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We held a Tahlil, Dzikir and Marhaban at our house on 26 February 2010 to commemorate Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) birthday, prayers for our Allahyarham and Allahyarhamah relatives and Doa Selamat for my dad, Pahamin A Rajab's birthday (23 February), my sister Melor Edina Pahamin (26 February), Nawal Aini Zulkifli (4 Mac) and mine (1 March). We had a small combined celebration and prayers instead of the normal party celebration.

It was raining heavily, our guests arrived before 7pm to gather for Maghrib prayer but our invited
Imam, Ustaz Ropi & Co from Paya Jaras, Sungai Buloh were lost and arrived shortly before 8pm.

We invited about 150 relatives and closest friends but more than 150 came. The most senior, my Grand Uncle Tok Su Daud came too with his battalion. So did uncles and aunties all the way from Kelantan.

Amongst some friends were Natasya Foo from Fasfik. From Bootcamp, Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Danial Ismail, Ili Liyana Baharon, Nyna Mohsen, Ilyanna Ayob, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Anita Ahmad etc etc....

After the Maghrib prayer, we recited the Surah Yassin, Dzikir and Marhaban followed by the Doa selamat.

We recited the surah Yasin and performed Tahlil for Allahyarham(s) and Allahyarhamah(s):

1) Mohamad bin Ab Rashid
2) Abd Razak bin Abd latiff
3) Selamah bt Awang
4) Ramli bin Mohamad
5) Fatimah bin Abu Bakar
6) Mahadi Bin Razak
7) Ruqaiyah Hanim Tun Hussein

After the tahlil, we had Doa Selamat in conjunction with Pahamin A Rajab's (23 February) birthday, Melor Edina Pahamin's Birthday (23 February), Nawal Aini Zulkifli (4 March) and My Birthday (1 March). We pray for a longer, healthier, happier and prosperous life. Then we had the Marhaban and Isya' prayer before a big sinful feast.

My mother... Prayer, Doa and mother's love superseded anything and everything else. I love you mum.

There were varieties of food and delicacies from Kelantan Nasi Kerabu, Laksa Kelantan, Laksam, Pulut Kuning,  ayam percik, solok lada, sambal belacan, budu (haa!! fav!), Nasi putih, gulai kawah, dalcar, sambal petai, ikan tenggiri sweet sour, roast lamb, lompat tikam, talam ubi, curry puff, akok, kuih bingka, kek lapis, mandarin orange, rendang, teh tarik, and fruit punch but Photographer Rose Emini was busy eating and did not take food-photos.

Finally the cake-cutting ceremony...........  February & March is a hectic month. My dad's birthday on 23 February, 3-DAYS later, Melor's Birthday on 26 February, 3-DAYS later, My Birthday on 1 March, 3-Days later Nawal Aini Zulkifli's Birhday on 4 March, 3-DAYS later, Nawal's Mum Birthday on 7 March.


The Birthday Girl Melor Edina & Mohammed Rhiza Ghazi with Rafel Zicry Onn. Today is Melor's actual birthday. My dad's 3-days belated and my 3-days advance celebration.

and on my birthday............ the same as last year, see Birthday 2009, an advance notification for a please NO-GIFT & PRESENT year too but I will be most grateful if you include me in your prayers instead. Thank you very much in advance for the prayer and greetings. May Allah swt bless you with good health and wealth. Amin.



Its Friday........... FRIDAY 26th February 2010!! The last of the twelve Bootcamp sessions and its FINAL..........ANOTHER MONTH OF PERFECT ACE...... 100% Attendance, Commitment & Effort!!!

This month also marked the fifth month since I joined the Bootcamp training... Four Months of ACE since November 2009, Five months of consistent blog-journal entry of every session and 5 months of pure punctuality... and is still going strong!! VERY STRONG!!! .. except for the knee.

We had only the senior trainers with us today, namely Sarge Simran (ACE in training too!!), Corporal Faizal Ariff and Corporal Jason Moriarty. There were no Lans Corporals....

