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31st October 2012 - Voting for the Chief's Original Bootcamp Location Champion & Overall Malaysia Champion!! There are 4 Locations that is being contested namely AMPANG, BANDAR UTAMA, SUBANG JAYA and PENANG!! What is the Chief's Original Bootcamp? Click HERE to know more!! What is the 8 Week Challenge is all about? Click HERE to read & know more about it. 

The voting for Location Champions and Malaysia Champion is by partnered-franchisee (from Australia), Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon. This is to avoid any favoritism and popularity advantage towards any recruit. Their decisions are final and cannot be contested!

1 November 2012 - The Local Champions and Malaysia Champions will be announced!! (START PRAYING!!!)
1 November 2012 to 4 November 2012!!- voting online began!! VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!! Vote for Malaysia to go to CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP/ ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, AUSTRALIA SEMI-FINALS and let them compete for the best physical and fitness transformation against the Australian. Note: It is best to synchronized your votes for the a few challengers that can win against the best in Australia rather than to split votes for too many challengers.

For a quick review, our Malaysian Challengers that have submitted their profile measurement and pictures to this blog are as follows (FIND THEM ON THE VOTING SITE!!!). Voting site will only be open from 12am- 1 November 2012 (I think Australia time) to 11:59pm - 4 November 2012 (Australia Time). To vote: click HERE ..

These challengers have been on a mission to transform their physiques with the Chief Original Bootcamp for 8 consecutive weeks!! and if you think they look hawt and great now, see their BEFORE picture and their measurement. You will be amazed!! Click on the challenger's name BELOW to see their pre-measurements:


Amazing transformation in just 8 Weeks at the Chief's Original Bootcamp!!!

Vote for Malaysia to Semi-Finals. Semi Finalist are selected purely on public voting. Voting will only be open on 1st November and close on 4th November - to vote, go to ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, AUSTRALIA FACEBOOK page at HERE. (NOTE: The voting-site will be open and close ONLY on the specified date).

What are the prizes?

Grand Champion - RM15,000 Cash
1st Runner up - RM3,000 New Balance Vouchers
Malaysia Champion - RM3,000 New Balance Vouchers + 1 pair of Vibram Spyridon/Seeya
Malaysia 1st runner-up - 1 Pair Vibram Spyridon/Seeya
Local Champions (eg. Bandar Utama, Subang Jaya etc)  - RM1,000 New Balance Vouchers

Note: All local Champion is by default, voted into Semi-Finals.

Vote for 


24 hours countdown to November intake!! November intake starts on 29 October for Ampang, Bandar Utama, Penang and 30th October for Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya USJ1 and Penang (See training Schedule below).

Yes, due to popular demand, Shah Alam is back with Shah Alam Zulu only. For existing recruit whom registered for November intake between 20 October to 29 October 2012 (except for Groupon), you will receive a free 1 hour essential oil massage at the Yellow Spa in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (to redeem, please email to For all recruits, you only need to pay RM50 for 1 hour essential oil massage. For more information, click HERE.

For Groupon RM49, Military Corps 12 sessions introductory offer for first timer, you have less than 24 hours to buy the voucher. To buy click GROUPON. For past recruits and those that have not register, please do so quick!!

Please note that Cyberjaya Charlie & Echo session is merged into 0600 to 0700 on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday and USJ1 Charlie and Echo is merged to Charlie at 0530 to 0630 to avoid heavy morning traffic!!


It is time to vote again for the Spirit of Bootcamp!!! What is the Spirit of Bootcamp? The Spirit of Bootcamp (SOB) is awarded to somebody in your platoon that does not just inspire you, but motivates you to push yourself that little bit harder, somebody that makes your sessions more enjoyable and someone that is aspiring to you. It doesn’t even have to be somebody you know. It can be somebody that you have never spoken too, but you noticed him/her as encouraging, humorous and/or helpful.

You determine who motivate you the most.. and you award them with the "The Spirit of Bootcamp" by voting online for him/her. This is our culture, this is the Spirit of Bootcamp!! CONGRATULATION to all that was voted into the oldest 20 years old military program network.

Below are all those that was voted as the Spirit of Bootcamp since the Chief's Original Bootcamp first started in June 2010.. Guess who were the most  frequently voted SOB?

To vote, click MEMBERS at HERE.


