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DKS 1- the Benchmarking Assessment

December Kiasu Sessions (DKS)  (the word KIASU.. Was made popular by singaporeans.. it means Striving for the best & cannot be left behind- sort of must be better (than whoever or simply ownself). In short, it means scare to lose. (I hope I got it right-as explain by my singaporean friends)....

After a full month of sweating-blood, heart exploding, muscle-crying and pain-stalking sessions in November, its time to measure the fitnes improvement.............. if any!!!

I had three (3) Goals when I first joined the Kiasu camp in November, the first was to burn all the food-overdose accumulated during the Muslim Eidul-Fitri (Raya Puasa) celebration which was successfully accomplished having lost in November more than 3kg in weight. The second goal was to re-gained the momentum in training that was lost for already more than 3 months!!....and that too was a success with 100% attendance in November!! Third was to improve my timing from the first benchmark assessment... !!!

Everybody at the camp are there for a specific reason. I am proud of my young successful 24 years old friend that joined the camp today; Daing Daniel Fitri whose success I had blogged earlier this year (see: Daniel) enrolled for the camp to re-gained his stamina and strength for his 5th Dan/Degree Taekwando exam in March next year. Daniel, I can assure and guarantee you wont be dissappointed.

The assessment that will be done on every first monday upon completing 12  gruelling training sessions. and today is the Day. There is two (2) part of the assessment. The first being the assessment for strengh and endurance and the second part is for stamina. The details of the assessment is as follows:

The first part comprised of 3 circuit sets as follows:
1) Two loops of running at 200 metres per loop. Hence, 400 metres per set.

2) 10 repetitions of push up

3) 10 repetitions of Grunt

4) 15 repetition of military sit-up

After completing the first assessment, the second part is the assessment for stamina. The time will be recorded for both the circuit sets and the one mile run* (*equivalent to approx 1.6km).

My timing for the first part on 1 November 2009 was 13 minutes and 48seconds and a DNF (Did Not Finish) for the one mile run (the time was stopped before I could complete the 1 mile run).

I am a vrgin with Speed and timing and that is my DECEMBER KIASU CAMP TARGET!!! to improve my running CADENCE & SPEED!!! ...and of course the 'New Moon' JACOB's 8 PACK ABS. What is your December Target? 


I took up running five years ago after being too depressed with the conflict between the 30 candles on the cake on my birthday and the youthful soul I have!! I resolve the number of candles were wrong though my 6 siblings adamantly confirm! I am a sucker for the 'Runner's High'........... and addicted to the pleasurable orgasmic feeling of crossing the finishing line during a race or runs but NEVER  did I target for speed! I run, cycle and swim for leisure and pleasure being a junkie for the runner's High. Now, thanks to the Kiasu friends and trainers, I have a different perspective in running! I want Speed!!!

and to get the SPEED, the Battle Plan is drawn towards a consistent.......... 100% Attendance, 100% Commitment & 110% Effort!!!! ...or known as A.C.E.!!!! KL Alpha Team's MOTTO!!!

(ACE.. Attendance, Commitment & Effort)

The Chief Whip that will ensure our goal is fulfilled by end-december is non other than the Hungarian Technology transferred and assembled at Malaysian factory, the made in Malaysia Wolverine (not the real name). Wolverine, a tough, fierce, tall and modern taliban-look gentlemen is the Chief of the Red Tee (a squad of punishers) whom quoted to me 'Strength and Speed equates to powerful Muscle'.

Try to break the 'ACE'.... that CLAW will slice deep into the muscle with endless exruciating, heart throbbing grunts and squat pulses.

But the Wolverine was absent today and was replaced instead by Wesley Snipes (Not the real name) whom took command of all the 'wannabees'.

Mr Wesley, Commander for the benchmarking assessment today...

.....and to benchmark the improvement for December, we began and completed the circuit training with time-record... and my timing improvement (now VS last month) was:

 First Part: 9.45 Minutes VS 13:48 minutes 
Second Part: 9:48minutes VS DNF

The Superman couple, Veep and a few other Deltas completed in 7 minutes plus plus... Madness!! Cherokee, Emo, Geli, Aunty, Master, Adidas, Bike and a few other Seals did it in 8 minutes plus plus.... Although I am pleased with my timing but the December target is to clock below 8 minutes.... DAMN KIASU!!! Welcome to the KIASU CAMP!!!

All the three (3) November Goals has been achieved!!! now the start of December Goal.. CADENCE, SPEED and 8-PACK!!! Maybe I should display the pre and post target picture... but then, I am too shy and reserved.

If my speed does not improve in December, I shall go to Adidas and shop for a pair of WINGS (Veep, watch out!!)........


p/s- if you successfull graduated and completed the december ACE and timing, the Board of Kiasus will bestowed upon you the title DKS behind your name!!

 The Kiasu series: Kiasu 2, Kiasu 1.


The Kiasu went running


A bunch of KL Alpha Kiasus - 5:45am squad went running today at Taman Tun Dr Ismail park as part of the team's own initiave to maintain a healthy, fit, slim and sexy lifestyle.

There are 3 parks at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) that is located within few hundred metres apart. See below:

View Larger Map

There are three (3) running parks in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) marked with A, B & C. 

We were suppose to meet and gather at the Taman Lembah Kiara or the Seal Park labelled in the above map as 'A'. There are 2 running route at the Seal park. The first route is the running route surrounding the man-made lake which is a flat 1.1km per loop. This route is a good training ground for sprinting or for doing a few loops training for longer distance. The second loop is the outer section but within the park itself. The second route is 2.5km per loop and is medium in level of difficulty.

The Rimba Park or now known as the Ranger's Park is the easiest route with less than 1km per running loop marked with 'B' in the above map.

The third park at TTDI is the Taman Arborentum, Jalan Bukit Kiara Utama or the Delta Hill marked as 'C' in the above map.

I saw 2 Kiasu, Jaguar and Emo (both are not the real names) from KL Alpha walking instead of running from the opposite direction.On the third running round at the Seal Park I was approached by Kiat (real name) a tall thin chinese, a fellow blogger from the running fraternity (see: Kiat's Blog)... he is also a mutual member of the Pacesetter Athletic Club Malaysia. "Are you the blogger that ran the Dukethon" he asked. It was the first time that I met Kiat and we ended up chatting and sharing our past running experiences while running. Kiat has been running for 17 years since he was 17 years old and completed the recent Dukethon 5km run in 17 minutes!!!! His best time for a full 42km marathon was 3 hours 15 minutes........... that is running at the speed of 18 on treadmill!!!!After sharing some training information on how to improve speed, we took our separate ways. Thanks Kiat for saying Hyee.... and for the running tips.

