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29 May 2010. The finale.... Last session of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama (OBC-BU) first trial week.

There were three selected circuits prepared for the last session of the trial week. The first circuit introduces OBC-BU's very own jaw dropping sexy Sand-babe, I mean Sandbag.

Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun, LC Nawal, LC Hafiz Salleh, LC Jasper and LC Erni were the team of instructors supervising the 41 recruits. We had the Malaysian Actor whom once won the best actor award cum Architect Azhar Sulaiman and National Gymnast, Hairi Zaid Ahmad Saruji training with us. Hairi Zaid came to train with 41 recruits at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar utama as part of his training for the Commonwealth Games.

Hairi Zaid is Malaysia national men gymnast artistic. He was selected into the National Gymnast Pelapis Team in 2003 and is competing in the next Commonwealth Games.

Last Year in 2009, Hairi Zaid won 3 GOLD medal and 3 Bronze during the Malaysia Open, 2 GOLD and 2 Bronze for the South Africa Cup and 3 Bronze Medal during the mini Olympic Games.



I had just received an "OFFICIAL STATEMENT" via an email from the Managing Director of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP INTERNATIONAL, CHIEF BRABON whom 20 years ago, founded the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP authorised network that offered the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP PROGRAM as services. It was a long email that is attached at the bottom of this blog article.

Being a new license operator for the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama, I was shocked to receive the Official Statement email addressed to all current & past recruits and instructors.

The summary of the OFFICIAL STATEMENT is as follows;


For Instructors Ranking eg. Sarge, Corporal, Lance Corporal, see: OBC-RANKING)

ERNI SYAZWANI AZMAN, also known as Lance Corporal Erni or LC Erni at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is a Lance Corporal in Probation that had underwent more than a month of six days a week daily training to familiarise herself with the Original Bootcamp forms & technique, Culture, Terminology and Training Style. LC Erni holds a 3rd Dan World Taekwando Federation Black Belt and a Taekwando Sports Specific Coaching Certificate from the Malaysia Taekwando Federation. LC Erni also hold a Sports Science Coaching Certificate from the National Sports Council.


27 May 2010, a herd of Manimals were spotted at Bandar Utama at 5:45am this morning. A witness claimed the group of people suddenly transformed into monkey, bear and crab and apparently clearing the football field from dozens of unwanted 'merchandise'... reported Armin News Network (ANN). Upon further investigation, the manimals were actually a group of people whom shared similar goal to be healthy, fitter and sexier... the manimal way.

Such will be the circuits pre-prepared for the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama... It varies from a variety types of animal movements (see: animal workout) to human forms and endless of other carefully designed circuits but with the same objective of targeting specific muscle group, fat burn and cardio gains.


ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP tm @ Bandar utama platoon commander Sarge Dann or his real name Daing Daniel Fitri had just passed his 5th Dan Black Belt assessment last month in April 2010 and is also a Taekwando instructor since 2002. Daing Daniel passed the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP assessment and promoted to a Sarge on 3 May 2010 (see: OBC Ranking). Daing Daniel obtained his Bachelor in Sports Science degree from the University Malaya and is currently pursuing his Masters in Sports Science specialising in Sports biomechanics, Coaching and strength training. Daing Daniel is also the Coach for University Malaya Taekwando team and National University Sports Council (MASUM).



25 May 2010. The first Page of a new chapter. We were all nervous, excited and anxious to start our first trial week. We wanted it to be perfect. We have been practicing and rehearsing daily for the whole month digesting all that we learn at the Bootcamp Academy for today. We vetted through the whole registration and there were only 19 listed members whom had previously attended the Original Bootcamp session. From the total, 53 registered were all newbies to the Original Bootcamp. The initial circuit designed for today was too strenuous to those that had never exercise before. The circuit was mellowed  to make it slightly easier, fun and with an initial target calories burn of at least 300 during the session and continuously burning after session through the EPOC (Excessive Post-Ecercise Oxygen Consumption) effect.

Every circuit was scientifically designed for the best gain via the mentoring program that was made available to all franchisee based from over 20 years of experience... but, every session is 'like a box of chocolate'... said Forest Gump, we dont know what we going to get.



21 MAY 2010 Friday, Padang Merbuk. We were awake even before the alarm clock screamed. After 8 months of waking up at 4:30am daily, our biological clock had accustomed to the early morning wake-up call. Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin and I cruised slowly to padang merbuk at only 140km per hour. We were excited to graduate with honours on another month of ACE. I was absent for the first time with a sprained ankle but had it replaced with the instructors training at bandar Utama which had been ongoing for the whole month in May.

We arrived 10 minutes before the session start and I quietly went for the last piss-in the bushes.. A moment I can only enjoy at KL Alpha, Padang Merbuk. To be honest, that was the first time in 20 years... since I last 'pissed' in public!! Okaaay.. maybe I dont need to be so honest but it did feel good... doing 'it' in the open .At OBC-Bandar Utama, I have to settle for the boring conventional public toilet. Why cant we all be 'green'.



