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"Armin... my knees are killing me....", "Oh god, my back hurts...!!!", "I can't feel my legs..." were amongst the common'est 'Sighs' in our circle of new athletes and especially at the Bootcamp. Whilst the aching are common, it is also common for most complain'ers to ignore those aches. Until the damage became irreversible.

I am guilty as charge and amongst the many that always ignore those pain and suffered the worst blow during the recent New Balance 30km race. Since then, I have been attending regular physiotherapy with Dr Aston Ngai Seng Huey and could probably prolong the recommended knee-surgery by Dr Saw Khay Yong of the Kuala Lumpur Sports and Medicine Centre.

I had my latest physiotherapy sessions at the ACE Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. The centre is own and operate by Jason Moriarty, a senior trainer, a Corporal with the Original Bootcamp Malaysia. The name ACE was adopted and aspired by the recruits' passion for fitness at KL Alpha @ the Bootcamp for 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort while training. We are proud to see the ACE concept that we originate at the Bootcamp being used by our trainer Jason Moriarty as the name of his practice.

Jason Moriarty, an Irishman has been with the Fitness industry for more than 20 years and is also the owner of the Tropics Fitness, a "Ladies Only gym" located in Puchong. No wonder he is always surrounded by ladies.

Jason Moriarty, is also a fellow blogger and the most concern trainer at the Bootcamp advocating strongly for perfect form and movement as opposed to speed. The training at the Bootcamp is always very exhaustive.... and more often, the recruits compromised the form and movement just to complete the session in exhaustion. This was when injury occur. Having known and train with Jason, I could not resist trying out his physiotherapy centre. It is very important to visit a physio-centre that understand, share and is engaged in similar activities as us. Nonetheless, Malaysia is lacking a good physio centres with sports experience and specialties.

Jason's 4 months old centre is located less than 10 minutes from my house and office. It is located near the old IBM, next block to the NAZA car showroom at TTDI Plaza, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

There are ample parking space and the receptionist is friendly and attentive which is very important to anybody in pain.

But of course I had the privilege of having the boss cum owner attending to my needs.

I went to the physio room after changing into a pair of short and met Balvani, a physiotherapist whom had worked in the same field for more than 5 years in Dubai. Balvani examined my knee and short of giving a lecture, she nag and nag for me to take a  month of rest away from the Bootcamp and exercise. I listen quietly then politely remarked, "I changed my physiotherapist once when he asked me to stop..." Balvani stared directly at me and said, "We are not going to like each other that much are we...?".

Balvani is friendly, educated, experience and attentive but I am just stubborn...

After an hour of physiotherapy and a long session of being lectured, Balvani gave-up convincing me on a 'rest' period... surely, customer does always win in the end. Jason brought me for a tour and I was surprised to learn that Jason's physio-centre has its own well equip gym which is used for strengthening the affected and supporting muscle as well as to help and assist the injured muscles, bones and/or joints to recover.

After a long free consultation, free physiotherapy, free ultra-sound and a free tour, Jason brought me for a free coffee at the neighboring cafe downstairs....... and with a little persuasion, Jason agree to give ONE-FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY SESSION TO ALL BOOTCAMPERS!!! One-Free consultation, One-Physiotherapy & Ultra-Sound for every new, existing and past Bootcampers..... on the house!!!! 

Call now at 03-77262163 for appointment especially since tomorrow is the 10km/15km Bareno Run. When making the call, please quote calling from BOOTCAMP or ARMINBANIAZ.COM blog or Jason's name for the free trial session.

I still have the 5 free session compliment from Vivien Luyen Ow, Leesa Tan, Kenix Lim, Wai-Yee Chan, Alex Nathan and Farrah Vivien Raguet as a Birthday Present.

After the free-coffee, I discovered Balvani had a bet with Jason... If Balvani was able to convince me from taking 1 week-off the Bootcamp to rest, Jason will buy Balvani lunch and failure to get me away from Bootcamp for a week, Jason's lunch is on Balvani!! while I only get free coffee, Jason is getting a free lunch.. huh.. raw deal for me? (stick tongue out).

Especially to all the 50 Bootcampers running tomorrow, Chun SSJ, Aisan Lim, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin and Nyna Mohsen, do call the ACE Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre for appointment and DO NOT wait for the problem to worsen. Prevention is always better than cure.

ACE PHYSIOTHERAPY & WELLNESS CENTRE is open on Sunday, 7 DAYS A WEEK from 10am to 8pm.

Good Luck for tomorrow's BARENO race!!!

Until next time, Stay tune.............

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