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Rienna Choo is not just the ordinary women next door but she is a great mother, a wonderful wife and a pioneer at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Being a mother is a blessing but it is also physically and mentally challenging especially to maintain the same physique after giving birth and to have the extra energy to care for the expansion in the family and maintain her household chores as well as the family's welfare. Many years ago, Rienna Choo barely weigh 60kg before giving birth but after 6 months, the wife to a general surgeon at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital weight more than 65kg and the weight continued to grow bigger and better than most investment's unit trust and stock market irregardless of whatever the economic climax was.

The biggest challenge was after Rienna gave birth to her second child and that was the point of no return... where everything from dieting to endless visits at slimming centres and workout program had all failed. Being positive, Rienna had to always joke with her husband that the surgeon had invested well in her as she continued to grow stronger, broader and bigger even when the financial market crashed but when Rienna Choo could not fit into size 'L' clothing, she knew she had to take a drastic action. Rienna being the smallest and shortest in her family could not accept her bigger than her usual size and was so desperate to lose weight that she wished there was a military-form of exercise without having to enroll as a military personnel. Her dream came true when she saw a small advert in the Star that reads "Chief's Original Bootcamp (formerly known as Original Bootcamp) from Australia" at Padang Merbok.

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