There is nothing that can make us even more proud than to promote our instructor and that is exactly how we felt when we announced the promotion of Corporal (COBC) Wan to Sarge (COBC) Wan this morning in COBC Instructors Whatsapp group chat. Of course, that was within our internal announcement and here we are, announcing it to the world. Sarge Wan whom was promoted as a Corporal (from Lance Corporal) in June 2011,  has satisfied the minimum 1,000 work-hours commanding platoons and sections in his tenure with the Chief Original Bootcamp. Yes, practice does make perfections. Sarge Wan have also met the benchmark of a Sarge accredited by the Original Bootcamp co-founders and the person behind COBC program, Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon during the duo's recent visit to Malaysia. Get up close with Sarge Wan at HERE.

When Sarge Wan first came on board in January 2010, he was put in grey for the longest of time, 4 months to be exact!! ...before the team finally allowed him to wear the prestigious Red Tee. Being in grey tee as a recruit at the COBC is as important as putting on the Red tee because an instructor has to feel what the recruits are feeling to be able to reach out to them. An instructor must be able to reach out to every recruit in a group and the experience of being in grey tee, would allow him to relate to the intensity threshold of a recruit. Being in Grey too, would enable an instructor to adapt the COBC culture better. This culture is what COBC is all about.


FACTS: Although PROTON is now under private entity but it is still a national car and is still driven as a national project and is a major source of income to our Country. With the opposition and the public pressing against national cars and crying for the liberalization in car pricing PROTON may follow Ford's footstep soon and leave thousands unemployed.

Read more at HERE or read locally at the Star Online News at HERE.

With direct employment and its dependents of more than 100,000 people, there is no other way but for our National Cars to be on an upswing. If we do not support our national car, nobody will!!


The Competition Act 2010 was passed by Parliament in April 2010 and was enforced since January 2012 by the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) which is an independent body established under the Competition Commission Act 2010. It's main role is to protect the competitive process for the benefit of businesses, consumers and the economy as well as to give foreign investors more confidence in the country's business practices. The Act governs all firms, including government-linked companies (GLCs) in all industry. We lauded the implementation but there are various issues that requires clarification.

What are the impact of the Competition Act to the automotive industry's current operation? Please note that this is my own interpretation of the act and the Guidelines issed pursuant to the implementation of the Act. We are seeking clarification from the Competition Commission on many grey areas. 

Among the key breaches of common practice in the automotive industry.

1. Car dealers are being forced to use Motor Insurance for its customer from Banks' subsidiary General Insurance company as a condition for the dealers to utilize the bank's facility granted to them. Although Bank has denied but in practice, car dealers are still being forced to use bank's own general insurance arm.

2. Interest Rate for Proton cars are fix akin of a concerted effort by all Banks which is higher than other automotive range (Para 2.5, Guidelines on Chapter 1 of the Competition Act 2010).

3. Although the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) had lifted the ceiling imposed for the dealer's Handling fees for already more than a year but all Banks akin of a concerted practice are still limiting Dealer's handling fee to a maximum RM600 (Para 2.5, Guidelines on Chapter 1 of the Competition Act 2010).


The Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia will be the co-sponsor for all Malakoff Series 2013 from the runs, dualthon series to the intestate fellowship rides and as well as the leftovers of 2012 at the forthcoming Malakoff events as follows:

1) Malakoff Kuala Lumpur run 2012 to be held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country on 16th December 2012.

2) The Powerman Dualthon on 4 November 2012

3) Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride on 31 December 2012.

We are proud to be a co-sponsored to all Malakoff's event. Being a Powerman finisher once, I am looking forward a start and re-joined the Cycling community. To all bootcampers, whether you are training for a run or cycling or both, you want to train hard with the Chief's Original Bootcamp.


What would complete a good workout? Sleep...? Eat...? err.... NO!!! 

What would be good is an hour of tender, loving and luxurious full body massage worth RM98.00 for FREE at the YELLOW SPA, Plaza TTDI, Taman Tun Dr Ismail!! Yes.. That is exactly what you get when you register for your November session between from 20th to 26th October 2012!! Beside the free 1 hour body massage, if you are a COBC recruit, you just need to go to the spa in your Grey Tee and you get the same massage for only RM50.00. The same massage is priced for others/outside at RM98.00. COBC give you the best value for your money.

