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Finally I reconciled with my Girlfriend.. after 2 years!!


Its been 2 years since I last held her... She has not change much and still look as pretty and sexy. We were introduced by a friend at Taman Megah 2 years ago... It was love at first sight. Her slim and sleek white body turned me on instantly although we have not spoken for 2 years. Her long white leg too is exactly as how I remember. She is half french and partly italian.

She was so irresistable, I was on top of her on the 2nd day we dated at Putrajaya... I held both her red curve tight as I sweat endlessly. My heart beat was so fast that I had to slow down a few times and after 2 rounds of almost 5 hours, I gave in to her although I wanted to continue... She was too smooth.

I had only rode her thrice before my busy schedule became a barrier and since its the Eid celebration, maybe she can find deep in her heart to forgive me.... and if she does, I promise I will care more and spend a few hours a week to sweat together.

Her italian name was engraved as Campagnolo....

She can move at 10 speed and she was made of titanium.

I chose her because she was the best... i tried Japanese Dura Ace but she jerked too much and was abit noise...

I had multiple orgasm the few times I rode her... She was so smooth at all the 10 positions.

The memory of the few times that I had with her lasted till now although we did not have any contact for almost 2 years.

She was also hard and expensive to maintain but its worth every single sen.........

Her rear was my favourite... She is so red in between.

She is a beauty... we finally reconciled and I took her into my house from her locked prison.

My girlfriend Time VXRS ULteam World Star Module..

I bought her 2 years ago to attempt the Ironman Triathlon @ GOTTO Island Nagasaki, Japan but had to abandon the Ironman when it was geographic & logistically not feasible... I was so eager to compete and bought Malaysian Airline ticket to Tokyo, Japan and discovered I had to travel and change 3 more flights to reach GOTO island where the event is held.

Since then, I locked my girlfriend in a special bicycle room at my house until this morning when I took her out.. bath and beautify her for the raya....

Now, I am all enthusiast to ride her and attempt the Ironman Triathlon again......... but in Langkawi next year in February 2010.

Ready or not............ here I cum..


Salam Aidil Fitri.... Day 1

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Eidul Fitri Eid Mubarak

(Standing from left, Azhar Sulaiman, Rose Emini. Melor Edina, Raiqa, Rhiza Ghazi, Armin Baniaz, Nawal Aini,Amnan Bazli, Chempaka Emalin, Kasih Leia Exora. Sitting Pahamin Rajab & Zainab Mohamad. On the floor: Raisa, Leona, Aaraf, Raiqa, Rafel (Not in picture: Dr Teratai Edithy, Shazrul Azwa & Shazrai)

It is customary for family members to gather during Hari Raya and all my family members gathered after the morning prayer at my dad's house.. everybody except for Dr Ta, Wawa & shazrai were present. Ta, Wawa & shazrai were all in London celebrating only with kebab whilst we all had the best Nasi Dagang, chicken rendang, beef daging, kerang rendang, prawn curry, lamb rendang... etc etc etc.......

Gathering although customary but the spot light for the day was the food.

Of course, Hari Raya is also the time to seek forgiveness for past, present but not for future sins (if only that too is possible)... especially to dad & mum.. maaf zahir & batin.. used to lie alot during younger younger days.

The one & only darling Mom & Dad....

A big hug to the best Dad.. during high school, I regularly forged your signature to sign the report card when the result was not encouring.. Maaf Zahir & batin.

My Darling mother... when I was 15 years old, I broke your favorite vase at the old house and blame it on the maid , my thousand apology.. Maaf Zahir & batin.

....but of course, Hari Raya is also about posing..... Vanity is not just with girls......

but girls.. yaaa.. surely vain especially on the hari lebaran.. some really become lebar.

We had also visited our great grandmother... she should be... 105 years old now?

There are now 5 living generations... (see picture below) My Great Grandmother, her eldest daughter (my grandmother! she passed away but her brother, my grand uncle is still alive), her eldest grand daughter (my Mom), her eldest great grand daughter (my sister- Chempaka) and her eldest 'great great' grand daughter, kasih (Chempaka's daughter)...

I pray she will be around for the next hari raya... but thats what Raya is all about.. gatherings, gatherings and gatherings... visitations after visitations... food and food... and posing and pose and pose................ speaking of which, I had to post 1 last picture.. the photographer that was responsible for all this pictures, my sister EMI... otherwise, my picture may be extinct in all future functions.

There.. the credit goes to EMI for all the pictures posted (the young one in the middle).. She is my only sister that is not married.... anybody interested, can email to me the CV... but she doesnt cook!

Last but not least... there is only a few thousand pictures taken on the 1st day Raya, will post other pictures soon... now, need to bring Aaraf to collect more ang paws.

