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We hear ya on the online feedback. You asked for Supplements, we give you supplements! Now we have supplements in store just for you! But of course, we only choose the best!! but before we even start chatting on those supplements, I have also received various inquiries on detox and natural supplements too. I am not a nutritionist to elaborate in details on our body's nutritional requirement.. that is Mr Wong from iLife's department. My department..? Yes.. eating department and that includes testing various detox re-mix ala guinea pig. I can only speak on my own personal experience as well as the experience of my group of guinea pigs friends.

I am a sucker for detox and dieting. In November 2008, I went strict on Dr JD Adamo's blood type diet for over a year which I blogged about it at HERE. After the blood type diet, I went on an organic detox diet. Yes, no polygamy on dieting. One dietary regime then another. I was on fresh Bitter-gourd and lemon juice every morning and birds nest in the evening for a year. In September 2010, I participated in the inaugural COBC 8 Week Challenge and overshot my weight lost target and became all skins and bones. Looking abit haggard and old instead of meaty and healthy I went on a weight gain diet and overshot to become abit fluffy. 6 months ago, I went on Vegetable Juice mocktail! Every morning after COBC, I'll go bottom's up on 25 ounce of vegetable what does the morning juice includes? It comprised of 6 inch fat cucumber, 4 inch Ginger, 1 small Bitter Gourd, 6 long sticks of Celery, three Green Apples, half size big Beet Root, three Carrots and one grape fruit all blended into 25 ounce of juice mocktail and took it on an empty stomach every morning!!


We hear ya!! Thank you for your recent feedback via our online survey. With effect from December 2011 intake that began as early as 28 November 2011 (See bottom page for full program), we wont just record your Benchmark Assessment on your first session but we will also prepare for you a complimentary Body Composition Analysis in our latest collaboration with iLife Nutrition. Why? because you asked for it..

So what will happen during the Body Composition Analysis? For a start, you will be seated on a chair with both arm and leg strapped, there will be one hunk and a babe holding both your arm and leg down and a doctor with a few sharp knives will cut and extract all your fat to weigh them on a weighing scale... No! just kidding. The whole procedure is very simple and painless.. no needles, no knives and definitely no parang. There will be a Body Composition Analyzer! Not one but three iLIFE Nutritionist will be at site to measure individual recruit's body composition.
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