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Last year, I courted Celcom, Digi and Tunetalk then ended an almost 20 years of relationship with
Maxis when Maxis became seriously ridiculous with the unlimited roaming Data charges imposed.

During the courtship, Digi stands out the best amongst all others in term of call rate (cheapest especially international calls) and with Digi, there is no additional charges if you have used up your internet data credit limit. Your internet browsing would just go slower. So there will be no eye popping, heart breaking, earth shattering exorbitant month-end bill. You pay maximum what you set as your credit limit for both data and call charges.
All mobile network have a credit limit sort of facility that you can set a maximum ceiling for phone and data usage per month and having set mine, I was confident my MAXIS line would be barred the soonest it reaches the limit but unbeknown to me, it did not and I received a whoppingly ridiculous high bill. Feeling cheated and not being satisfied with the answer from customer service especially since I had fix the credit limit (but my bill came out a few times higher than the credit limit - on roaming data), I terminated the almost 20 years of loyalty with Maxis last year and signed up with Digi.

All is well with Digi except the NO reception in Sungai Penchala where my home is and along the PLUS highway, KL to Johor.

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