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We are pleased to announced the arrival of the Chief's Original Bootcamp & New Balance Membership Card (WIP)!! The card is given complimentary to all WIP members and 3M recruit. Except for 3M recruit, the bearer of the card is entitled for a monthly fee of only RM199 per month for a Military Corps 12 sessions a month program (codename MC12). The card-holder is also entitled for a 20% discount at all participating New Balance Outlets, spa & massage (TBA), restaurant & Dining (TBA) and discounts at various other locations. Simply flash your card to get the discount. We welcome all recruit with businesses/products/services to be COBC partners. Share your passion.

The card is valid for 12 months from 1 June 2013 and is applicable to all WIP subscribers from January 2013 and to all 3M recruits from June 2013.

NOTE for WIP members whom had registered between January to May 2014. Since you will only receive the COBC/NB card in June, members can continue to pay RM199 per month (exceeding 12 months) until June 2014 and off-set the last 2 months payment against the deposit.

For details for COBC fees and all promotions, please click HERE. The card will be distributed to all recruit by your platoon commander at your registered location.

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