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I recently went to China for a business cum leisure trip. The Top 20 First impression of China on my maiden trip to Guangzhou. Tried out their taxi and metro but have not tried out their bus. 1. The airport is modern with a very nice ambiance and friendly receptionist at the information counter. and the receptionists at the airport do speak English, thank god. I wouldnt know where to start otherwise. 2. Getting a local simcard is so easy. I got it at the airport. There was Tourism Office at every corner that sells local simcard for only RMB 80. Get a local simcard - dont waste money on roaming. 3. The walk from the arrival hall to the Metro (or similar to our KLIA2 arrival hall to KLIA Express) is further than our KLIA Express. Its a long beautiful walk. 4. Buying a ticket at our KLIA Express Kiosks is far easier than buying ticket at their Metro Kiosk. 5. My first morning whenever I travel is always spent discovering the town on foot walking jogging or running. China was too cold for a run so I went for a walk instead. I didnt see other chinese running, jogging or exercising on the streets of china (probably its too cold for them too). 6. The town is very clean!! Even at the smallest back lane, without a single drop of rubbish. Even their wet market is clean. 7. Everyone from a few years old children to older the oldest, walks! They walk a lot. The town planning is build to walk. there are trees at every streets and the scenery at every street is so conducive to walk. 8. The streets are filled with great grandfather trees. I called it great grandfather trees because they are so old. The trees must be thousands of years old. 9. The Chinese people was so kind. I took the metro to my hotel from the airport. Metro cost only 3 yen. On my arrival at the hotel venue, i walked out of the Metro and could not find the hotel. I asked around and there were no chinese that understood english until one young lady who could not speak english but understood what I was saying and tried to give me direction in chinese. But I could not understand. so she walk me to the hotel around 1.4 km to help me out. That was so kind and thoughtful. 10. The hotel was on free wifi but my VPN - Tunnel Bear couldn’t work! so my computer was useless for doing work online. 11. Before my departure, I googled the best VPN and subscribed to Tunnel Bear but it didnt work in China. 12. There is Halal Restaurant everywhere. Eating Halal is not a problem in China. 13. There are so many mosque in China. This mosque that I dropby at random was so beautiful and so well preserved and maintained. I think its easily hundreds of years old. 14. The prayer time in Guangzhou-Muslim Pro App (an Application by JAKIM Malaysia) is not the same as the prayer time there. 15. Food portion for 1 person is huge. So dont over order when you eat. Its like 4x the size of a menu for 1 person. 16. Motor taxi was more convenient but they charged as much as the metered taxi. So best to check the price before you jump on it. 17. Metered taxi can conned you, so if you are taking the metered taxi, its best to also Wazed/Googled your way back and tell the driver where to turn so he doesnt take you the longer route. 18. The Chinese lady are very polite and soft spoken but the men are very loud and rude by our standard. but its actually its their character. so dont get offended 19. No foreign worker working there 20. Beautiful. mesmerizing and breathtaking sunset. TIPS 1. The Metro Kiosks accepts WeChat pay or Ali Pay or cash. But please prepare alot of 5 & 10 RMB notes if you plan to travel by Metro. Some kiosks doesnt accept 1RMB notes. Taking the metro is easy, you can download the Metro line map in English at HERE. 2. GET A VPN that works in China. The VPN that i recommend is free. but remember, if you use VPN, you can access most of our commonly used apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. but you wont be able to use any chinese apps such as Wechat etc. so you will need to switch on and off between VPN and chinese apps. 3. Go there with an open mind. dont bring your culture and way of life to china but try to adapt to the chinese way.

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Link untuk Pemeriksaan Puspakom B5 -

- Proses tukar milik kereta Syarikat.

1. Mesti kena ada Puspakom Inspection Borang B5 untuk tukar milik kenderaan secara sukarela.

2. Download borang Tukar Hak Milik Kereta secara sukarela di Link -

3. Isi dengan penuh borang JPJ K3 (Panduan dalam video Youtube)
4. Ambil Insurans diatas nama pemilik kereta baru. Kalau tak tau nak beli insurans kat mana, boleh walk-in je ke JPJ - akan ada meja insuran agent disitu.

5. Batalkan insurance atas nama pemilik kereta lama (hubungi syarikat insurance).

6. Pergi ke JPJ - saya syorkan pergi ke JPJ Petaling Jaya kerana tak ramai orang dan perkhidmatan/servis amat bagus dan friendly. Tak ada pasiiti untuk booking.

