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It was a quiet morning at Bandar Utama until the Chief's Original Bootcamp session began. Somehow, I knew Mohamad Fazli, Andy Wong and Chee Ping purposely allow us to overtook them to get a total of 90 Grunts in a session that toned our chest muscle, legs, abs and legs!! As if that was not enough, after the session they add another 10 Grunts to make it 100 Grunts and they say I am kiasu? But that is what it takes to be a winner. Last year, Mohamad Fazli was the Malaysia Champ for best physical transformation at Australia's 8 Week Challenge.

Less than two (2) weeks ago, Chief and Gunny Brabon from the Original Bootcamp, Australia (Chief Original Bootcamp licensor) threw the challenge again to everyone for a total physical re-branding in just 8 weeks for only AUD29.90 (for current recruit or AUD$59.90 for non-OBC/COBC)! This is the third year that Chief and Gunny Brabon threw the challenge and even throw in a Grand Prize of RM15,000 to be won by recruit with the best physical transformation subject to those recruits being trained at COBC for the whole 8 weeks period. Yes, that is how confident COBC is about its program. 

What can you expect to get at the end of 8 weeks? Result guarantee!!


Bandar Utama Champion: Mohamad Fazli
The 8 Week challenge that began on 26 September 2011 and recently ended on 18 November 2011 was a challenge that did not just tested our physical strength to achieved our desired target utilizing the COBC military-inspired discipline based motivational approach but it challenges our mental strength to break the routine bad habit in eating that had poison and accumulated unwanted weight and excess baggage. The voting was open for casting by the public on Monday, 21 November 2011 and closed on Wednesday. 23 November 2011; extended by a day from the initial deadline on Tuesday, 22 November 2011 due to overwhelming respond that had congested the access to the voting system. In total, there were more than 20,000 votes being casted which was commendable given this 8 Week Challenge was only into our 2nd year since launching.

Irrespective of the voted winner to be announced below, we must admit and we must acknowledged, that every COBC 8WC participants are already a winner!! A winner because we had conquered our lifetime dream to be what we are today!! A winner because we are alot healthier today than we were 8 weeks ago!! A winner because.... this physique that we now possess is a dream cum true!! never in our wildest dream, that we thought we could shred on average 10kg of weight in merely 2 months! An average of  3 dress size down. An average of 5 inches in waistline. I am particularly inspired to see the changes of all my friends whom when I first knew them, were so much different than what I see in them today. They did not just look thinner, leaner, sexier but they are more joyful, more cheerful and of course.. they are alot more confidence!! 


Thats it.. the end of the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, 8 Weeks Challenge 2011!! The 8 Weeks Challenge began on 26 September 2011 and ended today 18 NOVEMBER 2011.
To remain in the competition, the AFTER shots MUST be uploaded by 11:59PM (Malaysia Time) this coming Sunday evening 20 November 2011.

What do we need to do before the photo-shoot? For you to look better on pictures, please find below 8 TIPS or 8 MUST do things before photo-shoot.

1. WAX! Gents – you can see muscles on your chest and abs a lot better if you do the deed and either shave on the morning of your photo – or go the whole hog and get waxed. Ladies – we know better than that and are always looking gorge.

2. FAKE TAN! - everybody looks better with a little brown. I don’t condone sunbaking...but a fake tan can do wonders for muscle definition and looking leaner in a photo. (Think like a body builder but don’t look like one! Especially not an orange tan! Just a light one to cover up the glare of the lily white skin).



8 Week Challenge IMPORTANT DATES:

16 September 2011 - Registration online is open - those that have not registered,  click HERE.

25 September 2011 - Challenger's profile must be submitted (PictureSs & measurement) at HERE.

- Registration for October & November 2011 must be completed by clicking the big  huge green "H" button under ENROL now at HERE (for new recruits) & for existing/returning recruit at HERE 

- PHOTO-SESSION & Measurement at BUSTANU PAHAMIN (my residence), this weekend between 8-11am, Sunday 25 September 2011. There will be a sexy, pretty & gorgeous lady to take pics & measurement of the ladies and those measurement & pics of the male challengers but if they want a male measure/photograph-er, no problem, I am here!! Yes.. I understand  some recruit may be confuse at the points to take the measurement so we offer this customize service at no extra cost. Please DO NOT be late and arrive on time on Sunday ya..  

- Recruits/ Challengers that have not registered can come to my house too and we will help to register for you too

- COBC-TEAM will help you to submit your Challenge Profile measurement & pictures


At the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, our recruits are pampered to the maximum!! Yaa.. I know!! but that is how we are!! and that is how we love our recruits whom are not just a comrade but are more of a bruder/sista homie. For a start, let us provide an idiot-proof Step by Step guidance to assist recruits with their registration.


(1.a) For a start, Click HERE to register and you will be directed to this page below:

(1.b) *Notice the red circle on the webpage above? yes.. click the REGISTER NOW, then you will be re-directed to the following page:

(1.c) On that page (above), see the RED CIRCLE? yes.. click on the "Add to cart", then you will be re-directed to the following page:

1.d) See the RED-CIRCLE again and click on "SHOW CART", and you will be directed to the following page:

8 WEEK CHALLENGE 2011- part 1

There is no better time to participate in Australia's most seek after dietary program than now!! Why?

(1) Because we have been on MAKANSutra for the past.. err 2 weeks for the Eid Mubarak (Hari Raya) celebration!! Actually, it was not because we want to break our diet but it is actually customary and polite to try out and eat every meal that was served during open houses (make believe).

(2) Because the food for this year's diet was localise to Asian taste!! Yes we hear your last year's year feedback Yam Chan SiuCheh (and all ex-8WC'ians)... last year the food ingredient was not so conducive and abit exorbitant but this year.. hopefully, we will even have a price tag and everywhere-can-buy ingredients.

3) Because... Of course we want to be healthy and especially gorgeous and sexy with hot ass like Mek Yam!!

4) There will be one winner per participating platoon as oppose to last year's only one overall winner worldwide which our Otai and 4 times SOB James Fong was one of the finalist!

He received a RM300 voucher at NIKE store. Meaning, if I register all our platoons, there will be one winner for every platoon.

How much does it cost to participate? 
To participate, you must be a paid recruit at the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and pay AUD29.95 (Approximately RM90.00) for the 8 Weeks Challenge.

When does it start?
The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ Eight Week Challenge starts on Monday 26th Sept and Finishes on Friday 18th Nov 2011.

For more information and FAQ click HERE.

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