There were 6 AWOL TODAY........ the typical super seniors Kenny Smith, Scott Verrett, Marcos Salama, Rachel Sebastian, and the less senior Virmala and Hana Hashim. The seniors knew how we appreciate the extra Grunts and squat pulses.. so again, thank you for the extra 'workout'.

We should get at least 60 grunts or 6 sets of 30 seconds squat pulses............ but surprisingly we did not! (shocked with mouth wide open). Maybe it is the last session and Sarge Simran wanted to give us some 'break'?

After the roll-call by Corporal Faizal and the routine warming up, we were divided into our respective rank.. the Delta, Seals and Rangers... Sarge Simran took us the Delta first, Corporal Faizal took the Seals and Corporal Jason with the Rangers. There are three circuits prepared for every rank.

With Sarge Simran, each of us Deltas had to bear-hugged Sandra Baglog aka sandbag and run.......... for 20 minutes. It was a good start, in fact I was ready and expecting a mega strenuous and difficult session today. While running along Jalan Parliament, I incidentally tripped on a road-grill (???) and 'Tergolek'.. fell hard on my ankle that my head-hugging tag heuer spectacle flew off my head from the impact.

Err.. determine to complete this last session... or rather 'control macho', I continued the run... While running, Sarge Simran instructed to change Sandra's position ala KamaSutra.... from Bear-hugging Sandra, Sandra on top (arm stretch above the head), on the shoulder, Sandra lift with arm straight but this time, Sandra did not go under between the legs. All those positions were alternated while running... Slow and steady, we lasted the whole 20 minutes although some recruits went fast and crazy... especially the SSJ Chun Chiakie. Despite the knee & ankle pain, I luuuuurve the run with Sandra but I was cover with Sandra's sweat aka Sands.

We had the BOOM SHAKE SHAKE THE ROPE circuit after the run..... partnering with Chun SSJ against Hafiz Omar and Irwan Anuar, we stood at one rope-end and Hafiz Omar and Irwan at the other end approximately 15 metres apart. Starting with me and Hafiz, holding the mother of rope that is as big as my arm, we had to shake-the-rope creating as big a wave with the mother of rope while Chun SSJ that was behind me, and Irwan Anuar behind Hafiz Omar had to performed squat with Sandra... yesss.. still with Sandra.

While squatting down, Sandra is held ala bear-hug and when squatting up, sandra is carried up with both arm stretch straight above the head. On TABATA, we rotate between shaking the rope and squatting Sandra.

The body position to shake the rope was changed from standing to kneeling. The form to hold the rope was also change from the hand-shake form to karate-fist-form.

So far, the circuit was ....... excellent!! Shaking the rope toned the arm and good for the core muscle as well as abdomen.

We then went on to Corporal Faizal Ariff with his signature TABATA... also my favourite. On a TABATA (20 seconds workout, 10 seconds break and so forth for a fix period), we did Four Sets of SUMO Squat. I observed my squat 'form' carefully and was able to complete it with heart 'TERBAKAR' on TABATA.

We should rename the TABATA workout with TERBAKAR (on 'Fire' in Malay Language) which is true to the the meaning. On the same TABATA, we did the KING KONG PUSH UP for a similar repetition of 4 sets. After a good bench-pressing at the gym yesterday, the King Kong Push up was abit excruciating but I luurve it!!! Maybe soon will have the chest of an APE and embarrass the ladies on push-up bra haa.

Having performed the King Kong Push-up on the toes (which is expected of the Deltas), the ankle-pain from the 'Fall' worsen and a sudden sharp pain is felt but I continued to gave the 100% commitment to ACE February with Honor.

However, I took the 'option' workout on the third set on TABATA. I could not perform the bloddy strenuous MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS and did the truster instead but the Trusters aggravated the ankle pain and I must have compromised the form done when the pain was then felt on the right knee (the old injured knee).

Mountain climbers are a great combination of strength exercise and cardiovascular exercise. They simultaneously target glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, and abdominals, and will sent your heart pumping at heart-quake tsunami richter 7.5 scale!