There were initially 3 of us Kiasus at the park but while running, we bumped into the tall specky 84kg Vee-Twelve (not the real name) who came all the way from Cheras, running with Kaira (not the real name too). It was funny to see him without his trademark grey Bulldog Tshirt!!!! Instead, he wore a blue T'shirt with the large word written 'Power' !!! ...and became V-Power (and now known as Veep instead of the Vee-twelve)!!!

After completing the run, I received a call from the Chief Kiasu, Cherokee (also not the real name). Cherokee, a 57 year old damn fit dentist & Pinto (disguised name), a pure animal loyalist went to the wrong park.

Cherokee and Pinto came all the way from Ampang and TTDI was alien to them. They mistakenly went to the Delta Hill and was there since 6:30am. They searched high and low for other Kiasu members which was to Pinto's delight having to meet dozens ofmonkeys in the forest. I would not be surprise if Pinto start giving names to all the monkeys there after a few visit. With the above map display, our next running session should be easier to find by other Kiasus.

Finally, 7 of us; Cherokee, Pinto, Vpower, Kaira, Jaguar, Emo and I gathered at the Devi's Corner for breakfast and I had one capati and 4 half boiled eggs. I was not surprised to discover Veep is an Auditor by profession by the look of the square spectacle... auditors are famous for being square.

I left home to pick up chubby Aaraf from English Language Studio (ELS) at Desa Sri Hartamas before leaving to visit my 104 years old Great Grandmother in Keramat, Kuala Lumpur.

It was a very satisfying run today..........


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Its Final!!! ..... 100% attendance!! Congrates KIASU(s)


Today marked the end of November 2009, 5:45am training!!! A commitment that not many can keep. It is a huge achievement to wake up at 4:30am and drove to the Rugby field three (3) times a week for the whole of November!! .......such was the commitment to be a 'Kiasu'.... an 8-pack discipline inspired by the launching of the 'New Moon' and soon..... the new month of December! ...

There were 60 KIASUS in total that surrendered ourselves in November into the hands of the Red Tee to re-engineer ourselves and our lifestyle towards a healthier, slimmer, fitter and definitely sexier looking.

However, only 30 KIASUS came on the last day today, the non-muslim sacrificed their waking-up-late on public holiday and the muslim managed their time efficiently to exercise and workout before performing their morning Eidul Adha prayer.

With more than half AWOL, the RED CARD was issued by the Red Chief . The RED CARD signifies either an AWOL or/and indiscipline.... and when the RED CARD is issued, the whole squad's face will turn red!!!

The training began with the RED CARD treatment!! As the name implies.. Whenever the treatment is extended, all players' face will turn red in agony!! ..........although mine turned blue!!

The Red Card treatment is the excruciating Squat Pulses. It is done by squating half way with the knee 90 degree bend, then stood half way up before squating back down again...  this was continued without any break for 1 minute and was repeated for a set of 5. Unlike football where the referee only knows how to blow the whistle and wave their red card, the Red Chief and his team performed the RED CARD treatment together with the KIASUS.

Whilst doing the Red Card Treatment...... at first, it felt like 'forcing out' on constipation ..........

(doing squatting felt like constipation..................)

Then the burning pain started to kicked in!!!!

A moment later on the fourth set,  I had to check if my legs were still there.... it suddenly felt numb.I smiled when I saw the legs was still intact.

 (you cansee stars or see double with the Red Card treatment... eh.. Thats no my leg!!)

We then rushed to the rugby field for 3 sets of 15 minutes non-stop knocked-out heart-pumping cardio.

Although my heart was dancing lunatically (dont bother checking dictionary-i created that word), my HRM was only 168bpm and the total fat burnt was 640 calories. My leg must have worn-out from the RPM class at the Truefitness gym yesterday with Denmark (not the real name).

and with that, our November 5am training ended!!

SUMMARY: 100% attendance, 110% effort, 100% excitement and 100% funtabulous time!!!!!! The result.......... Weight lost from 72kg to 68.8kg (Mission accomplished to burnt all the HARI RAYA PUASA FOOD OVERDOSE!!.... infact, overshot by 1.2kg)

Thanks KIASU mate for the encouraging and never-ending support specifically to Nawal, Rose, Doc M, Taj Mahal,  Aunty, Japanese Yen, Woodpecker, Racket, Adidas, 3L, Superman, Wonderwomen, V12, high heels, Taliban(s), Amoi, Becker, (figure out who is who........) ...

To all the 100% attendees... CONGRATULATION!! That commitment, dedication and sacrifices is well-worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

(Except for the KIB (Kojak-In-Black).. EVERYBODY in the picture successfully attended 100%!!)


If you want to be a KIASU.... you have to wake up @ 5am for 3 times a week and surrender to 110% effort for only 1 hour of intensive training!!

It takes discipline, dedication & especially commitment...



Stay tune for the 'Kiasu' series........


The New look of the Malay Mail


The Malay Mail had acquired a new look, new spirit, new energy and a new Boss.. Well not so new Boss but still new...........
I was invited and attended the re-launching of the oldest english daily newspaper, the Malay Mail yesterday by the Malay Mail's Chief Executive Officer and Editor, Ahiruddin Atan or more popular known as Rocky's Bru.

The new look of the Malay Mail is like a plastic surgery for the old people or maybe a Botox... which may not be necessary but considering the Malay Mail is the oldest in town, a fresher and sexier new look may add to its attraction; especially with a new boss.

Rocky threw a mega party yesterday for the relaunching of the Malay Mail at the Bangsar Shopping Centre that saw Bangsar being over-congested with bumper to bumper traffic. There were lots of food, drinks, singing and loud music. We were also given a red-wrist-band probably as a signal that you've been MMAIL'ed!! It was a stupendous event attended by thousands of supporters.

Unfortunately, I did not bring any camera and my BlackBerry handphone happily went dead! So I searched for Rocky's picture online.. and saw Rocky's picture, a Ramli Sarip look alike from Syed Ali's blog 'OutSyed  the Box'. (Tuan Syed, I hope you dont mind me using Rocky's picture from your blog).

(Ahiruddin Attan aka Rocky's Bru)

Syed beat the Malay Mail and other blogger by being the earliest to blog about yesterday's party at 11:25pm last night.

