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Aaraf Eid Pahamin Armin Baniaz 8 years old from the Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur entered his fifth Taekwondo competition on 30 July 2011 under the DDF Taekwondo Academy at the 3rd Gewinn League at Wisma OCM and won GOLD medal for the first time.

Aaraf Armin has been under training with Master Daniel, President DDF Taekwondo Academy in Ampang since he was 3 years old and is now holding a Pom 2 belt. In 2011, DDF Taekwondo Academy send 10 student and won 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 bronze. Aaraf Armin only won bronze last year (Click: Gewinn Taekwondo 2010). This year, DDF Taekwondo Academy won all 6 Gold in all the category contested.

Those that competed this year under the DDF Taekwondo Academy were
(1) Mohamed Ibrahim Zaki age 14 years old, 40kg weight (GOLD)
(2) Muhammad Luqman Nul Hakeen aged 12 years old 30kg (GOLD)
(3) Ng Jian Chao aged 7 years old 24.8kg (NIL)
(4) Muhammad Afeeq Bin Mohd Azam aged 14 years old, 60kg (GOLD)
(5) Aaraf Armin aged 8 years old, 42kg (GOLD)
(6) Ahza Syahmi aged 17 years old, 57kg (GOLD)
(7) Erni Qistina aged 16 years old, 55kg (GOLD)

LEFT: Muhammad Afeeq Mohd Azam, Mohamed Ibrahim Zaki, Erni Qistina, Ahza Syahmi, Coach Erni Syazwani, Muhammad Luqman Nur Hakeem Aaraf Armin, Master Daniel


BFM 89.9 The business Station extend an invitation for me to be LIVE on EVENING EDITION on 22 July 2011. I quickly accepted the offer and invited John Chuah as one of CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP 's longest recruit as a testimony.

BFM 89.9 is located 10 minutes away from my house at 5.01 Wisma BU8, 11, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya. Both John Chuah and me arrived at Wisma BU8 at 6pm for the 6:30pm LIVE @ Evening Edition.

Typical of us at COBC, while waiting, we camwhore abit...


23 JULY is a historical date when the Pahamins officially ended their single, wild, bachelor-hood and became hot, crazy and fabulous couple instead. This year, 2011 is mine & Melor Edina Pahamin 11th year anniversary, Chempaka Emalin Pahamin's 16th year anniversary, Teratai Edithy Pahamin's 6th year and my parent's 41st year anniversary. Only Rose Emini Pahamin & Amnan Bazli Pahamin that are still single mingle.

Much has been said in previous blogs on our past anniversaries, so this year will be more precise and specific. Click: 2009-Anniversary, 2010-Anniversary.

Pahamin Rajab & Zainab Mohamad @ 1970. 
They akad nikah at my Grand mother's house at Padang Pak Amat, Pasir Puteh Kelantan and held their reception ala kampung style at the same venue for 2 days and 2 nights.

25 years later....

Azhar Sulaiman & Chempaka Emalin Pahamin @ 1995
They akad nikah at our house in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya Selangor and held their reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan, Jalan Gurney Kuala Lumpur


Sarge (COBC) Dann, Armin Baniaz Pahamin & Dr Malek Aziz

Why joined the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) instead of other bootcamps around? I can give you a whole list of reasons from testimonials on weight lost, to body conditioning and motivation but one of the main reason was because of a fabulous, fun, qualified and experienced team that will not only motivate but will drive you crazy forward until you achieve your desired goal... while having fun!!

For more details on each and every instructor, please read all about them on At the COBC, instructors pride themselves for working out with the recruit instead of bossing them around. We do not scream despite being a military-inspired bootcamp. Military DNA is found in the discipline, team-work and workout regime. We are military inspired because our program was designed by Australia ex-infrantry soldier that was custom made for civilian. Motivation & Passion is the key factor for our believe in  "BOOTCAMP FOR LIFE".


