers in Malaysia should be more member-friendly and converse in our mother tongue language Bahasa Malaysia. Now that I am the President, I have to listen to members demand.. and the whole week was spent translating and rehearsing my English speech into bahasa malaysia. Being a kelantanese that seldom converse in proper Bahasa Malaysia .. I have to also learn the correct pronunciation of certain words.

My speech is very important and I wanted everybody to understand and of course.. I cannot divulge whatever that was said here.

Despite not having any entertainment and a whole day of speeches and speeches. The convention ended with a strong message... PEDA AGM ended with an amendments to the Constitution that adopted Internal-Online-Web as a formal form of communication between members.

Now.............. let us stand united and strong to make Proton, Malaysia's No 1 choice!!




11 April 2010, Kuala Lumpur. Nestle Koko Crunch held its 5th Junior TAEKWANDO Championship at the Badminton Stadium, Cheras.

The Junior Taekwando was open to all participants from 7 to 12 years old. DDF Taekwando Akademy sends 13 of its students to compete and AARAF Armin was one of the participants.

On 4 April 2010, Daing Daniel Fitri, the team Manager and Chief Coach brought the team to  the stadium to weigh and confirm the category according to their weights.

There were 10 categories available.The thirteen participants from DDF Taekwando Academy were placed in their respective category according to their weight:

1) Zia Izza Ilham - (Weight: 24kg) (Category: Fly 20.1kg - 25kg) (DOB: 150499)
2) Adam Khairiel -(Weight: 20.5kg) (Category: Fly 20.1kg - 25kg) (DOB: 281202)
3) Darwish Khairiel (Weight: 22.2kg) (Category: Fin 16kg - 22kg) (DOB: 010203)
4) Mohammad Luqman Nulhakeem (Weight: 28.1kg) (Category: Batam 25.01kg - 29kg) (DOB: 081299)
5) Mohd Ammar Sofyan (Weight: 30kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 110202)
6) Muhammad Hilmi Abdul Rahman (Weight: 31.5kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 131100)
7) Ahmad Hadif Ahmad Fadzil (Weight: 30.7kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 200901)
8) Aqfar Naeem Lais (Weight: 29.5kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 090401)
9) Zia Ikmal (Weight: 38.2kg) (Category: Welter 37.01kg - 41kg) (DOB: 050500)
10) Aarad Eid Pahamin (Weight: 41kg) (Category: Welter 37.01kg - 41kg) (DOB: 101203)
11) Zia Izzuddeen (Weight: 42.7kg) (Category: Light Middle 41.01kg - 45kg) (DOB: 200598)
12) Mohamad Rizal Izwan (Weight: 46kg) (Category: Middle 45.01kg - 49kg) (DOB: 160998)
13) Nor Marissa Alia (Weight: 34.5kg) (Category: Light (Girl) 32.01kg - 36kg) (DOB: 020799)

Aaraf almost did not qualify for his weight category being 41.3kg 2 days before the measurement but after an intense dieting, he managed to barely qualify for the Welter wieght category. Being only 7 years old weighing 41kg, Aaraf may end up fighting boys much older than him. All participants weighing 41kg are either 11 or 12 years old.

After the weight measurement, the team except Hadif, gathered for a photo-shoot. Hadif was in Terengganu during the measurement.

Nor Marissa Alia was the only girl from DDF Taekwando Academy and she is competing under the (girl) light weight category.

The competition was held a day before my Proton Edar Dealers Malaysia, 11th Annual General Meeting and Dealers convention. We arrived at the Stadium at 8am to register and prepare Aaraf for the competition. Aaraf's was given number 46. The match began with the lightest to the heaviest and unfortunately Aaraf was the last few.

The first team was called and gathered...

Aaraf, Hadif and others waited impatiently for their turn... Dato Ahmad Fadzil and Datin Azura Halim too came to support their son Hadif but they disappeared even before the match began......

There were thousands of spectators.. mostly parent and siblings of participants.