Start position

End Position and repeat with the other leg

Begin in a push-up position. Jump one leg forward into a low lunge position with both arm glued to the ground. Alternate to the other leg. The trick is to do these continually, back and forth, back and forth. 

After completing Corporal Faizal's TABATA, the Delta moved on to Corporal Jason.

Corporal Jason's circuit divided the Delta in two teams; A and B. Team A and Team B were line-up facing each other at 30 meters distance away. An orange cone was placed half way between Team A and Team B to mark the 15 meter distance.

Team A had to Bear Walks 15 meters to the Orange Cone towards Team B. Bear Walks worked out the arms, back, chest and lower body.

Once we reached on Bear Walks at the orange cone,, we must immediately performed 10 repetitions of 'Clapping Push up'. Then reverse-bear walk back to start position and continue the same circuit for a total of 4 sets. The arm, back, chest was burning on fire.... the constant contraction of the muscles was so good it still twitches even now... (note this is one of the symptoms of dehydration).

Now we know why we did not get the GRUNTS and/or SQUAT PULSES today as a punishment for AWOL.... the circuits prepared was already too strenuous and madness that we need all the energy and time to complete it... so much for giving us a break (Stick tongue out).

The Bear Walk aggravated the ankle and knee pain further, I limped to the warming down session with Sarge Simran. At the end of the session.......... that sense of achievement to complete another month of 100% ACE with Honours was a damn good orgasm.


Although February bootcamp session had just ended, there are March, April, May..... and so forth. Bootcamp, training, exercising should be a lifestyle and not a short term measure.

Until next monday, with another Benchmark assessment to be recorded and for the list of FEBRUARY ACE...... STAY TUNE!!



Fatique, lethargy, headache, unexplained tiredness, extreme sleepiness amongst others, are common symptoms of the underrated and always overlooked "Dehydration"... or lacked of water (Please read: Dehydration) which is a common prognosis of 'burn-out' in most if not all new-athletes. We tend to always discount the importance of water.

There are three main types of dehydration: hypotonic (primarily a loss of electrolytes, sodium in particular), hypertonic (primarily a loss of water), and isotonic (equal loss of water and electrolytes).

"For routine activities in which a person is not perspiring to any large degree, drinking when one is thirsty is sufficient to maintain hydration. However, during exercise, relying on thirst alone may be insufficient to prevent dehydration from occurring."

A simple rule of thumb, to avoid that feeling of burning out after a prolong period of exercising and to prolong the energy for a consistent training without burning out, replenish the body with at least a can of isotonic drink (such as 100+, Gatorade) and twice the amount of isotonic drink with water immediately after exercising... of course with sufficient sleep too. Lack of sleep will lead to other problem, click Here for earlier blog-post regarding sleep.

In fact, drink 1-2 can of isotonic drink and double the quantity of water (ratio 1:2, isotonic:water) everytime we suffer from the common symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, headache, unexplained tiredness, extreme sleepiness, irritability, dry mouth, dizziness when standing due to orthostatic hypotension, and in some cases, insomnia, groggy or sleepy, tingling in one's limbs (paresthesia), muscle spasm, constipation etc.... it is an unnoticed prognosis of Dehydration.

Those symptoms are due to the electron/Ion imbalances in the brain which can be avoided with the combination of sufficient isotonic drink and water.

Let us be consistent in our training without burning out by taking extra precaution with our water intake... Drink at least 4.5 liters (equivalent to 3x big bottle of coke) of water daily.

Nonetheless, it is imperative that we take all precautionary measure to avoid burning out and 'breaking' our training momentum.




8 AWOL today on the second last session for the month. The training gets tougher and tougher towards the month end and many had burnout. However, the 8 AWOL at the bootcamp today may not be from the burnout but instead .... The 8 AWOL were Scott Verret, Kenny Smith, Arvind, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor, Machiko, Natisha, Kevin Tan.

From a supposedly 80 grunts punishment, I whispered to Sarge Simran, if we could have a mix of Squat pulses & Grunts.. a combination between sexy legs and dying heart! and we did 4 sets of 30 seconds squat pulses and 40 grunts. I luuuuurrve it!!!! Thanks AWOLs!! You are the best!!

