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This video and the daily series hereon, is dedicated to a friend Aida Munirah Azmi. A friend whom was diagnosed with a rare cancer called the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of salivary gland cancer 10 years ago and recently had a relapse (every cancer patient's worst nightmare). There is no better way to spend the Movement Control order at home than to participate in cancer awareness + get fit. Please watch the video and join this campaign. Aida in collaboration with Cancer Research Malaysia has launched an awareness and fund raising campaign for rare cancer. The campaign is called #Burpees4Aida. At the Chief’s Original Bootcamp, we don’t do Burpees. We do Grunts. So we will do grunts instead of Burpees. I hope Azmir & you do not mind. Aida take the Burpees (quite similar to Grunts) as a metaphor in life where you will always fall but you got to get yourself back up (everytime). Which is true to every cancer and healthy person. Both Aida and her husband Azmir was a recruit at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC). Azmir later became one of the best instructor at COBC. I’m more than happy to spread this awareness and pledge to do this everyday for you Aida, Azmir & the 4 children (the A team), and for rare cancer awareness & fund raising. Stay strong we are all with you during this trying time. On every video, I will do my best to show different types of Grunts we do at the Chief’s Original Bootcamp to make this exercise more interesting. If you are healthy and is able to, join me create the awareness for rare cancer and Aida. I will demo a new sets of Grunts in every "BurpeesForAida video". But of course it will be a different type of grunt instead of Burpees which is what I am more familiar. Please subscribe to my channel, start with 10 grunts today, tag me so we know the numbers are growing. #burpees4aida. #COBC4Aida I will also tag a friend and I do hope you will continue spread this awareness. If you would like to donate instead, you can donate to at the link Take care Aida & Azmir. Both of you are always in my thought and prayer and have always been an inspiration to many people. Aida’s husband Azmir was my ex colleague at the Chief’sOriginal bootcamp. He now runs the Warrior Bootcamp and we are never a rival. We live by our tagline Bootcamp for life! I will be nominating a friend at the end of the video. If you have been tag, please do the following: 1. Record a video of yourself doing as many burpees (or Grunts) as you can (a good number to start is 10 repetitions if you are not accustom to working out). Step 2 : Upload your video via facebook, instagram or youtube with hashtag #burpees4aida #COBC4aida Step 3 : Tag three (3) friends to stand a chance to be featured on the Malaysia Book Of Records by participating in Aida's #burpees4aida Mass Festival on 7 June 2020. Note, for more info, do check out their website at If you like this video and would like to spread the awareness, do like and share this video. I will also be happy if you can subscribe to my Youtube channel which is one of my passion. #burpees4aida #cobc4aida #aidaday1 #CancerReseachMalaysia
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