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Important Dates

Marie How-2012 COBC 8-Week Challenge Subang Jaya Champ
23 January 2013 - 8WC open for registration

3 February 2013 - Photo-shoot & measurement take BEFORE 8WC began (Must hold a newspaper bearing the date)

4 February 2013 - February-Intake commence. 8WC began. Inferno diet- Ignition phase (14 days).

4th-7th February: First 3 days the hardest (Critical Period) to stay on track.

8 February 2013 -  Deadline to upload PRE-8WC photos & Measurement at here -> For instructions to update, please click HERE.

17 February 2013 - Ignition Phase ended, Cheat Meal.

18 February 2013 - Now Burn Phase Part 1 (Extreme Body Shaping Program) began (2 weeks)

COBC 8 Weeks Challenge Damansara Heights Local Champion- AFFIQ ZAKIE


We usually get the best mojo in our workout when we see our fellow comrade's jaw dropping result!! When we see someone that we know are looking ripped and toned and is walking around like a model, we will start to put more effort in our training... If he can do this, so can I sort of speak... I would also get all excited and motivated when a fellow recruit emailed or approached and told me that he/she really never thought he/she could be this slim/small/toned. Once, it was only a dream. I can so relate to this sort of statement because since childhood too (especially with my medical history), I can never imagine I can run 10km distance but now I have done more than 10 full marathons. So when recruits share with me their fitness and health success stories, I can really understand them. COBC is where ordinary people (or sub-ordinary with medical history like me) achieved extra-ordinary result. The success stories of each and every recruits are really heartfelt.

When I read on facebook and read how addicted recruits were with COBC program, I can also relate to it!! All of us, the core-team admin at COBC Malaysia Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and me, were just recruits and were really addicted to the Original Bootcamp program under a different franchisee for a full 1 year. We were so addicted and in love with the program that we ended up taking over the license. Why the addiction and why the heartfelt emotion? Well.. It is hard to explain until you have tried it yourself. To have a sneak preview and experience what COBC is all about, register for a Free Free Try Out Session at HERE for this coming Friday and Saturday. COBC community is just so supportive and positive and you can never hear anyone demoralizing another comrade... except from those non-bootcampers.

I have known Sabon (not the real name) for quite awhile now. She is a strong loyal supporter of COBC. To be honest, I never did see her as fat, big or gigantic because her cheerful, happy and love to laugh personality supersedes her err.. size but when Sabon showed me her before-joining-COBC picture... My eye almost popped out. That was her ->

The single and available charming lady will now knock any man off his chair. Sabon's transformation is really amazing.  Below are pictures of Sabon before she participated in the 8 week challenge. What is the 8 Week Challenge? 6 weeks ago, Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge for their recruits in Malaysia and Australia to achieve their dream body in just 8 weeks FOR JUST AUD29.90!!! For more information, click HERE


2011 Chief's Eight Week Challenge Winners

Sunday, 2nd September 2012. Today is the last day before the start of the most talked about Original Bootcamp Australia's 8 weeks Challenge which the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia is a part of. This is so far, a once a year program and you really do not want to miss this as you will stand a chance to win RM15,000 if you are voted as the overall grand Champion, or RM3,000 (AUD1,000) if you are voted as the overall 1st runner-up. For Malaysia, if you are voted as the Malaysia Champion, you will get RM3,000 worth of New Balance voucher to go shopping and win the latest Vibram Spyridon (worth RM489). If you are selected to be Malaysia 1st runner-up, you will also win the latest Vibram Spyridon (worth RM489). So if you have not register, please do so by clicking HERE for an idiot proof guide to 8 Week Challenge registration. 

Once you are registered, please make sure you observe and comply to the important dates. For a refresher/reminder of those important dates, please click HERE.

Part of the requirement to stand a chance to win this challenge is for you to take your measurement and per-challenge picture. This measurement MUST be uploaded ON or BEFORE Wednesday, 5 September 2012!!!


Australia ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP had once again launched the most talked about 8 Weeks Challenge!! and as BUA Delta Umesh Narasimhaihah said on facebook at here.. "I've waited a year to take up this challenge" but what is the Eight Weeks Challenge?

Eight Weeks Challenge or Codenamed 8WC is a challenge thrown by the Founder, program designer and Global Master trainer Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily to all recruits within the fraternity of the Original Bootcamp Australia and the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia to re-brand and re-construct themselves to optimize weight and fat lost for a brand new you!! ........ In just 8 weeks!! and stand a chance to win RM15,000 for only AUD29.90 or equivalent to RM99.99 (depending on currency at the time of registration). (Picture on right- Mohamad Fazli- Bandar Utama Champion)

The Grand Champion will walk away with a RM15,000 prize!!!

With Chief Brabon, it is always the recruit themselves that should be idolised!! Although in his stable of instructors were all the hunk and babes with washboard abs and gorilla pecs but Chief had never portrayed his instructors as a role model because instructors are Superman sort of speak, they are by default, born an athlete and trained all their life to look and be strong the way they are. It is a default and a must have trait for an instructor but the recruits being an ordinary tom, dick and harry (or Malaysian says it Abu, Ah Chong, Ramasami) whom achieved extra-ordinary, head turning and jaw dropping result by and through following strictly the Chief's program, is worth being bragged about.


What does it take to participate in world's best challenge? Please find below an idiot proof to registration. To register, first you must enrolled and be accepted for both September and October intake!! If you have not done so, please register now at HERE.

Then click on and you will reach at the website below. Click on Register now.

and you will reach the website below. Click on the AUD$29.90 being the fee for the 8WC participation to be paid to OBC HQ, Australia (the promoter of the 8WC).