Stay Tune.......




Its the time of the year again when I am lost of words to describe how lucky I am to be able to spend the Hari Raya with my beloved parent and siblings. A few days ago, my colleague as well as a dear friend lost his mother whom fought strong against many illnesses. I could not... I cannot... I cant even bear... I cannot even imagine the thought of being without my mother.. or father.. or any members of my family, no matter how strong I can be... I can never prepare for that day... Subhanallah.

As I hear the 'Takbir' from the neighbouring mosque.. I thought of my friend, Sidik and quickly went to my parent house...... and ate rendang kerang!! I can never grow old from my parent... I am grateful that my parent is well. I sms Sidik although it was already midnight and Sidik replied he and his beloved wife shahirah misses their mum and they cook her favourite food as if she is around to celebrate the Eid together. I can feel his pain, sadness and loneliness........

During this raya, I take this opportunity to apologize.. zahir & batin.. to my blog readers, to my friends, business partners, colleague, acquantainces, relatives, family members and especially siblings.. having inherited with temperamental trait, moodswing at times worse than women PMS, I am sure I have pissed, annoyed, irritates, bad mouth and offended many people.... again, please accept my apology, ampun & maaf.

On behalf of the management of Fasfik Sdn Bhd, ABP Auto Ventures Sdn Bhd, Mac Group, Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia and my other companies... SELAMAT HARI RAYA.

Have a wonderful raya and if you are driving.. please drive safe. I hope we can all forgive each other and start again with a zero-zero....



Tun Mahathir is back in Proton...


Rumours had been rife of Proton take-over by various parties. PEDA committee had our last meeting with Proton Chairman, Yg Bhg Dato' Nadzmi Salleh today before the next PEDA Annual General Meeting and election.

There are many uncertainties of the future direction of Proton. Many questions being asked if the present government under Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak will maintain the current Government Link Companies (GLCs) policy adopted by Tun Abdullah Badawi government or revert back to Tun Mahathir's privatisation policy.

The government too did not provide any clear indication although the industry is reacting as if the future direction is back towards privatising those GLCs... hence privatising Proton back to....... Kisai? Al-bukhary....?

Whichever direction the government is moving toward, I am relieved to see Tun Mahathir's new office as PROTON ADVISOR at the Proton Centre of Excellent.

Tun is scheduled to be at Proton twice a month every month to ensure Proton is on the right track.

With all the on-going speculations of Proton take-over, we believe in Tun Mahathir, Dato Nadzmi & especially Dato Syed Zainal Abidin to steer Proton back into its glory.......





KUALA LUMPUR, September, "PEDA called on the government to put a stop on any negotiation and/or speculation on any attempt to take over Proton. Further speculation on take-over will destroy all the effort and initiative to revive Proton's goodwill, brandname and dealer's viability." Said Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Acting President PEDA.

Proton eco-system had suffered enough from various past speculation. The rumours on Proton take-over attempt has been rife on various blogs and local media by two giant corporation namely a collaboration between Yasmin Holdings and Naza Holdings led by Proton pioneer Dato Kisai Rahmat and the Al Bukhary group to buy majority Proton stakes from Khazanah.

The collaboration led by Kisai Rahmat to take over Proton was said to salvage the goodname of Proton from deteriorating further into industrial abyss. According to the source, the take-over attempt was necessary to replace the current incompetent management with the right people.

"PEDA vehemently object the move by Dato Kisai, Al Bukhary group or any other attempt to take-over Proton", said Armin Baniaz. The network is concern with any speculation that will affect and demoralise the dealers and vendors network that is currently slowly recovering from the recession and Proton sales downturn. The speculation will also affect Proton car sales when potential buyer "wait-and-see" for price revision or any new models expected from the new owners. Proton share price had also reacted to the speculation with an increase of more than 5.12% today.

Prior to the current management, Proton eco system suffered from alarming ex-stocks of more than 40,000 units that was not sellable due to the public's lost of confident in Proton, Proton car poor quality, lack of new model being introduced and the speculation of new buyer of Proton. Since then:

1. The 40,000 unsold stock was successfully reduced to the current manageable stock level despite the recession and automotive sales downturn.

2. Proton dealer's average sale has improved under the current management from less than 20 cars monthly sales average per dealer when Dato Syed Zainal took over Proton to currently more than 40 cars monthly sales average per dealer.

3. Proton market share from total industry volume had also improved from only 24% in 2006 and 2007, to 26% in 2008 and 30% YTD in 2009. Proton's forecast which is on track and a common goal shared by the dealer's network was to acquire 35% market share within 3 years.