What else would you get? You will get the early bird promotion and pay only RM249 from the usual RM299. If you are a first time registered, you will also get the most wanted, COBC Grey Tee!!


The inaugural New Balance Good Form Running Workshop with Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon in Malaysia was held on 13 October 2012 at the Chief's Original Bootcamp Damansara Heights basecamp which was located at HERE. For more information, click HERE.

A nominal fee of RM30 for COBC-recruits and RM50 non-recruit were charged and the session was divided into 2 full groups. Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon are both New Balance Good Form Running ambassadors and also the product ambassadors for Body Science Compression Athlete.  Many would thought that running is as simple as putting on a shoe and run which I am a living evidence of this subject. Many years thereafter, I had to temporarily retire from running due to various injuries; the worst was the knee injury. To avoid injury, we must learn the right technique, be it in the running form or cadence and equally but most frequently neglected, is in the breathing techniques.

Chief gave us an insight into the correct proper running form and technique so we can avoid any long term pain and injury. However, a word of reminder, techniques learned must be practice and only then would you see result. So, do train smart....

Below are some thousand uncensored snapshot taken at the running workshop. Click on picture to enlarge.


PROTON EDAR Putrajaya is located at No. 1, Jalan Diplomatic 2/2, Precint 15, 62050, Putrajaya. Tel: 03-8881 1013 Fax: 038890 2013 and due to the slow market demand, we are out to reach out to the potential car buyer by having a promotion at Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Mall from 17 October to 22 October 2012!!

There are alot of promotions, discounts and overtrade being offer during this period. To know more, please visit our showroom or the promotion venue at Alamanda Mall.

Where is Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Mall? Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre is located at Jalan Alamanda, Precinct 1 (Presint 1), 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia. It is less than 5km away from our Showroom To get direction, click the map below:

Point A in the map is the location for Proton Edar Putrajaya showroom and Point B is the Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Mall.


We usually get the best mojo in our workout when we see our fellow comrade's jaw dropping result!! When we see someone that we know are looking ripped and toned and is walking around like a model, we will start to put more effort in our training... If he can do this, so can I sort of speak... I would also get all excited and motivated when a fellow recruit emailed or approached and told me that he/she really never thought he/she could be this slim/small/toned. Once, it was only a dream. I can so relate to this sort of statement because since childhood too (especially with my medical history), I can never imagine I can run 10km distance but now I have done more than 10 full marathons. So when recruits share with me their fitness and health success stories, I can really understand them. COBC is where ordinary people (or sub-ordinary with medical history like me) achieved extra-ordinary result. The success stories of each and every recruits are really heartfelt.

When I read on facebook and read how addicted recruits were with COBC program, I can also relate to it!! All of us, the core-team admin at COBC Malaysia Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and me, were just recruits and were really addicted to the Original Bootcamp program under a different franchisee for a full 1 year. We were so addicted and in love with the program that we ended up taking over the license. Why the addiction and why the heartfelt emotion? Well.. It is hard to explain until you have tried it yourself. To have a sneak preview and experience what COBC is all about, register for a Free Free Try Out Session at HERE for this coming Friday and Saturday. COBC community is just so supportive and positive and you can never hear anyone demoralizing another comrade... except from those non-bootcampers.

I have known Sabon (not the real name) for quite awhile now. She is a strong loyal supporter of COBC. To be honest, I never did see her as fat, big or gigantic because her cheerful, happy and love to laugh personality supersedes her err.. size but when Sabon showed me her before-joining-COBC picture... My eye almost popped out. That was her ->

The single and available charming lady will now knock any man off his chair. Sabon's transformation is really amazing.  Below are pictures of Sabon before she participated in the 8 week challenge. What is the 8 Week Challenge? 6 weeks ago, Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge for their recruits in Malaysia and Australia to achieve their dream body in just 8 weeks FOR JUST AUD29.90!!! For more information, click HERE


"What is the different between the Chief's Original Bootcamp and other bootcamps and outdoor activities?", we asked Chief Brabon at the instructors upskilling session during Chief and Gunny's visit to Malaysia last weekend (of course that was one of the thousands of messages that we are still digesting..). Chief said, in 21 years of his journey since he started Original Bootcamp, Australia he had gone through various cycles of achievements, ups & down in business cycles and had received countless feedback on the program that he designed. 
COBC is getting the best from 21 years of fine-tuning and scientifically research for best result program! Waking up at 4am to conduct every morning session and training thousands of recruits for the past 21 years, every day, 6 days a week seemed impossible.. but if you have the passion, nothing is impossible. That was why Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon can only afford to be in Malaysia for the weekend because on Monday, they will be back conducting their sessions at their platoon in Sydney but even for a short trip, they still came to Malaysia (Big thank you again Chief & Gunny). Beside the 21 years of journey doing what they love and do best, what differs COBC as compared to others is the progression and evolution in our training program. Very often, Chief will introduce new techniques, new toys and new methodology. The latest being Animal Logic (I love the Snakes) and Alpha Strong SandBags.

