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Maxis-berry is exasperating (Part 2)

After various calls made to Maxis 123 for my BB update, on 4 May 2009, Ms Tang finally called at 5pm. "I managed to get for you a temporary Blackberry Bold" she said and then added "You can collect it tomorrow on Tuesday 5 May 2009, but I will call you once the temporary set is ready for collection". I was not amazed as I had paid for a virgin BB. I asked when can I get the new BB? She raised her tone and said she did her best to get me a temporary BB BOLD. "Not many people can get the same BB BOLD as a temporary set and some customer cannot even get any temporary set at all. I should appreciate that." she claimed.

Frantically, I asked again, "When can I expect to get my new BB? There must be a given period…" She too was getting annoyed with me and said she does not know! "It is up to the vendor. When you returned the your BB, Maxis will send the BB back to the vendor whom will then send it to Canada. Once the sick BB is in Canada, only then will they initiate a replacement!!!" Ms Tang exclaimed. I said this is ridiculous and hang up.

I was restless without my emails being delivered instantly through my device. I was handicapped without the Blackberry MS Dictionary, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MSN chats. I called Maxis 123 early on 5 May 2009 to inquire if the temporary set is ready for collection. I was too frustrated akin of a broken heart. Ms Tang called and informed the temporary BB is ready for collection. I immediately went to Maxis KLCC, took a Q number, waited for 15 minutes before being attended by Ms Tang….. again. But this time she was friendlier!

I was introduced to the temporary BB (BBT). BBT looked overused. She was not pretty and had scar all over her face. Her tit was loose and her skin was sticky. In desperation, I accepted her and after 1 hour, BBT had all my details whilst my sick BB memory was completely erased. I asked Ms Tang again, when can I expect to get my new BB? She said it depends on the customer service officer (Her!). If the customer service officer followed up and push the vendor, then the replacement set can be faster. She smiled expecting me to be nicer to her. She assured me she will pressure the vendor for me and expedite my request but then she cannot commit any time-frame. Company Policy? I felt numb.... and dumb.

I was disgusted with BBT and only used her when I am in need…. mostly for reading emails. I will reply emails, Facebook'ing, chat and write blogs & book with my X61 Lenovo notebook. All were otherwise done by my BB. I cannot get use to the BBT loose tit.

I called Maxis 123 every day since then. I will call as early as 7am and even as late as 11pm daily. The respond time was less than a minute. Maxis 123 Call Centre is the best and the most efficient call centre that I have dealt with. I spoke to at least 7 different call centre operators and they were all very friendly and cooperative. When I informed my Job Sheet no 1865 and inquire for an update, there was no update in the system. The call centre requires feedback from Maxis @ KLCC. I was put-on-hold while the operator called Ms Tang @ KLCC without success and had to repeatedly email Ms Tang to return my call… I never received any calls!

Frustrated, I decided to email Ms Tang at direct. I emailed Ms Tang daily from 5 May 2009 for my replacement BB update. My email too was never replied.

After various calls made to Maxis 123, and many emails sent to Ms Tang for 6 days without any reply or returned call, on 11 May 2009, Ms Tang finally called me at 5:00pm. I thought I was dreaming. Upon hearing a lady's voice saying she is Li Yien (Ms Tang) from Maxis, my heart skipped a beat akin of receiving a call from a long lost girlfriend. I was in heaven. Ms Tang said, there is still NO RESPONSE from the VENDOR….!! I was not mad nor was I in any temperament but I was really delighted. I am finally attended after various calls made and emails sent. Ms Tang continued and said that she will email to get Maxis management approval to bypass the vendor and get a new replacement set from Maxis stock. I quickly interrupt her. I said its okay, thank you for calling and please tell me the outcome. Happiness was me. It is complicated but that call made my day.

Shortly, 10 minutes later, Ms Tang called again and said the vendor (not the management) had finally approved a new BB for me and I should be able to collect them tomorrow 12 May 2009!! God must have forgiven my sin for cheating on Nokia. I was speechless! Happiness was an understatement! I quickly fantasize the feel, look and the service of my new virgin. I smiled, short of saying goodbye to the scarred and overused BBT.

On 12 May 2009, Maxis called and said my virgin BB is ready for me. Happily, I said thank you and I will be there by 2pm! I was asked to see Ms Mahaya. I arrived at Maxis KLCC at 1:45pm with a mix feeling.. nervous, excited, happy…………

I was greeted by Ms Mahaya who was surprised of my over-punctuality. She escorted me to a quiet room where my virgin BB was waiting. I walked slowly towards the room and was greeted by an old friend Zulkhairi Dato Zulkifli whom recognised and remembered my name on the system. I first met Zul when he was in charge of Maxis TTDI. Zul is now the Head at Maxis KLCC. He prompted and asked why I never called him when I had any problem with Maxis. He is always ever helpful. Zul pampered me when he was at Maxis TTDI that I never had to Q and resolved any problem instantly. I was delighted to meet Zul. Zul was furious to learn of my predicament especially at his centre. He called his data specialists, managers and introduced them to me reminding them to pay extra attention to customer service. Zul introduced me to his best Blackberry specialist KEN (transferred from Maxis @ KLCC to Maxis @ Garden) and asked me to call KEN direct if my BB is back in tantrum. He then called Ms Tang and asked Ms Tang to apologize. I was rather….. shy and embarrassed. I only wanted my BB.

