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COBC broke history when the number of participants exceeded the 100 recruit threshhold at BU DUSK 8:30pm to 9:30pm platoon during the fasting month. I arrived at 8:20pm to see for myself the COBC's biggest platoon but I did not plan to workout. COBC's first Ramadhan buffet ala workout as much as your body can take, proved to be a hit!! The platoon was headed by Asia's most senior military-Inspired specialist Staff Sergeant (COBC) Dann and assisted by three (3) of COBC's most senior and experienced team of instructors namely Sarge Nawal, Sarge Chun and Corporal Wan. Today is my 15th day without any COBC training and listening to Staff Sarge's command as well as the orchestra of the Oohs and Aahs...... I am in an almost unbearable cravings!!!

Spotted at site!!! COBC Otai John Chuah (Banker from BU Alpha platoon) and otai Alice Thien (BU Bravo platoon) and Malaysian Modelling in Italy- Eileen (on a 1 month holiday back home).... I don't know what they were doing but listening to their scream and cries... *yiiiii bite teeth.

Feel like jumping into the field now!! But doing just that with an overdosed meal after breaking fast would be suicidal.

Next Friday!! I'm in!! See ya!!


What would you do for your mother on her birthday?

Alike all the years in the past, mom's birthday has always been special but this year was abit different, it was a surprised get-away! For a mother of 67 years old, she has everything that you can imagine from a beautiful house, big cars to a whole wardrobe of shoes and handbags as well as cabinets full of jewels yada yada.. on top of 6 beautiful children that is not just healthy and clever but are all so handsome/pretty and fun (aiiiks.. self marketing!). Well at least that is how she always sees us (though in real life, some of us err.. maybe abit broader and fluffier) but really, she is not wrong. Infact, she would trade everything she has for everyone to be together especially now during her old age. She think she is old but we think she is as young as us all. We wanted to even bring mom to go jogging with us. There is no better pleasure for her than that moment with her husband and all her children. Have it her way, she would want to 'paused' that every moment we are together so it can be everlasting but in reality, damn Nawal Aini, Rose Emini and me were gone as early as 5am for bootcamp then to showrooms and other sisters have to attend to court hearing, go to err.. everywhere which I too dont know where they always go.

So this year, Dr Teratai Edithy who is now back in Malaysia for good after a good 14 year in London took that responsibility to organise mother's surprise birthday get-away and she came out with this wicked idea to get all family members (with in-laws and children) to gather somewhere (but not at home) and father would secretly drive mother to that destination. After endless of research done, the destination picked was at Aman Rimba (or "peaceful Forest)!!


After finishing rolls and rolls of negatives while camwhoring, we also indulges ourselves in a delicious COBC packed chocolate from Tokyo specially brought, sponsored and compliment from BUA recruit Aida Zainin. It was very sweet and thoughtful of her to special order the chocolate and within seconds, the chocolate were distributed to all that attended. Thank you Aida for the lovely chocolate.

150 people gathered to celebrate yet another month of consistent and discipline training at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Yes, we must always recognize our little effort to take care of our health and this became the basis to our monthly party. At the party, the same as every other month, everyone dressed to kill!!

Beside food, makan, meet other recruit and get up-close-and-personal-with-the-instructors, a fix agenda at every month's party was (1) the certificate presentation for the 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort and (2) the announcement for Mister(s) or Missus(s) COBC Spirit of Bootcamp for the month.

To qualify for the ACE certificate, a recruit need to attend all the 12 sessions that they pay for. Trust me, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication to achieve the ACE Certificate!! Evidently, from the 733 recruits registered in June, only 28 recruits actually attended 100% That was why, we award to them the ACE certificate because it does take a personality to be called an ACER!!! The List of ACE recipients for both May and June are as follows:


COBC is famous for many things and of course the most prominent being our COBC very close community that we always pride ourselves with. At COBC, we bypass the normal hierarchy of friendship and immediately became BFF ala extended family members. Adam Heng from Subang Jaya said we are all friends-in-law akin of everyone being married to each other hah!! Ok no such thing but again, at COBC we regularly come out with our own vocabulary too, that only people at COBC would understand. Second after our strong community is our consistent discipline in our health and fitness!!! Of course, after almost sweating blood giving our best during each and every training, every month we dress to kill to flaunt our hard earn body!! That is over and above the confidence that we have slowly developed in consistent with a stronger and fitter self. To flaunt that hard earn, heart-throbbing, blood sweating effort, we get together on a monthly basis and we party!! big time party!!! and we have thusfar, organised 23 parties with various party theme bearing only one objective in mind.... Flaunt it!! I mean, for every recruit from more than 40 platoons at 7 locations to meet and get to know each other. There is no better platform to meet and share your experience and achievements with other fellow recruit. This experience is valuable and is an aspiration for many others.

1) June 2010 - World Cup Fever - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
2) July 2010 - White & Denim (The Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
3 & 4) August & September 2010 - Aidil Fitri  (Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
5) October 2010 - Nerd and Geek - The Library, e-Curve
6) November 2010 - Hats Off - TGI Fridays, Curve
7) December 2010 - Ho Ho Ho # OBC International 20th Anniversary Celebration - The Modestos, Curve
8) January 2011 - Balik Kampung - Raja Affandi Jamaludin's Residence, Kampung Penchala
9) February 2011 - Pajamas - Viki Lim's Residence
10) March 2011 - Stripey Dotty - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
11) April 2012 -  Cowboy and Cowgirl - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights
12 & 13) May & June 2011 - Superheroes - The Soul'ed Out, Desa Sri Hartamas
14) July 2011 - Green and Yellow - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
15 & 16) September 2011 - Halloween - Tony Romas, Mt Kiara 
17) October 2011 - Wear your Old Cloth before COBC - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
18) November 2011 - Luau Hawaian Hotbods party - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
19) December 2011 - Smoking Jazzy Roaring Twenties - The Taps, Jalan Tanglin
20) January 2012 - Gennaio Italian Bootcamp Festo - The Italianes, The Empire, Subang Jaya
21) February 2012 - Ay Yariba yariba MExicano - Las Caritas, Damansara Heights
22) March 2012 - Checkered and Funky Glass High Tea - The Library, First Subang.
23) April 2012 - Rubic Cube Colour - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights

Having organised 23 parties for 23 consecutive months, this month party was abit extra-ordinary!! Primarily because it was the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia Second Anniversary party!!