Upon completing all the 6 challenges, it is now time for the result!!! There were two more results that has not being made known!! The result for the Spirit of Platoon and the Long Course Store Moves aka Treasure hunt result which will determine the Overall Champion.

Before this two results were announced, the platoon that was leading by points were the Spartans & the Legends with four bull-dog stickers each. The Legends was left behind by 1 bull Dog Sticker. The first five challenges were all about stamina & fitness. Only the fittest and the fastest recruit/platoon can win the first 5 challenges but the two unannounced results that is the determining factor for the first Battle of Platoons Champion is very dependent on team work effort. The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is all about motivating and inspiring team members. No matter how weak or slow a team member is, we are ala a soldier at war, duty-bound to support, motivate and would never leave anyone behind. At war, a soldier entrust their life to their fellow comrade. As such, instructors & admins as the observer to all three platoons had the discretion to crown the first Spirit of Platoons and the first Champion in the inter-platoon battle based on overall preparation, points, time and comrade-ship.


(Click on Picture to enlarge.. There's only a few hundred pics here)

Part 6 or the final episode of the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Battle of Platoons that was held at Pusat Komuniti, Damansara Heights was the 'Long Course Store Moves' or the Treasure hunt. This involved all the participating recruits under each platoon namely the Spartans, the Highlander and the Legends. Because the challenge requires the participation and cooperation of all recruits in each platoon, the points given for the winner was as high as 5 points!! The ultimate objective was 'team work' unlike the first 5 challenge that gave points for the strongest or fittest team members/group.

Each Captain had to draw and chose a map. No platoon was given the liberty to choose the route. There were three maps prepared with Map 1 being called the StarScream, Map 2, the Chopper and Map 3 Superman. Each map was assigned with a pair of instructor whom only had 2 main responsibilities!!! First, to ensure the safety of recruits on the road and Second, to PUNISH recruits if any RULES were broken. Starscream had Corporal (COBC) Nawal and Lance Corp (COBC) Letch as the observer & punisher, The Chopper had Corp (COBC) Tom and Lance Corp (COBC) Ody. The Superman had Corp (COBC) Chun & Lance Corp (COBC) Wan.


The fifth challenge at the inaugural Battle of Platoon recently held on 17 July 2011 at the Pusat Komuniti, Damansara Heights was the Tyre Drag!!
Every platoon was requested  to divide their team into two teams of 10 pax for the tyre drag relay. The team must drag the tyre from one end to the other and carry the tyre back to the starting position and tap the other team to relay.

The Captains were brief of the rule and everybody were ready to rock and roll!! If there was an instant where a passion can be so emotional, it must be during this Battle of platoons!! To see everybody's struggling face and effort, was so... indescribable. See for your self.. I am never prouder at our recruits than to see that moments captured today.

The team Kapitan briefing their team members and select the best recruits for the event. Not all recruits were able to participate.


Part 4!! Battle of Platoons that was held on 17 July 2011 at the Pusat Komuniti, Damansara Heights saw the three locations Bandar Utama, Subang Jaya and Damansara Heights competing in a friendly challenge to determine the first Champion of the inter-platoon battle. The Alpha & Bravo platoon at Bandar Utama was merge into the Spartans which saw James Fong, 4 times voted the Spirits of Bootcamp elected as the Captain. Subang Jaya Alpha and Bravo platoon merged as the Legends was led by Captain Thomas Ong and Damansara Heights Zulu aka The Highlanders elected Imran Sheikh Iskandar as the team Captain. There were six challenges prepared and every challenges were presented with one blog. This is part four of the total seven series Battle of Platoons blog. The fourth Challenges was the Running relay.

Before the running relay challenge began, each of the team captain were interviewed.


Battle of the platoons was held on 17 July 2011 to commemorate the first year anniversary of the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) in Malaysia.  COBC is a licensed program from Australia from the oldest military-inspired bootcamp under Chief Brabon, the founder and managing Director for the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia.

