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At the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, we always believe in a community and team work. The recruits comprised of multi-races with different background from a stall operator to a boutique owner, housewives and even students. To get the best bargain, we are pleased to collaborate with some of our recruits in securing the best deal for our COBC community. For a start...

1) Shoe essential!! Buy any Vibram from COBC and get RM100 rebate on any Military Corps training at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. See Here.

2) Smile Happily. Discounts on Dentist treatment and Rebate up to RM50 on COBC monthly RM299 fees.  - See HERE.

3) Massage!! Special Discount for COBC recruits and get rebate for in-House Sports massage with a Thailand-train masseur - Stay Tuned.

4) Get Kinky!! Sox World -  Get 20% discount off normal price merchandise and 10% off sporting brands at all Sox World's 60 shops nationwide including Penang. To get the discount, wear your COBC Tee at the Sox World outlets and you are automatically entitled to the discounts. Whenever you spends RM50 or more in a single receipt at the Sox world, you will be entitle to a RM50.00 rebate from your COBC RM299 monthly fees.  However, the redemption is only valid within the same month of purchase (date of receipt).

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