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21 July 2010. Its the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA July second last session at Bandar Utama and the weather was moody and tantrum, crying out a downpour of rain. The sky was so dark.... Oh.. its dark because it was 5:30am, the time we arrived at the BU3/1 football field. In darkness, we can only imagine the field condition.

The rain was still heavy when Sarge did the roll-call. Corporal Chun and Corporal Sandy Robers were the other instructors for today's session. All the Kiasu were present but almost half of the recruits were absent. When the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP tagged the line "Rain Hail or Shine" we exercise... they really mean business.

After the warm-up, we were divided into a group of two for a partner base cardio and strength training. I was partnered up with Superstar Leg John Chuah and needless to say... John Chuah has a polar watch without knowing how to set the heart rate monitor.. and I wore my polar strap without the watch; smart partnership? When the runners ran.. they really sprint and as they slowed down... Sarge Dann will be right behind them motivating in his deep whisper.... DO NOT SLOW DOWN.... !!! At certain point, we race amongst each other... to see who reach the end-point first!! that is one Kiasu competitive spirit that ensured everybody gave in their best.

Covered in mud, someone think the Sarge could not find him being camouflage and blends in well with the field but within second Corporal Chun appeared out of no where and was correcting his form, technique and speed. It is getting harder now to cheat....

The pre-prepared workout was probably designed especially for the rain... Whilst waiting for the partner to take turn running, we continues to roll and roll in the ankle deep flood & mud performing  the monk crunches, starter-squat, starter-push up etc. At some points, while monk-crunching and doing the push-up, the mud was splashed straight into the mouth by the running recruits.. the chocolate shake-lookalike-flood taste nothing like chocolate.. its bitter!! Eww..

It was our first session under the heavy rain, we were in soaking wet T'shirt and shorts by the end of the session... Being all muddy, someone decided to go naked and wash-up by the water pipe. We were too slow to snap her picture..

but camwhore a decent one instead...

left: Sarge Dann Joe Liew, Armin Baniaz pahamin, Corporal Chun Chia Kai, John Superstar leg Chuah, Michelle, KK Yam and Corporal Sandy Roberts.

Debbie Burgess was camwhoring when suddenly she screamed... she saw a huge rat happily walking towards her. Maybe she was excited because they are no rats where she came from? (Stick tongue out)..

Stay Tune for July's last session.

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  1. "John Chuah has a polar watch without knowing how to set the heart rate monitor.. and I wore my polar strap without the watch; smart partnership?"

    OMG~..! This one really made my day... thanks, Armin~!!! *ROFL*

  2. Shalyz...
    actually.. I felt stupid.... when i realized i didnt wear my Polar but wore the strap... haiiih...

    John superstar leg... even worse.. wore polar watch and the strap once.. and didnt know how to set the watch and as a result... the watch read.. 3calories burn!!! hehehhehe

    yaaa.. smart partnership aiih.. :-p :-p

  3. If my memory serves me... I think YiWern did that, once... tapi opposite... she wore the watch, but not the strap...

    I did the strap-without-watch once too.. tapi itu kene paksa bukak.. takut player lain injured.. so I dunno how many calories I burnt during futsal... :(

    Kesimpulannya... kiter semua boleh gang nie~... :)


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