This Part 3 blog, is a picturesque blog of the inter-platoon battle that required alot of coordination and team work for the Tug of War!! Yes!!! The Tug of War!!! The Captain of each platoon must prepare two teams of 10 recruits and every team will compete on bout-chart basis!! There will only be 1 winner and the winner will collect 1 bulldog point for their platoon. The platoon with the most bulldogs will be crown the first Champion and win the CHIEF'S TROPHY!!

Note: betting fees was just increased.. place your bet now!!! :-p (Joking)

While giving recruits some breathing space and a short break, the instructors were busy preparing the battle field. The instructors selected to make the event a success were Sarge (COBC) Dann, Corp (COBC) Chun, Corp (COBC) Nawal, Corp (COBC) Tom, Lance Corp (COBC) (P) Wan, Lance Corp (COBC) (P) Ody and Lance Corp (COBC) Letch.


The first battle between platoons that was held on 17 July 2011 saw many surprises. Spartans won the first battle but there were still 5 battles to win before winning the war. The next challenge was the Thruster Cadence!! Again, the whole 100 ++ recruit were divided into their respective rank namely Ranger, Seal and Delta. Each rank combines all recruits from Spartans, Highlander and Legends.

For the first battle: Plank-Hold, click HERE. CLICK on picture to enlarge.

"This is how you do the thrusters", explained Sarge (COBC) Dann!! There is only 1 rule!! My rule!! On my command, every recruit MUST FOLLOW my key One.. Two.. Three.. One.. and anyone that is either slower or faster than my cadence and especially those that compromise on the form, will be eliminated. The instructors were instructed to eliminate by tapping those slow/fast and without form.

The last man standing will win point for their platoon. There will be one point for each category Ranger, Seal and Delta!!!


Battle of platoon is CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia (COBC) inaugural event to mark COBC's first year anniversary. From now, the Battle of Platoons will be an annual event fought on every COBC's anniversary. The battle of platoons was conducted to determine which platoon is the strongest in a friendly, enjoyable and slightly competitive manner".

The CHIEF'S first Battle of Platoons was held yesterday on 17 July 2011 at Damansara Height base camp and a war cry was sent out 2 weeks ago. It was a battle between 3 platoons namely, Bandar Utama Spartans, Damansara Heights Highlander and Subang Jaya USJ Legends. To instill the spirit of camaraderie, BU-Alpha platoon and BU-Bravo platoon was merged into the Spartans, UJS1-Alpha and USJ1-bravo merged into the Legends and Damansara Heights Zulu made up the Highlanders.

(As always, click on picture to enlarge before download)

Pre-battle: the Spartans!

The Legends

The highlander!!


Its JUNE 2011 graduation party cum ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia 25 years anniversary.. cum CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia 1 year anniversary.. Waaah!!! so many cums!!! but that is what we are.. I mean.. err not the cum but the exercise orgasm we achieve every month!! and being 1 year old.. naturally, its a multiple orgasm!!!

So to celebrate this err.. multiple orgasm, we invited all the super heroes and super heroin in the universe to the Soul'ed Out Cafe in Desa Sri Hartamas for a grand celebration!!! and at 7pm, wicked witch Farhanah Bamadhaj began registering the guests..

(Click on Picture to enlarge)

Wicked Witch Farhanah had to register all guests to make sure Dr JASON Malek did not butcher anyone and fed the guests with the guest's own meat. Eewww...

Everybody had to wear a nametag just in case we do not recognise each other after losing many many kilos of weight!

DOOR GIFT is given on a first cum first serve basis!!! 


Two weeks in United States of America, a month in London and finally she touched down at KLIA on 11 July, her Birthday!! We secretly whispered to her personal driver to drive her straight from KLIA to Bangsar where all her gorgeous children (except Sista Docta Teratai Edithy & hubby Sharul Asari) were waiting to welcome her back and sing the Birthday song. Zainab Mohamad... Zainab Pahamin my mum!! ..... turned  63 years old today and Alhamdulillah she is still healthy to live her joy in travelling.

