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Left: Siaw Siew Bee, Dato Carol Chan Choy Lin, Dato Lukman Ibrahim, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Lee Lick Sai

Beside the new Proton Saga SV, there is now another reason to visit Proton Edar showroom.. Proton Edar is now the authorised Master Agent for Pos Laju. The idea for this synergistic venture was mooted, realized and launched by Tan Sri Mohd Khamil bin Jamil, DRB-HICOM Group Managing Director and also Proton Holdings Berhad Executive Chairman. He was accompanied by DRB-Hicom senior management namely Dato Abdul Harith Abdullah, Dato' Chan Choy Lin and Dato Mohamed Hazlan Mohamed Hussein. Also present at the event were Datuk Lukman Ibrahim, Proton Holding Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Hisham Othman, Taha Bujang, Salawati, Badrul , Francis and a batallion full of Pos Laju senior management team.

This collaboration will provide better convenience and accessibility for customers to send their courier items through Pos Laju while increasing the traffic flow to the showrooms. The increase traffic to the showrooms will provide a better opportunity for the Sales Advisors to market Proton cars and make known of our latest offer.

The event began with a recital of doa selamat and an opening speech by Hisham Othman, Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer.

A representative from Pos Laju read on behalf of Pos Laju's Group Chief Executive Officer, his speech and followed by the launching and signing of plaque by Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil.

We are pleased and is happy to learn that 51 dealers from Proton Edar dealers network were selected to be the authorised centre for Pos Laju as a second phase of the collaboration plan.

During this challenging moment facing the automotive industry, Proton dealer's network stand united with Proton and DRB-Hicom to ensure the national car project is not only successful but became the pride of all Malaysian.

Snapshots at the event (Click on picture to enlarge).


PROTON EDAR launched the naming contest for Proton's latest model (Codename: Proton Emas) tipped to be launched earliest by mid-next year. The car that was first unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show was designed by an Italian design and engineering company, Italdesign Giugiaro.

The details of the contest is as follows:

Date: 25 June 2013 to 25 July 2013.
Eligibility: Age 12 and above.

Terms & Conditions in a nutshell:
1) Can submit as many names as possible (but separate form
2) Can submit ONLINE at HERE.  
3) Submit by POS (must use 60 sen stamp) by printing the form at HERE.
4) The proposed name MUST BE IN MALAY LANGUAGE.

The event was held at the Proton Edar Center of Excellence and launched by Proton Holding Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil. Since Tan Sri Khamil took over the helm as the Executive Chairman, he has been actively involved in every activity launched by Proton Edar and had regular engagement with PEDA and the network.


4 years ago, Anushia Siva Subramaniam introduced me to this military-inspired, group, outdoor personal training program in Padang Merbuk. Unbeknown of what it was, Anushia's introductory line was as simple as... "You don't asked so much, You don't think too much, you go and enroll online and just surrender yourself for just 1 hour, 3 times a week for 4 consecutive weeks!!" Then you will know what the bootcamp training is all about". My enthusiasm and deep passion to be healthy and fit got the better of me and I immediately enrolled and fell in love with everything about bootcamp akin of a love at first sight. I was obsessed with its training program. I do not know what got into me but I found some hidden massive energy that made me craved for more and more even now 4 years later.

I did not understand the how(s) and why(s) but what matters, whatever the program was, it worked!!

That sentence then became the tagline of COBC bootcamp workout testimonies year after year... "Just surrender yourself for 1 hour, 3 times a week for 4 consecutive weeks and you will be amazed to see the result". Most recruits stayed on with the program for years to come.

Like most of us, I was not bothered to know the science behind the Bootcamp program but the newly found strength, stamina and especially the leaner-meaner me was enough for me to keep wanting and coming for more.... month after month, year after year. Now, I took a step further to understand the whole science with what is happening inside and within our body. To satisfy this curious mind, I enrolled together with a platoon of Reds to study at the Fitness Innovation Malaysia (FIT) and a mile into the journey of learning, I was lost in a jungle full of jargons but quickly adapt to be able to relate what I learn with all readers.


The much awaited Proton's latest variance will be launched this morning!! What is new with the new variant?