Bandar Utama Champion: Mohamad Fazli
The 8 Week challenge that began on 26 September 2011 and recently ended on 18 November 2011 was a challenge that did not just tested our physical strength to achieved our desired target utilizing the COBC military-inspired discipline based motivational approach but it challenges our mental strength to break the routine bad habit in eating that had poison and accumulated unwanted weight and excess baggage. The voting was open for casting by the public on Monday, 21 November 2011 and closed on Wednesday. 23 November 2011; extended by a day from the initial deadline on Tuesday, 22 November 2011 due to overwhelming respond that had congested the access to the voting system. In total, there were more than 20,000 votes being casted which was commendable given this 8 Week Challenge was only into our 2nd year since launching.

Irrespective of the voted winner to be announced below, we must admit and we must acknowledged, that every COBC 8WC participants are already a winner!! A winner because we had conquered our lifetime dream to be what we are today!! A winner because we are alot healthier today than we were 8 weeks ago!! A winner because.... this physique that we now possess is a dream cum true!! never in our wildest dream, that we thought we could shred on average 10kg of weight in merely 2 months! An average of  3 dress size down. An average of 5 inches in waistline. I am particularly inspired to see the changes of all my friends whom when I first knew them, were so much different than what I see in them today. They did not just look thinner, leaner, sexier but they are more joyful, more cheerful and of course.. they are alot more confidence!! 



8 weeks of being on a delicious diet and only 1 hour of muscle provoking exercise, six days a week was a wonderful experience... that was what the 8 Week ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP challenge was all about!! A journey to self discovery. Although the licensee, franchisee, instructors and admins of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP were not allowed to contest but Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun, Corporal Jasper, Corporal Nawal, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Rose Emini Pahamin and me had all participated to share and feel that experience with 31 other contestants from OBC-BU.

As a result... We did not just look thinner, slimmer and sexier, but fitter and faster in our benchmark assessments and runs too. Two contestants from Malaysia was voted into the final. There were James Fong and Amelia Shahrin. Congratulation to them both.

Now lets see their results..

Before the 8 WC challenge, James Fong a chartered accountant weighted 93kg and now he weight 79kg.. weight lost of 14kg in 8 weeks. Neck size reduced by 2cm from 40 to 38. His upper arm gained muscle and grew by 2cm from 34 to 36. His chest now measure 103cm from 110; smaller by 7cm. James Fong waist shrunk by 20cm from 99cm to now 79cm.  His hip is smaller by 4cm to 103cm. If anyone deserves to shop for the new year.... it is definitely JAMES FONG. Congratulation James.


We have been on a strict diet since 21 September 2010 when 38 of us from the OBC-BU and 360 others from OBC Australia participated in the 8 week ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Challenge. Part of the requirement was to photo-shoot and take a 9-points pre-challenge measurement on 26 September 2010, mid-point Photo & measurement on 24 October 2010 and again at the end of 8th week on 21 November 2010.

After the final measurement and photo-shoot, all contestants pictures and measurement will be posted for voting that will be open to all members of hooyah network to vote for best improved. If you have not join the Hooyah network, please do so now by clicking HERE... we need all the votes and support.

From now to the end of the 8 Week Challenge, we'll be posting the contestant's profile (with their permission) as an introduction as well as get to know your comrade campaign.

The first contestant is none other than our Alpha-Delta James Fong. James Fong, a Chartered Accountant is also an OBC-BU pioneer member. When James Fong and his inseparable partner Yam Chan SiuCheh first joined the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, they slept in the car during office hours after the first session, being too exhausted. From that could-not-barely-move on first day session, James Fong is now a strong Delta with a big improvement in both benchmark assessment 1 and 2. During the November assessment, James Fong completed the first circuit in 8:06 minutes and the 1-mile run in 8:02. That was a big improvement from his first benchmark timing of 15:30 (circuit 1) and 13:00 (1 mile run).

James Fong's weight was 93kg on 26 September 2010 (see picture on left taken on 26 Sept)) and 185cm in height. After joining the Challenge, James Fong had lost 9 kilogram in weight during the mid-term measurement and 10cm in waistline.




Here are two examples of what you need to provide as your Pre-Challenge photos. Special Thank you to Gunny Emily for being OBC model (note: she is married!!).

Three shots we need are:
1) Close up of you with the day's paper.
2) A full body front shot
3) A full body side shot

You can expose as much or as little skin for the Pre-Challenge body you wish to show, but try to wear clothing that gives a clear representation of your current shape, and tone. Remember, OBC will compare the pre & post 8-Week.

For men, you can either go topless, bottomless... but the pose must be holding the same SUNDAY NEWSPAPER dated 26 September 2010.

Stay tune for other criterias.....




Those that have already registered for the 8-WEEK CHALLENGE, should have received via EMAIL the first part of the IGNITION stage of your Gladiator Diet and shopping list !!!

In just 8 weeks, with some perseverance and training at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama (and at any other ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Licensee at Bukit Jelutong, Subang Jaya & Cyberjaya) you could have the BODY (phewiit) that you have always wanted!

Please make sure that you registered on our HOOYAH NETWORK to ensure that you stay up to date with all recipes, training sessions, INFERNO TRAINING (Supplied by Chief!), ideas and online forums to keep you motivated and push you through the rough patches.

On Saturday, we will upload a sample image onto the HOOYAH NETWORK of "before" photo so that you know how to shoot it and upload. For those contestant that requires us to facilitate with the photo-shoot, the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama has available paparazzi and will be shooting contestant's photo on Sunday. For details, please call our sexy & single call-center at 017-3795988.

The GLADIATOR DIET was initially created by Chief when he was hired to turn 13 fit, yet undefined individuals into lycra clad, god like warriors... in only 6 weeks for the latest incarnation of the hit television series GLADIATORS (as seen on NTV7 & ASTRO in Malaysia).

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