Honestly, I have never met anyone with such a strong passion for exercising than the hands-on duo. Listening to them speak was enough to get us all so hip and inspired. Chief's only vision and confident was for our team to perfectly deliver the program that he designed so that our recruits will be getting the optimum result in the best time. To ensure his vision is achieved, they took a flight all the way from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, almost like a day trip simply to train and assessed our instructors. With Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon, there is no compromise when it comes to the program deliverable, techniques and upskilling.. even if it takes 12 hours aday.


More than 100 recruits from the Chief's Original Bootcamp fraternity across 7 locations gathered at the Damansara Heights Community Centre on Saturday, 13 October 2012 for a hands-on sneak preview of a session with Chief & Gunny!! The duo behind the world's oldest military inspired program! Chief and Gunny arrived in Malaysia late on Friday and was already awake as early as 4am the next day to command the biggest gathering of recruits. Chief and Gunny arrived in Malaysia with 3 main objectives!! First, to meet our recruit and command our platoon as a sneak preview straight from the founders themselves. Second, to confirmed all our instructors whom were promoted under Probation!! Yes, ONLY Chief, Gunny and the Global Master Trainers can confirmed any promotion of instructors at the COBC network. Chief and Gunny will also promote and appoint new instructors if they were to passed the Military-Fitness Level 1 certification. Third, to certify our team as a certified Alpha Strong Instructors - the first in Malaysia and COBC instructors upskilling... Fourth, because they miss me... ok thats a bull.

This had also re-branded our theme from the world's Oldest, Military-Inspired, Group Outdoor Personal Training Program to the World's Oldest, Military-Inspired, Group Outdoor Transformation program!!!

Let this be a picturesque blog as these pictures speak of what the Chief's Original Bootcamp is all about!! COBC is all about Great People, Great Instructors, Great program, the best of community and Result Guaranteed!! Why..? Because Chief Brabon has been doing this every 4am in the morning, 6 days a week for the past 21 years and Gunny for 16 years. These had made Chief the oldest Military-Inspired Bootcamp instructor in the world and Gunny as the oldest female Military-Inspired Bootcamp instructor. Their experience coupled by their vast knowledge in sports science and Chief's military infantry background was how our program was designed.. scientifically researched and proven!!


After a hectic but a very productive weekend with Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon learning new techniques and training methodology, I am very tempted to blogged the 2,500 pictures and things we learn with the most passionate duo behind the success of our program but then, duty calls!! First.. I need to get our contestants for the 8WCs known by all because we are just 2 weeks away from the voting date!! Voting will start on 1 November and end on 4th November 2012.

On 3 September 2012, Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge that took 8 weeks of pure and sheer dedication to achieve our dream body, for more information, click HERE. Last 2 weeks marked the mid-way through the challenge and some challengers had emailed me their jaw-dropping mid photo transformation. These are our motivation and acts as a benchmark if we are on the right track to getting the result that we wanted.

I have blogged Maslina Ahmad Ismail at HERE, Mr X at HERE, Novelle Ooi at HERE and Abdul Azizam at HERE, Kym Wishnowski at HERE and is writing to our government to change our clock from only 24 hours in a day to perhaps... 32 hours so that I can blog all the 70 active contestants from Malaysia before the voting began on 1 November until 4 November 2012. I am running out of time!! 

