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In two months, May Lyn Wong will be celebrating her 2nd year anniversary since she joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) that had initially only cost her RM49 during the first trial month via the Groupson promotion. Her first year in the COBC network was under a different franchisee before the current management took over. The iron lady of Subang Jaya USJ1 Charlie platoon was always envious of those athlete with great stamina and well toned body because she was never good nor was she seriously active in sports. She only participated in various sports activities during school to graduate with an impressive school-leaving-certificate. May Lyn Wong was the jacks of all trade in all sport activities from netball, hockey, squash, basketball and all other sports but those enthusiasm barely lasted more than 2 months. That was May Lyn's deepest dedication to any sport activity.... 2 months.

Although her interest in each of the activity was never lasting but May Lyn was never exhausted in experimenting various outdoor activities. In her early 20s, she had been out Scuba Diving but that too did not last, citing scarcity in Cash as the reason having only started work then. May Lyn had endless trying-all-activities-and-stop cycles but the most memorable was the climb up Mt Kinabalu in her late 20s. Although unfit but May Lyn was able to reach the highest peak in South-East Asia and had the privilege of having the whole peak to herself to camwhore because everyone else had already descended by the time May Lyn reached the top.

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