In less than 20 minutes (from previously more than 1 hour) Ms Mahaya erased BBT memory and introduced me to the new virgin. I was back in love with my new BB.

I am thankful to Zul for his assistant. The whole Maxis episode would have been sweeter if there was a KPI for any response time to any calls/inquiries made or emails sent and especially, a fix period committed by the maxis vendor WHITE SOLUTION for any repair or replacement set! 12 days for a replacement set? 3 new Blackbery Bold in less than 6 months? 5 sour experiences with Blackberry (8707G, new bold, 1st replacement set, temporary set, latest replacement) ACCEPTABLE?

My BB lost her virgin with this Blog….. it was indeed a happy ending.....! multiple orgasm...? ;-)





I have been a loyal maxis customer for 14 years since 1995 although I cheated on MAXIS along the way when I also register for DIGI and Celcom but never did I ever abandoned MAXIS. I was introduced to MAXIS by a high school friend Syamreen Shafei whom first bought and registered my first handphone as a graduation gift. So fortunate was I to have such a friend. I grew old until today with MAXIS.

Similar unfounded loyalty I have for NOKIA and never would I thought of betraying NOKIA especially after a short fling with BlackBerry 8707G turned sour and gave me endless nightmare but being the bastard a man is, last year, I cheated again on NOKIA. I booked and bought from MAXIS the latest BLACKBERRY BOLD 9000 (BB) thinking I could be satisfied and fulfilled with a much younger, sexier and latest technology of the BOLD 9000. I needed the extra service that NOKIA could not give but similarly, I never abandoned Nokia but kept Nokia as the second whilst the BOLD became my primary. I needed the PUSH email and various online chat functions Google, Msn, Yahoo that BB possessed.

I flirted and picked up BB from MAXIS Taman Tun Dr Ismail branch the moment she came. She was not easy. I had to booked her online prior to her arrival. I have read all about her on the internet. She was prominent, famous and the most hip in America and Europe. The moment I set my eye on her, I knew I had to have her! She was sexier than Nokia.

She was mine for only RM1,800, a price I reckon, was worth paying since she will be MINE contractually for 2 years. It was a prenuptial agreement. Even after 14 years, MAXIS distrust my loyalty and think I will cheat and abandon her. So insecure was MAXIS.

I didn’t sleep the whole night when I first brought BB back home. I explored to know her in every detail inside and out. BB was slow but steady. She took almost 10 minutes to wake up every time she slept but when she was awake, she was wild and fast. Browsing the net was simple and easy. BB was easily controlled by the touch of her tit.

It wasn’t long before BB showed me her true colours. Her tantrum was getting worse. She fell asleep almost every time I needed her. I had to bring her to the MAXIS centre @ TTDI all the time and the visit became more frequent, again and again when her tantrums worsen. I am so familiar with MAXIS. Every visit is the same. I will take a number and wait akin of a government hospital to see the counsellor at maxis. Every time I met the counsellor, her software was upgraded but her spirit came crashing down in barely less than a month and there I go again, endless visit to MAXIS TTDI.

My BB was diagnosed with an irrevocable condition. She needed a TIT transplant! Her tit just dropped dead and MAXIS said the transplant can ONLY be done in Canada! I had no sympathy and was furious. I did not sign up for this. She left me even before her contract expired. However, Maxis TTDI was quite professional and understood my needs. Maxis said, they will replace and give me a new BB. “I cannot live without my BB! How long will it take to get a new BB” I asked in desperation. MAXIS said it usually take up to 2 weeks. Short of screaming and breaking the counter, I said, “Unacceptable!! I cannot wait that long! I need my BB NOW!” The Professional consultant at MAXIS TTDI was taken aback in silent. “Give me 3 days”, said the consultant. “I know 3 days is also a long time but I will try my best to get you a new BB in 3 days”, added the consultant professionally. I was not happy but I agree and the consultant delivered to me a new BB, 3 days later.

Maybe this was God’s punishment to me for betraying Nokia I thought to myself but was happy with my second BB. She was less in tantrum. We communicate well and our chemistry was good. I used her day and night endlessly. She seldom fell asleep and seldom left me hanging. I was fulfilled for barely 2 months when on 30 April 2009, she went blind!!! ….again drop dead on me! In barely 2 months, I became so dependant on her. She knew my every schedule, details and contacts that I cannot go on a day without her. I needed her all the time and she had became my personal assistant and secretary. Now she went blind. I cannot see her. Her face is no longer pretty with colour or sleek features but her face is just black! She can still speak and listen but I cannot see anything except for a BLACK screen.