The more than 70 recruits that had officially registered for the challenge were Siti Mariam Mohd Kasim, Koy Han Lian, Lee Yun Chung, Po Chia Sen, Sara Yusof, Umesh Narasamhaiah, Anne Wong Suk May, Sabrina, Diyana Khalid, Lew Tzyy Jia, Rienna Choo, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Nik Aida Yanty Nik Zamin, Rizki Maulana, Ng Tsiu Weng, Marx Yong Soon Chye, Eleen Yong, Michelle Chai, Mohamad Fazli, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Afiza Abdul Halin, Jorge Arenas, Hanis Zainul, Phuah Kok Hong (Patrick), Anand Raj Markandu, Abdul Azizam, lim han leong, Yeoh Wen Ching, Mohd azmir zanul abdin, Affiq Zakie, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Shazni Zubir, stephanie Choong, Sheikh Hisham Iskandar, Stella Baake, Wan Hazriq Abdullah, Yazlin Ghulam Mahabib, Norehan Bt Mohamed Noor, Khairie, Abdul Fattah, Kym Wishnowski, Caleb LY Lau, Oon Lee Choo Linda, Ang Shi Qun, Tang Keng Leong, Low Wei Seong, Kwei Yee Wong,  Jason Gan, Ls Lim, Hooi Sei, Ong Kai Li, Kevin Chew, Lau Phaik San, Ewe Cheong Tan, Opalyn Mok, Novelle Ooi Lay Leng, CHEAH BOON CHONG, lily, Teoh, Jiunn Eng, Gim May Ong, Tracy, Hou Yang Kwong, Simon Koay Qing Jie, James Choa Kwan Seng, Melanie Priscilla Lee, Adam Heng Yew Hui, Bernard Seah, Marie How, Regina Ho, Shahridan Abdul Aziz, Advance Tan Sen Sen, Ng Tze Ling, Ahmad Zaidi Ahmad Samsudin and Philip Leong.


When I was first introduced to Elaine Teo Shuen Fhern, by my partner at the Chief's Original Bootcamp Penang, Cheah Boon Chong aka Sarge (COBC) Boon, I was a little doubtful. However, the good words by Cheah Boon Choong whom was also a former national athlete Gold Medalist for Karate had immediately given me the assurance. These people were selected into the national team because there were the best and the experience gained in all the competition representing Malaysia is an achievement beyond any qualification and recognition.

Elaine Teo Shueh Fhern was born on 5 February 1981 and was the first Taekwondo exponent in Malaysia to qualify TWICE for the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008 and was awarded the National Sportswomen of the year by the Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sports. The single but married to her passion for Taekwondo had represented Malaysia for 12 years from 1999 to 2011 and had participated in the Commonwealth Games, Olympic, World Cup Taekwondo, SEA Games, World Taekwondo Championship and various other championships, tournaments and competitions. 

Born and trained to be a champion and the best, Elaine spend most of her available time acquiring and mastering the art of sparring and spend a month in a year, every year for the past 12 years in Korea to learn from world best Masters in Taekwondo.

The born fighter was also a taekwondo instructor for the Armed Forces Academy Malaysia and was our National Taekwondo team Captain, National Sports Council Malaysia for 7 years before she retires from 2004 to 2011. A women and an instructor with high integrity, passion and enthusiasm for Taekwondo envisioned herself churning more and better fighter for Malaysia. 

She together with another former national athlete, Nurul Nadia binti Mahamat whom also competed in Commonwealth Games and various other competitions had recently set-up their own Taekwondo Centre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail called, D'Smart Taekwondo Training. For once, we did not have to force Aaraf Armin, 10 years old, pom2 to go for his Taekwondo training, he just love the new place. Both Elaine and Nadia are great at handling children too.


18 years old, wholly owned subsidiary of DRB-Hicom,  PUSPAKOM took one step forward into CSR to ensure that its employees are healthy to perform at its best when Puspakom appointed world's oldest, 21 years old military-inspired group outdoor personal training, the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC).

Puspakom is Malaysia's only  concessionaire appointed by the Malaysian government to undertake all mandatory inspections for commercial and public vehicles, as well as private vehicles for hire-purchase financing, ownership transfer and insurance purposes. With more than 1,300 employees performing more than 3 million vehicle inspections annually, their employee's fitness and health became one of the group's driving factor to achieve its target and performances.

Yesterday, 12 October 2012 was the first COBC session held at Wisma DRB-Hicom, Glenmarie. We are pleased and proud to be appointed by Puspakom and look forward to serving all members of DRB-Hicom group. 

