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3 days countdown for the most talked about Chief's Original Bootcamp 8 Weeks Challenge!! To excite the challenge further COBC is pleased to offer the latest Vibram Spyridon or Seeya (Retailing at RM489) to the Malaysia Champion on top of the RM3,000 New Balance Voucher.

Malaysia 1st Runner up too will get the latest Vibram Spyridon or Seeya (worth RM489).

That is.. if you did not win the RM15,000 Grand Champion!! but somehow.... I have a big feeling, someone from Malaysia shall win! We are at war!!

Beside the 6 packs abs, lean, mean and sexy hotbods.. you get to own the latest vibram, only 2 days left before registration is closed. For further information, click HERE and for an idiot proof guide to registration, please click HERE.


Australia ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP had once again launched the most talked about 8 Weeks Challenge!! and as BUA Delta Umesh Narasimhaihah said on facebook at here.. "I've waited a year to take up this challenge" but what is the Eight Weeks Challenge?

Eight Weeks Challenge or Codenamed 8WC is a challenge thrown by the Founder, program designer and Global Master trainer Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily to all recruits within the fraternity of the Original Bootcamp Australia and the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia to re-brand and re-construct themselves to optimize weight and fat lost for a brand new you!! ........ In just 8 weeks!! and stand a chance to win RM15,000 for only AUD29.90 or equivalent to RM99.99 (depending on currency at the time of registration). (Picture on right- Mohamad Fazli- Bandar Utama Champion)

The Grand Champion will walk away with a RM15,000 prize!!!

With Chief Brabon, it is always the recruit themselves that should be idolised!! Although in his stable of instructors were all the hunk and babes with washboard abs and gorilla pecs but Chief had never portrayed his instructors as a role model because instructors are Superman sort of speak, they are by default, born an athlete and trained all their life to look and be strong the way they are. It is a default and a must have trait for an instructor but the recruits being an ordinary tom, dick and harry (or Malaysian says it Abu, Ah Chong, Ramasami) whom achieved extra-ordinary, head turning and jaw dropping result by and through following strictly the Chief's program, is worth being bragged about.


What does it take to participate in world's best challenge? Please find below an idiot proof to registration. To register, first you must enrolled and be accepted for both September and October intake!! If you have not done so, please register now at HERE.

Then click on and you will reach at the website below. Click on Register now.

and you will reach the website below. Click on the AUD$29.90 being the fee for the 8WC participation to be paid to OBC HQ, Australia (the promoter of the 8WC).


Taqabbalallâhu minnâ wa minkum (which means "[May] God accept from us and you [our fasts and deeds]"

On this auspicious month of Syawal, the month of Eid'ul Fitri, I seek and search for your forgiveness, for I may have done many wrongs with or without intention, being imperfect in all senses as a being.

May Allah swt bless you with the best of health, wealth and happiness.



If you were ever stopped by police (especially those in Blue uniform) whom is always in the look out for samaritans driving a car with 'expired road tax' (cari makan), then there is only one way out!! Bayar Rasuah!! Pay the bribe!! Otherwise, you will be in my shoe...

On 17 February 2012, I drove from the Curve back to my house at Sungai Penchala (5 minutes drive away) with Aaraf using my Proton Inspira and unbeknown to me, my road tax was 3 days expired when a police car with siren flashed and pulled my car aside.

Three very junior policemen in blue uniform came out from the car and approached me. The police whom was wearing a police reflective jacket that covered his name and the police number, told me that the road tax had expired. I was shocked and quickly apologised and promise to have it renewed immediately.

The police speaking in malay, asked how to settle and me being naive (not getting the 'hint') and was probably stupid, simply profusedly apologised. Using his gadget (some portable device that look like PDA), he said both my road tax and car insurance had expired and if he issue a summon that would attract a compound of RM300 each! meaning.. a total of RM600. He said, if I buy him a drink for RM150, he will not issue the summon.

I was flabbergasted and felt very embarrassed, I said, the road tax was only a few days expired. I overlooked, Minta maaf banyak banyak and I will have it renewed immediately. The police continued to say, so how do we resolve this? I say, I will resolve it by having it renewed immediately. My father too was a civil servant, I wont break the law, I continued.

The police officer whom was not happy, just continued to say, the choice is mine... pay RM600 (RM300 fine for expired road tax and another RM300 fine for expired insurance) or just pay for some duit kopi. To cut the story short, I refuse to pay rasuah and was issued a summon (SUMMON NO 02AH731758) which I have forgotten all about it until today.


(Left- Andrew Lim with Ryan Wong)
If there is one guy that is always consistently motivating us on COBC facebook page at HERE, then it must be Andrew Lim. The funny and cheerful lad will always make you smile on facebook whenever you tuned into COBC page. Infact, COBC page is a good stress relieved channel.. you will always either end up smiling, giggling and/or sometimes... tergolek golek on the floor laughing outloud.

It is always very inspiring to read about what motivates anyone to start exercising especially when someone is already successful and contented with life like the 39 years old hotelier who turned into tobacco?!! Andrew Lim graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree in Human Resource and Marketing from the Griffith University in Queensland, Australia and began his carreer to first help set up the Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines Beach Resort, Mines Exhibition Centre. After the Palace of the Golden Horses, Andrew moved on to start the Cyberview Lodge with his General Manager and Sales Director.