Since Rocky joined the Malay Mail, I had renewed my subcription for the paper that had once became a bore. Congratulation Rocky on last night's successful party and for turning around the Malay Mail. Look forward to more exciting (and controversial) news.


Proton Edar Dealers Nationwide Tour 2 - Melaka & Negri Sembilan


Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) continued with our Nationwide Tour after a successful gathering with the Northern Region dealers on 18 November 2009.

For the second stop of PEDA's first nationwide tour, we gathered all Proton Edar dealers in Melaka and Negri Sembilan at Senawang, Negeri Sembilan on 20 November 2009. PEDA committee Dr Wan Ikmal Dato Seri Wan Ahmad hosted our first gathering at his office Wanija Industries (M) Sdn Bhd.

The tour was chaired by PEDA President Armin Baniaz Pahamin together with PEDA Vice-President 1, Lee Lick Sai, PEDA Vice-President 2 Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Secretary General Jeff Lim Si Heong, Assistant Secretary General Fadzil Bakar, Hon Treasurer Adam Khan bin Omar Khan, East Coast Region Assistant Head Mohd Zainuri Ab Halim, PEDA committee Fathul Rahman and Dr Wan Ikmal Dato Seri Wan Ahmad.

There are 18 Proton Edar dealers in Melaka and Negri Sembilan and except for one (1)  Dealer, we had 100% attendance.


Inti Baru Sdn.Bhd
Pn. Ruzainun bt Abd Halim
Managing Director
Madani Millenium Auto S Bhd
En Zainal Abidin Hamzah
Sales Manager
Pakatan Sejahtera Sdn.Bhd
En Shahril Salleh
Sales Manager
Wanija Industries (M) S Bhd
Dr. Haji Wan Ikmal
Deluxe Mark Sdn.Bhd
Not attend

M & F Maju Auto Sdn.Bhd
1. Datuk Hj Isa Ahmad Indot

2. En. Azan Ibrahim
Art Nouveau Ent Sdn.Bhd
En. Azhar b Abd Aziz
Fadzil Enterprise S Bhd
En Fadzil A Bakar
Perisai Wira Sdn.Bhd
Tn Hj Shamsudin

Sykt Darus Sdn.Bhd
Tn Hj Borhanuddin b Mohd Yunus
Bin Lee Sdn.Bhd
Not attend


Bakat Automobile (M) S Bhd
Mr. Patrik Teo
Director cum Manager
Cruseiro Technology Sdn Bhd
En Md Yusop bin Jantan
Dynamic Lure Sdn.Bhd
Mr.Lim Yoon Ben
Motorhub Jaya Sdn.Bhd
Mr Lee Kek King
Tahap Puncak Sdn.Bhd
Absent with apology

Sejuang Sdn.Bhd
Pn Hajjah Hamimah
Bunga Raya Auto Credit
Mr. Teo Seng Hok
Seong Hoe Motors Sdn.Bhd
Mr Vincent Ng Gut Cheong

We championed the same Agenda to foster a stronger united network and discussed various legacy and arising issues which again, is too sensitive to be discussed here.

The meeting was adjourned at 6pm after a good 3 hours of discussion and as I was about to lose my voice. We drove and stopby our Assistant Secretary-General showroom at Fadzil Entreprise Sdn Bhd and was treated with a good mamak food for dinner.

Dr Wan Ikmal had some collections of past PEDA events which I am pleased to publish here:

(Past PEDA monthly meeting with PESB. From left: Fathul Rahman, Sidik, Armin Baniaz, Razak Aziz)

 (From Left: Armin Baniaz, Razak Aziz, Jasmin Ismail, Lee Lick Sai, Noreen)

  (PEDA past meetings with Proton Edar GM Abdul Sidik. From Left: Sidik, Abu Lais, Armin Baniaz, Fathul Rahman)

(PEDA monthly meeting, Armin Baniaz addresing the committee)

 (Press Conference @ KLGCC, From Left: Jafry Samah, Armin Baniaz, Wan Sepwan, Razak Aziz, Farizl Baharom, Che Ghazzali, Fathul Rahman, Malkeet Singh, Nurkhairin Norian)

(Past Press Conference: From Left: Abu Lais, Lee Lick Sai, Jafry Samaah, Armin Baniaz, Wan Sepwan, Razak Aziz, Farizul Baharom, Che Ghazzali, Fathul Rahman, Malkeet Singh, Nurkhairin Norian)

(From Left: Armin Baniaz, Wan Sepwan, Razak Aziz)

(From left: Wan Sepwan, Dato Syed Zainal Abidin, Armin Baniaz)

(Some of Proton dealers)

(Nurkhairin Nurian, Helen Sng, Susan Chew, Susan Khong)




We drove back to Kuala Lumpur the same day. Our next stop is scheduled on 24 November 2009 at the East Coast of Malaysia... subject to the flood condition

Stay Tune

See PEDA first Tour at: Tour 1.


KLAS11- New Commander in Charge...



Received a call from Selva Kumar the Administrator for the Original Bootcamp Malaysia at 12:30pm today whom said that the Original Bootcamp Australia was not happy and took offence with the write-up done on their trainers in Malaysia... specifically the Gorilla picture.

Perhaps that was abit insensitive of me to related Corporal Faizal Ariff Abdullah to a Gorilla but the message I conveyed was his achievement in losing 50kg from 124kg to 70kg through natural diet and exercises.. Hence from a Gorilla to a HUNK which can be seen from the first picture posted. Again, something to be proud off and a motivating factor to other recruits.

The Blog too was a compliment on Corporal Faizal's ability to lead the platoon...

I also wrote an email to Corporal Faizal to inquire if he is offended and if he is, I am making a public apology here... but there is no reply todate.

Since, some people are more sensitive than others and to avoid offending anybody... This blog post will be removed soon... 

It is by no means contain any untoward malice.




Other Bootcamp articles, see: Bootcamp 13, Bootcamp 12, Bootcamp 11, Bootcamp 10, Bootcamp 9, Bootcamp 8, Bootcamp 7, Bootcamp 6, Bootcamp 5, Bootcamp 4, Bootcamp3, Bootcamp2, Bootcamp 1.


Temubual Bersama Akhbar Kosmo (un-edited version)

Wawancara bersama Hisham Idris Wartawan Meja Am Kosmo bertempat di kediaman Armin Baniaz di Sungai Penchala.