7 May 2010, University Malaya. Its been a week since we received the approval for the Original Bootcamp franchise in Bandar Utama. To ensure Original Bootcamp @ Bandar Utama key personnel and team qualifies in stamina and fitness to be an instructor, we brought the whole team (including the admins) to the Department of Exercise Physiology, Sports Centre, University Malaya.

We arrived at the Physiology Lab after the Friday Bootcamp session.

Upon entering the lab, we were amazed at the computers and equipments the lab was equipped. Although we were excited with the assessment but we were also nervous. Except for the Original Bootcamp-Bandar Utama Sarge Daing Daniel Fitri, non of us was ever assessed by computers in a real sports laboratory.


Since Bandar Utama was given the approval as an Original Bootcamp franchise on 27 April 2010 (known as OBC-BU), Sarge Dann has been busy training the instructors and be trained. Trainers at the Original Bootcamp must be better and fitter than all the recruits. The recruits usually comprised of a good mix of athlete whom seek to improve their performance and couch potatoes whom had never exercise before. At the Original Bootcamp, the instructors led by example and train together with the recruits instead of the conventional old fashion ways of only bossing people what to do...

For the whole month in May, on non-OBC days,  the trainers met three times a week to perfected their forms and techniques.

We learn the correct form and techniques from Chief Brabon during the Original Bootcamp Academy. There, we learn so many different forms and technique that we had to digest it slowly via our own instructors training. More often, we discounted and/or compromised our forms and techniques during training which is not acceptable to any Original Bootcamp instructors.


17 May 2010. Its the last week of my Eight Month training at the Original Bootcamp KL Alpha. This will also be my last month at KL Alpha. After 8 good months of consistent training, it feels so hard to leave my fellow KL Alpha comrades especially after all the sweats, screaming and struggles.... we saw how everyone had improved.

We saw how Vivien Luyen Ow rise from her own demotion to Seal back to Delta and now leaving to GREECE to participate in a full marathon... 'international marathonas' representing MALAYSIA!!  The quiet Ima Mohamed on her first month became the most talk-in-pain recruit. Shobha Bala from an FFK princess to anti-FFK cum ACER and now back to her FFK-Queen. The most SSJ comedian Chun Chia kai whom lost 8kg at the bootcamp and now a serious Red-Tshirt instructor. Aisan Lim from a Seal to a Delta and broke her running-virgin into now a running-addict. Wai-yee Chan a quiet Seal Pilates instructor and now one of the strongest Delta. Lizza Abdul Rahim whom could not finished her benchmark and now a stronger Ranger. The shy BFF Kenix Lim & Leesa Tan whom always shy away and now an fitness-idol to many ladies. Super Delta Tomi Soetjipto whom quietly ACE his present at Bootcamp and the most 'picked' at by Shobha Bala. Natassya Lee whom improved her circuit benchmark timing by more than 5 minutes since her first assessment. One minute improvement was great.. FIVE minutes is excellent!! but now she went back AWOL for a mont!! Rienna Choo & Amy Ho whom had improved their stamina and were confident enough to participate in running events!! Suloshini Jahanath speaks more on facebook but was very quiet on the field unless provoked!! The determination of Eva Wong whom after 4 months, manage to complete her benchmark timing on time!! That is a huge achievement. John Chuah whom almost freak out on his first day but now insist on a super-abs after every session!! There are Wong Siew Peng, Yushiza Yusof, Bruce, Yin Biing Wen, Jessie, Suzy, Elona, Miki Ming Chee Ong, Azima Pandian, Syuhada Adnan, Syazana Amran, Arnaud Marolleau, Ee-Lyn Tan, Layar Lara, Farrah Vivien Raguet, Kay Hassan, Masita, Lilian Lim, Racheal Orleans, Nikki Harris, Roopi Rampal @ Saroop, Rozaida Affendi, Shaliza Suhaimi, Suriana Saiful, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor, Tricia Especkerman,  There are so much to speak and so much to write about so many inspiring and passionate people at KLA and one day......... I will blog just that!!! MY PASSIONATE AND INSPIRING FRIENDS.


No AWOL!! KLA legacy is back!!! Once, the max AWOL @ KLA was only 2 and mostly without any AWOLs...  but the last session it went up to as many as 10 AWOL. We all missed the Grunts, Squat pulses the run around the park etc... and no extra and additional calories burn today.

Without any punishments, the workout today was a kick @ss, all the energy was centred and focussed in forms and techniques. One sure thing @ the bootcamp, circuits were never repeated and today's workout was... the best!! always!!!!

We had the DENSITY TRAINING which was combi remix of abs, legs, shoulder, core muscles and cardio in 3 well-prepared circuit. The OBJECTIVE was to complete as MANY ROUNDS OF SUPERSETS WITHIN THE GIVEN TIME of 10 minutes for Delta, 9 Minutes for Seals and 8 minutes for the Ranger. The SUPERSET comprised of 2 exercise each for three circuits with each exercise bearing a 10 repetition for Delta, 9 repetition for Seals and 8 Repetition for the Ranger.


