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50 pe­ratus individu dewasa Malaysia mempunyai masalah berat badan

Jom jogging setiap pagi khususnya wanita muda umur 30an - 40an. Jom jaga kesihatan

Lebih 50 pe­ratus atau kira-kira 11.5 juta individu dewasa negara ini mempunyai masalah berat badan berlebihan ketika ini, sekali gus berisiko menghidap penyakit jantung, kencing manis dan darah tinggi.

Lebih mengejutkan, daripada jumlah itu, kira-kira 60 peratus atau 6.9 juta individu dewasa itu melibatkan golongan wanita yang mengalami masalah obesiti terutama mereka berusia dalam lingkungan umur 30-an hingga 40-an.


This video and the daily series hereon, is dedicated to a friend Aida Munirah Azmi. A friend whom was diagnosed with a rare cancer called the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of salivary gland cancer 10 years ago and recently had a relapse (every cancer patient's worst nightmare). There is no better way to spend the Movement Control order at home than to participate in cancer awareness + get fit. Please watch the video and join this campaign. Aida in collaboration with Cancer Research Malaysia has launched an awareness and fund raising campaign for rare cancer. The campaign is called #Burpees4Aida. At the Chief’s Original Bootcamp, we don’t do Burpees. We do Grunts. So we will do grunts instead of Burpees. I hope Azmir & you do not mind. Aida take the Burpees (quite similar to Grunts) as a metaphor in life where you will always fall but you got to get yourself back up (everytime). Which is true to every cancer and healthy person. Both Aida and her husband Azmir was a recruit at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC). Azmir later became one of the best instructor at COBC. I’m more than happy to spread this awareness and pledge to do this everyday for you Aida, Azmir & the 4 children (the A team), and for rare cancer awareness & fund raising. Stay strong we are all with you during this trying time. On every video, I will do my best to show different types of Grunts we do at the Chief’s Original Bootcamp to make this exercise more interesting. If you are healthy and is able to, join me create the awareness for rare cancer and Aida. I will demo a new sets of Grunts in every "BurpeesForAida video". But of course it will be a different type of grunt instead of Burpees which is what I am more familiar. Please subscribe to my channel, start with 10 grunts today, tag me so we know the numbers are growing. #burpees4aida. #COBC4Aida I will also tag a friend and I do hope you will continue spread this awareness. If you would like to donate instead, you can donate to at the link Take care Aida & Azmir. Both of you are always in my thought and prayer and have always been an inspiration to many people. Aida’s husband Azmir was my ex colleague at the Chief’sOriginal bootcamp. He now runs the Warrior Bootcamp and we are never a rival. We live by our tagline Bootcamp for life! I will be nominating a friend at the end of the video. If you have been tag, please do the following: 1. Record a video of yourself doing as many burpees (or Grunts) as you can (a good number to start is 10 repetitions if you are not accustom to working out). Step 2 : Upload your video via facebook, instagram or youtube with hashtag #burpees4aida #COBC4aida Step 3 : Tag three (3) friends to stand a chance to be featured on the Malaysia Book Of Records by participating in Aida's #burpees4aida Mass Festival on 7 June 2020. Note, for more info, do check out their website at If you like this video and would like to spread the awareness, do like and share this video. I will also be happy if you can subscribe to my Youtube channel which is one of my passion. #burpees4aida #cobc4aida #aidaday1 #CancerReseachMalaysia


"Every adult should have a health screening examination done especially if they are above 30-35 years old male and 35-40 years for female" ~ Institut Jantung Negara.

Sometimes I wonder if men are generally born with inferior quality than women.. Women seemed to have better quality that it attract potential risk 5 years later than their male companion. Statistically, women too lives way longer than men.

Heeding my friend's advice whom conveniently fix an appointment for me today, 27 June 2014 at IJN, I arrived at 7:45am. Traffic was smooth, parking was easy and I was greeted by a friendly and smiley receptionist at the ESP Executive Screening Centre located at Block A, National Heart Institute. My stomach grumbles having been without any breakfast awaiting for the blood sample to be taken. Registration took barely 10 minutes, I picked the 'Elite Health Screening', paid and shortly later, I was called in for a blood sample. After the blood sample, I was directed into a room for an ECG and Vascular Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) which took approximately 15 minutes. I was buried under a string of cables that was short of being glued to my chest. When Anny took a picture of me, I thought I almost look like sick Robocop.