Daing Daniel Fitri, the Coach briefed the first batch... These last inspirational words and reminders are statements that will determine the champion.

After the final briefing, they warmed-up... It is not easy to produce a Champion but being the Champion in the past, Daing Daniel have both the patience, experience and passion to produce more Champions...

The first team are now ready for battle.....

Aqfar Naeem, Abu Lais's 9 year old son is also competing his first match... Naeem's mother Anita Ahmad (Left Picture- in pink shirt hugging the handbag), was restless and even more panic than Naeem himself.

Naeem fought well but lack the fighting experience in tournament. Naeem lost the fight but a winner in spirit. With more training and more competitions, Naeem can me moulded into a fighter.

Nor Marissa Alia fought at the other court next to Naeem. She too was fighting her first tournament and is the only girl from DDF Taekwando Academy.

Next was Ahmad Hadif Ahmad Fadzil. Hadif seemed all so confident.

Hadif fought and was kicked in the face the moment the match began. Although abit demoralized but Hadif did not give-up and continued although he was in tears and pain.

Mohd Ammar Sofyan took his position and was very high spirited but when he was kicked hard, Ammar could not regained his composure at his opponent's advantage. Ammar too lost the fight.

Aaraf and his friends watched others fighting. 

The second team to fight then called in to standby......... 
There were ushered into the stadium..

Mohamad Rizal Izwan (Picture below) too fought hard...

and finally, its the next team........ and Aaraf too!!! The team began warming up......

Zia Ikhwan was the first to be called. Ikhwan fought well against his opponent.....

IKHWAN won the first fight.................

Then its Adam Khairiel ...

Aaraf was called to be on Stand-by and queue for his turn.

Putra, Aaraf's opponent was seated beside Aaraf.  Putra, 11 years old from rawang has a strong athletic build with good strong bdy frame and composure.

Putra was friendly...... he spoke and and made friend with Aaraf but Aaraf was too shy  and did not speak much except for a few words.

Both Aaraf and Putra went to the fighting court when they were signaled. Nawal, Anita, Ikhwan and I were worried... Putra looked too strong for Aaraf.

Aaraf & Putra bow and the competition began.

Putra was very good. The moment the match started, he attacked and Aaraf was stunned at how fast he was. Aaraf could only be on defensive mode but lost his guarding block when Putra endlessly attacked him.

Aaraf was too stunned and lost control of himself especially in having his guarding block.... Nawal was screaming GUARDING BLOCK AARAF... GUARDING BLOCK!!!

 Aaraf was badly kicked... Aaraf's friend Ikhwan was getting agitated and I overheard him saying........ We cant let this happen..... lets go down and beat -up that guy!!! Although that intention cannot be condone, but it was heart-felt to hear Ikhwan being so concern on Aaraf.

Although Aaraf was badly kicked and beaten, the fighting spirit was in him. Aaraf tried to attack and returned those many blow.........

but Putra being many years older and more experience was too fast and retaliated with more blow. Aaraf's freinds screamed AARAF.. AARAF..... AARAF......AARAF........ !!

But Aaraf did not give -up.  I repeated to Aaraf many times... it is not about winning... what is more important is to NEVER GIVE-UP...

Aaraf was badly shaken, in pain and in tears......... but Daddy is very proud that he stayed, fought and gave his best effort. Mummy's heart was broken to see her baby beaten.

Aaraf had blue-black bruises along his waistline and legs but Aaraf is very determine to train harder and especially in losing weight. The lesson to learn when it comes to fighting....... is to always train and train harder and harder.

Aaraf opponent, PUTRA went on to fight and won SILVER!!! and first runner-up.

Ikhwan and Adam Khairel from our team from DDF Taekwando Academy, won Bronze.


Everybody gave in their best effort. Zia Ikhwan & Adam Khairel, we are proud of you........ Next time bring back a Gold..

As promise, I will bring everybody out for lunch or dinner....... anywhere at the children's choice.

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