Pendahuluan Wartawan.
Secara mudah wawancara ini bakal dimuatkan di dalam kolum Kosmo! edisi harian yang disiarkan di dalam kolum wawancara berbentuk Q&A pada setiap Rabu. Sehubungan itu tujuan saya ingin mewawancara tuan ialah bagi mengupas isu berkaitan pemberian skim baucar RM5,000 ke atas kenderaan berusia 10 tahun ke atas.

Beberapa hari lepas Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Chor Chee Heung berkata, kerajaan bersedia mengkaji semula pemberian baucar tersebut sekiranya terdapat alasan kukuh mengenainya.

Sehubungan itu, saya memerlukan pihak tuan dalam memastikan tuntutan oleh timbalan menteri tersebut di samping ingin memaklumkan pendirian Persatuan Pengedar Proton Edar Malaysia yang diwakili pihak tuan sebagai Presiden. 

Di bawah saya sediakan beberapa soalan yang diharap dapat membantu pihak tuan. sekian.

(Armin Baniaz: Maafkan saya jika jawapan saya dicampur dalam kedua-dua bahasa iaitu bahasa malaysia dan juga bahasa Ingeris.)

1. Wajarkah pemberian skim baucar RM5,000 ke atas kenderaan berusia 10 tahun  diteruskan?

Untuk menjawab soalan ini, kita barus menilik kembali objektif asal Skim Pelupusan kereta yang menawarkan baucer RM5,000 untuk kenderaan berusia 10 tahun keatas. Objektif asalnya ialah untuk merangsangkan jualan kereta nasional pada kegawatan ekonomi sekarang yang perkenalkan dibawah bajet Rangsangan Kewangan 2 (“2nd financial stimulus”). 

Objektif ini sedikit sebanyak telah dapat dicapai dengan sokongan yang padu dari pihak Bank yang meluluskan pinjaman sewa-beli pelanggan untuk membeli kereta baru Proton dengan cara menebus baucer tersebut.  

Skim ini telah dapat mengurangkan kesan akibat dari kegawatan ekonomi dan juga dapat mempertahankan jumlah jualan kereta dari terus jatuh. (The scheme was able to minimise the effect from the economic downturn and was able to sustain if not improve the national car sales).

Jika  objektif tersebut telah dicapai dan kerajaan juga yakin keadaan ekonomi Malaysia telah kembali pulih, skim tersebut boleh lah ditamatkan. Terutamanya jika kita berpandukan pada OBJEKTIF ASAL skim tersebut di perkenalkan. 

Walau bagaimanapun, objektif skim pelupusan ini tidak seharusnya terhad bagi  jangka masa pendek sebagai rangsangan ekonomi (semasa kegawatan ekonomi) sahaja tetapi harus dijadikan satu objektif jangka masa panjang bagi mengatasi :

1)       Masa depan pasaran kereta dan industri automotif yang tepu di Malaysia

2)      “Road-worthiness’ bagi kenderaan di Malaysia yang berumur 10 tahun keatas dan keselematan pengguna jalanraya yang lain  

Polisi pelupusan ini haruslah di perkenalkan sebagai satu polisi jangka masa panjang. 

Jadi, skim boucer ini patut diteruskan jika keadaan ekonomi kita masih belum pulih untuk mengelak dari kemelosotan jualan kereta.

2. Apa signifikan sekiranya ia diteruskan dan bagaimana ia membantu merangsang jualan kereta terutama membabitkan kereta buatan nasional?   

Jumlah kenderaan yang berusia lebih dari 10 tahun dianggarkan melebihi 2 juta kenderaan. Jika skim ini di teruskan, ianya akan menolong pemilik pemilik kenderaan untuk menukar ganti kereta mereka dan seterusnya mempertingkatkan jualan kereta nasional.

3. Jika perkara itu diteruskan kerajaan mungkin mengalami kecairan wang kerana membantu pemilik kenderaan lama, apa cadangan program atau kaedah lain untuk tidak membebankan mana-mana pihak tetapi tetap menguntungkan pengguna? 

Ianya bergantung kepada objektif Skim…. Objektif pertama dan utama baucer dan juga Skim Pelupusan kenderaan ini diperkenalkan ialah untuk merangsangkan jualan kereta nasional yang mendokong lebih dari 70% jumlah jualan kereta kesuluruhan (Total passenger car sales)  di Malaysia dan secara tidak langsung, ia membantu juga pemilik kenderaan lama (untuk memiliki kereta baru). 

Secara majority, pemilik kereta kereta yang berusia lebih dari 10 tahun sudah tidak mempunyai sebarang pinjaman. Pinjaman sewa beli kereta itu telah habis dibayar. Pada hakikatnya, penebusan baucer untuk membeli kereta baru akan lebih membebankan pembeli kereta yang kini terpaksa menanggung kos hidup tambahan untuk membayar pinjaman setiap bulan untuk kereta baru mereka. 

Jadi, sebenarnya, jika baucer ini diteruskan, bukan sahaja kerajaan akan kecairan wang, tetapi juga pembeli kereta yang menebus baucer tersebut akan kecairan ‘disposable income’ mereka kerana kini terpaksa menanggung pembayaran pinjaman bulanan sewa beli kereta baru itu (berbandigkan sebelum ini, tiada apa apa pinjaman). 

Tetapi jika Objektif skim dan baucer tersebut ialah untuk jangka-masa panjang demi keselamatan pengguna-pengguna jalan raya dan juga untuk mengatasi masa depan pasaran kereta yang tepu, program yang diperkenalkan (dan kemudiannya ditarik balik) di bawah Dasar Automotif Nasional untuk Pemeriksaan Mandatori Tahunan (untuk kereta berusia melebihi 15 tahun) akan memberi lebih kesan yang lebih berfaedah kepada pengguna secara keseluruhan. 

Apabila pemilik kenderaan (yang berusia melebihi 10 tahun atau 15 tahun) terpaksa melalui Pemeriksaan Mandatori Tahunan, kos kos membaik-pulih untuk mencapai tahap ‘road worthiness’ bagi mendapat kelulusan pembaharuan cukai jalan kereta akan mempastikan keselamatan (akibat dari keadaan kereta yang tidak terjaga) pengguna jalan raya lain terjaga. 

(Senarai atau semakan untuk "Road-Worthiness" ini tidak pernah diumumkan. Senarai dan semakan inilah yang patut dikaji sepenuhnya atau dibahaskan oleh pihak-pihak yang membangkang akan pemeriksaan mandatori ini) 

Pada satu tahap, kos untuk membaik-pulih kereta ini akan membebankan pemilik kereta (tetapi penting untuk keselamatan mereka & pengguna jalan raya) dan dengan adanya pilihan untuk melupuskan kenderaan (melalui skim berasingan dari pembuat kereta nasional), beban pemilik kereta akan dapat dikurangkan. 