At 63 years old, what would be the most understanding and the kindest women wants in life? What is her biggest achievement? What is her dream? What does she wants that she has not achieved?

Zainab Mohamad dream came true when she successfully gather all her children (and in-laws) to live under the same roof and compound. To live together with her children, grand children and maybe one day, with her great grand children was once only real in Hindustan movie or Hollywood drama Dallas. To gather all her six children and their spouses under one roof was a challenge but to live harmoniously with each other is another god's gift. Such is the role of the Chief Executive of Pahamins family. She is very generous with her love and care. She endlessly pampers and mothers us all and have it her way, she would want to still cook for all her family members. Although all of us have grown up and she does not need to but she still does our weekly grocery shopping. oops.. shame on us.


Just last month, the Ministry of Youth & Sports successfully gathered 1 million Belia of different races at Putrajaya and this weekend, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Consumerism and Co-operative organised the NATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE DAY 2011!! If there is one thing noticeable about our government, is their effort for public and business camaraderie ! I have never attended so many non-political gatherings than now except weddings!

The traffic to the NATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE DAY 2011 was smooth but Rose Emini Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Aaraf Armin and me arrived 5 minutes late to participate in the DURIAN EATING COMPETITION!!!!! uWaaaaaaa........ I think I could have been crown the DURIAN EATING TAIKO if I were to compete!!


There were countless people that commented (on facebook, blogs, twitter etc) in favour of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections BERSIH 2.0 so called 'Peaceful" demonstration and to be honest, I have not heard anyone that is against it.. except for politicians. Again, I took the liberty to speak to a few people whom are very much in favour of BERSIH 2.0 peaceful demonstration. I asked, why are you so much in favour of BERSIH 2.0?

Is it because our election process was not fair, tainted and corrupted? If our election process was that bad, that it has to be taken to the street via demonstration, then I am sure Barisan Nasional would have won Kelantan back from PAS whom has been reigning for more than 20 years? and Barisan Nasional would not have lost 5 states in the last general election.... ??!!! 

Seriously, I am more concern at the ignorance of the people protesting than the actual demonstration it self. It is really easy to condemn and to become a "yes man" than to actually take the effort to understand. What are BERSIH 2.0's demands? BERSIH 2.0 demanded the followings:

1) use of indelible ink (which has already been agreed by the election commission)
2) cleaning up of the registered voters' roll
3) abolishing postal votes
4) giving access to opposition parties on government controlled prints and broadcast media.
5) minimum 21 days campaign period
6) strengthening public institution
7) stop dirty politics
8) stop corruption


Owhmygawd!!!!! Is this for real? Are we really having the platoon challenge? Really? Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God... I am so excited........... err.... err what is the platoon challenge?

Platoon challenge is a special event organised to foster the spirit of camaraderie between recruits from all platoons. Most of the time, recruits only interact with their fellow platoon mate without any opportunity to meet recruits from other platoons. During the platoon challenge, recruits irrespective of rank; range, seal and delta would have to work together and win points for their platoon this does inevitably promote team-work effort as well.

When Senior Sarge Rob Coad, the Regional master Trainer & Spec Ops Coodinator for the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia first mooted the idea in 2009, we at the KLA platoon went wild. We had our first Platoon Versus platoon in January 2010 and I was unanimously elected as the Captain for the KLA Platoon. That was when KLA was part of the same 20 years old network under the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia and I was only a recruit. Now KLA is running an independant program on its own. As the Captain, I had the best time planning, coordinating, training, strategizing and led our platoon to win the first Platoon Versus Platoon 2010. This year I cannot be the Captain nor a participant. Maybe a punishment for sleeping with the instructor!? aiiks... Read HERE for Platoon Versus Platoon 2010 and get some idea of what to prepare.

So who are the captains chosen to lead the platoon?