Who is the Champion for 2012?
There are points allocated for each and every event and for some challenges, points were awarded too for every rank (Delta, Seal and Ranger). Having completed the full course, the instructors and Admins are now calculating the points to determine the winner.

The points as at now stands as follows:

The first challenge which was the Blackhawk Mission, Highlander received 3 Points being the First!! Spartans received 2 Points being the 2nd, 3rd placing went to the Legends and 4th placing to the Avengers!! so the summary is as follows:

1) The Blackhawk Mission
Highlanders - 3 Points
Spartans - 2 Points
Legends - 1 Point
Avengers - 1 Point

The second challenge the winner accumulate 1 point each for the strongest Delta, strongest Seal and strongest Ranger at the squat hold torture chamber. For the Delta category, the Spartans won the first placing. The Highlander won the Seal category and the category for the Ranger was again won by the Spartans!! Thus, the summary of points was as follows:


The Battle of Platoon has been ongoing as early as 6:30am after a huge gathering since 530am at the Akademi Pengajian Islam's football field, University Malaya. The war between 4 battalions saw a neck to neck fight between the Spartans, the Legends and Highlander while the young Avengers was catching up fast. The mission codenamed: Blackhawk Down began only with a rescue mission to save our intel from being captured by the enemy but it went sour when more soldiers were held captive and tortured to reveal the longest kept secret who is the STALLion. Everyone endured the torture and when the white knights whom were the torturer were busy meeting and discussing, the soldiers escaped by crawling through the killing field for hours days. When they eventually found some rifles, they ran with the rifles to safety and just as they all thought they are safe and had escaped the scary white knights.... they discovered, they were still a few of them that was still held captive!! This is the finale.. the last mission was codenamed: "The Prison Break!!".. and of course, I was Micheal Scofield.

They sit and pondered!

They provoke each other for stronger spirit!!

They stripped!! Err.. I dont know why!!


Unbeknown to many, although the Blackhawk rescue mission was a success but there were many Prisoners of War (POW). These POW were endlessly tortured for them to confessed that I am the only STALLion and spell out who is the Champion!! No one wanted to admit!!  and so there were no mercy!! The torture had breach the Geneva Convention on POW and worst even breached the COBC Durian Convention!! The soldiers were tortured to spill out whatever secret they knew. The white knights in white tee wanted to know who were the best Rangers, who were the strongest Seal and who were the best Delta in the whole Malaysia COBC Regiment but everyone was silent!!! They kept the secret so tight that the White Knight had no other option but to execute them slowly but painfully. One by one were executed in an excruciating torture... and only the strongest will survived.


Caution: The following is merely fictions and a made-up story for COBC Second Battle of Platoons.

The COBC administrative on helicopter was earlier attacked and crashed. All food supplies that was transported was destroyed and Admin Rose Emini Pahamin was the only survivor. Rose Emini sent out an SOS alert to Dr Malek whom was attending to Soldiers with toothache. Mayday Mayday!! The Blackhawk is down!! Dr Malek Aziz whom received the SOS quickly alerted  COBC Operative head, Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann. The survivor of the crashed had with her the list of all undercover intelligence that can spark a global political crisis. To ensure their secrets were safe, four battalions were dispersed by different regiments.

A war cry was sent out to ensure there were no diplomatic crisis and 9 white knights were gathered to supervise the four battalions. This broke history when a coalition from Ampang, Cyberjaya, Shah Alam and Penang unite and formed an alliance that was codenamed, the Avengers. The other three battalions were the Spartans, the Highlanders and the Legends.

 The Commander that led the coalition Avengers was Mohd Azmir Zed whom brought along with him an army of 50 soldiers. The Avengers, Spartans, Highlanders and Legends had only one mission, to reach, rescue the survivor first and safekeep the secret from being revealed and exposed to other batallion.

This rescue team became the mission for the Battle of Platoons 2012!!

The white nights secured the parameter as early as 3am for the battle field to avoid any civilians from being dragged into the cold war.

Left: Corporal (COBC) Wan, Lance Corporal (COBC Ridz, Sarge COBC) Boon, Sarge (COBC) Nawal, Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann, Sarge (COBC) Tom, Lance Corporal (COBC) Kenny, Lance Corporal (COBC) Resh, Sarge (COBC) Chun.


A war-cry was recently issued in conjunction with COBC's 2nd Year Anniversary for the 2nd Battle of Platoons and this year saw a battle between four battalions as follows:

a) The merger of BU Alpha, BU Bravo and BU Dusk platoons as Bandar Utama Spartans.
b) The merger of DH Zulu and DH Charlie as Damansara Heights Highlanders. 
c) The merger of USJ1 Charlie, USJ1 Echo  USJ1 Dusk as the Subang jaya Legends. 
d) The "United Nation" sort of speak with the coalition of four battalions into one with Ampang, Shah Alam, Cyberjaya and Penang as the Avengers.

The Battle of Platoons is an annual event that was pre-planned to determine which battalion is the strongest in a friendly, enjoyable and slightly competitive way. 

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