Terdapat pelbagai cara yang boleh diperkenalkan supaya tidak membebankan pemilik kereta untuk menjalani Pemeriksaan Mandatori Tahunan. Contohnya, kos ataupun yuran Pemeriksaan itu boleh dibiayai oleh syarikat-syarikat insurans am kerana, syarikat insuran juga akan mendapat faedah dari kekurangan kadar kemalangan (akibat dari kereta yang tidak terjaga). Lagipun, pembaharuan insuran juga adalah mandatori dan perlu sebelum pembaharuan cukai jalan. 

Syarikat yang melupuskan kenderaan tersebut juga boleh membayar pampasan kepada pemilik kereta lama (sebagai boucer) untuk pelupuskan kereta mengikut harga pasaran besi buruk atau pendapatan dari ‘recycle’.  
Di negara-negara maju, pemilik kereta terpaksa membayar syarikat swasta untuk melupuskan kereta mereka. Pemilik kereta dengan relanya menyerahkan kereta mereka untuk dilupuskan kerana kos penyelengaraan kereta yang tinggi.(Car owners voluntarily surrender and pay for their car to be scrapped due to higher cost of maintenance).

Jadi kaedah yang lebih berkesan ialah melalui Pemeriksaan Mandatori Tahunan (yuran yang ditanggung oleh samada syarikat insuran atau sebaliknya) yang juga akan menjaga keselamatan pengguna-pengguna jalan raya lain. Pemilik pemilik kereta boleh membuat pilihan untuk melupuskan kereta lama mereka dan mendapat bayaran yang setimpal dari Syarikat yang di iktirafkan oleh kerajaan untuk melupuskan kereta atau membeli kereta baru yang ditawarkan oleh pembuat kereta seperti Proton dan kerajaan tidak perlu menanggung kos baucer. Dengan cara ini, tiada pihak yang dibebankan. 

5. Jika sebelum ini Persatuan Automobil Malaysia pernah mencadangkan skim tersebut turut diberikan kepada kenderaan impot, apa pandangan tuan mengenai perkara tersebut? 

Saya tidak bersetuju. Kenapa kerajaan kita patut membelanjakan wang rakyat untuk dengan menawarkan baucer kepada syarikat asing yang tidak pernah melaburkan keuntungan mereka dalam melahirkan kereta mereka melalui infrastruktur tempatan seperti dalam teknologi tempatan, R&D tempatan dan tidak juga manjadikan Malaysia sebagai HUB untuk mengimpot kereta mereka? 

Ya, saya tidak menafikan masih terdapat banyak kekurangan dalam proton.. tetapi perubahan telah dapat kita rasai dan nikmati.. ini terbukti dengan pengurangan komplen dari 5 komplen setiap kereta kepada sekarang hanya 0.6 komplen setiap kereta. Ini bermakna tidak semua kereta yang mempunyai masalah kerana  kualiti kereta proton telah banyak diperbaik pulih. 

6. Sampai bila kerajaan perlu memberikan skim baucar ini dan sejauh mana sambutan para pemilik kenderaan pada perlaksaan skim tersebut yang telah berakhir pada 1 November lalu? 

Baucer ini harus diteruskan sehingga keadaan ekonomi kita terutamanya industri automotif telah pulih. Rakyat kita hanya baru memahami sepenuhnya polisi ini semenjak ianya di perkenalkan dahulu. Semasa polisi ini diperkenalkan, ramai yang tidak berapa faham, jadi sambutannya kurang memberangsangkan. Tetapi semenjak kebelakangan ini, sambutan polisi ini menjadi amat menggalakkan. Jika kerajaan yakin, keadaan ekonomi kita telah pulih, baucer ini boleh ditamatkan.  

Tetapi jika skim ini ditamatkan semasa keadaan ekonomi belum stabil, kita akan rugi dari segi momentum yang telah ada dan akibatnya, jualan kereta mungkin akan kembali merosot. 

7. Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Chor Chee Heung berkata, jika ada sebab yang kukuh, baru kajian akan dibuat oleh  pihaknya, apa alasan pihak tuan jika mahu ia diteruskan jika tidak kenapa? 

Kenyataan terbuka beginilah yang akan lebih membebankan para pengedar dan juga rakyat. Setiap polisi baru Proton atau kerajaan yang diperkenalkan akan membabitkan para pengedar sebagai pihak pertama yang akan diserbu oleh pembeli yang tidak puas hati atau marah. 

Sebelum program ini ditamatkan, sepatutnya kajian yang mendalam telah dibuat terlebih dahulu. Berdasarkan kajian yang mendalam itu, kerajaan sepatutnya membuat pengumuman kepada rakyat dengan penjelasan terperinci kenapa polisi ini ditamatkan dan juga pencapaian yang telah dicapai.

Bukan hanya dengan cara membuat kenyataan: jika ada alasan yang kukuh baru kerajaan akan buat kajian dan memberi Harapan Palsu kepada rakyat. Ramai pembeli berpendapat dengan cara mengamuk di Pusat jualan pengedar, pihak pengedar dan juga Proton akan lebih cepat bertindak dan memaklumkan kepada kerajaan. Apabila kerajaan tidak mengambil apa-apa tindakan, pengedarlah yang akan menjadi mangsa dan akan mengalami kerugian.

Seperti yang saya maklum, buat masa ini momentum terhadap Baucer & skim pelupusan berada ditahap yang sungguh menggalakkan. Tetapi samada objektif skim tersebut telah dicapai dan jualan kereta nasional tidak lagi memerlukan skim ini, maka skim ini boleh ditamatkan. 

Tetapi pada pendapat PEDA, keadaan jualan kereta kita masih belum pulih dan belum stabil. Dengan menamatkan baucer ini, kita akan kerugian momentum yang telah ada dan seterusnya akan mengakibatkan kerugian jualan.

8. Kenapa di negara kita kenderaan lama seperti dimanjakan dengan pemberian skim baucar bagi menggalakkan pemilik untuk menukar kenderaan baru? 

Pemilik kenderaan lama tidak dimanjakan tetapi keadaan kereta lama yang bernilai kurang dari RM5,000 ini bukan sahaja membahayakan pengguna jalan raya lain tetapi juga membebankan pemilik dengan perbelanjaan penyelenggaraan (repair & maintenance) yang tinggi.