I immediately call 123 MAXIS centre for help and seek advice at 7am on Labour Day, 1 May 2009. I was told that my regular maxis centre at TTDI is closed but the next nearest maxis centre that was open is at the KLCC and the Garden Mall. I was delighted as I could not bear to see my sick BB. I further inquired which of the two, is the best centre for me to bring my BB for a warranty claim. I was advice to go to the biggest maxis centre at KLCC which is open daily from 8:30am.

Immediately, I rushed and brought my ailing BB to maxis centre @ KLCC and arrived before 930am. I took a Q number, waited for 5 minutes and was attended to at counter 5 by a lady, her name was Ms Tang Li Yien.

I explained my BB predicament to Ms Tang. I explained in detail that I had major endless problem with my first BB and was given this second set BB as a replacement and now this BB too drop dead. I was frustrated and disappointed beyond word. All these problems are a major distress and I can’t forever be burdened with this inconvenient. The BB had tested my limits and I cannot take it anymore, I sat and look at Ms Tang impatiently waiting for answer. Ms Tang did not even look at me but fiddles with my BB. She took my BB, stripped her of the back cover and battery, and said this is a common problem and explained to me, MAXIS company policy. She reiterated the policy and this is what MUST be followed.

Now I understand. It was not the insecurity that MAXIS wanted me to sign the prenuptial agreement especially when I have been loyal for the past 14 years. It was MAXIS parentage distrust in the children they adopted. There is no recourse now for I am stuck with a dead BB.

Ms Tang, unlike those consultants @ maxis TTDI, was lousy and less attentive. All that she preaches was MAXIS company policy. I don’t give two hoots for the company policy. I am in distress. My BB is ailing and short of being dead and all that she preaches was MAXIS policy! Ms Tang said she cannot give a replacement set until she speak to the vendor and she can only do so on Monday and only on Monday will she be able to advice the status of the replacement set and if she can lend a temporary set while waiting for the availability of the new replacement.

MAXIS KLCC is maxis biggest branch and BLACKBERRY PROBLEM is (quoting Ms Tang) a common problem. How poor a service can maxis provide, having known of BLACKBERRY’s common problem and did not kept any standby set for the convenient of the customer. Ms Tang even explain, there are customers whom waited for their replacement set for already many weeks and I have to be in the same queue. Ms Tang said, there is no guarantee she can source for a temporary set for me to use but even if there is, it will be of an older version but even then, she can only check its availability next week and until then, I have to be without any handphone. Its company policy, she repeated again! I don’t want an old, less functional and underperformed BB, I want at least the same type as mine! She repeated again the stupid company policy and there is nothing that she can do!

In frustration, I took back my BB and kept her safely with me. I asked Ms Tang to initiate a report for a replacement and practically begged her to prioritise the replacement. She said she will do her best. She printed MAXIS job sheet bearing no 1865 (dated: 1 may 2009; time: 09:42).

This morning, 2 May 2009, at 9:45am, I called MAXIS call centre and spoke to a pleasant customer service officer, Ms PRIA, to check if there was any notification initiated for the replacement of my BB. After a moment of silent, Ms Pria informed me that there was no record and note of my replacement in MAXIS SYSTEM! I was flabbergasted... so much for the 'will do the best to prioritise'.. Customer service.. Urgency.. Priority.. is probably never heard of at MAXIS KLCC.

Ms Pria, sort of surprised too, having told of my conversation with Ms Tang and and the absent of any record of my request in MAXIS system. She promised she will be in touched with Maxis KLCC and asked her to call me on an urgent basis but then, urgency had never existed in MAXIS KLCC, so I wondered when when will KLCC returned my call… or will Ms tang ever returned my call? Its almost the end of the day without any call from maxis KLCC.

My sick BB is lying uselessly at home and I am hopelessly counting down the day for the replacement. A phone is a necessity. In this dire desperation, I will support polygamy of any kind and probably launched an anti-MAXIS movement! MAXIS being a reputable company should provide a serive at par if not better than that of VODAFONE or network providers in Europe. MAXIS being a network provide should adopted VODAFONE three basic principles, if they want to diverse their product range from just a network provider to selling mobile phones. If the mobile phone is still under warranty and is spoiled or damaged, MAXIS should:

No 1. Have a good after-sales-service!!! The phone under warranty should be repair on the spot at any MAXIS centres.

No 2. If the phone cannot be repaired, it should be replaced immediately.

No.3. If the phone cannot be repaired or replaced immediately at the Maxis centre, the customer should be given an OPTION to either wait for the replacement set or given a full refund and the contract should be nullified and void! Customers on contract should not be burden with poor service, bad products and ‘one-sided-against-customer-convenient-policy’.

My three experiences with Blackberry thus far, the 8707G, a brand new BB BOLD and the 1st BOLD replacement set, were all terminal and drop uselessly dead in barely less than 3 months (contract was for 2 years!). Now awaiting for the 2nd replacement set, which I doubt will be any better than the other 3 Blackberry. The least that MAXIS can do is to EXPEDITE the replacement set thus minimising further inconveniences and burden.

Helplessly, in lost and feeling empty, i can only wait for MAXIS to call.......
(until then, to be continued....)

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