4. Under the new management, 4 new model was successfully launched namely, Proton NEO (2006), Proton Persona (2007), Proton Saga (2008) and Proton Exora (2009). There were also various face-lift and upgraded version of existing models being launched to excite the market. Proton is also expected to launch the Perdana and Waja replacement in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

5. New Proton car quality had also improved from 4 highlighted concerns per car by customer (Concern-Per-Car or "CPC") during their car servicing to currently only 0.31 highlighted concerns. All concerns highlighted by customer via the dealers sales and service network are forwarded directly to Proton.

6. Proton does not need any new shareholders but a strategic alliance with a foreign partner that may provide better economies of scale in production cost and expand Proton market share abroad will be viable for Proton future planning. However, speculations, rumours or any attempt for take-over without any economic benefits to Proton network is damaging towards the network's recovery especially with the current rationalisation of the dealers network.

7. The government must stop further negotiation or any speculation for a take over and allow Proton, the dealers network and vendors to recover from the downturn via the continuation of current adopted policies.

8. It does not make sense to allow any group or giant corporation to take over Proton that is improving and on track with its KPI but it does make more sense for the current management to MBO Proton and stop further future speculation whilst steering Proton into becoming the number one national car maker.

Sent via BlackBerry from Maxis



Proton for sale!! an old news that was even capitalise by the opposition during the last general election. Everybody seems so eager to sell Proton and the public too seems receptive to the idea.

Thusfar, we have heard international automotive giant volkswagen, Mitsubishi amongst others whom are keen to buy Proton. Locally, the Al Bukhary Group, NAZA group are amongst the never ending giant that has been attempting to buy over Proton.

Yesterday, there was another Saga unfolded by Pasquale... another attempt or re-attempt to take-over Proton....... again.. by 2 giants. A collaboration by Yasmin Holdings and Naza Holdings led by Proton pioneer Dato Kisai Rahmat and an attempt or re-attemp rather by The Al Bukhary group to buy majorityProton shares from Khazanah.

According to the source, Dato Kisai is said to have obtained 'blessing' from Tun Mahathir whom was quoted as unhappy with how the automotive giant is being managed. This I can confirmed to be UNTRUE. A reliable source told me Tun Mahathir had diplomatically rejected both attempt; Kisai & Al Bukhary.

"The take-over is an attempt to salvage the good name of Proton and to revive Proton from the current management said to be a bunch of hypocrites with no balls." see: pasquale and rocky's bru for further details.

Since Tengku Mahaleel's tenure as the Proton Managing Director... Dato Syed Zainal Abidin's authority as the Managing Director vested by the Board was drastically reduced.. to a point of being 'power-less' with most decision to be made by the Board. Perhaps if Dato Syed Zainal is empowered with more authority, then the 'hypocrite with no balls' statement is applicable. Nonetheless, problems faced by Proton management now is not created by the current management but it was an inherited legacy.. the left-over from Proton's previous management when Dato Kisai too was a Director.

Since his appointment, Dato Syed Zainal & his team had successfully sold the close to 50,000 Proton ex-stocks that was the most critical problem faced by Proton then. The new management had also successfully improved the quality of cars... we seldom hear anymore complains on defective parts, component or even poor quality. The sales demographic ratio from previously malay dominated, now comprise of a good mixture of malay and chinese car buyers... to say the least.

If Proton is as bad as the ugly picture painted.. then why would there be so many interested buyers of Proton? for national service and the good name of Malaysia? ..... I dont think so..!!


Sneak preview and the launching of Haliza Misbun's "Andartu Terlampau.. 21 hari mencari Suami" the movie..


Today's date 090909 or 9th September 2009 marked another historic moment for BIG Productions Sdn Bhd and Haliza Misbun, its Managing Director. I was invited by Haliza Misbun for a sneak preview and pre-launched of a malay romantic comedy "Andartu Terlampau... 21 Hari Mencari Suami"... or directly translated.. "Spinster too much.. 21 days hunting for a Husband".

The pre-launched began at 6pm with a sneak preview of the movie and was hosted at the Bora Asmara restaurant, Sungai Penchala... 2 minutes drive away from my house.

Haliza was her usual hyper self, running through every corner of the restaurant attending to all guests and was overly concern with making sure the VVIPS were comfortable. Amongst the VVIPs were my Parent, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan, Erra Fazira but the main VVIP is the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) Director General Mohd Mahyuidin Mustakim whom arrived 1 hour late.

The event although was delayed, began with a sneak preview.. which I pirated aka 'cetak rompak' as follows:

I like that part when Azhar was beaten up and bled in the toilet by a girl..? and he can still smile... of course its all an act but that part was hilarious.

