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Born on 23 February 1946, Pisces Pahamin A Rajab turned 66 years young on Thursday last week and what did he want for his birthday from his wife, children, friends and relatives? Just endless doa and prayer, and for that we invited close relatives and friends over for Doa Selamat, tahlil and marhaban but what did he buy for himself on his 66th birthday? He bought for himself an RR!! or a Rolls Royce Ghost brand new from the United Kingdom and its RED!! Allah swt has been kind to us in health and prosperity. Alhamdulillah.


Vibram Five Fingers from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP has been up to various mountains from Gunung Datuk to Gunung Nuang and has been to various running races from 10km to 21km and soon 42km!! Latest, the Vibram Five Finger has encroached into  Bustanu and soon, all the Pahamins clan will be Vibramatised. For a start, Dad.. Pahamin A Rajab had his first taste of the italian design and Hollywood's best trainers for 2011 yesterday at his Birthday!!


There is no better birthday gift for a father whom already have everything from love, jeweleries, cars and wealth but a nice short autobiography blog to say that he is always being remembered, we are very proud of him and also for his next many generations to remember him by. Of course, a prayer for his eternal happiness and health too. This birthday write-up is from a son whom owes everything to a father that asked for nothing, except to see his family united and happy. We always love you..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... though abit belated.

Allahyarham Mahadi Razak
His full name is PAHAMIN ABDUL RAJAB. The 3rd in a sibling of 5; the eldest is a sister Bidah binti Abdul Razak, then Allahyarham Mahadi Abdul Razak (picture on right), Datuk Noordin Abdul Razak, my father and Hashim Abdul Razak. PAHAMIN ABDUL RAJAB was born on 23 February 1946 in Kampung Badak, Bachok Kelantan. When Pahamin was born, the registrar misread the arabic writing and wrongly recorded into romanised typing as Rajab instead of Razak, hence the different surname compared to his other siblings.

Pahamin attended primary school at Sekolah Melayu Badak (Standard 1 to standard 5) in Bachok, Kelantan between the year 1952 to 1956 and pursued to Special Malay Class (SMC) 1 to Standard 6 in Kamil English School Pasir Puteh between the year 1957 to 1959 and completed his primary school education. When he was in SMC 2 in 1958, at the aged of 12, he fell in love with his first and only girlfriend, Zainab Mohamad whom was studying in SMC 1, aged 10 years old. Pahamin then went to Kamil Secondary School in Pasir Puteh from 1960 to 1964 for his secondary education.



Pahamin Rajab became a father 39 years ago when mum gave birth to Chempaka Emalin Pahamin, a year after their wedding on 23 July 1970. 40 years ago!!! Dad raised Chempaka Emalin without any 'Father-Hood' experience but I was lucky, Dad has had 3 years of raising Chempaka Emalin by the time I was born. Less than a year of being pampered by Dad, Melor Edina stole the attention... and later Teratai Edithy Pahamin, Rose Emini Pahamin then Amnan Bazli Pahamin.

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