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Landed!!! After weeks if not months of waiting, our equipments with retail value exceeding RM20,000 had finally landed and this weekend the Chief's Original Bootcamp Instructors will be trained and certified as the first Alpha Strong instructors in Malaysia.

To acquire the perfect form and techniques, it is important that our instructors continuously attend to various training and re-training. There is no compromise in workout forms and techniques and every year, we would add new equipments to optimize your training result. Yes we hear ya..

Asked, and you shall receive!! Be ready for a brand new you!! only at the Chief's Original Bootcamp!!!


Nothing is more important than some surprises to juice and spice up our morning routine especially if we intend to maintain the momentum in climaxing at every alternate morning workout. A lot of time were spent to understand the needs of every recruit and alot of effort were invested to make sure everyone reach the point of no return at the end of every session.

To commemorate the end of December monthly workout in conjunction with the New Year, we brought to Malaysia the Alpha Strong Sandball (ASS) all the way from the United States of America especially for the use of recruits from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC). The COBC is the first to import and use the ASS in Malaysia and Bandar Utama Alpha platoon was the first to break the ASS virgin. Ewww that sounds wrong.  The platoon was all excited to see the new Toys.. If there was the most voted feedback on our online feedback form at HERE.. then it must be the request for new toys!!  We hear ya... and now you have it!!

COBC 6/12: 11.11.11

On this historic date 11.11.11, we charted another milestone to have the television crew recording us while working out at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia that was organised by Advance Tan, a loyal recruit and COBC strong supporter from our Subang Jaya USJ1 Alpha platoon. Today too, we delivered what our recruits requested for more equipments. We had the Cage & TRX, Jerry Can, Battling Ropes, Sandbag and Mock Rifle for what is known as the Toys Grinders.. Okay I made that name up but it literally sounds like it. Oooh.. forgot to mention, I also had John Chuah as one of the equipment when I had to piggy-bag him at one station!! Damn John Chuah.... please go on 8WC diet!! Fortunately, we were excused. 69kg Armin cannot be carrying 100kg 'equipment'... he is only designed to carry light petite women equipment.

The television crew arrived as early as 5:00am and was introduced to COBC team member. A notice was posted at here for recruits at Bandar Utama alpha and bravo platoon to err.. Mmm.. to workout in make-up, skirts, wax etc...
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