Yes!! Safety feature!!! Twin airbags!! and a 3 Star ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) crash test passed and approved!! The new variance, packed with the best of safety features in its class is expected to be priced lower as a result of detailed value analysis and engineering.

To view the model, visit us at No. 1, Jalan Diplomatik 2/2, Precint 15, 62050 Putrajaya. Telephone: 03-8811013. For direction, see map below:

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Dr Malek Aziz, a Co-Licensee at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) Malaysia turned 60 years old today on 14 June 2013. Dr Malek Aziz does not need any introduction to those within the bootcamp fraternity. The still-practicing dentist has been working out with the COBC program consistently for 4 years now and is still very hyper-active and would easily overtake, in speed and exercise form any younger recruits half his age when they all trained together.We would end up being call the Pakcik instead of him.

The Delta and a father of 5 great children has nothing but humility and humour when he socializes
with anyone from any age group and/or from any race and status. He can even become the 10 years old, Aaraf's best friend. Dr Malek is not only humble and funny but he is also a great listener. If anyone ever need a friend to talk, a shoulder to cry on or even a friend to rely and trust, he will always be there.

Dr Malek, like me.. survived terminal cancer and we workout primarily to maintain our health. Although we are both business men but at COBC, it was never about business and making money but its all about rejoicing a community that share similar passion for health and fitness.


What happen when graduates and yuppies from various fields that ranges from Engineers, Auditors, Economics to Fine Arts and Hotel Management became an instructor having shared the same passion & vision? Whom then passionately delivers the 24 years old military-inspired program to train and transformed thousands of civilians in unleashing their best health, physique and fitness potential?

Yes.. first, they learn from the founder of the world oldest running military-inspired program Chief Brabon, to obtained the Military Fitness specialist level 1 Certificate, attended various short courses and being hungry or more like starving for more knowledge, they all registered and gathered every weekend for a scheduled training at the Fitness Innovations (M) Sdn Bhd (Commercially known as FIT), a member of Fitness Innovations (Thailand, India, Indonesia and Singapore) read more about FIT at HERE. After almost a year of talking and discussing, COBC finally collaborated with FIT to feed our every instructor's hunger for more knowledge.

There is one common trait that is shared by all trainers at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC), they are all University graduates from various fields (including but not limited to Sports Science and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (cscs)). They were all once a recruit (at COBC) and an avid athlete but not necessarily born an athlete (for more information of COBC instructor, read HERE which is still being updated). This combination of mix background is important to understand the needs and fancies of COBC's recruits. No one can understand the pain of 'commoners' (which we refers to those couch potatoes whom had never, rarely or seldom exercise) better than those instructors whom can relate to the pain or the transformation process of getting fit and healthy (first hand experience from ground zero to their best potential).

Most professional athletes are born an athlete, polished and train to be the best but they do not undergo the same processes or pain of those commoners  to be able to experience and relate themselves of the 'transformation agony' having being born with the stamina and physically fit gene, except of course.. in theory.

The first class that we had yesterday was fun, havoc and very hyper-active mimicking the scenario while training especially when the Reds are now akin of a recruit.. a student starving for knowledge, progress and improvement. They are all salivating impatiently to learn and absorb the knowledge in class and improve themselves. We met the tall, huge (with his arm bigger than my thigh) friendly and funny, the first lecturer, Jerrican Tan whom is also the man responsible for the birth of Malaysia's first international standard educational fitness centre, the FIT.


Left: Liew Vee Lee, Lee Lik Sai, Taha, Rashid Musa, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Hisham Othman, Datuk Yahya Jaafar, Siaw Siew Bee, Jeff Lim, Dato Isa Indot
7 June 2013, Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Except for 3 dealers, PROTON Network which comprised of all authorized Sales dealers, After-Sales dealers, branch showroom, branch service centres, management and senior management of Proton Edar and Proton Holdings Berhad gathered for the first time at the Hotel Istana in Kuala Lumpur since DRB-Hicom took over from Khazanah Nasional. The gathering was graced by Yg Bhg Tan Sri Mohd Khamil bin Jamil himself as the Executive Chairman of Proton Holdings Berhad accompanied by Datuk Lokman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Proton Holdings Berhad, Hisham Othman, Chief Executive Officer Proton Edar Sdn Bhd as well as other senior Management.This was my 4th Convention that I attended as the President for Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia.