Inilah sebenarnya sasaran pasaran skim baucer ini.

9. Ada suara-suara kecil menyatakan, pemilik kenderaan enggan terlibat dengan skim tukaran baucar kerana memikirkan nilai kenderaan mereka di pasaran lebih tinggi dari jumlah wang yang ditukar ganti, kenapa ada pandangan sedemikian?
Ini pendapat peribadi setiap pemilik kereta. Skim tukaran baucer atau skim pelupusan adalah sebagai pilihan yang ditawarkan oleh kerajaan. Jika pemilik kereta berpendapat kereta mereka bernilai lebih dari nilai baucer, mereka tidak perlu memohon untuk melupuskan kereta mereka. Skim ini bukanlah skim mandatori.

Kebiasaannya, pemilik kereta yang yang menilai harga kereta mereka dengan harga yang lebih tinggi (dari harga baucer) itu menjaga kereta mereka dengan lebih baik dan kereta tersebut juga berkeadaan lebih baik. Ini bukan lah sasaran pasaran bagi skim ini.

Skim ini juga sepatutnya melupuskan kenderaan yang tidak dijaga yang membahayakan pengguna jalan raya yang lain dan mengurangkan beban pemilik yang terpaksa berbelanja tinggi untuk membayar kos penyelenggaraan kereta lama mereka

10. Jika diteruskan, berapa banyak kenderaan yang masih belum ditukar ganti yang berusia 10 tahun ke atas dan jangkaan berapa jumlah dana bakal dikeluarkan selepas ini?

Kerajaan kita lebih mengetahui keadaan sebenar ekonomi di negara kita. Jumlah dana yang patut dibekalkan terpulang kepada keadaan ekonomi kita sekarang. Jika industri automotif masih berada dalam tahap kritikal, mungkin lebih banyak dana diperlukan, tetapi jika industri automotif kita telah lebih stabil, dana yang diperlukan mungkin hanya sebahagan dari dana yang dibajetkan dibawah Ransangan Kewangan 2 (2nd Financial Stimulus).


KLAS10- the Mock Exam


The benchmark test or the fitness assessment is due on Monday next week. Before the beginning of a new session (for new recruits) and after completing 12 sessions at the Bootcamp, all recruits will be assessed and re-assessed to determine their fitness improvement. The assessment too will enable the trainers to park each recruit into either the Delta, Seal or the Rangers depending on the fitness level.

In anticipation of the forthcoming 'test', the platoon had a Mock exam sort of speak today....

My shoe sole came off and buried so deep in the mud on the first running cycle but I continued running without the sole. Running in mud without any sole was like running on ice, it was so slippery. One shoe down, luckily there are a few more shoes.

Having almost completed 1 month at the Bootcamp with only 2 sessions left for November, this is my brief observation:

1) The trainers... During the 10 sessions in November, we had the pleasure of having Sergeant Simran Latiff as the Chief, Corporal Faizal Ariff, Corporal Jason, Lans Corporal Daniel, Lans Corporal Elin and Corporal Dharmendra Mahalingam throughout the 1 month. One day, I will blog about each one of the trainers....

I have been a Gym member since 1997 at the Fitness Network, Centrepoint, Bandar Utama, then at the Fitness First gym and now the Truefitness Gym (see: GYM). Only at the Fitness Network that the Personal Trainer in particular BEDRI, was so accommodative and is always assisting and guiding the gym members. The majority of other Personal Trainer at Fitness First and Fitness Network sucks. There will only be accommodative if you engaged and pay them for personal training. Otherwise, they would rather stand and chat amongst themselves, or talk on the phone and 'cuci mata' looking and checking out the female gym members than to freely & voluntarily support and guide other gym members.

From my observation at the gym, majority of the Personal Trainers that cost at least RM120 - RM150 per 1 hour session, talked on the phone, day dream & look around and greet other gym members during a training session with their client; disrespecting their client whom had paid so much for that 1 hour session.

At the Bootcamp, all the trainers are yours 100% for that 1 hour session!! Try to cheat and the whole platoon will end up being penalise!!! None of the trainers at the Bootcamp had the opportunity to even breath.. let alone day dream or answer any phone call!


Today, whilst running, Corporal Faizal ran together with me and kept motivating for me to give my 110% effort. During the last resistance training session, Sergeant Sim went down into the mud challenging me with endless push up! In one of the session, Corporal Jason sprinted with me pushing my heart rate all the way to 182bpm, my maximum heart rate level.

Bootcamp trainers are fit, pro-active and attentive to details. Okay enough about the trainers... can't give them too much compliment, a taliban will still be a taliban...

2) The Recruits..... Over and above the motivating support from the trainers for recruits to give their 110% effort in every session, the support from fellow recruits is simply priceless and invaluable. Every recruit are stranger to each other on the first day at the Bootcamp but they immediately became brudder and sista almost instantly...We never had the chance to become friends but became good friends instead.

The first person that greeted me on my arrival at the Bootcamp was Dr Malek.. aka Dr M and his wife Farhanah Bhamadaj. A Delta at 57 years old, his perseverance put me to shame. Dr M is also a cancer survivor and a keen diver. I have never met anybody whom is as obsessed with stray animals as his wife Farhanah Bhamadaj. Farhanah enjoyed feeding stray monkeys and cats. She even kept an apartment to house all the stray cats. Fortunately, she did not take another apartment to house any stray monkeys in her neighbourhood although she gave each one of the monkey a name!!!!

Other inspiring married couple that is at the Bootcamp is Kenny & Michelle Smith and both are in Delta!!! Kenny is a Scottish and Michelle an Australian. Kenny was a Rugby player in his youth but stopped exercising for 4 years due to a knee injury... Kenny ballooned up to 104kg and was told off by his dad whom is also a keen athlete. That was his trigger point being a daddy's boy. Kenny started exercising and lost 5kg before he joined the Bootcamp 5 months ago and lost another 15kg!!!! A total of 20kg weight lost!!!! His wife, Michelle, is going back to Australia in December and is joining the Original Bootcamp in Australia for 2 weeks!!! Cool.........? More like madness!!! but it is inspiring to see that determination to AVOID missing any training!!!