7. Ambil nombor Que.

8. Tunggu giliran, apabila giliran dipanggil, pegawai JPJ akan menyemak semua dokumen

i. Photocopy KP director/pengarah yang menandatangani surat wakil.
ii. Kalau individu - IC penjual.
iii. Surat Wakil (Surat wakil mestilah atas penama lain & bukan orang yang sama yang membeli -sila rujuk ke video)
iv. Borang 9 (dan 13), borang 49 (senarai nama pengarah),
v. GERAN KERETA original.
vi. Insurance atas nama pembeli kereta baru yang telah dibayar.
vii. Bayaran untuk JPJ sebanyak RM100.
viii. Bayaran untuk road tax. Kalau road tax masih hidup, boleh sambung sahaja.

TIP 1: 1. Pastikan kereta tiada pinjaman atau semua pinjaman telah diselesaikan. Dengan adanya e-Hakmilik, pembatalan hak milik oleh bank disempurnakan secara automatic dan online sahaja.
3. Surat wakil hendaklah di atas nama staff atau pekerja yang bukan diatas seseorang yang ingin membeli kereta tersebut.
4. Pastikan Insuran telah diambil atas nama pemilik baru 5. Insuran lama boleh batal dan dapatkan refund. Kalau dokumen lengkap, proses untuk menukar nama dibuat dikaunter dan memakan masa kurang dari 2-3 minit.

Disclaimer: Video Panduan ini tidak diendorsekan oleh JPJ tetapi adalah berpandukan dari pengalaman peribadi saya.


Pemeriksaan Puspakom B5 Tukar Hak Milik Tukar Hak Milik 2019 - Panduan & Tips penuh (INSPECTION B5)

Full guide in undergoing the Puspakom Inspection (B5) to change the ownership of vehicle (Company to Individual or individual to individual). Document that you would need for Puspakom B5 Inspection for ownership change:

1. Vehicle Registration Card (Vehicle Ownership Certificate [VOC]).
2. Letter Authorisation (if car reg under company).

Panduan penuh untuk membuat inspection Puspakom untuk menukar hak milik kenderaan (dari Syarikat ke nama individu atau dari individu ke individu). Dokumen yad diperlukan untuk membuat temujanji & membuat pemeriksaan Puspakom B5:

1. Geran Pendaftaran Kereta
2. Surat kebenaran (Kalau syarikat) .

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Vary your chest workout with 40 different types of push ups. 3 years ago, I was nominated to participate in the kill22 push-up Challenge during the Original Bootcamp Annual Convention in Sydney (Convention of all licensed Bootcamp operator in the world). The challenge requires completing 22 push-ups each day for 22 days to raise awareness of Mental Health and PTSD amongst ex-service personnel. This challenge was originated by the US Marine and went viral getting support from veterans all around the world. Instead of just doing 22 reps of military push up, I did more than 50 push up varieties (in 50 days instead of 22- ya got abit carried away) For this week's VLog, I compiled them all into a single video. Lets pick 5 type of Push up and do 12 reps @ 5 sets each as the Chest WOD for today. Future fitness vlog will include the varieties of workout for different muscle group that we frequently use at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell button to be notified of latest video. HOOYAH Follow me on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Blog:

. .


Making this Vlog was quite nostalgic. Reminiscing down memory lane when we were boys going into puberty during high school was quite dramatic. I was in Bukit Bintang Boys Secondary school (BBBSS) until mid form 4 when I left for London. Ya I did not take SPM but that is a story for another Vlog. It still saddens me till today to learn the school had deteriorated academically so badly compare to those days when we were there. BBBSS was the school in PJ back then. I am glad all of us are still in touch and although we do not meet so frequent, we quickly connects the moment we see one another at sight. If you enjoy the video (especially fellow BBIANs, please dont forget to Like & Subscribe to my Youtube Channel by click the subscribe button.



A visit to the 130 million years old rain forest.



Searching for a holiday package for our family of 26 people from aged from 2 years old to 72 is always a daunting tasks. For one, we need a tourist area that is both friendly to elders and children and secondly, we need a place that have easy access to halal food. After a long search, Vietnam sounds ideal and that was what we did. This video is all about the places we visit in Vietnam.



What do you do when your car needs attention? Asyik rosak je.


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