The video was recorded with my BB Bold 9000 and was interrupted when the handphone keypad was automatically locked half way through recording.. as a result, it was split into 2 part and Part 2 is as follows:

Not bad for a movie clip recorded with a handphone.. maybe I should consider 'Piracy' or 'Cetak Rompak' as a business hah!

After the sneak preview, Haliza Misbun gave her speech welcoming the guest of honor, the media and other guests. She actually prepared a 3-page speech but the prepared text was lost in her hyper-ness rushing akin of 'lipas kudung?' that she spoke spontaneously without any written text... which was well said but what caught my attention was the part when she mention its been 18 years since her last acting performance with my brother in law Azhar Sulaiman in the movie 'Abang 92' which won many award. Haliza said, that was the first and the last movie she acted with Azhar until the birth of this movie "Andartu Terlampau..." which Azhar is one of the actor.
Haliza, after 18 years, surely anybody will be an Andartu..... heee joke lar. but if Andartu after 18 years... how to find a husband in 21 days? :-p find out soon when the movie is shown at the cinema!

I was surprise and shocked that the production of the movie only took 18 days!!! yes... only 18 days!!! that should leave other producers to shame... 18 days is very efficient by average standard. maybe it should be recorded in the Malaysia book of record.. or is there any other movie that was produced in less than 18 days?

The movie was acted by many prominent and popular actors & actresses namely... of course Haliza Misbun herself, Dato Rahim Razali, Erra Fazira, Ari Wibowo, AWIE, Azhar Sulaiman, Fahrin Ahmad, Fizo Omar, Azizi Chink Adnan, Cedric Lemaitre, Dato Jalaludin Hassan, Maimon Talib, Abby Abadi, Abon, Nilly Wahida Omar, Nik Sayyidah Mek and Fara Fauzana.

Haliza Misbun is a successful entrepreneur, an actress, a film producer and a good marketeer. Congratulation and well done to Haliza Misbun. I am always proud to see successful friends but Bora Asmara... food taste and service are relatively poor and there are rooms for lots of improvement.

The movie is Coming Soon to the cinema.. Stay Tune.


Verify your Proton Showroom & sales personnel to avoid being cheated


During my 12 years tenure as a Proton dealer and the Acting President of the Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA), I have had endless complains from the public, dealers, Banks as well as Ministry officials.

Complains can be summed up in 3 categories, namely (1) Public being cheated of their booking fees, downpayment and traded-in cars (which is not Proton Dealer's activity) (2) Proton Edar's customers higher credit risk scoring due to 'Fraud cases' and alarming Non-Performing Loans (NPL) and (3) Dealer's being blacklisted by Banks due to their customer's fraud cases & NPL.

Item (2) and (3) above contributed to the higher credit risk scoring assigned to Proton customers, an inherited legacy that is hard to reverse and is damaging to the overall Proton sales.

To mitigate the three (3) items above, PEDA had proposed to the Association of Banks in Malaysia for Banks to only accept hire-purchase loan application (for all new unregistered Proton vehicles) ONLY from AUTHORISED PROTON NETWORK which comprised of 282 authorised Proton showroom nationwide with a total authorised sales personnel of 2,946 sales representatives.

Currently, non-authorised showroom or non-authorised personnel such as used car dealers or brokers (freelance salesmen that is not employed by Proton Edar or its authorised dealers) are able to submit loan application for new Proton vehicle that may further contribute to fraud & high NPL. Authorised Proton showrooms and those in the authorised network had to comply to stringent regulated corporate image and high investment requirement and will not engage in any unscrupulous attempt to destroy their investment in contrast to non-authorised network that may just want to make quick & immediate sales (and may compromise on customers legitimacy via falsification of documents etc, eg. fraud).

Segregating this non-authorised showrooms and personnel may not completely eradicate fraud and NPL or reduce the credit risk scoring but it will mitigate the problem and eventually self-regulate the network by reviewing the employment and sharing across the industry making-known all the sales representative with repeated fraud or NPL cases.

To identify Proton Edar authorised showrooms & sales personnel, please click: Proton Network or for further information. The website is still a work in progress and will constantly be updated.

The display and updates of all authorised sales personnel online is also a recognition for them who are committed and believed in Proton.

I urge the public to always check the authorised dealer or the sales representative that they are liaising with on the PROTON NETWORK WEBSITE above to avoid being cheated. All sales representative employed by Proton Network is listed on the website under their respective showroom/dealer.

Proton sales representative that will be placed under 'review' for repeated fraud cases or high NPL and may be entirely blacklisted by the automotive industry.

I would also like to urge other car distributor to verify their sales representative to avoid any sales representative from being 'multi-employed'. There are many Proton Sales representative that is simultaneously being employed by Kia, Perodua etc.

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