There were Sarge Simran, Corporal Faizal Ariff and Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum whom took a well-designed circuit each and trained us........ but its not part 1B - full Body Circuit.

There were three splendid circuit prepared for today!! Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum took us the Delta first whilst Corporal Faizal took the Seal and Sarge Simran trained the Rangers.

LC Elin took us through the abdomen exercise circuit!!! 5 TYPE OF KILLER ABS!!! My favourite!!!!... The circuit requires the Delta to be with a partner. I partnered up with Irwan Anuar, a less talkative but friendly chap. On my right was Chun Chia kai SSJ with Stephanie Chok and on my left was Chief Ayam Shobha DBK and Kenix Lim. All others were in the same line with a partner.

The first circuit namely "Negative Sit-up" requires Irwan Annuar to stand and step on both my feet while I lied down on the muddy field to perform a sit-up exercise similar to the picture on the right (except, the partner stand and step on both feet instead of holding it with both arm).

At that position, Irwan will call out loud slowly 1, 2, 3, .. 6. and on that slow-pace-count, I am expected to lower my body to the ground. This was repeated for a minute before the role was reverse and I am now standing and stepping on both Irwan's feet.

The SECOND set of work out was "Throw the Leg vertical crunches". It was performed with Irwan standing with his leg shoulder width apart. I lied down with my head between his leg (Eeeww) and both hand holding his leg for support. The I had to raise my leg up 90 degrees vertical (see picture) and Irwan will push and throw away my leg to the centre, right and left etc and I had to hold and avoid the leg from touching the ground.

The role was then reversed and repeated with me throwing away Irwan's leg.

The THIRD abdomen exercise was quite similar to the first set... on a similar sit-up position with Irwan standing and stepped on both my feet. On every 'sitting-up', I had to alternate clapping Irwan's left and right hand for a fixed period of time before the role was then reverse for a total of two set.

The FOURTH abdomen workout was the REVERSE-PLANKS aka TABLE-TOP. this was done similar to the picture on the left. while I was doing the reverse-plank, Irwan pressured my body down whilst i had to hold against it.

The FIVE exercise was the PRESSURE-PLANK.. this was done similar to the picture on the right with one leg up but the partner had to push down the back for an extra pressure!!! The role was reverse and repeated for two set (alternating the other leg raised) after a grueling 20 second hold.

When Chun SSJ talked abit too much, Stephanie Chok simply sat on Chun SSJ's back and Chun SSJ.. for once, was without any noise and when the role was reversed, Chun SSJ returned Stephanie's  'favour'......... and......... She Moans!!!! instead of groan. Quite cute..

The 6-pack is coming although damn slowly......... but surely. We moved on to Corporal Faizal Ariff's slow & steady Kills. Its a killer chest & cardio workout. I was partnered up again with Irwan Anuar. The slow killer workout named Ten's Circuit was as follows:

The 1st set requires Irwan, on a descending repetitions from 9 to 1 performed the Grunts and me performing the Push-up on an ascending number of repetition from 1 to 9. The total combined repetitions should always equate to TEN, hence the name "the 10's Circuit".For example, Irwan will start by performing 9 repetitions of grunts and upon reaching the 9th rep, Irwan will stop while I continue with 1 rep push up, so the total combined repetition is 10. When I completed he 1 rep push-up, Irwan then continued with 8 repetitions of Grunts and I will do 2 rep push up and so forth until Irwan completed the descending repetition from 9 to 1, and I performed the push-up on an ascending repetition from 1-9.

The exercise was reversed for the second set with me now doing the Grunts and Irwan performed the Push-up. Somehow, I don't seemed to have a good chemistry with grunts........... from the 40 grunts penalty start-up + now a total of 45 grunts... a total of 85 reps Grunts.... though I love the heart-throbbing pain from doing the grunts and I luuuuurve the total 45 reps push-up!!!