The Chief's Original Bootcamp  was represented by 3 Reds, 3 Blues and 1 err.. long sleeves whom rushed out from a meeting to meet with Puspakom. To show COBC's seriousness in our services, both Dr Malek Aziz and Armin Baniaz Pahamin being the owners of COBC Malaysia left our appointments early to ensure everything was perfect. The platoon commander for Puspakom was Sarge (COBC) Tom and assisted by Sarge (COBC) Nawal and Corporal (COBC) Wan. The support in Blue were COBC co-founder Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj and Rose Emini Pahamin. I had to leave to attend to another appointment.

Below are some snapshots and candid of Puspakom-in-action. (Click on Picture to enlarge)


Landed!!! After weeks if not months of waiting, our equipments with retail value exceeding RM20,000 had finally landed and this weekend the Chief's Original Bootcamp Instructors will be trained and certified as the first Alpha Strong instructors in Malaysia.

To acquire the perfect form and techniques, it is important that our instructors continuously attend to various training and re-training. There is no compromise in workout forms and techniques and every year, we would add new equipments to optimize your training result. Yes we hear ya..

Asked, and you shall receive!! Be ready for a brand new you!! only at the Chief's Original Bootcamp!!!


New Balance Good form running Workshop will be held at Damansara Heights on Saturday, 13 October 2012 and conduct by the founders of Chief's Original Bootcamp program come military-fitness specialist Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily. Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon are also the product ambassador for New Balance and Body Science Athlete.

With a good form running, Gunny Brabon ran her first long distance 50km Ultra-marathon and completed it in 4hours 55 minutes (2nd place- Womens Open category). Gunny had never ran farther than 21km. Chief Brabon on the other hand, completed the 50km ultra-marathon in 3 hours 40 minutes.

The NB Good Running Form Workshop on 13 October will be divided into two (2) Groups as follows:

Group 1 at  0700-0800; and 
Group 2 at 0830-0930.

A small fee of RM30 will be charge for exiting recruits of COBC and RM50 for non-COBC recruits. For Registration and payment, please click HERE.  

For address, maps and direction, please click HERE. Yes, 4 days counting down and be quick if you have not registered!!

There are many benefits of good form running but the two most important being, (1) Injury prevention; and (2) Better overall running experience. There are four (4) key to good form!! (1) Posture where put your body in good alignment (2) Mid-Foot (3) Cadence - 180 steps per minute as a good benchmark. (4) Lean.


Last year, while I was in Cambodia for a different project, there was a discussion and proposal to re-badge and assemble Proton stable of cars as a Cambodia national car but Cambodia being a left hand drive, PROTON (previous management) mentioned that they were not interested until PROTON plant in China is completed (for the left hand drive market). Recently, a UK based automotive company, BWI Group signed a USD$2 billion Joint Venture to build a factory and manufacture Cambodia's own cars as a Cambodia National vehicle within the next three years.

I do not know if this was a lost to PROTON or otherwise but from the projected sales (by the signed JV Co) of 300,000 cars to be sold for domestic market, within ASEAN and globally... It should either be a market to be reckon with or probably an unrealistic projection? especially with a current demand of only 3,000 cars sold in Cambodia domestic car market according to Ford.

The Joint Venture was between The Kingdom of Cambodia, a Government-Link-Company ACICA Group (click HERE for details) and UK-based automotive company BWI Group (click HERE for further details). ACICA Board of Director was represented by 50% Malaysian but non were from the automotive industry (For details of ACICA Board of Directors, click HERE).


There were three prominent key factors conveyed by Hisham Othman, 3 weeks after his appointment as Proton Edar's Chief Executive Officer at the first engagement chaired by the new management since DRB-Hicom took over.

First being Integrity. Quoted PESB Chief Executive Officer Hisham Othman, "I am a paid employee and will never take any extra sen other than my paid salary!!". If anyone has any information on any unethical behaviour pertaining to Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, call me!! said Hisham Othman whom then gave out his personal handphone number and email address to all the dealers. This was the second time he repeated this statement. Once, was during PEDA unofficial engagement with Hisham when he adamantly stated that he just cannot comprehend anyone or any employee that tried to make any extra money from the company that feeds them.

Secondly, the dealers should and must always be treated as the Customer! "The dealers are the customer to Proton Edar. PROTON buyer are the dealer's and the end-customer but PESB's immediate customer are the dealers. Dealers will be treated as a customer. Gone were the days when Proton dealer's were being discriminated, managed through threats and forced-allocation (of cars irrespective of bookings and demand). 
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