The session that saw almost a 100% attendance with only 2 days notice given, began as early as 8am and was a much needed gathering given the disappointing overall sales in May. When the network expected Tan Sri Khamil to throw some if not many punches for the dismay sales, he remained calm and cool and seemed to understand the predicament we faced. In fact, he addresses various critical issues that is pertinent to the survivability of the network.


The June-Intake started with a Bomb at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia again... More than half of returning recruits achieved their Personal Best in their Benchmark Assessments. Read more about the Benchmark Assessment at HERE. The latest benchmark assessment saw more recruits completing their benchmark assessment below 7 minutes which was an extraordinary achievements considering there were only three recruits in the "6-Minutes ++" category the same time last year.

What was even more inspiring, was the testimony from our recruits on Facebook (keep it coming folks). At COBC, it is always a positive inspiring energy that flows through our every recruit. That is the spirit of bootcamp. Rarely will do we see our recruit demoralizing other comrades or other recruit from other bootcamp or even instructors from other bootcamp. Mutual respect and common courtesy is COBC build-in traits & belief that is the first rule of being a bootcamper, preached by the platoon commander during every month's opening speech. For June what will be the target?

Whether your target was to trim down your waist line from size 36 to size 30 like Poh Ow Ee...

or to run faster like Chee Yee Law whom never seriously ran before but started collecting Prizes after a few months with COBC...


Back in 2009 and on various other platform, as the President for the Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia, I issued statements and called for the government to established a custodian to the automotive industry (See the copy of Bernama at HERE and media picture at HERE). Automotive sales have been affected by various statutory policies that had hampered and hindered the growth of the sector but automotive industry is a Key Driver that can help Malaysia to meet its vision to be a develop nation. It is common for a Ministry to be set up to promote the growth of an important sector in Malaysia, for example Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture etc. Why not a Ministry of Automotive?

Naturally, we support Datuk Syed Mohamad Syed Murtaza, DRB-HICOM Berhad Chairman proposal for the government to establish a new Ministry for the Automotive Sector. See below, extract from Business Times dated 31 May 2013. The actual article is available at HERE. 

Call for automotive sector ministry

MALAYSIA should consider establishing a new ministry for the automotive sector, DRB-HICOM Bhd chairman Datuk Syed Mohamad Syed Murtaza said.

Syed Mohamad said automotive is one of the few industries that can help Malaysia meet its vision to be a developed nation by 2020.

"We have a ministry to take charge of tourism. There is one for education and health," Syed Mohamad, who was former managing director of Armstrong Auto Parts Sdn Bhd and Armstrong Cycle Parts Sdn Bhd said.

"Should we not seriously consider having a ministry of automotive industry?" he asked.

Syed Mohamad was speaking at the Business Times Insight forum on how the National Automotive Policy (NAP) will reshape the industry, here on Wednesday.


We are pleased to announced the arrival of the Chief's Original Bootcamp & New Balance Membership Card (WIP)!! The card is given complimentary to all WIP members and 3M recruit. Except for 3M recruit, the bearer of the card is entitled for a monthly fee of only RM199 per month for a Military Corps 12 sessions a month program (codename MC12). The card-holder is also entitled for a 20% discount at all participating New Balance Outlets, spa & massage (TBA), restaurant & Dining (TBA) and discounts at various other locations. Simply flash your card to get the discount. We welcome all recruit with businesses/products/services to be COBC partners. Share your passion.

The card is valid for 12 months from 1 June 2013 and is applicable to all WIP subscribers from January 2013 and to all 3M recruits from June 2013.

NOTE for WIP members whom had registered between January to May 2014. Since you will only receive the COBC/NB card in June, members can continue to pay RM199 per month (exceeding 12 months) until June 2014 and off-set the last 2 months payment against the deposit.

For details for COBC fees and all promotions, please click HERE. The card will be distributed to all recruit by your platoon commander at your registered location.

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