Next form of exercise was RUNNING WITH BAGPACK weight... 20KG!??.. Sarge Simran was kind enuogh to give me an option between a Mock Rifle or a god-damn-bloody-heavy-bagpack given my knee-condition. Stubbornly, I chose the bag-pack and we all ran with it.. up a hilly slope!!!! My Polar Heart rate monitor immediately screamed.. TOOT TOOOT TOOOT TOOOOOT.. Heart-Quake Tsunami alert richter scale 7... !!!


When the session ended........ I was 'high'... probably overdosed with mega-adrenaline...

Now... counting down again for the last session on Friday!!!! but will be at the Truefitness Gym tomorrow @ 6am!!!

Stay Tune for whats in store on Friday...





2 more days for the end of February 2010 Original Bootcamp Session!! 2 more days and it will be five months of Bootcamping!!! 2 more days for a full 4 months of 100% ACE!!!! 2 more days for a full four months of consistent every session write-up ala journal on Bootcamp training.... and 2 more days for a full 4 months of 100% punctuality (never late) but today we arrived 2 minutes before the start time......... Phewwww..... almost spoil my perfect statistic.

Our warm-up session was great until we were divided into our respective ranks Delta, Seal and Rangers. When everybody was in a straight line,  Boris & Kitson went from left to right and left and not knowing where to go (maybe they need a GPS to find their rank?)... and 10 FREE GRUNTS.

Its coming nearing the end of the session and today, its a full battle workout!!! "FULL BODY CIRCUIT- 1A".. don't asked what the '1A' stands for... said Sarge Simran. I reckon, Part 1B will be for Wednesday, part 1C for Friday, we shall see...

Its a full body workout as it comprised of Cardio Sprint, legs, shoulder, chest, abdomen, tricep....... except for the back workout. Thankfully... I worked out my back at the gym the day before.

There were three trainers today with Sargent Simran, Corporal Jason Moriarty and Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum.

The circuit today comprised of a long straight-line marked with 12 yellow cones that was placed 2 meters apart from each other and an orange cone 5 metres in distant from the last, 12th yellow cone.

There was a fix workout for every 12 yellow cones and after the 12th yellow cone, we were asked to sprint 5 meter to the orange cone and U-turn for a total 34 meters back to the first yellow cone.

The Delta had to performed 20 repetitions of every exercises except for Grunts and 1 arm frog.

1st Yellow cone: Deep Squat
2nd yellow Cone: Deep Push-up
3rd Yellow Cone: Military Sit up
4th Yellow Cone: Grunts (10 x)
5th Yellow Cone: King Kong Push up,
6th Yellow Cone: jump Squat
7th Yellow Cone: jack knife
8th Yellow Cone: 1 arm frog
9th Yellow Cone: tiger squat
10th Yellow Cone: Shoulder push up
11th Yellow Cone: hant to elbow
12th yellow Cone: truster
13th Orange Cone: sprint

Everybody are expected to run from one cone to the other except for the orange cone where we were expected to sprint. If anybody walk instead of running........ we will be penalise with 20 Grunts, 25 Grunts, 30 Grunts and so forth for every walking moment.

Shortly after the circuit started...... "STEADY...!!!!" screamed Sarge Simran signalling everybody to stop!! 20 grunts for walking !!!! Eeek... !!! After the 20 grunts, without any break, we continue with the circuit.

Then suddenly........... STEADY!!!!! again screamed Sarge Simran... signalling us to stop.. again!!!! 25 GRUNT FOR WALKING.. again!!!! and there we go again........... with the knee trembling in exhaustion.

A few moment later.... another scream by Sarge Simran........ STEADY!!!!!!!!!! AAAaaaa I was about to scream... maybe someone does not understand English!!! then Sarge said... 2 minute WATER-BREAK!!! Ceh..... I almost curse !! but Pheww... finally a water break.

At the end of the circuit..... I was soaked in sweat though it felt like blood pouring out from the sweat gland. My heart was throbbing but it was an orgasmic workout!!! I love it.. I mean who does not love orgasm but today was really Orgasmic!!


Stay Tune for February ACErs....

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