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There were countless people that commented (on facebook, blogs, twitter etc) in favour of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections BERSIH 2.0 so called 'Peaceful" demonstration and to be honest, I have not heard anyone that is against it.. except for politicians. Again, I took the liberty to speak to a few people whom are very much in favour of BERSIH 2.0 peaceful demonstration. I asked, why are you so much in favour of BERSIH 2.0?

Is it because our election process was not fair, tainted and corrupted? If our election process was that bad, that it has to be taken to the street via demonstration, then I am sure Barisan Nasional would have won Kelantan back from PAS whom has been reigning for more than 20 years? and Barisan Nasional would not have lost 5 states in the last general election.... ??!!! 

Seriously, I am more concern at the ignorance of the people protesting than the actual demonstration it self. It is really easy to condemn and to become a "yes man" than to actually take the effort to understand. What are BERSIH 2.0's demands? BERSIH 2.0 demanded the followings:

1) use of indelible ink (which has already been agreed by the election commission)
2) cleaning up of the registered voters' roll
3) abolishing postal votes
4) giving access to opposition parties on government controlled prints and broadcast media.
5) minimum 21 days campaign period
6) strengthening public institution
7) stop dirty politics
8) stop corruption

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