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Faizul Zainol, a Chartered Engineer is an Operation Manager at the SapuraCrest Petroleum Berhad (2005) and a recruit at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia (COBC) since April 2011. Faizul Zainol graduated from Oxford-Brookes University, United Kingdom in 2001. The 33 years old Chartered Engineer was also active in sports having represented his State, Kedah during his Secondary School in Badminton and table-tennis at the Malaysian School Sports Council (Majlis Sukan Sekolah Sekolah Malaysia) tournament. During his undergraduate in the United Kingdom, he represented his University in inter-university badminton tournament nationwide. Now, Faizul Zainol is an avid golfer and enjoys reading and travelling.

Despite being active in Sports, the second child in a sibling of 4 males was the biggest in size as compared to others in the family. The boy who hated running and exercise was a thoroughbred plump boy all his life and throughout his early school years but Faizul began losing weight when he was accepted into MARA Junior Science College (Maktab Rendah Sains Mara), Taiping. At boarding school, exercise was compulsory and food menu was not by choice nor was it appetizing. Faizul's weight was naturally adjusted to an ideal 85kg (height 180cm) as Faizul left home to pursue his Form 6, A' Levels in Bath, United Kingdom.

Being deprived from his choices of food, Faizul quickly indulged himself into all the food varieties when he returned home upon graduation. He was all nasi Briyani, nasi tomato, nasi kandar et cetera and even look like one. He was back looking cute with 130kg in weight and under duress, Faizul enrolled himself at the gym but was only able to shred a lousy 5kg after 4 years of training. The son to a gynecologist father was flabbergasted and immediately accepted the invitation from his friend, Siti Balqis Mohd Saidi to try out the world oldest, 21 years old military-inspired group outdoor personal training program. Siti Balqis was a recruit at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Faizul enrolled and attended the program alone as a stranger in April 2011.

The stubborn, very self opinionated and regarded as a simple but complicated person by his wife, surrendered himself and followed the COBC program religiously. Faizul quickly became addicted to working out at COBC and lost 2kg during the first month. After a consistent and discipline training and having participated in COBC 8 Weeks Challenge, todate, Faizul had lost 20kg and had dropped 6 size down from 44" to 38".

"Most of my colleague ridiculed me during this period as I only took certain food during lunch with them. I was so determined to stick to it & at the end of the day, some of them got inspired by it & even signed up for COBC!!!", said one of the most popular guy at the Bandar Utama Alpha Platoon.

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