Then I was led into a private room where we had breakfast. The health screening package which cost me almost RM1,400 came with a RM4.00 tuna sandwhich. For the fee paid, I think there should be more on-the-house food varieties, maybe a buffet breakfast. I think the breakfast box cost more than the sandwich. 


If health can be measured as a utility such as money, what should we do when we are a millionaire? I mean, we work hard because we want to be wealthy and when we are, we want to be debt-free, we want to buy a new bungalow as a home, a brand new Aston Martin as a mean of transportation and/or maybe we want to go for a long holiday etc... but have we ever thought, what we want to do when with a good bill of health?!! Maybe you do but most people do not until they lost or almost lost their health.

Luxury is something we do not appreciate until we lose it. If we were never accustomed to luxury, we can live without any maid, driver, a house with swimming pool, without a big cars etc..  but once we have lived with all that and suddenly, for some reason we lost our job, our income and we have to do everything ourselves, we may just jump off the building or struggle to get by etc. Similarly, we will not feel the lost of a good health until we are diagnosed with some terminal cancer.

On that pre-text, if health can be measured in term of money, everyone now is already a millionaire because almost everyone are just so healthy and perfect (measured without any cancer which in a monetary term is similar to a bankrupt). Some people can still live being a bankrupt and some live a slow death.

So being a millionaire in health term.. what do you want to do? Honestly, this is one question only you can answer. Me..? I have done everything from being bed-ridden sicken with cancer to running marathons, cycling, dualthons, triathlon, mountain hiking, mountain climbing, open water swim, getting married (twice), being a father, work at bank, became a property developer, manufacturer for automotive parts, vendor in automotive and airlines, involved in oil concessions, advisors to listed co, automotive dealerships, work with government, elected into various NGOs etc etc etc... Time is too precious to be wasted with a good bill of health.


Anny read this tips to unblock arteries and started me on this today. Day 1. I should do a blood test first to know its effectiveness but nonetheless, my Day 1 (6th MAY 2014).

It is always good to service our arteries when living with high cholesterol for already more than 10 years. I am on 10mg Crestor (Rosuvastatine) and 145mg Lipanthyl (Fenofibrate) daily for Cholestrol.

We will never know how those oily food and excessive fat had build up inside the walls of our arteries and vein. This fat build up in our arteries and vein will lead to artery blockage that can cause a heart attack and no matter how much exercise we performed each day, this fat build-up in the artery can be fatal.

We should look good and healthy in the inside as much as we are good looking physically.

So what do we need to look good in the inside? 

1.  Lemon - 1 cup
2. Garlic - 1 cup
3. Ginger - 1 cup
4. Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 cup.
5. Honey - 2 table spoon

Garlic improves blood circulation, clearing arteries and flushing out toxic waste. There are alot more benefits of Garlic which you can just google.


Mount Nuang is the best day trip Mountain in Malaysia that I have been to. The intensity of the climb was perfect but most importantly, the bath in the cold mountain water was heaven that took away almost immediately all tiredness and exhaustion.

I have been up Mount Nuang a dozen times, half of it alone, soul searching & searching for peace. Sometimes, training for some events and a few times, introduced a few friends to mountain climbing. I blogged the last expedition up Mt Nuang with a group of wonderful people at HERE. Today, I brought my nieces and nephews for a Chinese New Year escapade. The plan was for them all to appreciate nature and train for the Pahamin's 3rd generation expedition up Mount Kinabalu. Oh Gawd!! That will be my 4th climb up the highest peak in Malaysia. So far, only 2 out of 6 second generation Pahamins had conquered the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

In an expedition of 9 pax that comprised of three adult, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed (the person that introduced me to Mountain climbing), Anny Chunraem and myself, we brought along Aqfar Naeem, Kasih Leia Ixora, Aaraf Armin, Rafel Zichry Onn, Andika Rees Pahamin and Kasih Iris Leona to their first mountain, the highest peak in Selangor- Mount Nuang.


The growth in the number of people from all walks of life with different level of fitness at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) is phenomenal but what is even more astounding is how people from different age group, races, ethnic and career are able to bond so close that they became each other's extended family bypassing the normal hierarchy of friendship.. United by Passion!  

At COBC, there is only one passion shared by all and that is the passion for better Health!! the almost a default bonus of that is a fitter and sexier you!! We have recorded endless successes and inspiration stories on this blog on the same pretext but this video took the words out of my mouth.... I am so proud to be among these inspirational people. See the video below and increase the volume.