The glamorous life of being attached to two of Malaysia's finest 5-star hotels coupled with a good mix of HR and business exposure in the early stages of Andrew's career had motivated him to indulged into the  high flying life of being a professional business consultant. Andrew then moved on to be a consultant with KPMG and the Hay Group. That move was very enriching especially when he get to liaise, work and learn from the best Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors of big multi-national Corporations, large local conglomerate and the goverment. After 7 good years from a make-believe world of consulting where you need to not just come out with the concept and ideas but also to make sure that it can be executed, Andrew departed back into operations where the reality of life is. Andrew was then attached to IBM, BAT, baker Hughes and for the last 2 years, Phillip Morris.


 Lance Corporal (COBC) Kenn or his real name Foo Sze Ken holds a Diploma in Business Studies and Sports Science Level 1 and have a special interest in sports having participated in SUKMA from 2008 to 2011 in Karate. The Aries gentlemen was a Silver medalist in MAKAF Junior competition in 2005 and Bronze for Senior Championship. LC Kenn is a 3rd Dann Black Belt in Goshin-Ryu Karate.
LC (COBC) Kenn @ Foo Sze Ken at the centre before a karate Competition


I first knew Ryan Wong at KL Charlie 3 years ago shortly before the inaugural platoon challenge. Those were the days when my blog was all about the bootcamp. For 2 years, I blogged about my experience at every bootcamp session. In choosing inspiring recruit to blog, I cant help but to choose Ryan whom was our pioneer member and one of the most consistent recruit that had never missed any session...

Ryan first heard of the Chief's Original Bootcamp from Arhnue (Shamil's sister). He fell in love at first sight and had his longest relationship (with COBC) until now. By Ryan standard.. I think that is the longest he has been in a relationship. The single most available bachelor at COBC first trained at BU Alpha because of convenience and location but Ryan found more than what he bargained for!! At the bootcamp, the only child with a single mother found a home, friends, and finally a family. From living with only a mother and a dog, Ryan now has an extended family of more than 60 members from DH Zulu. Ryan lost his father last year due to liver failure. Ryan shifted from Bandar Utama to Damansara Heights Zulu platoon when he found his chemistry was strongest with DH Zulu Platoon Commander and recruits.


The month of Ramadhan is nearing the end and COBC will be on a 2 weeks break for an in-house training cum refresher and for us to attend the Global Bootcamp convention in Australia before commencing again for September intake on 3 September (or 4th, depending on location). Yes, at COBC, training and re-training is very important to ensure the best of our deliverables. How else can we become the best and the oldest in the industry. Usually, we will come back with more toys and improved technique for you to play and climax!

On behalf of all COBC, Malaysia community, we wish Gunny Brabon the co-Founder of Original Bootcamp Australia the best on her Birthday today. Gunny Brabon is Australia OBC Managing Director and is the first and oldest female military-inspired bootcamp instructor and global master trainer. Among an endless list of tasks, the iron lady is in charge of all group marketing, promotion, sponsorships and our online system management but her look can deceive her experience and credentials. That is a default outcome of Gunny's lifetime training at the bootcamp- She grew younger on her every birthday (just like me us heh..)! Today too is Corporal Suresh and Corporal Ridz's first day at their new workplace which we are also very excited and wish them well. They have been with COBC for a year and we are very proud of their career advancement. COBC's door is always open for them both whenever they are available. If you think you miss them, trust me, they miss you even more. Such is the camaraderie built between and amongst the instructors and recruit. COBC is all about our recruits, instructors and an established result-guarantee program.  

Registration for September is now open with the following schedule. Unfortunately, Shah Alam battalion is still not open for September but we are undergoing some major planning to cater for our loyalist in that region. We regretted all inconveniences.

(Click on picture to enlarge)
September session began on 
3rd and 4th September 2012 (depending on location)


After 3 weeks of being overdosed with work schedules, this morning before leaving to Johor, we managed to draw-up a training schedule for August given some changes in training schedule for the fasting month. The schedule was inspired by Jerry Chong whom had created twice but without the full information.

Please take note that the schedule for September may not be as above. This schedule is valid only for the month of August. The management of COBC is still deliberating to re-open Shah Alam battalion and will be making the announcement soon.


I first saw the new Bank Notes on Facebook and had the first touch of it a few weeks back. Bearing the theme 'Distinctively Malaysia', the new bank notes were impressive and beautifully designed incorporating Malaysia culture and heritage. The transition to the new notes does attract some inconveniences to the public when various parking machines do not recognize both the new bank notes and coins.

At the Tropics, Perdana Shopping Centre, Damansara Perdana, the parking management company that manages the parking at the Mall, did not calibrate their parking machine yet but their machine also do not give out any change and this has been on going for many months if not years.


Bangi, 1 August 2012. I was invited to represent the automotive industry at the exchange of Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Malaysia and various players from the automotive sector. With the exchange of MOU, the industry had also issued an offer to almost all the graduates and future graduates of those automotive students from Community College. The event was graced by the Secretary General, Ministry of Higher Education Yg Bhg Datuk Ab Rahim Bin Md Noor.
The function that was held at the Equatorial Hotel, Bangi was co-hosted by the Department of Community College and University Malaysia Pahang and attended by approximately 1,000 guests. The Department of Community College was also recently tasked to provide highly skilled manpower to 5 corridors namely, IRDA Economic Development, NCER, ECER, SDC and SCORE to spur related industrial development in line with the Government Transformation Plan.

After the welcoming speech by Professor Dato' Dr Daing Nasir bin Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor University Malaysia Pahang, I was asked to address the audience as a representative from the industry. Below was the text prepared just in the nick of time..

Bismillah hirahmanir rahim
 Y. Bhg. Datuk Ab. Rahim Bin Md. Noor
Ketua Setiausaha, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi

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