There are 50 others in KL Alpha that I cant mention all here but the most inspiring and supportive are Chia Kai Chun, Shobha Bala, Peggy, Tricia Especkermen, Vivien Luyen Ow, Wai yee Chan, Suriana Saiful, Lilian Lim.......... All others team mate are also very supportive but if there is one birth defect that I have, it must be the memory for faces and names, my apology if i did not mention you here but really... (See: Birth Defect). Maybe the brain needed some upgrading.

However, I have to salute Shobha for that determination to quit smoking. Me and cigarette...? I have blogged this many months ago (See: Ciggie).  The Bootcamp had inspired her to quit smoking and she celebrated her 1 month without cigarette last week. If she is as determine to get 100% attendance in December next month, I will be in trouble if I missed any session (from now) and will have to wear the chosen attire by she & other winners! That was the pact and bet made amongst us at KL Alpha for a perfect attendance.

Coming to the end of the November session, I am sure many recruits are deliberating to continue in December or otherwise; including my sister Rose Emini & cousin Nyna Mohsein. I trust all will continue with the Bootcamp so we can all continue to motivate each other.

The spirit of Bootcamp is a form of recharge when we are sort of 'Low Battery'  with the never ending stressed at work and the endless deadlines to meet.

To KL ALPHA, thanks for all the support and for being a great team mate....... (unlike the never-ending Grunts at PJ :-p )

p/s- Today, the blog is abit serious.. so cant have funny pictures... nonetheless, its typed with the handphone and continued in between meetings at work.

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Dukethon 5km @ Duke Highway...


Perfect weather this morning, perfect route with only slight gradient going up and downhill, perfect number of participants and perfect timing........That is the summary of the first Dukethon 1Malaysia 5km race! The race was flagged off by Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, Works Minister at 8am. I completed the 5km race in 31 minutes, maximum 171bpm heart rate while running and burnt only 480 calories.

For a registration fee of RM5.00 that is cheaper than a pack of cigarette, we were given an orange baseball cap, a T'shirt, certificate and pewter medal (while stock last) that would probably cost more than RM100.

If there is anything that can be improved for next year's Dukethon race, perhaps is a longer distance.. maybe a 10km and 21km race. If the Penang Bridge, the only land transportation access into Penang Island can be close for the annual Penang Bridge International marathon and half marathon, I am sure the Duke highway too can be close for the same reason.

It would also be good if the 'Duke of Highway', Datuk Haris Onn Tun Hussein accompany Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, Works Minister and lead all other VIPs to run on the Duta Ulu-Klang Expressway (DUKE)  too rather than stood handsome-ly in all white uniform unpertubed by the thousands of runners on the highway.

Well done Duke.. Congratulation on the first race.

Earlier DUKE blog Post see: DUKE 


KLAS9- The Spirit of Bootcamp...


The VOTE for the spirit of Bootcamp was open a few days ago.......... Every month, recruits are required to nominate & vote another recruit that has been very supportive of other members. This is similar to the high school prom King & Queen except that it is unisex... any man or women can vote for any man or women.. there can only be one vote for only 1 champion..... so those that has not voted, please do so here: VOTE.

ANYBODY that wants to be Bootcamp PROM KING/QUEEN, my vote is open for sale for only 10 Grunts...!!  Dont worry, UNDI ITU RAHSIA....

Today is the KL Alpha Session 9... Every 3rd Friday of the month, is BRING A FRIEND DAY..

So today, many recruits brought along their friends and with the new friends, the session was less 'strenuous'...  We were divided into a team of 8 without any regard to Deltas, Seals or Rangers... everybody was mixed in a group of 8 pax.

Our trainers today are Sergeant Sim, Corporal Faisal Ariff, Lans Corporal Elin, Ms Tee Sr (Fat Tali), Ms Tee Jr (Slim Tali) and Ms TY Jr (Slim Tayar)......

The 8 per team with a total of 8 teams were asked to perform 8 types of different exercises.. and NO.. I will now provide PJ with a sneak preview of what to expect.... actually i am rushing to work :-p

Today's bring a friend day is part of the 'Intelligence' training portion of the military inspired Bootcamp... first identify the enemy, Second befriend them akin of being undercover with the enemy, then infiltrate & destroy!!!!

Hence, those so called 'friend' that tag along the recruits today... should and would have realized by now that you've been 'checked mate'! ...destroyed ....buried in mud!! sort of 'padan muka' and gotcha!!

So now we know why LUYEN brought along her husband DAVID.... why Rose & Nyna brought along ZAKI & SABRINA...!!


3 more days counting down to 100% ATTENDANCE.... SHOBHA & SOO PEY watch out!!! Having re-scheduled all appointments to attend without fail the Bootcamp, its time for me to leave to Negri Sembilan now for Proton Southern Dealers Region Gathering... but I will be back for tonight's function organised by PEGGY for Shobha 1 month without cigarette celebration!!!!! I shall bring along a pack of Salem light to celebrate that...


Until Next week on Monday..... STAY TUNE & have a good weekend!!

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KLAS8- Bootcamp; Running for 100% Attendance


I went back to the Truefitness Gym on Tuesday, after being away from the gym for more than 3 months. I need a quick fix and tomorrow's Bootcamp felt so far away. ....such an adrenaline junkie I have become. I tried to kill myself at the gym doing endless leg press, leg extension, bench press, shoulder press but could not get similar dose of Adrenaline as at the Bootcamp.

Today, Wednesday, 18 November 2009 is KL Alpha Session 8 and also the date I am scheduled to address all Proton Edar Northern Region Dealers in Penang. I would have left to Penang last night and missed this morning's Bootcamp session but I did not want to give SHOBHA & SOO PEY the LUXURY to broadcast my LESS THAN 100% attendance!! (tough luck!)

With only 4 hours of sleep preparing the speech and presentation, I arrived at Padang Merbuk at 5:35pm and although I thought it was a full quorum, Sergeant Sim still gave us 10 complimentary grunts... so kind of him!

Today's Bootcamp was all about RUNNING... or was it SPRINTING.......... or a better word RACING!!!!

I was breathless, running & racing with the Delta was like ............ breathing under water or in a plastic bag tied over the head.

            Gasping for air                                                                                          HELP... HELP...!!

 and the heart rate was dancing at 182bpm...maximum heart rate!!!

I would have given up, stopped running and simply just walked to catch a breath disregarding everybody else but the encouraging voices of Sergeant Sim and fellow Deltas Chia Kai Chun, Doc Malek, Kenny and other Deltas aspired me to continue and run...!!! The 10 V12-speedy Delta members bounced back and ran with us a few times to support us through.... Such was the Spirit of Bootcamp Teamwork........!!!