I was introduced to a Chinese traditional doctor by Dr M. Lamarie and Ng Ghim Hwa to detox my liver and kidney that was heavy on various drugs for CML treatment since I was in my teens to more than 10 years of various medication for diabetic, cholesterol and Gout. All these drugs will eventually damage the kidney and liver in the long run if there were no 'servicing' done. The Chinese medicine practitioner was located near the Fatty Crab Restaurant in Taman Megah and imported direct from China. The doctor who is also a graduate from western medicine at a University in Shanghai, Dr Lu Zhi Gang first came to Malaysia more than 15 years ago and is attached to Mythmedix Sdn Bhd. He does not speak Malaysia Language but understand a little bit of English. Dr Lu Zhi Gang was also one of the speaker at the World Chinese Medicine Conference recently held.

According to the Dr Lu Zhi Gang, Chinese Medicine in contrast to western medicine does not believe in 'chemicals' as a measure to overcome sickness. Infact, Chinese medicine does not believe in measure to trouble shoot any pain or sickness but it believe in restoring the body's functionality to address any sickness through balancing the body Yin and Yang. It control and cure any form of sickness from diabetic, gout to cholesterol through controlling the body metabolism.


There is nothing more important than to make sure every week that passes by, were spent productively.. especially since we had just celebrated 2 'New Years' in less than a month!! The Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia (COBC) community ended every week of this year with a big HOOYAH orgasm! Last weekend was no exception, a few dozens participated in a few big events.

The first was the Pacesetters Mizuno 4 x 3km relay!! Majority of those that ran the Pacesetters Mizuno from the COBC were never a runner but proudly those once overweight Otai whom were a couch potato out-ran the Lead Instructor and his team from the other bootcamp!!! Waaa!!!COBC  relay team made it to the Top 15 best when they were placed as no 14.  The Otai Delta 3km timing were Joe Liew (14:48:95), James Fong (15:40:02), Norliza binti Mohd Khalid (15:44:00) and Letch a/p Sinadurai (15:52:24).

COBC Pioneer, Otai, Malaysia most-voted SOB Joe Liew
COBC Pioneer, Otai, SOB and Australia's first 8Week Challenge finalist James Fong!


Blood Type Diet
Have you ever wondered why some dietary program works best for some people but when you strictly follow the same program, the result attained was minimal or negligible. Of course discipline is instrumental but my best discovery was the blood type diet book by Dr Peter JD Adamo.

Apparently a chemical reaction occurs when the food that you eat are digested and flow into your blood stream. This reaction is a genetic inheritance. Some food that we ate is not compatible with the blood type antigen and may cross-react with digestive enzymes and interfere with insulin production. This will in turn affect the immune system, reset the metabolic clock and in severe cases lead to cancer or serious illnesses.

A dietary programme may work best for some people with a particular blood type and if your blood type differs the diet programme gains may not be as beneficial. i wanted to maintain my weight but with a lower body fat level. I can only imagine and dream of getting so lean with a washboard abdomen until I discover the book by Dr Peter JD Adamo. I have tried a few dietary programme. i took up various high intensity gym and run training regime and had also went into extreme starvation to reduce body fat level but all without success. My body weight akin of the stock market fluctuates from 74kg to 66kg within weeks but my body fat level changes negligibly. The 6-pack was far from being visible.

I was consuming heavy lean protein from chicken and beef in my effort to gain good physique and lose body fat level. Little did i know that protein derived from chicken and beef has an adverse chemical reaction to blood type AB. There is a long list of the ‘avoid’ food but the chicken and beef was the most pronounced especially when sirloin steaks, Nandos chicken and KFC were my staple food. I followed the blood type diet strictly since November last year and had been very discipline with the run training and gym. Since the blood type diet, I was able to sleep better at night and felt more energetic. The insomnia, lethargy disappeared and my weight stabilises at 72kg with a lower body fat percentage. In less than two months, I celebrated the new year with a brand new 6 pack abs. A dream came true……….

I have always failed badly on every regular full blood check; from an unreadable cholestrol count, high sugar lever being diabetic and high uric acid with constant gout attack. Now, happiness is an understatement with a perfect blood test result.

hmmm i wonder if i can still collect the RM1000 each betting from Rhiza & Abu... the three of us enthusiastically placed a winner takes all bet for the first to get 6-pack abs (almost a year ago). Rhiza graduated from military college and Abu was a state runner (in his youth). Now that i won, i can happily reveal the secret of the blood type diet..... ;-)

The key to achieving great health and physique is to ‘Eat Right & Exercise’ well. Do not starve yourself and be unhealthy. There is no short cut to good health.

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