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I have been keeping abreast of the Cambodia latest scandal unveiled when Senate President Samdech Akka Moha Thomak Photisal Chea Sim's Chief of Body Guard was detained for illegal possession of arms. Further to that, two of the Senate President's Advisers were arrested together with a former Cabinet member and the latest arrest of the Samdech President's Chief of Protocol. Observing the so called 'Freedom of Press' in Cambodia especially from the Cambodia Daily, the paper that pride itself for reporting "All News Without fear and favor" as its tagline, I could not help but to think of a similar tagline maybe for..... err the Malay Mail? ...Datuk Ahirudin Atan alias Rocky Bru? We have been denying to comment on any media although the Cambodia Daily and Phnom Pehn Post had both written to me but since the facts of the story was twisted of sort and to some extend manipulated ("Freedom of Press?"), I have to correct some facts (at least from a foreign investor's point of view) from that written in both media.

1) Letter of Award issued to our company was not a fraud.  It was signed under the Senate's letterhead, signed by the Senate President and sealed with the Senate's Red emblem. As stated in the Court report (referred to the Cambodia Daily), the Senate President was tricked to signed the Letter of Award by its most trusted Generals, Adviser, Chief Protocol or whoever. Whether he was tricked or otherwise, who would question the authenticity of any document signed by the Country's Senate President especially when the Senate is the Upper House of the Parliament (in Cambodia) with legislative power (see write-up below or click here for more information on the Senate of Cambodia) as oppose to Malaysia, which the Upper House only review legislatures passed by Parliament. The Letter of Award is as good as any other contract. (CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE)


Four top officials in Cambodia Senate President Samdech Akka Moha Thomak Pothisal Cheasim inner circle was arrested and reference was made to my blog in the Cambodia Daily (see picture below).

My picture with the Senate President Samdech Akka Moha Thomak Pothisal Chea Sim too was published in the Cambodia english media. Further to that, a few emails was send by James Welsh, the Managing Editor of the Cambodia Daily which I am not at liberty to reply to avoid any misunderstanding, misrepresentation and/or to avoid interfering with an ongoing investigation.

However, pursuant to various communication with the Cambodia Senate officials, we were confirmed that  the four Top Senior Officials arrested WERE NOT arrested for any investment involving our company and we are not aware nor are we the Malaysian company that had invested the USD$500million in the alleged scandal.
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