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What would you do for your mother on her birthday?

Alike all the years in the past, mom's birthday has always been special but this year was abit different, it was a surprised get-away! For a mother of 67 years old, she has everything that you can imagine from a beautiful house, big cars to a whole wardrobe of shoes and handbags as well as cabinets full of jewels yada yada.. on top of 6 beautiful children that is not just healthy and clever but are all so handsome/pretty and fun (aiiiks.. self marketing!). Well at least that is how she always sees us (though in real life, some of us err.. maybe abit broader and fluffier) but really, she is not wrong. Infact, she would trade everything she has for everyone to be together especially now during her old age. She think she is old but we think she is as young as us all. We wanted to even bring mom to go jogging with us. There is no better pleasure for her than that moment with her husband and all her children. Have it her way, she would want to 'paused' that every moment we are together so it can be everlasting but in reality, damn Nawal Aini, Rose Emini and me were gone as early as 5am for bootcamp then to showrooms and other sisters have to attend to court hearing, go to err.. everywhere which I too dont know where they always go.

So this year, Dr Teratai Edithy who is now back in Malaysia for good after a good 14 year in London took that responsibility to organise mother's surprise birthday get-away and she came out with this wicked idea to get all family members (with in-laws and children) to gather somewhere (but not at home) and father would secretly drive mother to that destination. After endless of research done, the destination picked was at Aman Rimba (or "peaceful Forest)!!


Yes Armin... of course it is all about you.. its your blog.. but actually, since the birth of this blog, it has never been about me. It is all about those surrounding me except only in this one article posted in Feb 2009 - 25 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME. This is for those that wanted to know me in person. That was because I was tagged once too many on Facebook.

Yes true too, that every year I would take only 1 day Annual Leave and that is on my birthday. When I was young, I kind of.. err sort of excited at how the whole Malaysian in Malaysia and in foreign land would be on holiday on His Majesty the Sultan or the Agong's birthday (yes we are a very loyal subject to our Majesty) and so I reckon, I should be on holiday too on my birthday and in the future, I hope my children and grandchildren will take a holiday on my birthday and spend quality time with me when they are old. There is no other holier day than the day we were born to this blissful world.

For a start, I do not know if I will even see another birthday. Such is life but the uncertainties for people with my past medical history is exponentially higher. Even without any past medical history, we should always express ourselves to everyone that is important to us, as if we are leaving tomorrow and that is actually my birthday blog on every birthday. My cousin of the same age, Noor Arman Putra Mahadi once said to me that his biggest regret was the distance built between him and his dad before his father's departure when we were just 26 years old. Alhamdulillah, my dad is not just a father but he is also my best friend, a business partner and my pillar of strength.


With five Pisces in the family, there were endless celebrations in February. The next after dad's birthday was Melor Edina Pahamin's. What can we say about Melor Edina Pahamin? For those that knew Melor, if you see how Raisa and Raina is.. that's an exact replica of Melor when she was young. That is not a mystery but what remained a mystery was how she outgrew that and actually survived in Aberystwyth alone during her undergraduate.. oh ya, there was Rhiza Ghazi. Then, there is nothing really mysterious about the third lawyer in the family but since it was her birthday, lets chat abit about my second sister.

There are a few prominent features about Melor Edina Pahamin that is worth mentioning about. For one, she is very easy going, generous and always like to share her things but she is forever very shy to ask for any favor (even from us siblings). So usually, when she is helpless, she will just hide herself in the room.. Raina's style.


Being surrounded by people that loves to workout is one thing but loving to eat is another but that two characteristics are mostly synonyms with my circle for friends.  If you ever need to find a good outing place to eat.. you can always count on them. So I learn this new Thai restaurant that sounded abit weird but the food was gorgeous! Its the My Elephant Thai Restaurant at Sri Hartamas... For more detail, click HERE.  Its a birthday dinner for Sheikh Hisham and Micaela Soyza, two big names at the DH Zulu platoons that was organised by DH Zulu group of Otaiis (old timers) namely Stephanie Choong, Ryan Wong, Recently-retired-from-work Angela Loo, OBC-Australia 8 Week Finalist Kym Wishnowski, Stella Baake, DH Zulu Platoon Challenge Captain Sheikh Imran, Cobra-Rugby-team Azhar Jamal, Bank-Manager Caleb Lian Yoong Law, DH Zulu Lead Instructor Nawal Aini and of course the celebrated birthday guy and gal Sheikh Hisham and Very-Good-Chef Micaela Soyza.



Its 1 March!!! My birthday!!! Again!!!! 3 days after celebrating Melor Edina Pahamin's birthday on 26 February that was 3 days after my father's birthday on 23 February. 3 days from today, it will be Nawal Aini's birthday on 4 March and 3 days later, her mother's birthday on 7 March. Five 'in-house' birthdays that were all 3 days apart. 4 March too is the birthday of my mentor for health & fitness Chief Brabon.

Please also read "Another Wonderful and blissful year 2010 birthday blog" and "When today is more than just a birthday 2009 birthday blog".

Since 7 years ago, I declared a non-working day on my birthday and requested from parents, siblings, relatives and friends for no-present except for prayer for my well being, health and wealth. This year is without any exception but to make it more interesting, if anyone insist on giving a present, please buy something or anything that is worth MAXIMUM RM5.00 so that I have something to blog about. Lets see what five ringgit can buy and this is where creativity comes to play. Its not the value and amount that matters at the end of the day but it is the thought, and that is what i really truly appreciate. A hand-made card too does not cost more than RM5.00 or a creative poem or ciplak poem or poetry or a write-up does not cost anything except for the time spent (which actually cost more) or a simple doa for my well being would be the best gift ever.

To be able to celebrate another year of life is ALLAH swt gift to me which surpasses anything else that I could ever wanted. With this life, I can pursue my dream and create more job opportunities and shower everybody with more attention, love and care and enjoy the heaven on earth.. eating!! (my department). Perhaps, I can create and even offer more business opportunities to friends. Insya Allah. Thank you ALLAH Swt the Almighty for this wonderful life that you have given to me.

Alhamdulillah I am also blessed with a wonderful loving family. Siblings that does not have any jealousy (hasad dengki) or ill-hearted, ill feeling to one another but filled with endless love and care. Siblings that would go out of their way to stand by each other through thick and thin although they all have their own responsibility towards their own family. Waa.. macam cerita hindustan. But its true....

WHO NEEDS A REASON TO EAT!!! but we had a damn good reason to eat...

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