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If there is one addiction of sort that I craved for everyday then it must be in those natural supplements that I have never been exhausted of trying and experimenting for the past 22 years since I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML). Since then, I have tried all sort of traditional supplements such as akar kayu and Ginseng, have seen all sort of Bomoh from Mokhtar Lintang to Gusti, taken all form of drugs from hydroxyurea to morphine, attended all traditional Chinese sinsei such as acupuncture and traditional urut (not urut batin ar!) and the likes of it; have tried various type of exercises from Chi Qong, Tai Chi to Pilates and Yoga for breathing technique, stretching and relaxation. I have also experimented various dieting form from Dr Adamo's Blood Type Diet to fresh mix vegetable juices that comprised of green apple, bitter gourd, carrot, grapefruit, cucumber, ginger and beet root which I am currently taking now and each experiment lasted at least for a year. Most of the experiments less than 3 years old were shared in this blog.

Inevitably, when we are living life at the extreme, our internals and body needed to be serviced and overhauled especially with my growing up history. My teenage livelihood was filled with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant and various treatments for CML. Lifestyle in the 20s comprised of endless sleepless night being either overdosed with meetings and deadlines and/or overworked with friends travelling, clubbing and disco'ing. In the 30s, life was fanatically full of strenuous activities from mountain climbing, dualthon, triathlon and marathons and for the past 3 years..... Bootcamp!!

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