Chief Brabon, the founder, designer and contractor of the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP workout program had never exhausted of exciting and challenging ideas to seduced our stamina that can reach out into giving our best potential in each and every session. Today is no exception and to end the 2nd week of July COBC session, Chief Brabon gave us an insight into what it takes to be part of the British Army's Elite.

British soldiers whom achieved the fitness standards from this circuit will be accepted into the uber-exclusive 300 club whose motto is "299 just isn't enough!". Since 2009, less than 300 British Soldiers qualified to be a member of the 300 club. Chief Brabon was also privilege to be invited by the British Army to take part in the 300 Club tryouts in December 2011 and if passed, Chief Brabon will be the first civilian to be accepted into the club. 

That same circuit & scoring that was used as a fitness benchmark for the British Army's elite was made available for us as a training method and for us to benchmark ourselves against. It is always best to gauge our fitness against the best. The COBC is not a military-inspired bootcamp just by name but it is military-inspired bootcamp because the training program was designed by a former infantry soldier Chief Brabon and tailor made for civilians with different goals. Each and every session was meticulously designed for us to reap the maximum benefit. 

Trained, graduated and certified only by Chief Brabon, Sarge (COBC) Dann, Corporal (COBC) Nawal, Corporal (COBC) Chun, Corporal (COBC) Tom and Lance Corporal (COBC) (P) Wan were entrusted only with 2 goal!! to get each and every recruit to workout in PERFECT FORM!! otherwise, it is NOT counted as a rep! and to perform as many reps in 2 minutes!


There are many reasons to feel good today on 3rd July 2011!! For a start... its Sunday!! Sunday is always good. Although we should be lazing in bed waking up late on Sunday but we woke up at 6am to get ready for the run. Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Ili Liyana Baharon, Hani Hussein, Adibah Syazni and Me car pool'ed to Sri Pentas at Bandar Utama for the NTV7, Feel Good Run 2011!! We parked the car at the One World Hotel car park, took the lift to the Lobby and walked to the Sri Pentas, the television & radio studio and broadcasting station, 5 minutes walk away.

Backtracked abit, Nawal Aini Zulkifli collected our race bib and registration goodie bag earlier. For 25 ringgit, the goodie bag was worth more than that but my favorite was the running tee shirt. These were in the goodie bag received...

There were more than 40 participants from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia namely John Chuah, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Daing Daniel Fitri, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Nurfuadi Ruzalli, Suriana Saiful Yazan, Khiew Pooi Ching, Khooi Pooi Yen, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Joe Liew, Faizul Zainal, Jasmine Lili, Andrew Pang, Sofiyah Israa Mokhtar, Norliza Mohd Khalid, Lilian Lee, Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin, Nadia Asari, Dalyn Nunis, Haidar Akma, Farah Fazulan Abdullah, Shazu Sabri, Hani Hussein, Adibah Mohamad, Adibah Syazni, Ryan Wong, Ili Liyana Baharon, James Fong, Jeremy Liew, Chan Meng Yam, Joannita Zaleha Yusoff, Shear Ling Toh, Freda Liu, Letch Sina, Nur Fazura, Dixon Thum, Tan Mein Mein, Angela Loo, Fareen Zulkifli and Haidar Akmal.

This RACE was also Faizul Zainal, Andrew Pang & Jasmine's  maiden run!!!

The NTV7 organized the Feel Good run on the 7th month of the year and on Sunday Morning at 7 O'clock!! We at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP are forever happy whenever there are running races. There were many COBC recruits that had turned into avid runners after joining the COBC. We at the COBC are the happy bunch and NTV7 being the home of Feel Good factor is a match-made in heaven.

Part of the NTV7 Feel Good Run cause was also to collect donations for the National Cancer Society, National Autism Society of Malaysia, Malaysia Heart Foundation and Malaysia AIDS Foundation. The COBC will do anything for charity and/or charitable cause, especially if it pertains to running for charity and/or fitness event. Just last week, our COBC recruit Jeffery Wong ran 100km in Singapore to raise fund for charity.

The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP... The third inline after Celcom!!

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