After graduating from Level 1, Military Fitness Leader Certification @ the Original Bootcamp Academy, the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA instructors were certified with the following ranking:


NOTE: The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ ranks held by our Instructors in no way reflect the ranks that those individuals may currently hold, or have previously held in any arm of the military, law enforcement or fire/rescue. They are purely ranks that they have earned in relation to the provision of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ program.
Here is a brief write-up to further understand the instructors ranking at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP...
LANCE CORPORAL - Lance Corporals are essentially apprentices, who are still learning the ropes and perfecting forms and techniques. It may be that they are still undertaking additional studies to become a fully qualified Instructor.



3 May 2010. Its the fourth session today with 10 AWOLS...!! TEN AWOLS.. cool!! There were Amy Ho, Danial Ismail, Syed Mahadzir Syed Mashor and many many more.......

Thankful to the 10 AWOLs, we had 5 laps-around-carpark & 50 Trusters... FIFTY TRUSTERS!!!...

I completed the run but completed the 50 trusters in 2 instalments. First installment with 38 trusters during the session sort of 'hutang' the balance and did 12 trusters as second instalment back home. (Note: Err.. Instalment is not allowed, if you are caught, the whole platoon will be punished.. Again!!)

The placement of recruits were announced today.. Shoba Bala made it back to Delta alongside 10 others namely, Amy Ho, Nawal AIini Zulkifli, Machiko san, Tomi Soetjipto, Yin Biing Wen, Chun Chia Kai (but of course), Wai-Yee Chan, Ashima Thomas, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor and a new Delta Jessie.



When I first joined the Original Bootcamp in October 2009, I was confused. While happily doing to the pushup during one of the circuit train, Sarge Sim commanded STEADY!!!! ... huh, proudly I thought he was complimenting how steady my forms were. I pushed myself and wanted to show a better form. Then I heard a command IN-POSITION.. 3, 2, 1..... I was still doing the push-up... and my muscle was already screaming!!!

Whenever you hear the word STEADY!!! it means STOP !!

and everytime the word IN-POSITION was called.. it means... GET READY!!!

Unbeknown that I was supposed to stop on the scream STEADY, I continued with the pushups without any break and stopped when my muscles were too exerted before any STEADY screamed. As a result, the platoon was punished with 10 Grunts. It is imperative for every recruits to understand a command or references on jargons.



28 April 2010. Its the CAGE!!!!! On second session in May Bootcamp!!! The last session with the cage was on 7 April 2010 (see: Cage). We never expected to have the Cage so soon but today was all about the Cage!

Today was extra special, we had the Cage, the mud, flooded field and a Cardio punishment for AWOLS. There were 6 AWOLs.. but I can only recall 5; namely Vivien Luyen Ow, Ilyanna Ayob, Syazana Amran, Amy Ho and Danial Ismail. For that, we had 3 laps of run-around-the-carpark and 30 TRUSTERS as a punishment. It was an excellent but exhaustive cardio punishment.

There were Sarge Sim, Corporal Sarge Faizal Ariff Abdullah and Lans Corporal Hafiz Omar supervising us with the Cage. Unlike the previous Cage-Session, there were no Strap today but it was equally as masochist.





Saturday 24 April 2010. I missed two sessions at KL Alpha when I had to attend the Allianz Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but I had one session replaced at KL Charlie. I was suppose to attend another session at KL Charlie today but I did not..... What would be more important than to break my 7 full months of perfect and consistent attendance for fitness and health?

I missed that last  session to learn and understand why the Bootcamp is the best place to surrender and gained stamina, strength and speed in athlete performance or lost fat and gain lean physique for others. I attended the personalised Malaysia Bootcamp Academy which was equivalent to more than the 1 session missed at KL Alpha (so... ACE council... spare me the punishment... can?).


UPDATES: Please click HERE for the latest update on the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP locations & maps.


When I first joined the Bootcamp, there were only 2 training locations available. One at Padang Merbuk in Kuala Lumpur and the other location is at Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya. I chose to train at Padang Merbuk because of logistic and Padang Merbuk's reputation for being a 'hardcore' and the damn serious bunch.



Its coming to the end of April bootcamp session. Its amazing how fast time flies. In less than a week, I would have exercised @ the bootcamp, constant and consistently for 7 months.

Although it will be 7 months soon... The sessions at the bootcamp is as intense as ever. The circuit and exercise programs prepared for every session is carefully planned and organised... All I have to do, is to wake-up early, drive and surrender myself to the program. The stamina and physique will slowly and naturally developed.

Having attended 76 bootcamp sessions thusfar..... I am very pleased with all the circuit programs prepared and I am very dependant on Sarge Simran's method of instructing.... Somehow, he can reach out to bring the best out of any recruit.

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