I burn 910 calories today with an average heart rate of 172bpm.

After the Bootcamp session, I rushed home, showered and quickly attended Fasfik meeting at head office before driving up to Penang.

It was a short 3 hours and 30 minutes drive and we arrived at Proton Edar Northern Region office to be greeted with almost 100% attendance from Proton dealers in Perlis, Penang, Kedah and Ipoh... the Northern region. I was fortunate to chair and spoke non-stop throughout the whole meeting... Otherwise, I may just fall asleep.

After the meeting, we head back to KL and I received an email (via Blackberry) of a Corporate figure and a marathoner Ranjan Das, the President and Chief Executive officer of India Subcontinent.

" Ranjan, 42 years of age, was the youngest CEO of an MNC in India. He was very active in sports, was a fitness freak and a marathon runner. Just after Diwali, on 21st October 2009, he returned home from his gym after a workout, collapsed with a massive heart attack and died.(see: Media)


It was a wake-up call for various corporate personalities and was even more disastrous for runners since Ranjan was an avid marathoner. The question came as to why an exceptionally active, athletic person succumb to heart attack at 42 years of age. "

The Real Reason was the fact that Ranjan used to make do with only 4-5 hours of sleep. (Click Here for more details)

I had a non-stop intensive workout with the Bootcamp on Monday, GYM @ Tueday, Bootcamp again on Wednesday.. and now in Penang with barely 4 hours of sleep......  

.........and although I arrived home from Penang at 11pm and was ready to post this KLAS 8 blog... but I was disturbed by the story of Rajan... and went

 to bed instead of blogging......


*Errr.. thats not me! ...but quite close

Phew... save by that Rajan-email from an otherwise a 'no good reason' for the delayed blog and might even have to do 40 grunts from SGT SHOBHA & SGT SOO PEY!!! ... ...

On a more serious note, whilst we are all a junkie to Bootcamp, we MUST ALWAYS ensure that we have (at all time) sufficient rest and sleep whilst undergoing intensive training... a minimum of at least 6 hours of sleep is a MUST but it is better if we can get at least 8 hours of sleep.

So SHOBHA, SOO PEY & PUVANTHRA,  if you ever feel tired due to lack of sleep or lack of rest... Please take a day-off and do not attend the Bootcamp. I promise and will guarantee that I will BROADCAST your absent at OBC FB page, twitter and all accessible media whilst I happily keep my 100% attendance... alone!!!


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Proton Edar Dealers Nationwide Tour- Northern Region


Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) began our nationwide tour on 18 November 2009 as part of the newly elected committee's resolution  to foster and strengthened the bridge between the dealers and Proton Edar as well to strongly unite the Dealer's network. The new committee was elected on 3 October 2009 during PEDA's 10th Annual General Meeting (see: AGM).

The nationwide tour that began with the Northern region Dealers was driven by PEDA President, Armin Baniaz and was accompanied by PEDA Vice-President 1, Mr Lee Lick Sai, PEDA Vice President 2, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Secretary General Jeff Lim Si Heong, Assistant Secretary-General Fadzil Bakar, PEDA East Cost Region Head Jasmin Ismail, PEDA East Coast assistant Region Head Mohd Zainuri Abdul Halim. 

The Northern region comprised of Proton Edar Dealers from Perak, Perlis, Penang and Kedah. There are 36 Dealers in the Northern Region and we had almost 100% attendance with the majority attended by the business owners.

Aspirasi Utara Sdn.Bhd
En.Abu Lais Waili Mohamed
Dinasti Agresif (M) Sdn.Bhd
En. Mohammad Nizam Nadzir
Managing Director
Edaran  Idaman Suri S Bhd
En.Annuar bin Ahmad
Managing Director
Idaman Suri Sdn.Bhd
En Annuar bin Ahmad
MD cum Manager
Mazra Edar Sdn.Bhd
En Zuri bin Abd Rahman
Sales Manager
Pengangkutan Sedar Sdn.Bhd
Mr.Khiu Phong Kiat
Sales Manager
Shubila Automobil Sdn.Bhd
En. Mohamad Zamri b Khalid
Sales Manager
Lee Motors (Alor Star) S.Bhd
En Dzivani Ismanu b Ismail
General Manager
Mercu Usaha Mersra Corp
Mr. Allan Wong Keng Seng
Managing Director
Medan Sepakat Sdn.Bhd
Mr. Wong Khai Loon
Director cum Manager


Alio Automobile Sdn.Bhd

Didi Resources Sdn.Bhd
Mr. Goh Kian Chuan
Autobinee Oriental (M) S.Bhd
Mr. Yeap Teow Teong
Managing Director
Roadstar Automobile S.Bhd
En. Mohamad Hazree Abdul Hamid
Aktiviti Mutiara Sdn.Bhd
Mr Tan Boon  Ping
Erakami Edaran Sdn.Bhd

Hasfas Auto Sdn.Bhd
En.Romzi b Hassan
Sales Manager
Jelita Menawan Sdn.Bhd
Ms. Sheryn Wong
Sales Manager
Julang Auto Sdn.Bhd
Mr Loh Aik Hwa
Sales Manager
Million Zone Sdn.Bhd
En. Mohd Taupik b Hj Mohd Nor
Director cum Manager
Zoomteknik Automobile S.Bhd
En. Abdul Latif b Abdullah
Director cum GM
Autofin Ass (PG) SDn.Bhd
Ms Teresa Yeo
Managing Director
Edaran Saga (PP) Sdn.Bhd

Ms June Lim
Sales Manager
Mad Awi
Sales Manager
Mr. Tan Kean Hoe
Director cum SM


Director cum Manager
Mr. Kannasen a/l Govindaraju
Managing Director
Sales Manager
Mr Lee Mun Hong
Mr. Aw  Chiew Soon
Managing Director
Mr.Cheong Tat Seng
Sales Manager
En Mohamed Ramli Mohd Alias


We drove from Kuala Lumpur at 10am and arrived at the Proton Edar Northern Region office located at Sungai Pinang, Pulau Penang in time for lunch before the commencement of the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 6pm and we drove back to Kuala Lumpur the same day.

Amongst the important issues discussed durint the tour was Proton Exchange programme or the scrapping policy. The details of other discussions are quite sensitive, confidential and cannot be disclosed in this blog.

PEDA is pleased with the topic of discussions although there are some hot issues debated. A nationwide tour will be made a quarterly agenda.

Our next stop will be Negri Sembilan and Melaka.

Stay Tune

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